News of the Russian Research Programme

March 1998

Click The Workers' Movement in Vorkuta: A new book by Vladimir Ilyin. Download Volodya's book (in Russian).

Our main research activity continues to be concentrated on our long-term project on the restructuring of employment and the formation of a labour market in Russia, fieldwork for which will finally be completed in July 1998. We now have a vast amount of quantitative and qualitative data which we are willing to share with other researchers who are interested in developing collaboration. Groups will be working intensively on data analysis and the preparation of reports through August and September 1998, with a project seminar to be held in September. Seminars to present the results of the research will be held in Moscow in late September 1998 (on enterprise restructuring and the formation of a labour market) and in December 1998 and in the UK in January 1999 on household survival strategies and new forms of employment. Specialists in the field who would like to participate in any of these seminars are invited to contact

Research reports are available to registered users of the site in Russian, and English translations will be made available as they are prepared. These reports will be the basis of the final completion of writing up the research, which is due for completion by the end of March 1999.

Since July 1997 ISITO has been centrally involved in the international trade union campaign on the Non-Payment of Wages in Russia, providing co-ordination and research support, and this role is continuing through 1998. We anticipate that we will make the development of trade unions and industrial relations in Russia one of the principal foci of our research for the next three years, in close collaboration with international trade union and labour organisations. We also hope to develop the comparative dimensions of this research: on the one hand, the comparison with China and, on the other hand, comparison with other large industrial societies under structural adjustment.

Our future research on employment restructuring and the labour market will be closely linked to our work on and with the trade unions and labour organisations. We are particularly interested in developing our work on household survival strategies in relation to low pay/no pay, and to conduct more research on employment strategy and industrial relations in foreign-owned plants.

From the end of 1998 we will be conducting a new project on innovation in post-Soviet industry, due to start at the end of 1998 and to run for three years, funded by the EU's INCO-COPERNICUS programme. This project is in collaboration with ISITO, the Centre for Labour Market Studies of the Institute of Economics and teams from Minsk and Georgia.

The papers on poverty in transition, which are available elsewhere on the site, were prepared by Simon Clarke with the assistance of Jeannie Holmes for the Department for International Development.

Papers and research reports can be downloaded from our website if you are a registered user.