ISITO Moscow Branch

Veronika Kabalina
Veronika Kabalina is director of the Moscow group.

 Marina Kiblitskaya Marina Kiblitskaya was born in Moscow in 1962. She graduated in philosophy from Moscow State University in 1987 and was awarded her Candidate's degree in sociology in 1993. Marina attended the summer school for Soviet sociologists in Manchester in 1992, and is now studying for a doctorate with a Soros scholarship at the University of Warwick. She has been studying industrial conflict in various enterprises for several years and is now conducting a comparative study of her Russian enterprise with its British equivalent. Marina has become increasingly interested in gender relations at work, and is currently conducting participant observation of office workers in Russian state and private enterprises. Marina combines her research with caring for her son Sasha and struggling to reform Russian men.

Valya Vedeneeva

Valentina Vedeneeva was born in Rostov in 1951. She graduated in history from Moscow University in 1975, and was awarded her candidate's decree for a dissertation on the history of the Polish workers' movement in 1986. She has worked as a scientific researcher since 1975, initially in the Gorki House Museum, then in the Institute for the International Labour Movement, the Institute of Employment, and now in the Centre for Comparative Social and Economic Research of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.

Galya Monousova

Galina Monousova was born in 1959 in the Moscow region. She graduated as a labour economist from the Institute for National Economy in Moscow in 1980. After graduation she worked for several years as an economist in the Centre for Health Care Economics of the Ministry of Health. From 1986 to 1991 she worked as a researcher at the Institute for the International Labour Movement of the Academy of Sciences, where she studied the development of the new independent trade unions and the development of strikes in Russia. In 1990 she was awarded her Candidate's degree with a dissertation on the brigade system in industry in Eastern Europe. In 1991 she moved, with the rest of her research team, to the new Institute for Employment Studies, continuing her research on the same themes. Since 1993 she has been a research fellow in the Institute for World Economy and International Relations. Since 1992 she has been involved in a number of international research projects, including those directed by A. Touraine (1992-3), A. Schleifer (1994) and S. Clarke (since 1992), covering various topics including social movements, industrial relations, privatisation and corporate governance.

 Nina Ilchenko

Nina Ilchenko

Natalya Guskova was born in 1960. She graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Moscow State University in 1985 and went to work in the Institute of the International Labour Movement of the Russian Academy of Sciences. From 1991 to 1993 she worked for the Institute for Employment Studies. Since 1993 she has been a junior research fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. She has participated in a number of research projects doing logistics and collecting empirical data. She compiled the Chronicle of Strikes and Trade Union Actions in Russia in 1992-1995, and has just begun her own research, focused on trade union activity in large enterprises.