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Leader: Walter Bergweiler (click here for the address of the University of Kiel)

The three participating institutes in Kiel (organisation), Bremen and Göttingen are top ranked mathematics research and education centres in northern Germany (e.g. the latest research evaluation of the state of Lower Saxony in 2003). They offer modern working facilities for young researchers (PhD- and Postdoc-programmes). Well-trained personnel and up-to-date conference sites are available to host major international conferences and workshops. In recent years the institutes have received several larger research grants and special DAAD funding for PhD-programmes, and also participated in European-wide funded networks (PRODYN, RTN-networks, MC fellows). Currently, some 90 PhD students are enrolled into the PhD programmes at these institutions, hosting as well 40 postdoctoral researchers. The team's expertise encompasses many areas of dynamics and beyond: conformal dynamics, maps of the interval, probabilistic methods in dynamics, Kleinian groups, fractal geometry, ergodic theory. Team members have won scientific prizes and organised several prestigious research projects (among them three PhD-Graduate Schools (GAUSS), two larger research cooperations and special research semesters (ESI)) and numerous international conferences (up to 200 participants). The group has extensive links to the main research centres in dynamics around the world through joint research projects.

Principal researchers for this project:
Walter Bergweiler (Professor, Kiel University; Team Coordinator): Co-Editor, Comp. Meth. Funct. Thy, J. Analysis, Complex Variables. Expert in holomorphic dynamics (especially transcendental dynamics), Nevanlinna theory, normal families. (40%)
Manfred Denker (Professor, Göttingen University): Chief editor, Stochastics and dynamics. Leading researcher and administrator of 3 graduate schools and 1 research institution. Former dean of faculty and department chairman. Expert in ergodic theory, dynamical systems, probability theory and statistics. (20%)
Vadim Kaimanovich (Professor, International University Bremen): Organizer of special semesters at the Schrödinger Institute Vienna (ESI) in Vienna (2001 and 2007). Expert in probability, geometry and dynamics, especially random walks and Brownian motions, ergodic theory, combinatorial and geometric group theory, foliations. (20%)
Samuel J. Patterson (Professor, Gˆttingen University): Leading researcher of a graduate school. Former editor of J. Reine Angew. Mathematik, head of the Sonderforschungsbereich 170 and Dean of Faculty and chairman of Mathematics Institute. Expert in analytic number theory, Kleinian groups, Teichm¸ller theory, hyperbolic geometry. (10%)
Dierk Schleicher (Professor, International University Bremen): Responsible for building up the mathematics department at IUB, local organizing chairman, International Mathe­matics Olympiad 2009. Expert in conformal dynamics (especially symbolic and trans­cen­dental dynamics, and parameter spaces), and hyperbolic and fractal geometry. (20%)

Associated researchers:
G. Keller (Erlangen); M. Kesseböhmer (Univ Bremen); Susanne Koch (Göttingen); M. Oliver, P. Schupp (IU Bremen).

Selected Publications:
Bergweiler, Walter: On the number of critical points in parabolic basins. Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems 22, 655-669 (2002).
Denker, Manfred: Einführung in die Analysis dynamischer Systeme. Springer-Verlag 2005.
John Hubbard, Dierk Schleicher, Scott Sutherland: How to find all roots of complex polynomials by Newton's method. Inventiones Mathematicae 146 (2001), 1-33.
Vadim. A. Kaimanovich, Mikhail Lyubich: Conformal and harmonic measures on laminations associated with rational maps, Mem. Amer. Math. Soc. 173 (2005).