A Catalogue of the Papers of the Cyclists' Touring Club



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Index Headings


A Catalogue of the Papers of the Cyclists' Touring Club

The cataloguing of this material was supported by the National Cycle Archive and Heritage Lottery Fund. We are grateful for their support.


Reference GB 0152 MSS.328/C
Title Papers of the Cyclists' Touring Club
Dates of Creation 1878 - ongoing
Held at Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick Library
Extent 8.76 cubic metres
Name of Creator Cyclists' Touring Club
Level of description File
Language English

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Administrative/Biographical History

The Cyclists' Touring Club was founded as the Bicycle Touring Club in 1878. It adopted the name Cyclists' Touring Club in 1883 and was incorporated in 1887. It was initially governed by an executive committee of four vice-presidents and had about fifty members. By 1880 the club had three thousand members and by 1886 some 21,000 members. Membership peaked in 1899 at 60,449. The club promoted cycling, organised rallies and produced guides and maps for members. It continues to champion cyclists and cycling. www.ctc.org.uk/

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Scope and Content

Minutes, reports and associated papers of Council and other committees, including constitution, articles and memoranda of association, 1878-[ongoing], agreements, correspondence, financial records, administrative files and papers, legal papers, scrapbooks, printed pamphlets, journals and magazines, e.g. the CTC handbook, photographs and lantern slides, etc., 1774-2000, mostly from 1878.

Thirty four cartons, 16 box files and one lever arch file of administrative papers, including correspondence, reports, working papers, etc., of the Club, c. 1978-2000. Deposited in October 2002. See separate brief list by carton.

Committee minutes and papers (various), 1990-2000; notes of reports on Council meetings for District Association secretaries, 1967-1971. Life membership forms, 1886-1997 and life membership cards A-HAR. Correspondence and subject files, including coloured address to SAJ Cotterell, president, 1879, 1966-2006. CTC literature, journals and other publications, including volume containing Monthly Circular/Gazette of the Bicycle Touring Club, January 1880-August 1882, message of greeting to the Prince of Wales in 1928, and many District Association journals and other publications, 1880-2006/7. Printed literature and journals not orginating from the CTC, including volume containing issues of Bicycling, later Cycling, August 1878-July 1879, 1879-2006. A few maps and photocopies of cycling journals, etc, and also a photograph privately deposited (MSS.328/C/12/4/1091), 1897-1986. Thirteen boxes containing the collection of historic CTC cycling photographs from 1878. Video cassettes, 1990s-?2004. Cycling prints and drawings principally the work of Frank Patterson (1871-1952), but also of Bruce Angrave, - Burman, Reg Gammon, C. G. Harper, John Scully, Frank Tingey and Brian Walker, late 19th to 20th century. One early print, 1819. Deposited in February 2006.

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System of Arrangement

The Modern Records Centre uses a classification scheme. For further details of the scheme, see http://www.warwick.ac.uk/services/library/mrc/mrcclass.shtml. It is compatible with ISAD(G): General International Standard Archival Description (2000).

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Administrative Information

Immediate Source of Acquisition

This collection was deposited in the Centre by the National Cycle Archive, 1994-2001. A further deposit of files mostly relating to the 1980s and 1990s was made 10 October 2002; these have been box listed only. Further deposits were made in Feburary and March 2004, which have been incorporated into this list. A few items were deposited 23 April 2005 and added to this list. A substantial deposit was received 2 February 2006, when the Club moved from Godalming to smaller premises in Guildford.

Appraisal, Destruction, Scheduling

This collection has been weeded for duplicates.


Further deposits are expected.

Access Conditions

There are no restrictions on access to these papers, except for a thirty year rule on committee minutes and papers, and for items which come within the Data Protection Act, 1998.


There are no restrictions on the use of this archive, apart from the requirements of copyright law.

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Other Information

Language of Material


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Additional Sources of Information

Other finding aids

A copy of this catalogue is available in paper format in the Centre's searchroom.

Authority records exist for

National Cycle Archive (GB 0152 AAR0031).

ABC Centreville (GB 0152 AAR3050)

Accles & Pollock Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2539)

Alexander Jones & Company (GB 0152 AAR2651)

Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (GB 0152 AAR1999)

Amateur Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2210)

Anfield Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2596)

Audax United Kingdom (GB 0152 AAR2695)

Autumn Tints Cycling Comrades (GB 0152 AAR3051)

Bicycle Association (GB 0152 AAR1850)

Bicycle Touring Club (GB 0152 AAR0030)

Birmingham Small Arms Company (GB 0152 AAR2724)

Bradford Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2499)

Brampton Fittings Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2524)

British Cycle and Motor Cycle Industries Association (GB 0152 AAR2111)

British Cycle Pioneers Library (GB 0152 AAR2711)

British Cycling Bureau (GB 0152 AAR2006)

British Cycling Federation (GB 0152 AAR0033)

British Cyclo-Cross Association (GB 0152 AAR2716)

British Rail Cycling Liaison Group (GB 0152 AAR2007)

British Standards Institution (GB 0152 AAR2617)

British Standards Institution Cycles Committee (GB 0152 AAR2000)

Broadwater Model Transport Collection (GB 0152 AAR2709)

Brown Brothers Limited (GB 0152 AAR2507)

Bygone Bykes "Yorkshire" Club (GB 0152 AAR2708)

C. T. Osborne (Chossy) Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2535)

CTC Scotland (GB 0152 AAR1620)

CTC Scottish Cycling Council (GB 0152 AAR2762)

Cambridge University Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2500)

Campac Trailer Company (GB 0152 AAR2534)

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (GB 0152 AAR2673)

Cavendish Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2501)

Central Council for Physical Recreation (GB 0152 AAR2005)

Central Cycling Council of the National Athletic & Cycling Association of Ireland (GB 0152 AAR2601)

Central Rights of Way Committee (GB 0152 AAR2668)

Charles Letts & Company (GB 0152 AAR2668)

Chater Lea Limited (GB 0152 AAR2181)

Chorley & Pickersgill (GB 0152 AAR2669)

Constrictor Tyre Company (GB 0152 AAR2536)

Council for National Parks (GB 0152 AAR2002)

Countryside Commission (GB 0152 AAR2251)

Coventry Cycling Campaign (Cyclic) (GB 0152 AAR2598)

Coventry Machinists' Company (GB 0152 AAR2519)

Coventry Sewing Machine Company (GB 0152 AAR2520)

Coventry Veteran Cycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2707)

Cranford Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2525)

Cycle Speedway Council (GB 0152 AAR2614)

Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust (GB 0152 AAR0032)

Cycling Council of Great Britain (GB 0152 AAR1998)

Cyclists' Countryside and Environment Network (GB 0152 AAR3031)

Cyclists' Public Affairs Group (GB 0152 AAR1906)

Cyclists' Touring Club (GB 0152 AAR0029)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Ayrshire Section (GB 0152 AAR3046)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Birmingham and Midland District Association (GB 0152 AAR2572)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Bolton District Association (GB 0152 AAR2564)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Brighton and Hove CTC (GB 0152 AAR3032)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Bristol District Association (GB 0152 AAR2565)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Central Highlands District Association (GB 0152 AAR3048)

Cyclists' Touring Club: CTC Ceridigion (GB 0152 AAR3044)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Chester and North Wales District Association (GB 0152 AAR2567)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Derby District Association (GB 0152 AAR2575)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Devon District Association (GB 0152 AAR2587)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Dublin District Association (GB 0152 AAR2595)

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Kent District Association (GB 0152 AAR2682)

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Lancashire District Association, Burnley and Pendle Section (GB 0152 AAR3037)

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Surrey District Association (GB 0152 AAR2593)

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Sussex District Association (GB 0152 AAR3040)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Edgware Section (GB 0152 AAR2568)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Essex District Association (GB 0152 AAR2569)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Essex District Association Re-union Fellowship (GB 0152 AAR2570)

Cyclists' Touring Club: CTC Fife District Association (GB 0152 AAR3049)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Fleet CTC (GB 0152 AAR3034)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Glasgow District Association (GB 0152 AAR2585)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Hertfordshire District Association (GB 0152 AAR2571)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Huddersfield CTC (GB 0152 AAR3036)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Leicestershire and Rutland District Association (GB 0152 AAR3038)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Lincolnshire District Association (GB 0152 AAR2588)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Liverpool District Association (GB 0152 AAR2578)

Cyclists' Touring Club: London Cycle Rights Network (GB 0152 AAR1905)

Cyclists' Touring Club: London Rights Network (GB 0152 AAR1904)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Lothians District Association (GB 0152 AAR1857)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Manchester District Association (GB 0152 AAR2577)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Merseyside District Association (GB 0152 AAR3039)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Metropolitan District Association (GB 0152 AAR1899)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Munster District Association (GB 0152 AAR2586)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Norfolk District Association (GB 0152 AAR2591)

Cyclists' Touring Club: North Lincolnshire District Association (GB 0152 AAR2638)

Cyclists' Touring Club: North Metropolitan District Association (GB 0152 AAR2701)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northern Section of the North Metropolitan District Association (GB 0152 AAR2700)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northumberland and Durham District Association (GB 0152 AAR2579)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northumbria District Association (GB 0152 AAR2579)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Nottingham and Derby District Association (GB 0152 AAR2630)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Nottinghamshire District Association (GB 0152 AAR2574)

