Restructuring of Employment and the Formation of a Labour Market in Russia

This research project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council from October 1996 to December 1998, building on a pilot project in Samara and Kuzbass funded by ODA from September 1995 to September 1996 (click here for reports of this project). The project focused on the restructuring of employment in state and former state industrial enterprises. It was supplemented by a further project which looked at `household survival strategies, job creation and new forms of employment' funded by the Department for International Development, involving a large-scale

The main fieldwork for the research was completed in July 1997, with all the researchers working together through August to prepare thematic reports on the basis of the case study materials, available statistical data, and our own work history survey. These reports were then revised over the autumn, in the light of additional fieldwork, and final versions prepared in December 1997. A progress report on the research to February 1998 is available. The results of this phase of the research will be published in a book, The Formation of a Labour Market in Russia, to be published by Edward Elgar in 1999, and a series of articles.

Data from the work history survey, the Labour Force Survey and the household survey is now available to researchers, at the moment on a conditional basis. The condition of use is that you should register the purpose for which you intend using the data, which should not substantially overlap with the current work of any member of the research team, and that you should make draft papers publicly available for comment by posting them on this website. This is to protect the priority of the members of our research team, to ensure that the data is used to its full advantage and to avoid wasteful duplication of effort. To request the data please complete this form. To see a listing of those currently using the data, and of working papers they have prepared, click here.

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Final Papers and Reports in English
These papers were prepared on the basis of data from both ESRC and DFID projects.

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Simon Clarke: Employment in the new private sector in Russia ***doc version
Simon Clarke: Making ends meet in a non-monetary market economy ***doc version
Simon Clarke: Labour market behaviour and institutions. ***doc version
Simon Clarke: New Forms of Labour Contract and Labour Flexibility in Russia ***doc version
Lena Varshavskaya, Sveta Yaroshenko, Marina Karelina and Simon Clarke: The Russian dacha and the myth of the urban peasant* ***doc version
Simon Clarke: The motivation of workers and the Russian labour market ***doc version
Valery Yakubovich: Economic Constraints and Social Opportunities: Participation in Informal Support Networks of Russian Urban Households ***doc version
Papers in English on the following topics are in preparation. Drafts will be made available on this site as soon as they are prepared.
New private employers' labour market strategies Household decision-making  
Training in the new private sector Gender in the labour market Secondary employment


These papers were prepared on the basis of data from the ESRC projects alone.

Simon Clarke and Inna Donova: Internal Mobility and Labour Market Flexibility in Transition ***doc version

Final ESRC Case Study Reports (in Russian)

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Motor Factory Summary and update to September 1998
Cookie Factory Summary and update to September 1998
Weaving Factory Summary and update to September 1998
Plastmas Summary and update to September 1998
Local labour market  


Chocolate Factory Summary and update to September 1998
Prokat Summary and update to September 1998
ZiM Summary and update to September 1998
Balls Summary and update to September 1998
Local labour market Satellite enterprises


Mikromash to 1997 Update to 1998 Summary and update to September 1998
Typography Summary and update to September 1998
Housebuilding plant Summary and update to September 1998
Mikron Summary and update to September 1998
Local labour market Satellite enterprises


Typography Typography in the crisis of 1998
Road Building Road Building in the crisis of 1998
Milk Factory  
City Transport City transport in the crisis of 1998
Local labour market  

Thematic Reports:

These reports were written in August 1997 and revised to December 1997. All are in Russian.

The collection and reporting of employment statistics in enterprises

Employment policy at enterprises of different types

Internal mobility of personnel

External labour mobility

Behaviour of workers in the labour market. Methods of recruitment and personal employment strategies

Labour market intermediaries

Secondary employment of employees of industrial enterprises

Gender as a factor in work history and individual employment strategy

Age in the labour market

The segmentation of the internal labour market

Social structure of the enterprise


Papers Presented to Seminar: Dubrovnik. September 1998 All in Russian
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Most of these papers derived from both the ESRC and the DFID Projects

В.Кабалина Кадровые стратегии менеджмента на российских предприятиях.
Veronika Kabalina: Management Employment Strategy in Russian Enterprises

В.Веденеева Политика найма на новые частные предприятия
Valya Vedeneeva: Hiring Policy in New Private Enterprises

Москва Посредники на неформальном рынке труда Case-studies
Moscow: Intermediaries in the Informal Labour Market

В.Кабалина Занятость в новом частном секторе
Veronika Kabalina: Employment in the New Private Sector

Практика обучения персонала новых коммерческих предприятий
The training of personnel in new private enterprises.

