Unpaid Wages in Russia

This web page contains material prepared in support of the ILO/ICFTU campaign on the non-payment of wages in Russia by the Centre for Comparative Labour Studies and the Institute for Comparative Labour Relations Research (ISITO) Moscow.

This material is provided for information. Its provision does not imply its endorsement by ILO, ICFTU or any of its affiliates.

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Simon Clarke: Trade unions and the non-payment of wages in Russia

The Campaign

July/August Newsletter of Non-Payment Campaign

September Newsletter of Non-Payment Campaign

November Newsletter of Non-Payment Campaign

Second November Newsletter of Non-Payment Campaign

Composite Newsletter of Non-Payment Campaign, including resolutions of regional seminars and November Conference

The Financial System and Demonetarisation of the Economy. Pre-conference paper by Simon Clarke

The Financial System and Demonetarisation of the Economy. (Russian)

Scandalous Christmas decision of the Constitutional Court

Case Studies of Non-Payment of Wages in Three Regions

These case studies were commissioned from ISITO by the Free Trade Union Institute

Non-Payment of Wages in the Samara Region (in Russian. 290K)

Samara report in English (324K)

Non-Payment of Wages in the Kemerovo Region (in Russian. 436K)

Non-Payment of Wages in the Sverdlovsk Region (in Russian. 654K)

Sectoral and Regional Seminars

Budget Sector Seminar. 12-15 October 1997. Golitsino

Alan Leather: Restructuring Public Services the trade union response

Alan Leather: :

13-15 1997 ., , ,

. ..

.. -

.. -

Russian transcript of Golitsino seminar. English version is included Newsletter 3.

Energy Sector Seminar. Novgorod. 27-30 October 1997

Programme of the ICEM Seminar on Non-payment of Wages in Russia 27-30 October 1997 Novgorod

Summary of results of ICEM Novgorod Seminar (Russian)

Participants of ICEM Novgorod Seminar (Russian)

. 27-30/10/1997 .

Kemerovo Regional Seminar. November 1997


Russian summary of Kemerovo regional seminar

Chelyabinsk Regional Seminar. November 1997

Final Declaration (Russian)

International trade Union Conference on the Non-Payment of Wages in Russia, 25-27 November 1997

All materials below are in English unless otherwise stated

Conference Programme

Participants in the Conference

Transcript of the First Day of the Conference (Russian)

Speech of Bill Jordan, General Secretary of ICFTU

Speech of Kari Tapiola, Deputy Director of the ILO

Presentation of Thomas Richardson, IMF Representative in Moscow

Simon Clarke: The Financial System and Demonetisation of the Economy

Final Declaration of the Conference

Resolution adopted by the Conference

Statistical Materials

Statistical Summary

Non-payment by industrial branch and property form, 1994-7

Non-payment of taxes by industrial branch, 1995-7 and April 1997

Non-Payment of Wages in the Coal-mining industry: breakdown by company, June 1997

Details of non-payment by region

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