Cyclists' Touring Club: (CTC) Portsmouth District Association (GB 0152 AAR2592)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Sheffield District Association (GB 0152 AAR2573)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Shropshire District Association (GB 0152 AAR2580)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Shropshire and Mid Wales District Association (GB 0152 AAR2581)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Bucks District Association (GB 0152 AAR2566)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Yorks North Derbys District Association (GB 0152 AAR3033)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Eastern Section of the Metropolitan District Association (GB 0152 AAR1898)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Eastern Section of the South London District Association (GB 0152 AAR1897)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South London District Association (GB 0152 AAR1882)

Cyclists' Touring Club: South West London District Association (GB 0152 AAR2589)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Southern and Warwickshire Section of the Birmingham and Midland District Association (GB 0152 AAR2714)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Southern Section of the Birmingham and Midland District Association (GB 0152 AAR2713)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Stevenage and Hitchin CTC (GB 0152 AAR3035)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Suffolk District Association (GB 0152 AAR2582)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Teesside District Association (GB 0152 AAR3041)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex CTC Bournemouth and District Section (GB 0152 AAR3043)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex CTC West Dorset Section (GB 0152 AAR3042)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex District Association (GB 0152 AAR2584)

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Kent District Association (GB 0152 AAR2576)

Cyclists' Touring Club: West London District Association (GB 0152 AAR2590

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Surrey District Association (GB 0152 AAR2583)

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Sussex District Association (GB 0152 AAR2594)

Cyclists' Touring Club: Western Section of the Metropolitan District Association (GB 0152 AAR2702)

Cyclo Gear Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2538)

Dartmouth Rovers Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2502)

Dean & Dawson Limited (GB 0152 AAR2671)

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2526)

Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2045)

Dursley Pedersen Cycle Co. (GB 0152 AAR2527)

Economic Research Council (GB 0152 AAR2685)

Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR1807)

Edinburgh Bicycle (GB 0152 AAR2731)

Edinburgh Suburban Electric Tramways Company (GB 0152 AAR2655)

Elswick Cycles Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2508)

English Schools Cycling Association (GB 0152 AAR2697)

Essex Cycling Union (GB 0152 AAR2233)

Essex and Middlesex Cycling Union (GB 0152 AAR2236)

F. Hopper & Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2512)

F. W. Evans Cycles Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2623)

Fellowship of Cycling Old-Timers (GB 0152 AAR1851)

Fellowship of Kent & Sussex Cyclists (GB 0152 AAR1902)

Fellowship of London-East Cyclists (GB 0152 AAR2486)

Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists (GB 0152 AAR0035)

Finsbury Park Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2602)

41st Divisional Cyclist Company (GB 0152 AAR2729)

Frank Lipscombe (GB 0152 AAR2540)

Frank Patterson Appreciation Society (GB 0152 AAR2733)

Freewheel (GB 0152 AAR2531)

Friends of the Earth (GB 0152 AAR2619)

Gainsborough Britannia Works Cricket and Athletic Club (GB 0152 AAR2640)

Geo. Grose & Co. (GB 0152 AAR2558)

George Herbert Stancer Memorial Committee (GB 0152 AAR2676)

Gillott Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2509)

Goole Athletic Sports Festival (GB 0152 AAR2641)

Grandex Cycle Company (GB 0152 AAR2706)

Greenwood (Manufacturers and Dealers) Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2533)

Grimsby Cyclists' Touring Club (GB 0152 AAR2637)

Grimsby Road Club (GB 0152 AAR2639)

Grimsby Wheelers Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2636)

H. C. Forster & Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2543)

Heart of England Tourist Board (GB 0152 AAR2618)

Heckington and District Agricultural Society (GB 0152 AAR2642)

Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2552)

Hercules Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2521)

Hillman, Herbert and Cooper (GB 0152 AAR2522)

Humber (& Co.) Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2513)

Irish Champion Bicycle Club and Association (GB 0152 AAR2497)

J. A. Phillips & Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2530)

Jackson's Cycle Manufacturers (GB 0152 AAR2510)

James Cycle Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2204)

James Grose Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2529)

John Bull Tyres (GB 0152 AAR2560)

John E. Salsbury (GB 0152 AAR2628)

John Wilkins & Co., Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2732)

Joseph Lucas (Cycle Accessories) Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2541)

Kentish Wheelers (GB 0152 AAR2485)

Leader Cycle Works (GB 0152 AAR2182)

League of American Wheelmen (GB 0152 AAR2712)

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (GB 0152 AAR3053)

London (Amateur) Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2721)

London & North Eastern Railway. Grimsby and District Social & Athletic Association (GB 0152 AAR2643)

London Chatham and Dover Railway Company (GB 0152 AAR2653)

London County Cycling and Athletic Club (GB 0152 AAR1808)

London Cycle Rights Network (GB 0152 AAR1905)

London Cycling Campaign (GB 0152 AAR2506

London Recumbents (GB 0152 AAR3056)

London Rights Network (GB 0152 AAR1904)

Mablethorpe Sports & Carnival (GB 0152 AAR2645)

Manchester Athletic Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2488

Manchester Wheelers Club (GB 0152 AAR2487)

Marriott & Cooper (GB 0152 AAR2626)

Martin Products (GB 0152 AAR2542)

Mid-Shropshire Wheelers (GB 0152 AAR2489)

Midland Counties Cyclists' Association (GB 0152 AAR1956)

Midland Gear Case Cycle Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2544)

Milton Keynes Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2694)

Mowbray House Cycling Association (GB 0152 AAR2597)

National Association of Veteran Cycle-Clubs (GB 0152 AAR0038)

National Bike Club (GB 0152 AAR2001)

National Clarion Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR1958)

National Cycling Proficiency Scheme (GB 0152 AAR2616)

National Cyclists' Union (GB 0152 AAR0036)

Newcastle Amateur Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2490)

Newell Junior-Back Attachment (C. A. Newell) (GB 0152 AAR2545)

Norbury Natzio & Company Limited (GB 0152 AAR2670)

North and South Shields Electric Railway Company (GB 0152 AAR2656)

North London Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2621)

North Road Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR1849)

North Thoresby & District Horse & Foal Show (GB 0152 AAR2644)

Northern Ireland Cycling Federation (GB 0152 AAR2612)

Northern Road Records Association (GB 0152 AAR2632)

Nottingham Tricycle Company (GB 0152 AAR2511)

Osmond Cycle Company (GB 0152 AAR2625)

Palace Industrial Corporation (GB 0152 AAR2546)

Palmer Tyre Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2528)

Pedal Club (GB 0152 AAR2484)

Pedal Cycle Museum (GB 0152 AAR2710)

Pedals (GB 0152 AAR3052)

Penn Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2491)

Peterborough Vintage Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2494)

Phillips West Two (GB 0152 AAR2559)

Pickwick Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2495)

Pioneer Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2691)

Plysu Products Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2547)

R. T. Lang Limited (GB 0152 AAR2658)

Raleigh Athletic Club (GB 0152 AAR2604)

Raleigh Cycle Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2514)

Raleigh Industries Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2603)

Raphael Tuck & Sons (GB 0152 AAR2561)

Resilion Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2548)

Retford Cricket Club (GB 0152 AAR2646)

Reynolds Tube Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2549)

Ripley (GB 0152 AAR2532)

Road Records Association (GB 0152 AAR1912)

Road Research Laboratory (GB 0152 AAR2504)

Road Time Trials Council (GB 0152 AAR1835)

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (GB 0152 AAR1981)

Rudge Cycle Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2516)

Rudge-Whitworth Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2515)

Sandum (GB 0152 AAR2550)

Saxon Cycle Engineering Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2517)

Scottish Cyclists' Union (GB 0152 AAR2613)

Scunthorpe & District Charity Sports (GB 0152 AAR2647)

Sharrow Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2631)

Sheffield YMCA Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2633)

Shockstop Rubber Products Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2551)

Silverdale Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2537)

Singer Cycles (GB 0152 AAR3057)

South Eastern Railway Company (GB 0152 AAR2652)

South Eastern Road Club (GB 0152 AAR1901)

Southern Veteran-Cycle Club (GB 0152 AAR1853)

Spokes (GB 0152 AAR3054)

Sports Council (GB 0152 AAR2699)

Sunbeam Cycles (GB 0152 AAR3058)

Swift Cycle Co. Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR2518)

Tandem Club (GB 0152 AAR2718)

Tension Bicycle Club (GB 0152 AAR2722)

Tetney Fair (GB 0152 AAR2648)

Thanet Cycles (GB 0152 AAR2553)

Thomas Nelson & Sons (GB 0152 AAR2667)

Tottenham Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2686)

Touring Club de Belgique (GB 0152 AAR2689)

Touring-Club de France (GB 0152 AAR2498)

Touring Club Italiano (GB 0152 AAR2690)

Trail Riders Fellowship (GB 0152 AAR2610)

Tricycle Association (GB 0152 2821)

26th Middlesex Cyclist Volunteer Corps (GB 0152 AAR2723)

Union Velocipedique de France (GB 0152 AAR2688)

United Tramway Limited (GB 0152 AAR2654)

Unito (GB 0152 AAR2554)

Veteran Cycle Club (GB 0152 AAR1852)

Veteran Time Trials Association (GB 0152 AAR3055)

Viking Cycles Ltd. (GB 0152 AAR1965)

