Management structures, employment relations and class formation in Russia

Publications in English

Simon Clarke: A Very Soviet Form of Capitalism? The Management of Holding Companies in Russia, Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 16, No. 4, December 2004, pp. 406-22.

Valery Yakubovich and  Irina Kozina: "Recruitment at the Russian Enterprises" Chapter for Human Resource Management in Russia : The current state of leadership, recruitment, payment, and training practices within Russian enterprises. Edited by Michel Domsch and Tatjana Lidokhover. Aldershot, United Kingdom: Ashgate Publishing Group. 2006. Forthcoming. This paper is partly based on material from the project.


Simon Clarke is currently preparing a book, reviewing the findings of the project, The Development of Capitalism in Russia, to be published in 2006 by Routledge.

Tony Elger is currently preparing a paper on competition between professional specialisms.