Framework 7

Framework 7 - Marie Curie Fellowships for Junior and Senior Researchers

The European Commission will fund research by selecting project proposals submitted following the publication of a 'Call for proposals'. The proposal process is triggered by the call. Calls published are official invitations for researchers to submit project proposals for a specific area of the Framework Programme by a specific date, usually about three months after the call. If you are interested in applying please see:
CRER will be supporting Marie Curie applications for Post-doctoral fellowships under the European Commission Framework 7. These are open to Junior and Senior Academics. You should contact Professor Daniele Joly initially with a CV and a short research project proposal. The calls are expected to be made on
28th February 2007
Please send all CV's and project proposals to Professor Joly via Mrs Nihid Iqbal (email

Information for Potential Marie Curie Candidates


The opportunity for a promising researcher to make an application to become a team leader to develop a research programme of his/her choice, and appointing an international team based at CRER over 3 years.