Vitality Bulbs Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2555)

W. H. Tuck (GB 0152 AAR2562)

Wartime Social Survey (GB 0152 AAR2684)

Watford Wheelers Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2687)

Watsonian Sidecars Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2556)

West of Scotland Cyclists' Defence Committee (GB 0152 AAR2503)

West Surrey Cycle Planning Group (GB 0152 AAR2705)

Winterton Midsummer Sports Club (GB 0152 AAR2649))

Wolverhampton Racing Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2492)

Women's Road Records Association (GB 0152 AAR2159)

Worcester St Johns Cycling Club (GB 0152 AAR2496)

Wright Saddle Co. Ltd (GB 0152 AAR2557)

Yorkshire Cycling Federation (GB 0152 AAR2611)

Angrave, Bruce, fl. 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3059)

Armond, Frank, b. c. 1889 (GB 0152 AAR2726)

Banks, H. G., fl. 1884(GB 0152 AAR2609)

Bartleet, H. W., fl. 1886-1942 (GB 0152 AAR2275)

Baskerville, Charles Herbert L., fl. 1907-1931 (GB 0152 AAR2693)

Betts, Thomas E., c. 1920-1999 (GB 0152 AAR2622)

Bidlake, F. T., 1867-1933 (GB 0152 AAR2677)

Burke, Walter Samuel, fl. 1909-1919 (GB 0152 AAR2674)

Burman, Albert, fl. 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3060)

Burnett, W. Kendall, fl. 1882-1912 (GB 0152 AAR2727)

Coleridge, Gilbert, b. ca. 1859 (GB 0152 AAR2663)

Cook, W. P., fl. 1924-1936 (GB 0152 AAR2728)

Cotterell, Stanley J. A., 1857-1939 (GB 0152 AAR2692)

Dangerfield, Edmund, fl. 1891 (GB 0152 AAR2599)

Edward VIII 1894-1972 (GB 0152 AAR2999)

Dunlop, J. B., 1840-1921 (GB 0152 AAR1957)

Gammon, Reg, fl. late 19th-20th century (GB 0152 AAR3061)

Griffin, Harry Hewitt, d. 1918 (GB 0152 AAR2607)

Harper, Charles G. fl. early 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3062

Harris, Reginald Hargreaves, fl. 1949 (GB 0152 AAR2725)

Hefford, Edwards O., fl. 1939-1953 (GB 0152 AAR2696)

Herbert, W. W., fl. 1880 (GB 0152 AAR2523)

Hillier, G. Lacy, d. 1941 (GB 0152 AAR2608)

Hodgson, Mabel, d. pre 1923[?] (GB 0152 AAR2730)

Holding, T. Hiram, b. ca. 1843 (GB 0152 AAR2704)

Howard, Alfred, fl. 1870 (GB 0152 AAR2715)

Hughes, G., fl. 1923-1956 (GB 0152 AAR2698)

Ineson, S. H. , fl. 1879 (GB 0152 AAR3029)

Johnston, James, fl. 1899 (GB 0152 AAR2661)

Josey, Alexander Arthur, b. ca. 1910 (GB 0152 AAR2426)

Keen, John, fl. 1877 (GB 0152 AAR2627)

Kermode, J. Cyril, fl. 1949-1991 (GB 0152 AAR1626)

Lacey, E. H. fl. 1879 (GB 0152 AAR3030)

Lang, Robert Turnbull, fl. 1888-1900 (GB 0152 AAR2666)

Lightwood, James Thomas, 1856-1944 (GB 0152 AAR2679)

Macmillan, Kirkpatrick, 1813-1878 (GB 0152 AAR2615)

Meredith, Leon, b. ca. 1880s (GB 0152 AAR2606)

Michaux, Pierre, fl. 1860s(GB 0152 AAR2600)

Moulton, Alex, fl. 1956-1997 (GB 0152 AAR2662)

Norris, J. [?Joseph Gee] Foxley, ca. 1857-1931 (GB 0152 AAR2657)

Norris, J. Foxley, fl. 1930 (GB 0152 AAR2660)

Norris, T. Foxley, b. ca. 1839 (GB 0152 AAR2659)

Oakley, William, 1896-1980 (GB 0152 AAR2678)

Patterson, Frank, 1871-1952 (GB 0152 AAR2269)

Phillips, Robert Ed., fl. 1880 (GB 0152 AAR2505)

Pinkerton, John, 1934-2002 (GB 0152 AAR2384)

Roberts family of Wrexham, fl. 1879-1896 (GB 0152 AAR2624)

Roberts, Derek, fl. 1950- (GB 0152 AAR2427)

Robinson, W. M., fl. 1920s (GB 0152 AAR2680)

Rumney, Abraham Wren, fl. 1907-1926 (GB 0152 AAR2672)

Russell, William Affleck, fl. 1898-1907 (GB 0152 AAR2673)

Salsbury, John E. fl. 1889 (GB 0152 AAR2628)

Scully, John fl. 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3063)

Shaw, J. Gordon, fl. 1903-1947 (GB 0152 AAR2629)

Shaw, Reginald Cairns, fl. 1938-1970 (GB 0152 AAR2703)

Shipton, E. R., fl. 1878-1908 (GB 0152 AAR1621)

Shipton, E. W., fl. 1900-1908 (GB 0152 AAR2719)

Shorland, Frank W., 1871-1929 (GB 0152 AAR1809)

Sinclair, Finlay, c. 1857-1937 (GB 0152 AAR2416)

Stallard, Percy T., 1909-2001 (GB 0152 AAR2493)

Stancer, George Herbert,1878-1962 (GB 0152 AAR2675)

Starley, James, 1830-1881 (GB 0152 AAR2665)

Starley, John Kemp, 1854-1901 (GB 0152 AAR2664)

Sturmey, Henry, fl. 1870-1900 (GB 0152 AAR2717)

Tegg, T. fl. 1819 (GB 0152 AAR3066)

Tingey, Frank fl. 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3064)

Walker, Brian, f. 20th century (GB 0152 AAR3065)

Ward, Ernest Robert, fl. 1906-1931 (GB 0152 AAR2635)

Ward, Harry Neville, fl. 1913-1933 (GB 0152 AAR2634)

Welford, W. D., 1857-1919 (GB 0152 AAR2605)

Wellbye, Reginald, fl. 1930-1950 (GB 0152 AAR2620)

Whall, Neville, fl. 1927-1950 (GB 0152 AAR1983)

Wilcox, F. J., b. 1909 (GB 0152 AAR2650)

Wilson, C. B., fl. 1879 (GB 0152 AAR3028)

Wintle, D. J., fl. 1880-1884 (GB 0152 AAR1637)

Wray, Fitzwater, fl. 1907-1958 (GB 0152 AAR2681)

Yates, Rose Lamartine, 1877-1954 (GB 0152 AAR2720)

Related Units of Description

There is related material in the papers of J. Cyril Kermode (MSS.328/N15), and the papers of Len James (MSS.328/N31) contain minutes, reports and papers of many Club committees, 1965-1988, and those of bodies with which the Club was closely associated, c. 1974-1988.

Other deposits by the National Cycle Archive (MSS.328), for example MSS.328/N30.

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Index Headings

Angrave, Bruce, fl.20th century

Armond, Frank, b. ca 1889

Banks, H. G., fl. 1884

Bartleet, H. W., fl. 1886-1942

Baskerville, Charles Herbert Lethbridge, fl. 1907-1931

Betts, Thomas E., ca. 1920-1999

Bidlake, F. T., 1867-1933

Burke, Walter Samuel, fl. 1909-1919

Burman, Albert, fl. 20th century

Burnett, W. Kendall, fl. 1882-1912

Coleridge, Gilbert James Duke, b. ca. 1859.

Cook, W. P., fl. 1924-1936

Cotterell, Stanley J. A., 1857-1939

Dangerfield, Edmund, fl. 1891

Dunlop, J. Boyd, 1940-1921

Edward VIII, 1894-1972

Gammon, Reg, fl. late 19th-20th century

Griffin, Harry Hewitt, d. 1918

Harper, Charles G., fl. early 20th century

Harris, Reginald Hargreaves, fl. 1949

Hefford, Edwards O., fl. 1939-1953

Herbert, W. W., fl. 1888

Hillier, G. Lacy, d. 1941

Hodgson, Mabel, d. pre 1923[?]

