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Leader: Nuria Fagella (click here for the address of the University of Barcelona)

The Spanish team is based at University de Barcelona (UB), and is formed by members from several research groups in the area, all of them with long term expertise in research and training activities. In recent years, these groups obtained several major research grants and have run two Marie Curie early stage training sites, hosting several MC fellows from different European countries. The team has plenty of experience hosting and organizing international conferences (PhD-Euroconferenc CAD2000, ``Discrete dynamics” 1999, joined AMS-RMSE meeting (2003), yearly DANCE winter schools, etc). The team's specific expertise is in low dimensional topological dynamics, holomorphic dynamics in one variable and the transition to several complex variables. There is also a very strong activity in Hamiltonian dynamics, KAM theory and planar vector fields. The team members have research links with plenty of research groups across Europe and the US (in particular with teams 1,2,4,6 and 7).

Principal researchers for this project:
Nuria Fagella (Associated Professor, UB: Team Coordinator). Main organizer of several international meetings and training schools. Expert in one dimensional holomorphic dynamics, with emphasis in quasiconformal surgery, entire transcendental maps and complexification of circle maps. (50%)
Lluis Alseda: (Full professor, UAB). Expert in low dimensional topological dynamics with contributions to holomorphic dynamics. (35%)
F. Mañosas (Associate proff. UAB). Expert in low dim. topological dynamics (30%)
Xavier Jarque: (Associate Professor, UB). Expert in complex dynamical systems (with emphasis in entire transcendental maps) and planar vector fields. (30%)
Joan Carles Tatjer (Associate Professor UB). Expert in homoclinic phenomena in low dimensional dissipative maps, and quasi-peridically forced systems. (20%)
Jordi Villanueva (Associate Professor, UPC) Expert in KAM theory for Hamiltonian systems and symplectic maps and applications to physics. (20%)
Teresa Martinez-Seara (Associate Professor, UPC). Expert in asymptotic calculations of
exponentially small phenomena and its relation with Ecalle resurgence theory. (20%)
Xavier Massaneda (Associate Professor UB) Expert in several aspects of function theory in one and several complex variables. (20%)
Joaquim Ortega-Cerda (Associate Professor UB) Expert in several aspects of function theory in one and several complex variables (20%).
Antonio Garijo (Associate Professor URV) Expert in holomorphic dynamics and polynomial vector fields. (30%)
David Juher (Lecturer UdG) Expert in low dimensional topological dynamics. (30%)

Selected Publications:
N.Fagella, C.Henriksen, Deformation of entire functions with Baker domains, To appear in Discrete and continuous dynamical systems (A).
A.Garijo, A.Gasull and X.Jarque, On the period function of a family of complex differential equations. To appear in J.Differential Equations.
Ll.Alseda, F.Gautero, J.Guaschi, J.Los, F.Manosas and P.Mumbru, Patterns and minimal dynamics for graph maps, Proc.London Math. Soc. (3), 91 (2005), 414-442.