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ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau

Welcome to the ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau home page.

Although the Bureau closed on 30 September 1999, Bureau web pages are still available.  In particular,  publications lists have been updated as papers in progress reached final publication stage.  The annual Macroeconomic Modelling Seminar continued for two more years with the support of the Bank of England; the last was held on 2-4 July 2001.
Networking and dissemination activities are being continued and extended by the establishment of a macroeconomic-modelling list using the facilities of the National Academic Mailing List Service based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (JISCmail).

* More about the ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau
* Details of Bureau publications: Articles; Books; Discussion Papers
* Contents of  recent Newsletters
* Details and a demonstration of the Ready Reckoner program for the IBM compatible PC
* Virtual economy. Run a simplified version of the Treasury model on the web
* Links to related sites on the WWW

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