Holding, T. Hiram, b. ca. 1843

Howard, Alfred, fl. 1870

Hughes, G., fl. 1923-1956

Ineson, S. H., fl. 1879

Johnston, James, fl. 1899

Josey, Alexander Arthur, b. ca. 1910

Keen, John, fl. 1877

Kermode, J. Cyril, fl. 1949-1991

Lacey, E. H., fl. 1879

Lang, Robert Turnbull, fl. 1888-1900

Lightwood, James Thomas, 1856-1944

Macmillan, Kirkpatrick, 1813-1878

Meredith, Leon, b. ca.1880s

Michaux, Pierre, fl. 1860d

Moulton, Alex, fl. 1956-1997

Norris, J. Foxley, ca. 1857-1931

Norris, J [?Joseph Gee] Foxley, fl. 1930

Norris, T. Foxley, b. ca. 1839

Oakley, William, 1896-1980

Patterson, Frank W., 1871-1952

Phillips, Robert Ed., f. 1880

Pinkerton, John, 1934-2002

Roberts of Wrexham, fl. 1879-1896

Roberts, Derek, fl. 1950-1980s

Robinson, W. M., fl. 1920s

Rumney, Abraham Wren, fl. 1907-1926

Russell, William Affleck, 1898-1907

Salsbury, John E., fl. 1889

Scully, John, fl. 20th century

Shaw, J. Gordon, fl. 1903-1947

Shaw, Reginald Cairns, fl. 1938-1970

Shipton, E. R., fl. 1878-1908

Shipton, E. W., fl. 1900-1908

Shorland, Frank, 1871-1929

Sinclair, Finlay, ca. 1857-1937

Stallard, Percy T., 1909-2001

Stancer, George Herbert, 1878-1962

Starley, James, 1830-1881

Starley, John Kemp, 1854-1901

Sturmey, Henry, fl. 1870-1900

Tegg, T., fl. 1819

Tingey, Frank, fl. 20th century

Walker, Brian, fl. 20th century

Ward, Ernest Robert, fl. 1906-1931

Ward, Harry Neville, fl. 1913-1933

Welford, W. D.,1857-1919

Wellbye, Reginald fl.1930-1950

Whall, Neville, fl. 1927-1950

Wilcox, F. J., b. 1909

Wilson, C. B., fl. 1879

Wintle, D. J., fl. 1880-1884

Wray, Fitzwater, fl. 1907-1958

Yates, Rose Lamartine, 1877-1954

National Cycle Archive

ABC Centreville

Accles & Pollock Ltd

Alexander Jones & Company

Alliance Internationale de Tourisme

Amateur Bicycle Club

Anfield Bicycle Club

Audax United Kingdom

Autumn Tints Cycling Comrades

Bicycle Association

Bicycle Touring Club

Birmingham Small Arms Company

Bradford Bicycle Club

Brampton Fittings Ltd

British Cycle and Motor Cycle Industries Association

British Cycle Pioneers Library

British Cycling Bureau

British Cycling Federation

British Cyclo-Cross Association

British Rail Cycling Liaison Group

British Standards Institution

British Standards Institution Cycles Committee

Broadwater Model Transport Collection

Brown Brothers Limited

Bygone Bykes "Yorkshire" Club

C. T. Osborne (Chossy) Ltd

CTC Scotland

CTC Scottish Cycling Council

Cambridge University Bicycle Club

Campac Trailer Company

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

Cavendish Cycling Club

Central Council for Physical Recreation

Central Cycling Council of the National Athletic & Cycling Association of Ireland

Central Rights of Way Committee

Charles Letts & Company

Chater Lea Ltd

Chorley & Pickersgill

Constrictor Tyre Co.

Council for National Parks

Countryside Commission

Coventry Cycling Campaign

Coventry Machinists' Co.

Coventry Sewing Machine Company

Coventry Veteran Cycle Club

Cranford Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Cycle Speedway Council

Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust

Cycling Council of Great Britain

Cyclists' Public Affairs Group

Cyclists' Countryside and Environment Network

Cyclists' Touring Club

Cyclists' Touring Club: Ayrshire Section

Cyclists' Touring Club: Birmingham and Midland District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Bolton District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Brighton and Hove CTC

Cyclists' Touring Club: Bristol District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: CTC Ceredigion

Cyclists' Touring Club: Central Highlands District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Chester and North Wales District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Derby District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Devon District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Dublin District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Kent District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Lancashire District Association, Burnley and Pendle Section

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Surrey District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: East Sussex District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Edgware Section

Cyclists' Touring Club: Essex District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Essex District Association Re-union Fellowship

Cyclists' Touring Club: CTC Fife District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Fleet CTC

Cyclists' Touring Club: Glasgow District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Hertfordshire District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Huddersfield CTC

Cyclists' Touring Club: Leicestershire and Rutland District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Lincolnshire District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Liverpool District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: London Cycle Rights Network

Cyclists' Touring Club: London Rights Network

Cyclists' Touring Club: Lothians District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Manchester District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Metropolitan District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Merseyside District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Munster District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Norfolk District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: North Lincolnshire District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: North Metropolitan District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northern Section of the Metropolitan District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northumberland and Durham District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Northumbria District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Nottingham and Derby District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Nottinghamshire District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: (CTC) Portsmouth District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Sheffield District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Shropshire District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Shropshire and Mid Wales District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Bucks District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Eastern Section of the Metropolitan District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Eastern Section of the South London District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South London District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South West London District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: South Yorks North Derbys District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Southern and Warwickshire Section of the Birmingham and Midland District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Southern Section of the Birmingham and Midland District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Stevenage and Hitchin CTC

Cyclists' Touring Club: Suffolk (CTC) District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Teesside District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex CTC Bournemouth and District Section

Cyclists' Touring Club: Wessex CTC, West Dorset Section

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Kent District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: West London District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Surrey District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: West Sussex District Association

Cyclists' Touring Club: Western Section of the Metropolitan District Association

Cyclo Gear Co. Ltd

Dartmouth Rovers Cycling Club

Dean & Dawson Limited

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co. Ltd

Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd

Dursley Pedersen Cycle Co.

Economic Research Council

Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club

Edinburgh Bicycle

Edinburgh Suburban Electric Tramways Company

Elswick Cycles Ltd.

English Schools Cycling Association

Essex Cycling Union

Essex and Middlesex Cycling Union

F. Hopper & Co. Ltd.

F. W. Evans Cycles Ltd.

Fellowship of Cycling Old-Timers

Fellowship of Kent & Sussex Cyclists

Fellowship of London-East Cyclists

Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists

Finsbury Park Cycling Club

41st Divisional Cyclist Company

Frank Lipscombe

Frank Patterson Appreciation Society


Friends of the Earth

Gainsborough Britannia Works Cricket and Athletic Club

Geo. Grose & Co.

George Herbert Stancer Memorial Committee

Gillott Ltd.

Goole Athletic Sports Festival

Grandex Cycle Company

Greenwood (Manufacturers and Dealers) Ltd.

Grimsby Cyclists' Touring Club

Grimsby Road Club

Grimsby Wheelers Cycling Club

H. C. Forster & Co. Ltd

Heart of England Tourist Board

Heckington and District Agricultural Society

Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd

Hercules Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd.

Herne Hill Stadium Club

Hillman, Herbert and Cooper

Humber (& Co) Ltd

Irish Champion Bicycle Club & Association

J. A. Phillips & Co. Ltd

Jackson' Cycle Manufacturers

James Cycle Co. Ltd

James Grose Ltd

John Bull Tyres

John E. Salsbury

John Wilkins & Co., Ltd

Joseph Lucas (Cycle Accessories) Ltd

Kentish Wheelers

Leader Cycle Works

League of Veteran Racing Cyclists

League of American Wheelmen

London (Amateur) Bicycle Club

London & North Eastern Railway. Grimsby and District Social & Athletic Association

London Chatham and Dover Railway Company

London County Cycling and Athletic Club

London Cycle Rights Network

London Cycling Campaign

London Recumbents

London Rights Network

Mablethorpe Sports & Carnival

Manchester Athletic Bicycle Club

Manchester Wheelers

Marriott & Cooper

Martin Products

Mid-Shropshire Wheelers

Midland Counties Cyclists' Association

Midland Gear Case Cycle Co. Ltd

Milton Keynes Cycling Club

Mowbray House Cycling Association

National Association of Veteran Cycle-Clubs

National Bike Club

National Clarion Cycling Club

National Cycling Proficiency Scheme

National Cyclists' Union

Newcastle Amateur Bicycle Club

Newell Junior-Back Attachment (C. A. Newell)

Norbury Natzio & Company Limited

North and South Shields Electric Railway Company

North London Cycling Club

North Road Cycling Club

North Thoresby & District Horse & Foal Show

Northern Ireland Cycling Federation

Northern Road Records Association

Nottingham Tricycle Co.

Osmond Cycle Co.

Palace Industrial Corporation Ltd

Palmer Tyre Ltd

Pedal Club

Pedal Cycle Museum


Penn Cycling Club

Peterborough Vintage Cycling Club

Phillips West Two

Pickwick Bicycle Club

Pioneer Bicycle Club

Plysu Products Ltd

R. T. Lang Limited

Raleigh Athletic Club

Raleigh Cycle Co Ltd

Raleigh Industries Ltd.

Raphael Tuck & Sons

Resilion Co. Ltd

Retford Cricket Club

Reynolds Tube Co. Ltd


Road Records Association

Road Research Laboratory

Road Time Trials Council

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Rudge Cycle Co. Ltd

Rudge-Whitworth Ltd


Saxon Cycle Engineering Co. Ltd

Scottish Cyclists' Union

Scunthorpe & District Charity Sports

Sharrow Cycling Club

Sheffield YMCA Cycling Club

Singer Cycles

Shockstop Rubber Products Ltd

Silverdale Cycling Club

South Eastern Railway Company

South Eastern Road Club

Southern Veteran-Cycle Club


Sports Council

Sunbeam Cycles

Swift Cycle Co. Ltd

Tandem Club

Tension Bicycle club

Tetney Fair

Thanet Cycles

Thomas Nelson & Sons

Tottenham Cycling Club

Touring Club de Belgique

Touring-Club de France

Touring Club Italiano

Trail Riders Fellowship

Tricycle Association

26th Middlesex Cyclist Volunteer Corps

Union Velocipedique de France

United Tramway Limited


Veteran Time Trials Association

Viking Cycles Ltd

Vitality Bulbs Ltd

W. H. Tuck

Wartime Social Survey

Watford Wheelers Cycling Club

Watsonian Sidecars Ltd

West of Scotland Cyclists' Defence Committee

West Surrey Cycle Planning Group

Winterton Midsummer Sports Club

Wolverhampton Racing Cycling Club

Women's Road Records Association

Worcester St Johns Cycling Club

Wright Saddle Co. Ltd

Yorkshire Cycling Federation

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MSS.328/C/1/1-20 Minutes, reports and associated papers 1878-2004

Twenty eight boxes


Minutes, annual and other reports of Council, 1879-1920, 1923-2004 (incomplete); indexes to agenda and reports, 1883-1890. Indexes to Council minutes, 1955-1957.

