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Leader: Sebastian van Strien (click here for the address of Warwick's Mathematics Institute)

Warwick’s Mathematics Institute is one of the UK’s highest rated departments having achieved the highest (5*) rating in applied maths in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. The department recently moved to a new building with state-of-the-art facilities. In recent years it has won several major research grants and fellowships, has coordinated the PRODYN network funded by ESF and the LOCNET RTN funded by the EU, run three Marie Curie early stage training sites under FP5 and hosted several MC fellows. Currently Warwick has about 35 postdoctoral fellows, and 60 PhD’s.

The Dynamics Group is one of the strongest in the department, and has hosted numerous conferences, including a recent one-year symposium attended by well over 500 participants, including many leading researchers. The Group has specific expertise in interval and holomorphic dynamics, quasiconformal mappings and Teichmuller theory. Also there are strong activities in ergodic theory, Kleinian groups, applied dynamical systems and Hamilton dynamics. The Group has extensive links with many others in the UK and the rest of the world (in particular Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, China).

Principal researchers for this project:
Sebastian van Strien (Professor: Team and Network Coordinator): Managing editor Ergodic Theory and Dynamical System. Coordinated conferences, ESF and Marie Curie programs. Expert in Real and complex one-dimensional systems, low-dimensional dynamics and bifurcation theory. (50%)
Oleg Kozlovski (Lecturer). Expert in real/complex one-dimensional systems and dynamo theory. (20%)
Adam Epstein (Lecturer). Expert in Complex Analytic dynamics, Riemann Surfaces, Value-distribution theory. (30%)
Anthony Manning (Reader). Expert in complex and symbolic dynamics, Hausdorff dimension, geodesic flows. (10%)
Robert MacKay (Professor). Major contributions in Hamiltonian dynamics, complex maps lattices and spatial structures. (10%)
Vladimir Markovic (Reader). Major contributions in Geometric analysis, Teichmüller theory, quasiconformal harmonic maps, Kleinian groups. (30%)
Mark Pollicott (Professor) Expert on ergodic theory, topological/smooth dynamics. (15%)
Caroline Series (Professor) Expert on Fuchsian and Kleinian groups. (15%)

Associated researchers:
I. Stewart (Warwick); S. Kuksin (Edinburgh); S. Bullet Ch. Beck, O. Jenkinson, Ch. Penrose, M. Freiberger (QMW); H. Bruin, M. Holland, (Surrey); J. Cardy (Oxford); J. Lamb, S. Luzzatto (Imperial); L Rempe, M. Rees (Liverpool); P. Rippon, G. Stallard (Open University); K. Falconer, B. Stratmann, (St. Andrews); S. Velani: (York).

Selected Publications:
H. Bruin, W. Shen , S. van Strien, Invariant measures exist without a growth condition, Commun. Math. Phys. 241 (2003), 287-306.
O. Kozlovski, W. Shen and S. van Strien, Density of hyperbolicity in dimension one. To appear in Ann. Of Math.
V. Markovic, Quasiconformal homeomorphisms and the convex hull boundary. Ann. of Math 159 (2004), no 1, 305-336.