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Leader: Carsten Lunde Petersen (click here for the address of the Roskilde University)

The Danish part of this team covers the greater Copenhagen area. It is directed from Roskilde University and includes the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen University. The team is hosting yearly combined thematic workshops and ph. Courses in holomorphic dynamics. The group has leading expertise in holomorphic dynamics, quasi- and transquasi conformal surgery. The group has extensive links with many other groups in Europe and the US.
The Swedish part of this team is mainly located at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm. The team is centred around the dynamics and analysis group of KTH, through which the proposed Network will also gain access to other analysis groups at KTH, Stockholm University, Lund University (LU/LTH), and elsewhere in Sweden. KTH has a long tradition of research in many areas of analysis, dynamical systems, and mathematical physics, with many important results established by the group. In the last few years, the members of the group worked on most of the areas of the proposed network.

The KTH team successfully administered several networks and collaboration agreements, in particular with IMPA (Brazil), Steklov Institute (Russia). At present KTH administers the Swedish-North American Analysis network, which is in its fourth year and includes Caltech, Princeton, Yale, and University of Toronto. KTH team organized a number of highly successful conferences and programs at KTH and the Mittag-Leffler Institute, including schools for graduate students. KTH hosted the European Congress of Mathematics in 2004.

Principal researchers for this project:
Carsten Lunde Petersen (assoc. prof.: Team Coordinator, RUC): Has organized conferences and workshops. One-dimensional holomorphic dynamical systems, trans-quasi conformal surgery. (25%)
Bodil Branner (assoc. prof., DTU). Has organized a large Nato ASI- Summer school and served scientific committees at all levels. Expert in One-dimensional holomorphic dynamical systems. (10%)
Christian Henriksen (assoc. prof., DTU). Expert in One-dimensional holomorphic dynamical systems. (15%)
Alexandru Aleman: Associate professor LU, MNF, expert in operator theory (50%)
Michael Benedicks: Full professor, KTH. Expert in stochastic behaviour of dynamical systems, in particular HÈnon attractors, ergodic theory and SRB-measures, random perturbations of dynamical systems, harmonic analysis. Organizer of the conference "Perspectives in Analysis" (KTH, 2003). Former president of the Swedish Mathematical Society, Eklundska priset of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, ICMP invited speaker 1988, ICM invited speaker 2002. (25%)
Lennart Carleson: Professor emeritus, KTH. Fundamental contributions to many areas of classical analysis, dynamical systems, and mathematical physics relevant to the project, including the theory of extending quasiconformal mappings in higher dimensions, univalent functions, HÈnon attractors, geometry of Julia sets and more recently percolation and DLA. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and corresponding member of other academies. Wolf prize 1992, Leroy P. Steele Prize 1984, ICM invited speaker 1962, 1966, 1990. Former president of the International Mathematical Union. (20%)
Haakan Hedenmalm: Professor, KTH. Expert on Bergman spaces, reproducing kernels, invariant subspaces, conformal mapping. Wallenberg prize 1992, Benzelius prize 1995, G Gustafsson prize 2000. ECM invited speaker 1996. (15%)
Kurt Johansson: Professor, KTH. Expert in mathematical statistical mechanics, random matrices, distribution of the longest increasing subsequences, with relations to the Tracy-Widom distribution. Wallenberg prize 1995; Rollo Davidson Prize 2000; Gustafsson prize 2002; ICM invited speaker 2002. (15%)
Mattias Jonsson: Associate professor, KTH. Expert in dynamics in several complex variables, polynomial endomorphisms of Ck, holomorphic motions. (15%)
Mario Natiello: Associate professor, LU. Expert in applied dynamical systems (especially bifurcation theory) and approximations to stochastic processes. Organizer of ''Dynamical systems and number theory'' workshop, 2002, LU. (10%)
Joerg Schmeling: Full professor, LU. Expert in smooth ergodic theory, dimension theory, multifractal analysis, 1996 Leopoldina Research Award. Organizer of ''Dynamical systems and number theory'' workshop, 2002, LU. (20%)
Serguei Shimorin: Associate professor, KTH. Expert in Hilbert spaces of analytic functions with applications of operator theory methods; applications of holomorphic spaces and operator theory methods to conformal mappings. St. Petersburg Math. Society Prize 1994. (15%)
Hans Thunberg: Associate professor, KTH. Expert in one-dimensional dynamics and applications of dynamics to biology. (20%)

Associated researchers:
S. Eilers (assoc. prof. KU), J. Ottesen (RUC), P. G. Hjorth, (assoc. prof DTU)

Selected Publications:
C. Petersen, S. Zakeri, On the Julia set of a typical quadratic polynomial with a Siegel disk, Ann. of Math. 159 (2004) 1-52.
X. Buff, N. Fagella, L. Geyer and Ch. Henriksen, Arnold Disks and Herman Rings. To appear in Journal of the London Mathematical Society.
Dynamics on the Riemann Sphere, Editors Poul G.Hjorth and Carsten Lunde Petersen, EMS Publishing House, 2006.
L Carleson, N. Makarov, Aggregation in the plane and Loewner's equation, Comm. Math. Phys. 216 (2001), no. 3, 583-607.