Finance/Finance and Management Committee minutes, reports, etc., 1884-1997.

Rights and Privileges Committee, minutes, reports and decisions, 1899-1966.

General Meetings, minutes, 1888-1951; General Purposes Committee minutes, 1920-1939 and 1953-1966, and of the General Purposes Panel, including the Development Committee, 1965, 1971-1977. The Tenth Triennial Veterans Ride Sub-Committee of the District Associations and General Purposes Committee minutes, 1955-1958. District Associations and Events Committee minutes, 1985-1992.

Minutes of the General Purposes Committee, 1920-1939. Minutes of the District Associations and Events Committee, 1985-1992. File of the "Inherited C'ttee minutes, & other notes", containing minutes of the CTC Events and Local Groups Committee, 6 September 1997, and of the Leisure Countryside and Touring Development Committee, 2 December 1995 and 20 September 1997, with accompanying papers.

Metropolitan District Association minutes, 1899-1930.

Committee for Hotels and the Handbook, minutes, 1908-1915.

The George Herbert Stancer Memorial Committee minutes and associated papers, 1962-1978.

Centenary Committee minutes, 1973-1978

Development Committee reports to Council, etc., 1964-1974.

Cycling Development Committee minutes and papers, 1999-February 2000, including minutes of the Leisure, Countryside and Touring Development Committee, 5 December 1998.

Town and Countryside Committee minutes, 1981-1982.

York Rally Committee committee minutes, 1954-1978

Standing Joint Committee on Cycling minutes, 1955-1968

Touring and Membership Services Committee minutes, 1985-1987.

Leisure and Countryside Committee minutes, 1988-1991.

Attendance books for Council Meetings, 1899-1981.

Attendance book for committee meetings, 1948-1966.

Notes of reports on Council Meetings for District Association Secretaries, 1967-1971.

Parliamentary Group, later the Cyclists' Public Affairs Group, minutes and papers, 1990-1995.

Joint Liaison: Campaigns and Industry Group and Cycle Groups Liaison minutes, 1991-1993.

The papers of J. Cyril Kermode (MSS.328/N15) also contain Council minutes for 1959-1978.

MSS.328/C/1/1/1-94 Council minutes, reports and associated papers 1879-1992

Twelve boxes


The series comprise two volumes of Council minutes and reports, 1879-1887, and 1906-1907, and one folder of typescript minutes, 1920-1921, a series of volumes entitled Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum, containing byelaws and orders bearing on the conduct of club business, printed Council agenda, accounts, minutes and other material, 1882-1884, 1894-1920, 1922-1958, those for 1919-1920, 1922 and 1947-1948 deposited in April 2004, files of minutes and reports 1958-1980, 1991-1992 deposited in April 2004, and typescript minutes and papers in bundles for 1979-1991.

MSS.328/C/1/1/1 Council minute book, agenda papers and reports, etc. 1879-1887

One volume and one folder

Includes: annual general meeting and other annual reports from 2 August 1880. Annual balance sheets and accounts from March 1881. Printed report of the Special Committee, January 1882. Printed report of the Finance Committee, February 1882. Rules, 1879-1880 and later. Prospectus, c. December 1879. Monthly circular, March 1889. Other manuscript and printed items.

Added to this volume are:

Four printed agenda papers for meetings in 1881; three printed reports of Council meetings, 1881-1882; and manuscript of proposed resolutions of W. B. Tanner, Stanley J. A. Cotterell, the president, and others for the next Council Meeting, 10 July 1880, respecting the rules and other matters.

Printed report of the Committee upon General Matters issued to council members with the agenda for the December 1887 meeting.

Printed agenda for August 1898, including the report of the Reorganisation Committee.

Found with these papers: a letter from W. W. Herbert of Hillman, Herbert, & Cooper, Premier Works, Coventry, 29 October 1880, to "My dear Sir", referring to "a new kind of spring - patented -, that fixes on the B.[?] Bicycle in similar way to the Cradle", which he would like to fix to the machine which the addressee has ordered.

MSS.328/C/1/1/2 Draft Council minute book and some loose printed agenda and reports 1906-1907

One volume and enclosures

Includes: Statements of accounts for the eight months to August 1906. Typescript recording election of Standing Committees for 1907. Minutes of Publicity Committee meeting, Saturday, 9th March [no year date]. Supplement to the CTC Gazette, May 1907, entitled "The forthcoming postal vote. Statement by the Reform Committee". Very many loose enclosures

MSS.328/C/1/1/3 Council minutes: loose, typescript and printed, with index 1920-1921

One folder

Includes: Reports to Council from the Finance, Rights and Privileges, and General Purposes Committees, and the annual report of the Council to the membership. Found in old springback file.

MSS.328/C/1/1/4 Council minutes 1882-1885

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum 1884, leather bound volume with preface by the Secretary, E. R. Shipton, on its purpose: to provide a portable yet comprehensible guide for the use of the whole Council, containing the byelaws and customs bearing upon and attending the conduct of Club business, and the agenda and report of every Council meeting, dated December 1883. Includes: The mode of election of officers. The mode of working. Standing Orders, etc. Diary pages for the year 1884, used by the owner, John Graham of Newcastle-on-Tyne; memoranda pages; agenda of Council meetings, December 1882-December 1885, and reports of and to it, with accounts, January 1883-December 1885.

MSS.328/C/1/1/5 Council minutes 1894

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1894. As no. 4 above, containing agenda, reports and accounts for 1894, including the annual report of the Council for 1893, but the details at the front include the Memorandum and Articles of Association and omit the diary and memoranda space.

MSS.328/C/1/1/6 Council minutes 1895-1896

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1895. As no. 5 above, and reports, etc., March 1895, and from September 1895 until November 1896.

MSS.328/C/1/1/7 Council minutes 1897

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1897. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/8 Council minutes 1898

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1898. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/9 Council minutes 1899

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1899. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/10 Council minutes 1900

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1900. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/11 Council minutes 1901

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1901. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/12 Council minutes 1902

One volume

Councillors' Portfolio and Vade Mecum. 1902. As no. 5 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/13 Council minutes 1903

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1903. From henceforward the volumes are in a smaller format with a cloth cover, but the content is much the same.

MSS.328/C/1/1/14 Council minutes 1904

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1904, as no. 13 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/15 Council minutes 1905

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1905, as no. 13 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/16 Council minutes 1906

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1906, as no. 13 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/17 Council minutes 1907

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1907, as no. 13 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/18 Council minutes 1908

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1908, with lists of Council meeting fixtures, representative councillors on Council, representative chief consuls and membership of the standing committees only.

MSS.328/C/1/1/19 Council minutes 1909

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1909, with memorandum and articles of association, orders in council, and principal objects and advantages of membership etc.

MSS.328/C/1/1/20 Council minutes 1910

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1910, constitutions, rules and standing orders for council and committees, regulations for District Associations, memorandum and articles of association, orders in council, lists of officials, council fixtures, etc., and agenda and reports.

MSS.328/C/1/1/21 Council minutes 1911

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1911, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/22 Council minutes 1912

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1912, with lists of Council meeting fixtures, and members of Council and other committees.

MSS.328/C/1/1/23 Council minutes 1913

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1913, with memorandum and articles of association, etc.

MSS.328/C/1/1/24 Council minutes 1914

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1914, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/25 Council minutes 1915

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1915, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/26 Council minutes 1916

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1916, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/27 Council minutes 1917

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1917, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/28 Council minutes 1918

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1918, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/28A Council minutes 1919

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1919, as no. 20 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/28B Council minutes 1920

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1920, as before, but contains minutes for meeting of 10 January 1920 only.

MSS.328/C/1/1/28C Council minutes 1922

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1922, as before.

MSS.328/C/1/1/29 Council minutes 1923

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1923, with constitution, rules, standing orders, and memorandum and articles of association, etc. From now the volumes have a coloured card cover.

MSS.328/C/1/1/30 Council minutes 1924

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1924, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/31 Council minutes 1925

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1925, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/32 Council minutes 1926

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1926, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/33 Council minutes 1927

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1927, with details as in no. 29 above.

Enclosed: Printed Committee reports to Council from the Finance, and Rights and Privileges Committees, undated. Typescript Finance Committee agenda and minutes, 11 January 1928. Typescript agenda of Council Meeting, 12 November 1928. Typescript "Regulations of the Formation and Working of District Associations", stamped 23 Dec. 1927. Typescript list of Councillors elected for 1928. Manuscript report to Council of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (A.I.T.) General Assembly at Geneva, 1927.