Варшавская Е. Социальный феномен сибирской "фазенды"
Lena Varshavskaya: The social phenomenon of the Siberian Fazenda

Бизюков п.: Оценка факторов, влияющих на стабильность занятости и ее изменений
Petr Bizyukov: Assessment of factors affecting the stability of employment and its changes.

Никишов А Занятость в новом частном секторе:
Alexei Nikishov: Employment in the New Private Sector

И.Донова факторы, определяющие поведение индивида в сфере вторичной занятости.
Inna Donova: Factors Affecting the Behaviour of Individuals in the Sphere of Secondary Employment

Бизюкова В. Статья по незанятости - проект
Veronika Bizyukova: Article on Unemployment: Draft

Вадим Борисов Трансформация социо-культурных ценностей в ходе экономических преобразований в России Vadim Borisov: Transformation of socio-cultural values in the course of economic reform in Russia

В.Кабалина Занятость в новом частном секторе
Veronika Kabalina: Employment in the New Private Sector

Н.Ильченко. Профессиональная подготовка кадров на новых частных предприятиях.
Nina Il'chenko: Professional training of employees in new private enterprises

Веденеева Валентина Новый частный сектор: политика работодателей в сфере занятости
Valya Vedeneeva: Managerial employment policy in the new private sector

И. Козина Чем определяется статус «кормильца» семьи?
Irina Kozina: What defines the breadwinner of the family?

Романов П. Социально-профессиональные группы на рынке труда
Pasha Romanov: Socio-professional groups in the labour market

И.Тартаковская "Институты посредников на рынке труда"
Irina Tartakovskaya: Intermediary institutions in the labour market

Металина Т. Обучение, переподготовка и повышение квалификации в частном секторе экономики
Tanya Metalina: Training, retraining and increasing qualifications in the private sector.

С.С. Ярошенко, Т.С. Лыткина Жизненные стратегии людей в переходный период.
Sveta Yaroshenko and Tanya Lytkina: People's Survival Strategies in the Transition Period

В.Ильин и М.Ильина Самозанятость как социальный феномен российского общества
Volodya and Marina Ilyin: Self-employment as a Social Phenomenon in Russian Society

С. Ярошенко Типы обеспечения питания в городских семьях.
Sveta Yaroshenko: Types of Subsistence in Urban Families



Other 1998 papers:

English Summary С. Ярошенко : Проблема бедности в постсоветской России: стандарты потребления и образ жизни неимущих. (Poverty in Post-Soviet Russia)
  В.И.Кабалина, З.А.Рыжикова, Статистика и практика неполной занятости в России (Short-time working in Russia)
  Марина Ильина и Владимир Ильин: СОЦИАЛЬНАЯ ОРГАНИЗАЦИЯ ГОРОДСКОГО РЫНКА: (Social organisation of a city market)
  Олеся Викторовна Лукша: ПРОФЕССИЯ КОНДУКТОРА АВТОБУСА в ПЕРЕХОДНЫЙ ПЕРИОД : (Bus conductors in transition)
  Г.Монусова: Промышленные рабочие в России: адаптация, дифференциация, мобильность (Industrial workers in Russia: adaptation, differentiation, mobility).

IN THE RUSSIAN TRANSITIONAL LABOR MARKET Valery B. Yakubovich Irina Kozina 1/98 English

Kabalina V. “Why do Russian enterprises continue hiring despite cuts in production? Notes on organizational, institutional and socio-structural factors of labor mobility in contemporary Russia”, a paper presented to Economic Sociology Workshop, Department of Sociology, Stanford University, USA, April 22, 1998. English version


1997 Papers. All in Russian. Most were presented to April 1997 seminar
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С. Ярошенко Внутренний рынок труда (по материалам исследования в ДСУ-2)
Sveta Yaroshenko
: The internal labour market, based on materials from reseach at DSU-2

С. Ярошенко: Жизненные стратегии работников типографии
Sveta Yaroshenko: Survival Strategies of Printing Workers

С. Ярошенко Т. Лыткина: Стратегии занятости работников промышленных предприятий в переходный период
Sveta Yaroshenko and Tanya Lytkina: Employment Strategies of Workers of Industrial Enterprises in the Transition Period

Бизюкова В.А. Типология представителей формального рынка труда
Veronika Bizyukova A typology of those seeking work through the employment service

Kostya Burnyshev: The Western Model of Personnel Management in the Russian Labour Market

Ирина Козина Механизм сокращения кадров на промышленных предприятиях: социальный аспект
Irina Kozina Social Aspects of the mechanism of staff reduction at industrial enterprises

