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Virginia Societies (45 societies)


Alexandria Female Orphan Asylum
Runs a school that merges with that of the Washington Free School

Alexandria Free School for Girls
Founded in 1812 aka Female Lancastrian School.

Alexandria Orphan Society and Female Free School Society
Orphanage and school founded in 1832

Female Charitable Society
Founded in January 1822.
See: Washington Theological Repertory 6 (1824-6) 374

Ladies Benevolent Society
Founded in 1855, assists the Orphan Asylum

Washington Free School
Founded in 1786, housed in the Alexandria Academy. Had a mixed intake until 1812, after which it only taught boys. Established by a donation and bequest by George Washington.

Washington Society of Alexandria
Founded before 1814
See: Francis Scott Key, An oration delivered by Francis S. Key before the Washington Society of Alexandria (Alexandria, 1814)


Fredericksburg Boarding School for Poor Girls
Founded in 1803

Fredericksburg Female Orphan Asylum
Orphanage founded in 1833, part funded from taxation from 1840 for out of county inmates

Male Charity School
Founded in 1795.
See: Carrol H. Quenzel, The history and background of St. George's Episcopal Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia (Richmond, 1951), 23.


Lynchburg Dorcas Society
Voluntary society founded c. 1845

Lynchburg Orphan Asylum Society
Orphanage founded in 1846


Dorcas Society
Founded before 1822
See: 'The state of religion and means of religious improvement in the borough of Norfolk, Va., and its vicinity' Family Visitor 1 (1822-3) 5.

Jackson Orphan Asylum
See: Records, 1859-1922 in Library of Virginia

Infant School Society
Founded in 1829 to provide free education to pre-school children

Norfolk Bethel Union
Founded in 1823
See: Sailor's Magazine 1 (1828-9) 26.

Norfolk Female Orphan Society
Founded in 1804, incorporated Jan 16th, 1816 also known as the Female Charitable Society
See: Minute Book, 1816-1853, Account Book 1844-1862, and other papers in the library of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

Norfolk Mechanics Benevolent Society
Mutual aid society, founded in 1811

Norfolk Marine Society
Voluntary society founded February 7th, 1817 to assist visiting sailors

Norfolk Provident Society
Founded in 1819


The Association for Improvement of the Condition of the Poor
Founded in 1858 by christian ministers and laymen

Hebrew Benevolent Society
Mutual aid society founded in 1859

Petersburg Poorhouse
Offers indoor relief and before 1823 outdoor relief

Petersburg Dorcas Society
Founded in 1821 by Presbyterian women

Petersburg Female Orphan Asylum
Orphanage founded in 1811, second asylum founded in 1847
See: 'Female Orphan Asylum of Petersberg' Family Visitor 2 (1823-4) 1.

Petersburg House of Industry
Voluntary society  founded to provide employment for poorhouse inmates

Petersburg Ladies Benevolent Society
Voluntary society founded by Presbyterian women

Petersburg Benevolent Mechanics Association
Mutual aid society, founded in 1825
See: Microfilm copies of minutes (1825-1941) at UVA library Charlottesville, originals at Petersburg Public Library; also some records (1825-36) held at Virginia Historical Society; Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Petersburg Benevolent Mechanics Association (Petersberg, Va., 1825)


Female Humane Association of the City of Richmond
Founded 1805, incorporated 1810
See: Female Humane Association Papers, VHS, Richmond; Constitution and By-Laws of the Female Humane Association of the City of Richmond (Richmond: Shephard & Colin 1843)

Gentlemen's Benevolent Society
Founded in 1844 auxiliary to Union Benevolent Society

Howard Association
Voluntary society founded in 1855 to provide healthcare to yellow fever sufferers

Male Orphan Society
Founded in 1847
See: Records 1845-1896 in Library of Virginia; Constitution and By-laws of the Richmond Men's Orphan Society incorporated in 1847 (np, nd)

Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia
Founded in 1794

Richmond Amicable Society
Founded in 1788
See: Minute Book 1788-1816 in Virginia Historical Society; Samuel Mordecai, Richmond in By-Gone days (Richmond, Dietz Press, 1860)

Richmond Dorcas Society
Founded in 1827
See: 'Richmond Dorcas Society' Religious Herald (Richmond, Va) 1 (1828) 51

Richmond Bethel Union Society
Founded in 1821
See: 'Richmond Bethel Union Society' Family Visitor 1 (1822-3) no. 8; Virginia Evangelical and Literary Magazine 5 (1822) 277-80; Sailor's Magazine (NY)1 (1828-29), 123

Richmond Charitable Association of Young Men
Formed in 1817 to provide general assistance for the poor
See: 'Constitution of the Richmond Charitable Association of Young Men' Christian Monitor (Richmond Va) 2 (1816-17) 222-4.

Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Association
Founded in 1849

Richmond Lancastrian Society
Founded in November 1816 to provide free education
See: The fundamental rule and regulation of the Lancastrian institutiton within this city (Richmond, 1817)

St Joseph's Orphan Asylum and Free School
Catholic orphanage founded in 1834

Union Benevolent Society
Voluntary society founded in 1836 to provide women with employment


Benevolent Society of the Parish of St Andrew's
Founded in 1816 to provide free education
See: 1st Annual Report of the Benevolent Society of the Parish of St Andrew's (Sheperd's-Town, Va., 1817)

Female Benevolent Society
Founded in Winchester before 1824

Society for the relief of the distressed widows and orphans of the clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Virginia
Founded in 1792

Working Society
Founded in Bruton Parish before 1828


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