MSS.328/C/1/1/34 Council minutes 1928

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1928, with details as in no. 29 above.

Enclosed: letter to Colonel Baskerville from W. M. Robinson of Edgbaston, 30 September 1931, with his wet-press copy reply, concerning the compilation of a list of members available for attending foreign conferences.

MSS.328/C/1/1/35 Council minutes 1929

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1929, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/36 Council minutes 1930

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1930, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/37 Council minutes 1931

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1931, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/38 Council minutes 1932

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1932, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/39 Council minutes 1933

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1933, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/40 Council minutes 1934

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1934, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/41 Council minutes 1935

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1935, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/42 Council minutes 1936

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1936, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/43 Council minutes 1937

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1937, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/44 Council minutes 1938

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1938, with details as in no. 29 above

MSS.328/C/1/1/45 Council minutes 1939

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1939, with details as in no. 29 above

MSS.328/C/1/1/46 Council minutes 1940

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1940, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/47 Council minutes 1941

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1941, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/48 Council minutes 1942

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1942, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/49 Council minutes 1943

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1943, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/50 Council minutes 1944

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1944, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/51 Council minutes 1945

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1945, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/52 Council minutes 1946

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1946, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/52A Council minutes 1947

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1947., as no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/52B Council minutes 1948

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1948, containing only minutes.

MSS.328/C/1/1/53 Council minutes 1949

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1949, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/54 Council minutes 1950

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1950, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/55 Council minutes 1951

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1951, with details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/56 Council minutes 1952

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1952, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/57 Council minutes 1953

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1953, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/58 Council minutes 1954

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1954, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/59 Council minutes 1955

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1955, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, lists of members of committees and regulations for the formation and working of District Associations.

MSS.328/C/1/1/60 Council minutes 1956

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1956, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/61 Council minutes 1957

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1957, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above.

MSS.328/C/1/1/62 Council minutes 1958

One volume

Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1958, with Council Minutes printed on the front cover, and details as in no. 29 above. Minutes until April 1958 only.

MSS.328/C/1/1/63 Council minutes 1958

One file

File containing Vade Mecum and Portfolio for 1958, with details as in no. 29 above, and typescript Council minutes and reports to Council for July 1958. Indexed.

MSS.328/C/1/1/64 Council minutes 10 January 1959-6 October 1962

One file

File containing typescript Council minutes and reports to Council, 1962.

MSS.328/C/1/1/65 Council minutes 12 January 1963-8 October 1966

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda,minutes and reports to Council up to agenda for 6 October 1966.

MSS.328/C/1/1/66 Council minutes 7 January 1967-4 November 1967

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/67 Council minutes 6 January 1968-1 November 1969

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council

MSS.328/C/1/1/68 Council minutes 1 November 1969-31 0ctober 1970

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/69 Council minutes 31 October 1970-30 October 1971

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/70 Council minutes 26 November 1971-4 November 1972

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/71 Council minutes 4 November 1972-3 November 1973

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/72 Council minutes 3 November 1973-2 November 1974

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/73 Council minutes 2 November 1974-1 November 1975

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/74 Council minutes 7 November 1975-8 January 1977

One file


File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/75 Council minutes 8 January 1977-7 January 1978

One file

File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/76 Council minutes 7 January 1978-6 January 1979

One file


File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/77 Council minutes 6 January 1979-5 January 1980

One file


File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/78 Council minutes 5 January 1980-26 July 1980

One file


File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/79 Council minutes 13 September 1980-1 November 1980

One file


File containing typescript Council agenda, minutes and reports to Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/80 Council minutes 1991-1992

One envelope


One envelope said to contain 'Council Minutes, 1991-1992': includes reports and papers.

MSS.328/C/1/1/81 Council minutes 1979

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers placed in folder. Includes: draft annual report, 30 September 1978 (dated 16 February 1979) and draft annual report for 1979. Cyclists' Touring Club's report to the Council. Report on the District Association reports, 1979. Reports/minutes of meetings of following Cyclists' Touring Club committees: Finance Panel, Town and Countryside Committee, District Association Committee, Touring Development Committee, Birthday Rides Committee (formed in 1978) and the Awards Panel. Some correspondence, 1978-1979. Paper on "Proposed Afforestation South House Moor, Park Fell, Ribblesdale", by Yorks Dales National Park Committee of North Yorks County Council, 16th November 1978, and correspondence about this sent to Mr Kermode, 1978-1979. Papers etc. from other bodies have not usually been noticed in this and the following entries.

MSS.328/C/1/1/82 Council Minutes 1980

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers placed in a folder.

Includes: draft annual report, September 1980. Cyclists' Touring Club report to the Council. Reports from the District Associations and from the Birthday Rides. Milton Keynes Cycling Club: AGM minutes. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: Finance Panel, Town and Countryside Committee, District Associations Panel, Premises Committee, Executive Committee, Executive Committee with the Finance Panel, Touring Development Committee, the Central Rights of Way Committee; and Audax (UK) Ltd, British Cycling Federation, CTC and Road Time Trials Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/83 Council minutes 1981

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers placed in two folders:

Includes: Articles of Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club: undated typescript found with 1981 matter. Index of Council minutes. Newsletter for tour leaders. District Associations: newsletters and reports for 1981. Report and summary of the 1981 Birthday Rides. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: Awards Committee, Bicycle Public Affairs Committee, Central Rights of Way Committee, District Associations Committee, Events Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Premises Committee, Touring Development Committee and Town and Countryside Committee; Audax (UK) Ltd, British Cycling Federation, CTC and Road Time Trials Council. Correspondence, from December 1980. Alliance Nationale de Tourisme Traffic Commission: final report, Geneva, 1981, printed, entitled Safety of two-wheelers. Working group safety of two-wheelers .

MSS.328/C/1/1/84 Council minutes 1982

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers placed in a folder:

Includes: Indexes to Council minutes. District Associations' newsletters and annual report of Committee. Finance Committee and Executive Committee: annual reports. Birthday Rides reports and summary. Cyclists' Touring Club: preliminary report on a survey of cycling and accidents, February 1982, prepared for the Town & Countryside Committee. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: Awards Committee; Bicycle Public Affairs Committee, Central Rights of Way Committee; District Associations Committee and District Association Secretaries' Meeting; Events Committee; Executive Committee; Technical Section; Touring Development Committee; and the Town and Countryside Committee.

MSS.328/C/1/1/85 Council Minutes 1983

One volume


Typescript Council minutes and papers, placed in a folder:

Includes: Index to Council minutes. District Associations' newsletter. Touring Development Committee's Guidelines for tour leaders: typescript booklet, ?early 1984. Joint statement on improving the comfort and convenience of cyclists and pedestrians by the Cyclists' Touring Club and others, March 1983. Draft typescript information on the Cycle Tracks parliamentary bill, December 1983. Storage of archives: report to the Cyclists' Touring Club Council of a meeting with members of the University of Liverpool (Michael Cook and others), the Sports Council and Associated Organisations, 28 January 1983. Recommendation by Dr Colin Taylor of the Cyclists' Touring Club who was present at the meeting that the Club's archives be stored at Liverpool. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club committees: Agenda Committee; Bicycle Public Affairs Committee; Central Rights of Way Committee; District Associations Committee; Events Committee; Executive Committee; Finance Committee; Touring Development Committee; Town and Countryside Committee: policy statement on highway maintenance, report and minutes; and British Cycling Federation - CTC - Road Time Trials Council - joint talks. Meeting of Cyclists' Touring Club and Friends of the Earth with Lynda Chalker MP at the Department of Transport, 8 December 1983. Bundle of the correspondence of the National Secretary, Alan Leng, January-July 1983, with a few, probably related, earlier letters from August 1981.

MSS.328/C/1/1/86 Council minutes 1984

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers, placed in a folder. They were found as a series of bundles with decayed rubber bands. These bundles have been kept. A few papers start from September 1983 and end in February 1985.

Includes: Council's Review of the Year ended September 30, 1983, and annual report for the year ended September 30, 1984. Summary of District Associations' reports for 1983. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: Awards Committee; Bicycle Public Affairs Committee; District Associations; Secretaries' annual meeting; District Associations and Events Committee; Finance Committee; Policy Committee; Technical Policy Committee; Touring and Membership Services Committee; and Town and Countryside Committee; and meetings of Cyclists' Touring Club, British Cycling Federation and Road Time Trials Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/87 Council minutes 1985

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers, placed in a folder. They were found within bundles separated by decayed rubber bands. These bundles have been retained. The dates covered are from December 1984-January 1986.

Includes: Draft annual report for the year ended September 30 1985. Transport Committee [not Cyclists' Touring Club] : Road Safety Inquiry: printed summary of main recommendations and manuscript notes of Government responses, undated. Birthday Rides, 1985: co-ordinator's report. Touring and Membership Services Committee booklet "The Tour Leader's Obligation", amended August 1985. Summary of District Associations' annual reports for 1984. Report on Youth Hostels' Associations' National Council Special Meeting, November 1985. Reports/minutes of the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: District Associations and Events Committee; Executive Committee; Finance Committee; Touring and Membership Services Committee; Town and Countryside Committee. Reports/minutes of non Cyclists' Touring Club committees, including British Standards Institution Pedal Cyclists' Helmets Committee; British Standard Institution Cycles Technical Committee; British Rail Cycling Liaison Group; and the National Bike Club Advisory Committee. A typescript agenda for the Council meeting of 7 September 1985, from a bundle entitled "Council papers etc 1985-90" has been added to this bundle.

