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Leader: Stanislav Smirnov (click here for the address of Univesity of Geneva)

The main centres for network activities in Switzerland will be Geneva and Bern. Participation of research groups in Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchatel is also planned. There is a long tradition of networking and cooperation between these closely situated universities.
The Geneva group is located at the mathematics and physics departments, with interests in mathematical physics and analysis, including dynamical systems, stochastic and fractal geometry, complex analysis. The group in Bern is at the departments of mathematics and statistics, with research focused on geometric analysis, including quasiconformal mappings, Lie groups, stochastic and fractal geometry. Collaborators in Lausanne, Fribourg, Neuchatel work on conformal geometry, geometric analysis, Kleinian groups. The Swiss team regularly collaborates with physicists working in related areas.

Cooperation in research and training between Swiss universities includes joint graduate courses, regular schools and workshops. A research network on geometric analysis has recently been established between the University of Bern, ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne, it has a topical overlap with the current proposal so we expect a fruitful collaboration between the two networks. Universities in Geneva, Fribourg, Neuchatel and EPF Lausanne jointly run training activities for graduate students and young researchers within the framework of the “TroisiËme cycle romand de mathÈmatiques”. This includes an annual winter school in Les Diablerets, in 2005 and 2006 organized by team members on network-related topics. We plan to prepare one of the next schools with a large participation of other network teams, specifically inviting many graduate students. Members of the Swiss team also organize annually Borel seminar: a one-semester topical event starting with basic expositions and ending with invited talks by international experts, and we plan to devote one to the network-covered topic, attracting researchers from other teams. Swiss team actively participates in international collaboration, including training of young researchers (much of it funded by the Swiss NSF, ca. 500’000SFr/year). Participants have previous experiences in managing large international Networks. The Swiss team has well developed connections with the French and Finnish teams and interacts with most other teams of the network.

The Swiss team has extensive experience in organising conferences and training graduate students. Because of its convenient central location in Europe and team’s infrastructure, Switzerland will be a perfect location to host network-related conferences and schools.

Principal researchers for this project:
Stanislav Smirnov (Full professor, University of Geneva, Team Coordinator). Expert in complex analysis and dynamics, mathematical physics. Organized conferences and coordinated research programs. Coordinator of large North American-Swedish network funded by STINT, 2002-2006. Editor of International Math Research Notices. St.-Petersburg Math. Society Prize 1997, Salem Prize 2001, Clay Research Award 2001, Gustafsson Research Prize 2001, Rollo Davidson Prize 2002, ICMP plenary speaker 2003, EMS Prize 2004, ECM speaker 2004, ICM speaker 2006. (50%)
Jean-Pierre Eckmann (Full professor of Physics and Mathematics, University of Geneva). Expert in dynamical systems, stochastic partial differential equations, geometry of real-world networks. ICM speaker, 2002. Vice-president, Physics Institute, Geneva. Member, Gˆttingen Academy. (30%)
Zoltan Balogh (Full professor, University of Bern). Expert in geometric analysis, quasiconformal mappings, several complex variables, complex dynamics. Co-organizer of the Borel Seminar on Complex Dynamics, (1996), Analysis Workshop in Bern (2001), Borel Seminar on Tangent spaces of metric spaces (2003). (15%)
Frank Kutzschebauch (Full professor, University of Bern). Expert in several complex variables, group actions on complex manifolds. Organizer of the International Conference in Several Complex Variables (Sundsvall 2004). (10%)
Ilya Molchanov (Full professor, University of Bern). Expert in stochastic geometry, random fractals, limit theorems, point processes. Organizer of Conference in Stochastic Geometry and Applications (Bern 2005). (10%)
Hans-Martin Reimann (Full professor, University of Bern). Expert in analysis on Lie groups, quasiconformal mappings, harmonic analysis, wavelets. Organizer of the Analysis Colloquium (satellite conference to ICM Zurich) in 1994. Co-organizer of the Borel Seminar on Complex Dynamics, (1996), Borel Seminar on wavelets (1998), Analysis Workshop in Bern (2001), Borel Seminar on Tangent spaces of metric spaces (2003). (10%)

Associated researchers:
B. Colbois (University of Neuchatel), R. Kellerhals (University of Fribourg), M. Troyanov (EPF-Lausanne)

Selected Publications:
Z. Balogh and S.M. Buckley, Geometric charaterizations of Gromov hyperbolicity, Inventiones Math. 153 (2003), 261-301.
J.-P. Eckmann, E. Moses, Curvature of co-links uncovers hidden thematic layers in the world-wide web, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (USA), 99 (2002), 5825-5829.
S. Smirnov, Critical percolation in the plane:conformal invariance, Cardy's formula, scaling limits, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris SÈr. I Math., 333 (2001).