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Leader: Antonios Bisbas (click here for the address of the TEI)

Technological Institution of West Macedonia is one of the highest education institutes of Greece. The Institution is located in a modern building and is equipped with high technology laboratories. The Department of General Sciences coordinates with numerous other Technological Institutions and Universities and runs a large amount of projects funded by EU.

The Mathematics group is one of the strongest in the department, and its members include a large number of Professors and post doctoral fellows, covering a wide range of topics such as Harmonic and wavelet Analysis, Approximation Theory, Dynamical systems, measure theory, fractal Analysis. Also there are strong activities in Probability theory, Complex Analysis and Algebra. The group has extensive links with many others in Europe and USA.

Principal researchers of the project:
Bisbas Antonios (Professor: Team Coordinator): Participated in a lot of conferences, coordinator some projects. Expert in Fractal - Multifractal Analysis and Harmonic Analysis. (50%)
Christoforos Mouratidis: (Visiting Ass. Prof.) Contributions in Complex Analysis. (20%)
Ioannis Kipouridis: (Visiting Ass. Prof.) Contributions in Probability theory, Matrix Analysis. (10%)
Nikolaos Atreas: (Visiting Ass. Prof.) Contributions in Approximation Theory, Sampling Theory with Wavelets. (30%)
Costas Karanikas: (Professor in CSD of Thessaloniki) Expert in Harmonic Analysis, Measure Theory, Wavelet Analysis. (10%)
Ioannis Antoniou: (Professor: in Department of Mathematics of Thessaloniki) Expert in Chaotic and complicated systems. (10%)
Gatzouras Dimitrios: (Assistant Prof., General Sciences Department, Agricultural Univ.of Athens) Harmonic Analysis, Fractals. (10%)

Associated researchers:
Anousis Michalis, Proios George (Aegean Univ.), Charitos Charalampos, Papadoperakis Ioannis (Agricultural University of Athens), Petrakis Leonidas: (TEI of West Macedonia).

Selected publications:
A. Bisbas, Normal numbers from infinite convolution measures, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 23, 3, (2003), 389-393.
D. Gatzouras, S. Lalley, Statistically Self-Affine Sets: Hausdorff and Box Dimensions, Journal of Theor. Prob., 7 (1994), 437--468.