MSS.328/C/1/1/88 Council minutes 1986

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers, found in two bundles, one entitled "Council Papers etc 1983-86" and the other "Council Papers etc 1985-1990", all placed in one folder. Many were found in bundles separated by decayed rubber bands. These bundles have been retained. Dates covered: November 1985-November 1986

Includes: Birthday Rides: co-ordinator's report, 1986. Summary of District Associations' annual reports for 1985. Annual report of the Town and Countryside Committee, 1985. Accounts for year ended September 1985. Report of a working group appointed to consider the proposal that private members shall be permitted to attend meetings of the Council of the Cyclists' Touring Club as observers only, undated [1986]. Discussion paper on the future of the Cyclists' Touring Club handbook, first circulated in 1985. Report on the Youth Hostels' Association National Council Meeting, 5/6 April 1986. Reports/minutes of the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: District Associations and Events Committee; Finance Committee; General Committee; Touring and Membership Services Committee; Town and Countryside Committee. Reports/minutes of some other committees: British Rail Cycling Liaison Group; Bicycle Association Public Affairs Committee; British Standards Institution Pedal Cyclists' Helmets; English Schools' Cycling Association Executive Meeting; National Bike Club Advisory Committee.

MSS.328/C/1/1/89 Council minutes 1987

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers, found as part of a bundle entitled "Council papers 1985-1990", where they had been kept in sections clipped together or held by decayed rubber bands. These sections have been retained. Dates covered: September 1986 (1), November 1986-November 1987.

Includes: Cyclists' Touring Club annual report: first draft, 5 January 1987. CTC in Scotland: report of meeting with the Scottish Sports Council, February 1987. Note of meeting to inaugurate CTC Scotland on 27 September 1987. Report on Channel Tunnel Meeting, 4 December 1986, between the Cyclists' Touring Club and other cycling groups and Mr Dunlop from the British Rail Channel Tunnel Project. Reports/minutes from Cyclists' Touring Club Committees, as follows: Awards Committee; Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust; District Associations and Events Committee; Executive Committee; Finance Committee; Touring and Membership Services Committee; Town and Countryside Committee; and also from the British Rail Cycling Liaison Group.

MSS.328/C/1/1/90 Council minutes 1988

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers found in bundle entitled "Council papers etc 1985-90", some parts of which were found in sections held together by decayed rubber bands. These sections have been retained. Dates covered: October 1987-November 1988.

Includes: Articles of Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club: Turner & Wall's (solicitors) comments on, October 1987, and proposed amendments for approval by Council, January 1988. Paper on proposed committee structure, 10 December 1987. List of Council committees, 1988. "Cycle Helmets a CTC Position paper": draft typescript, 28 January 1988. "A Summary of the Sports Council's Strategy for the 1990's fact sheet". Cyclists' Touring Club response to "Road Safety: The Next Steps", December 1987: booklet. Summary of District Associations' reports for 1987. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: District Associations and Events Committee; Executive Committee; Finance and Management Committee; General Committee; Leisure and Countryside Committee; Touring and Membership Services Committee; Town and Countryside Committee; Transport Policy and Road Safety Committee. And also from the British Standards Institution Cycles Committee; British Rail Cycling Liaison Group; and Joint Statement by British Cycling Federation, CTC, and Road Time Trials Council.

MSS.328/C/1/1/91 Council minutes 1989

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers found in bundle entitled "Council papers etc 1985-90", containing many sections held together by decayed rubber bands. These sections have been retained. Dates covered October 1988-October 1989.

Includes: Final draft for the annual report for the year ended September 30 1988. CTC Scottish Leisure Cycling Council: chairman's report, 1988, dated January 1989. The Frank Whitt Memorial: decision as to the use of Frank Whitt's legacy, September 1989. Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety: Report of the General Committee meeting held at the House of Commons, 7 March 1989. London Regional Meeting: points made, January 1989. District Associations' reports; comment on first draft, 6 June 1989. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club Committees: District Associations and Events Committee and Transport Policy and Road Safety Committee; and also from the British Standard Institution Pedal Cyclists Helmets' meeting; British Standard Institution Cycles meeting; British Rail Cycling Liaison Group; the British Cycling Bureau; the British Cycling Federation/Cyclists' Touring Club/Road Time Trials Council Joint Consultative Committee.

MSS.328/C/1/1/92 Council minutes 1982-1991

One bundle


Envelope entitled "Miscellaneous mainly 1989 - Index B[ritish] R[ail] Liason [sic] Group", containing:

Council Committee Structure, 1990; typescript list. Cyclists' Touring Club National Council, 1990: typescript list of officers and councillors. Cyclists' Touring Club Council minutes, 13 April 1991 and letter. Indexes to Council minutes, November 1984-July 1988. Cyclists' Touring Club Review and Report, 1989: draft typescript. Membership trends, 1989: typescript note and graph. Responses from the regions as to membership, 1988. Circular sent out respecting membership fee, undated, c.1988. List of Cyclists' Touring Club staff at 2 January 1990. British Rail - Cycle Liaison Group reports of meetings, November 1989 and December 1990. British Cycling Federation /Cyclists' Touring Club/ Road Time Trials Council Joint Consultative Committee: report of meeting, 30 November 1988. Cyclists' Touring Club typescript text for new brochure entitled "Cyclists' Touring Club Working for Cyclists since 1878" and notes, 1990. "Cycletouring" index 1982: typescript with maps. CTC shop catalogue, c.1990. Two leaflets about the Cyclists' Touring Club and its membership, printed. Typescripts entitled "Technical Department: State of Information Packs" and "Use of District Associations/Section Voucher System October 1988-June 1989". Letter to Cyril [Kermode] about the office extensions and museum display area at Cotterell House, 28 August 1989.

MSS.328/C/1/1/93 Council minutes 1990

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers, found in bundle entitled "Council papers 1985-90", some of which were found grouped together and held in place by paper clips or decayed rubber bands. These sections have been retained. Dates covered: October 1989-October 1990.

Includes: Index to Council minutes, April 1990. "Latest Revision of Articles and Memorandum of Association, Standing Orders ... and Determinations in General Meeting", A. J. L[eng], secretary, 1 October 1986; typescript. Articles of Association (as at January 1990). "Determinations in General Meeting": the dates in the margin are 1983-1986. "CTC New-Style Handbook": typescript working document, 2 April 1990. "Report on Cycle Touring & Campaigning", by Lisa Warburton, 18 October 1990. Reports of meetings at the Department of Transport with the Minister for Roads and Transport, 12 March and 7 June 1990. "British Response to the Proposed Load-Spreading Test for Pedal Cyclists' Helmets", by C. Juden MA of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 2 April 1990. "Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust: National Cycling Archive": typescript agreed by Council, 14 October 1989, that 15,000 pounds of the Whitt legacy should be allocated for the formation of a National Cycling Archive [sic]. The National Cycling Archive is to be set up through the Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust and sited probably at Warwick University ..., 26 April 1990. "Review of the District Association Reports for 1988/89". CTC Scottish Cycling Council: Chairman's annual report, 1989. Reports/minutes of the following Cyclists' Touring Club committees: District Associations and Events Committee; Finance and Management Committee; Transport Policy and Road Safety Committee; and also from the British Rail Cycle Liaison Group and British Standard Institution Pedal Cyclists' Helmets.

MSS.328/C/1/1/94 Council minutes 1990-1991

One bundle


Typescript Council minutes and papers found in bundle entitled "CTC Council etc 1989-91", containing two groups of papers found together, and others found loose and now placed in chronological order. Dates covered: July 1990-December 1991, mostly 1991.

Includes: Summary of points raised at regional meetings, 1989/90. Letter to Member of Parliament headed "Helping Britain's Cyclists", 1989. Plastic folder of papers concerning the up-dating of Orders in Council and Standing Orders: drafts drawn up by Turner & Wall, solicitors, of Keighley, and correspondence with the firm, 1990, added to "Cyclists Touring Club Constitution Documents", by Turner & Wall, 1 January 1991. A few reports of meetings, correspondence, and list of Cyclists' Touring Club staff, 1990-1991. Letter about the Cyclists' Touring Club National Appeal Grand Draw from the Director of the Cyclists' Touring Club, undated. Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook: paper as to its up-dating, April 1991. Councillors' Guide part II: first draft from Turner & Wall, October 1991, typescript. Cycle Touring and Countryside Trust: printed leaflet. Cyclists' Touring Club A4 paper size pamphlet: Cycling and Tourism. Reports/minutes from the following Cyclists' Touring Club committees: Central Rights of Way Committee; Council Think Tank; District Association and Events Committee; Finance and Management Committee; Leisure and Countryside Committee; Tour Leaders' Meeting; Transport Policy and Road Safety Committee; and also from the British Standard Institution Pedal Cycles Meetings and British Rail Cycle Liaison Group.