Металина Т. Молодежь на предприятии и обновление рабочей силы
Tanya Metalina Youth at the enterprise and renewal of the labour force

С. Ярошенко Динамика сегментации внутреннего рынка труда
S. Yaroshenko
Dynamics of segmentation of the internal labour market

Бизюкова В. Место и роль организаций содействия занятости на рынке труда (на примере г. Кемерово) Veronika Bizyukova. The role of the employment services in the labour market

Konstantin Burnyshev Careers in industrial enterprises

Кабалина В.И. Методологические проблемы типологии предприятий в переходной экономике на основе множественных кейс-стади (Наброски к статье)
V. Kabalina Methodological problems of the typology of enterprises in the transition economy

Petr Bizyukov and Veronika Bizyukova The Work Orientation of Young People

М. Ильина: “Женские” места на рынке труда”.
Marina Ilyina: Women's places in the labour market

В.Кабалина Кадровые стратегии менеджмента на российских предприятиях
Veronika Kabalina Personnel strategy of management at Russian enterprises

I. Tartakovskaya
Sex as a factor in the labour market.

Petr Bizyukov: Managerial mistakes as a threat to state security

И.Донова Роль внутренней мобильности в реструктуризации занятости на предприятиях
Inna Donova The role of internal mobility in the re-structuring of employment in enterprises

М. Ильина Кондуктор: новое лицо старой профессии
Marina Ilyina: Conductors: A new face to an old profession

Анализ внешнего формального рынка труда в г. кемерово Бизюкова В.
Veronika Bizyukova
The formal labour market: main indicators

Романов П.В. Соображения к дискуссии по проблемам трудовых отношений
P. Romanov. Some problems in the analysis of labour relations

Никишов А. “Сокращения численности как элемент кадровой политики и как фактор, определяющий кадровую ситуацию на предприятии”.
Alexei Nikishov: Job cuts as an element of employment policy and as a factor defining the employment situation in the enterprise

Металина Т.Молодежь на предприятии и обновление рабочей силы
Tanya Metalina: Young people in the enterprise and the renewal of the labour force

Варшавская Е. ТЕНДЕНЦИИ ИЗМЕНЕНИЯ СТРУКТУРЫ ПЕРСОНАЛА ПРОМЫШЛЕННЫХ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЙ Varshakskaya Е. Employment restructuring in industrial enterprises

Алашеев С., Романов П. Динамика “рабочего места” на российском предприятии
Sergei Alasheev and Pasha Romanov Dynamics of "jobs" at Russian enterprises

М.А.Ильина ШТРИХИ К ПОРТРЕТУ "ЧЕЛНОКА": КЕЙС-СТАДИ ВЕЩЕВОГО РЫНКА Г.СЫКТЫВКАРА Marina Ilyina : Strokes towards a portrait of the Chelnoki: A Case Study of Syktyvkar Market

В.И.Кабалина Структура внутреннего рынка труда
Veronika Kabalina: Structure of the Internal Labour Market

Samara group: Methodological notes

Inna Donova: Criteria and methods of selecting people when hiring. (Russian)

Veronika Kabalina: Restructuring of Russian Industrial Enterprises and Middle Management Russian English version

Veronika Kabalina: Methodological Problems of an Enterprise Typology in the Transition Economy Russian.


Papers presented to May 1996 pre-project seminar in Athens: To download Russian abstracts click here
Veronika Kabalina

Employment Restructuring and Labour Turnover in the Enterprise

Galina Monusova

Intra-firm mobility and differentiation of labour at industrial enterprises

Inna Donova

Models of behaviour in the secondary labour market

Irina Kozina

Employment opportunities and changes in personal employment strategies

Sergei Alasheev

On the question of the structure of the labour market

Tanya Metalina and Ira Tartakovskaya

Women in the Labour Market: Gender as a factor in labour biographies and individual strategies in the sphere of employment

Marina Karelina

Employment strategy of a commercial firm facing high potential labour mobility

Pavel Romanov

`Young and inexperienced, but also old experienced personnel…’ Towards a taxonomy of labour power in the labour market.

Olga Pulyaeva

Employment in the Informal Sector

Petr Bizyukov

The possibilities of the emergence of mass unemployment in Russia.

Veronika Bizyukova

Features of the personnel situation of advanced enterprises

Elena Varshavskaya

Secondary Employment of Employees in Industrial Enterprises

Kostya Burnishev

Individual Employment Strategies of Workers in a Mining Town