Post-Socialist Trade Unions, Low Pay and Decent Work: Russia, China and Vietnam

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Background Reports

Russia 2006 Russian English
Russia 2008 Russian English
Samara 2006 Russian English
Samara 2008 Russian English
Kemerovo 2006 Russian English
Kemerovo 2008 Russian English
Perm 2006 Russian English
Perm 2008 Russian English
Vietnam: Hanoi 2006   English
Vietnam: Hanoi 2008   English

Case study reports (click on title to access the report)



Самарская областная станция переливания крови

Samara regional blood transfusion station

Центральная районная больница

A Central District Hospital

Детский диагностический центр

Children's diagnostic center

N. Центральная районная больница

N. Central District Hospital

Создание независимого профсоюза на ЗАО «GM-Автоваз»

Creation of an independent trade union at GM Avtovaz (Updated to March 2008)

Машиностроительный завод

Engineering Factory

Стратегия и тактика Федерации профсоюзов Самарской области в повышении оплаты труда

Strategy and tactics of Samara Oblast’ Federation of Trade Unions in increasing pay

Обком профсоюзов работников строительства и производства стройматериалов Самарской области

Regional committee of trade unions of construction and building materials workers of Samara oblast’

Предупредительная забастовка на ВАЗе

A warning strike at VAZ

Обком профсоюза работников здравоохранения самарской области

Regional committee of the health workers’ trade union Samara oblast’





Центральная Городская Больница г. Междуреченск

Mezhdurechensk Central City Hospital

Центральная Городская Больница г. Анжеро-Судженск

Anzhero Sudzhensk Central City Hospital

Городская станция скорой медицинской помощи г. Прокопьевск

Prokopevsk City ambulance station

Городская больница №3 г. Прокопьевск

Prokopevsk City hospital №3

Городская детская больница № 7 г. Кемерово

City children's hospital № 7, Kemerovo City

Сибирское рудоуправление

Siberian Ore

Кемеровская территориальная организация ГМПР г. Новокузнецк

Kemerovo territorial organisation of GMPR

Кемеровская областная организация профсоюза работников здравоохранения

Kemerovo regional organisation of health workers

Kemerovo regional organisation of health workers

Kemerovo regional trade union federation

Профсоюзная организация шахты «Есаульская» г. Новокузнецк

Trade-union organization of Esaul’skaya mine, Novokuznetsk





Больница -2

Hospital 2

Городская клиническая больница

City Clinical Hospital


Construction Company 2


Construction Trust

Райком профсоюзов работников здравоохранения

A district committee of the health workers' union

Первичная профсоюзная организация предприятия ОАО «Металлург»

Primary trade union organisation of Metallurgist

Пермский краевой совет профсоюзов

Perm krai trade union council (updated to May 2008)

Пермский крайком профсоюза работников здравоохранения

Perm krai health workers' trade union council


Metallurgist 2







Three Hanoi Hospitals


Bach Mai Respiratory Faculty Union


Binh Duong EPZ trade union


Da Nang trade union


Ford Hanoi


Carimax Saigon


Evolution of a new pattern of strikes in Vietnam


"Black" leaders

Not available on internet

Wild-cat strike at Top Royal Flash Company


Construction trade unions




English edited summaries of selected China case studies  

Addressing Trade Unions’ Dependency at Enterprise Level


Trade Unions in the TNC Supply Chain and their relationship with the CSR movement


Union member sues trade union cadre for dereliction of duty


X City (county): Trade Union Chairperson  

Labour relations and trade unions in the construction industry in G


Labour Relations in Z Construction Companies


Trade Unions in the Health Sector in G


Labour Relations and Union Role in a Provincial Level Hospital


Labour Dispute Mediation Committees


Establishing a trade union for port workers

Survey and interviews with primary level union officials in the private sector  

Labour relations and trade unions in S City


Collective wage negotiations in The H Electronic Company Ltd.  (JVE)


Analytical Papers



Альтернативные профсоюзы в России и причина сохранения раскола.

Alternative Trade Unions In Russia And The Reasons For The Preservation Of The Split

Каковы наиболее эффективные стратегии профсоюзов в достижении достойной оплаты и условий труда для низкооплачиваемых работников бюджетного сектора?

What is the most effective strategy for trade unions to achieve decent pay and working conditions for low-paid public sector workers?

В какой степени профсоюзы представляют интересы своих членов, участвуя в двух - трехсторонних институтах социального партнерства?

To what extent do trade unions represent the interests of their members, by participating in bi- and tri-partite institutions of social partnership?

Корпорации и профсоюзы – вариант России Corporations and trade unions – the Russian variant
Взаимодействие  Территориальных Объединений Профсоюзов И Государственных Структур В Вопросах Отслеживания Заработной Платы И Условий Труда Interaction of territorial associations of trade unions and state structures in tracking of wages and working conditions

Профсоюзные структуры: «сеть» или «пирамида»?

Trade-union structures: "network" or "pyramid"?




The Role of Higher Union in Overcoming Union’s Weakness at the Workplace – Waiting for a Major Reform in VGCL


Labour Relations at Micro Level

How have Trade Unions Developed their Role of Representing Workers in Negotiation with Employers at the Workplace?  

Independent worker activism in Vietnam and Its influence on the strategy of the government and traditional union

Pressure on VGCL for Reform and Directions for Reform  

Initiatives of VGCL to Overcome Weaknesses of Workplace Unions


Collaboration between the union and the state in relation to wage, working conditions and conflict resolution


Summary of VGCL’s International Relations

Wildcat Strikes and Impacts on Union Reform in Vietnam  
Migrant Workers in the Industrial Sector