Update History

This site was first established in December 1995, with some materials added in March 1996.

The site underwent a major redesign and update in January 1997, with a substantial amount of new material added. New material is indicated in the listing of project materials. Further material was added in June 1997 and March 1998 . A further revision was undertaken in January 1999. Material on current projects tends to be added piecemeal as it becomes available.

The site is maintained by Simon Clarke with a bit of help from his friends and relatives. When he gets time he will do a further major update to provide a lot more material.

In addition to all this material, we also have a substantial archive of documentary materials, particularly related to the workers' movement.

If you would like to make research materials, working papers or other non-copyright material available to other researchers you can just email it to Simon.Clarke@warwick.ac.uk