MSS.328/C/1/2/1-3 Printed Annual General Meetings' Papers and Indexes. Indexes to Council minutes. 1883-2004

Fifteen items and one file

Agenda papers for thirteen annual general meetings between 1964 and 1982, 1998, 2001-2004, and indexes to agendas and reports, 1883-1890. Indexes to Council minutes, 1955-1957.

MSS.328/C/1/2/1 Printed papers for Annual General Meetings and Annual Reports 1964-2004

Thirteen items

Agenda, minutes, annual reports, and statements of account for 1964-1968, 1971-1972, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980 and 1982. The CTC report, 1998, with accounts for year ending September 1997 and annual reports, including accounts, 2001-2004.

MSS.328/C/1/2/2 Indexes to agenda and reports January 1883-December 1890

Two items

Cyclists' Touring Club. Founded 1878. Incorporated 1887. Index to Agendas and Reports from January, 1883, to December, 1889, inclusive. Printed pamphlet.

The same for January to December, 1890. Printed pamphlet.

MSS.328/C/1/3/1-20 Finance/Finance and Management Committee minutes, accounts and reports, etc. 1884-1997

Seven volumes, fourteen files and bundles


Finance Committee reports made to the Council appear with the Council minutes.

MSS.328/C/1/3/20 some folders closed under the Data Protection Act, 1998.

MSS.328/C/1/3/1 Finance Committee accounts and reports December 1884-February 1902

One bundle

Bundle of printed half yearly and (from 1898) annual statements of account and balance sheets of the Cyclists' Touring Club, December 1884, December 1889, June and December 1890, June 1891, December 1893, June and December 1894, June and December 1895, June, 1896, 1898, 1899, and 1901. The Hon. Treasurer's statement or reports, August 1894-February 1899, and annual and interim reports of the Finance Committee, September 1894, February 1895-February 1902, and draft annual report of the Council to the membership for the year ended December 1901. Not complete.

MSS.328/C/1/3/11 Finance Panel minutes 26 January 1967-16 May 1980

One file

The formation of the Finance Panel was first approved by Council, 7 January 1967. Some financial papers have been added to this file.

MSS.328/C/1/3/12 Finance Committee minutes October 1977-November 1983

One bundle


Finance Committee papers: large bundle entitled "Financial Statements", containing financial reports for the Finance Committee meetings, with statements, forecasts, and annual, half yearly and monthly accounts, October 1977-November 1983, now placed as far as possible in chronological order.

Includes: Paper concerning departmental expenditure, with tables for 1979/80 and 1980/1, and forecasts for 1981/2 and 1982/3, c. early 1983. Report to Council, showing financial costs of events and publicity, March 1981. York Rally figures, August 1981. Membership statistics, October 1981.

MSS.328/C/1/3/13 Finance Committee minutes June 1979-20 September 1983

One bundle


Bundle entitled "Finance Com" and "Agenda Reports Early 1980s", containing Finance Committee minutes described as reports of meetings, 19 August 1981-20 September 1983; agenda 19 August 1981-20 January 1983.

Finance Panel meetings, agenda, June 1979-September 1980. "Points for Agenda", undated typescript. Manuscript notes entitled "Executive/Finance 14.8.80".

MSS.328/C/1/3/14 Finance Committee minutes 1980-1986/7

One bundle


Sections created from large bundle entitled "Finance Com 1988-91": containing minutes and papers of the Executive Committee and Finance Panel, 1980.

Future marketing and development of the Cyclists' Touring Club: paper on Grant Aid Submission to the Sports Council, 1985, and other papers about this; outline development budget, 1985. Report on the marketing of the Cyclists' Touring Club by Robin Tuck, an independent marketing consultant, and papers on marketing discussions and policy development. Discussion papers on the future of the Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook and In-House publications, inadequate premises for staff, etc., computerisation, additional services for members, shop sales, publicity officer at headquarters, publicity caravan, technical department, liaison with other bodies, future campaigns, additional resources for rights' work, greater involvement of unemployed members and voluntary assistance. List of "Possible Internal Factors affecting Membership", 1984-1985, undated, probably 1985. Finance Committee annual report 1986/7.

MSS.328/C/1/3/15 Finance Committee minutes 1988

One bundle


Bundle of Finance and Management Committee minutes, correspondence and papers, 1988, created from large bundle entitled "Finance Com 1988-91".

MSS.328/C/1/3/16 Finance Committee and Finance and Management Committee minutes 1989

One bundle


Bundle of Finance/Finance and Management Committee minutes, correspondence and papers, 1989, created from large bundle entitled "Finance Com 1988-91".

MSS.328/C/1/3/17 Finance and Management Committee minutes 1990

One bundle


Bundle of Finance and Management Committee minutes, correspondence and papers, 1990, created from large bundle entitled "Finance Com 1988-91".

MSS.328/C/1/3/18 Finance and Management Committee minutes 1991

One bundle


Bundle of Finance and Management Committee minutes and papers, 1991, created from large bundle entitled "Finance Com 1988-91".

MSS.328/C/1/3/19 Finance and Finance and Management Committee minutes 1985-1989

One bundle


Reports of meetings of the Finance Committee, December 1985-April 1988, and of the Finance and Management Committee, May 1988-May 1989.

MSS.328/C/1/3/19A Finance and Management Committee minutes January 1996-July 1997

One small file


A few minutes and papers for this period

MSS.328/C/1/3/20 Finance Committee minutes and financial papers 1978-1983

One folder


Folder entitled "Finance. Staff Reports Salaries and Higgs Pensions Job Description Grievance", containing the following records now grouped under the above headings as far as possible:

Finance: Recommendations to Finance Panel regarding accounting procedures at Headquarters, 24 May 1979. Report on the internal control of cash and stock operated by the Cyclists' Touring Club by Messrs Gilmore and Hudson, accountants, 23 October 1979. Capital expenditure forecast, 1980, January 1980. Report for the Finance Committee, about poor sales of the Handbook, October 1981. Review of banking arrangements and proposals to introduce direct debiting with correspondence, 1982. Guidelines to the new approach to Grant-Aid from the Sports Council, 1983.

Staff Reports: reports of Staff Meetings, August and October 1981, and Headquarters Report, August 1982, reporting on a staff meeting at which the need for economy was stressed.

Salary Scales and Tom Higgs's report on the grading and pay of the administrative staff employed by the Cyclists' Touring Club: seven lists of staff and their salaries, 9 October 1981-30 April 1983. Details of Sports Council salary scales, 1978-1981. First and second reports by Tom Higgs to the National Council of the CTC, with staff comments on same, 1979 and correspondence with Tom Higgs, 1980.[CLOSED FOR THIRTY YEARS UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT].

Pensions: Finance Committee's reports to Council, 1982, with reports from Pensions' financial advisers regarding proposed pension plan for employees of the Cyclists' Touring Club, further papers on pensions and correspondence about the same and the retirement of staff, 1980-1983. [CLOSED FOR THIRTY YEARS UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT].

Job descriptions for Sales Manager, 1982, a Rights Officer, undated, and Touring Development Officer, 1981.

Grievance Procedure: two letters about a grievance, 1980, [CLOSED FOR THIRTY YEARS UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT], with sample contracts of employment, 1979.

Legal Cases: correspondence about the conviction of a cyclist, 1981-1982, and tables about legal aid cases, 1980-1981. Typescript sheet headed "Small Claims". [CLOSED FOR THIRTY YEARS UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT].

MSS.328/C/1/4/1-16 Rights and Privileges Committee Minutes and Papers 1900-1966

Thirteen volumes and four files

This Committee was in existence by early 1894. References to its work before 1901 may be found in the Council minutes and papers. (MSS.328/C/1/1).

MSS.328/C/1/4/1 Rights and Privileges Committee reports December 1900-November 1902

Two files

Interim and other reports of the Rights and Privileges Committee to the Council of the Cyclists' Touring Club, December 1900-November 1901, and December 1901-November 1902. Two files, printed.

MSS.328/C/1/4/4 Rights and Privileges Committee minutes 18 January 1900-30 August 1900

One volume

It is stated at the beginning of the volume that the meeting of 18 January was the first of a newly constituted committee. Indexed.

MSS.328/C/1/4/13 Rights and Privileges Committee minutes 27 January 1926-21 August 1933

One volume

Indexed. Enclosed: Analysis of accident cases during the five years 1928-1932. Typescript carbon.

MSS.328/C/1/4/14 Rights and Privileges Committee minutes 19 September 1933-12 January1940

One volume

Not indexed. With loose printed minutes used as scrap paper on the dorse.

MSS.328/C/1/4/15 Rights and Privileges Committee minutes 8 February 1946-30 September 1953

One twinlock file

Not indexed. At end: Minutes of the District Associations Committee, 15 February 1946-18 September 1953. For later minutes, 20 November 1953-18 November 1966, see MSS.328/C/1/5/4.

MSS.328/C/1/5/1-8 General Meetings and General Purposes Committee minutes 1888-1997

Three volumes and five files


Two volumes of General Meetings minutes, 1888-1906, and 1907-1951. They recorded half yearly general meetings, annual general meetings and special or extraordinary general meetings.

The formation of the General Purposes Committee is referred to in the report of the Council meeting in January 1899, when it was proposed "That the Reorganisation (Henn's Letter), Standing Orders, and Composition of the Council Committees be merged into one Committee to be known as the General Purposes Committee", which would consist of seven members.

Minutes of the General Purposes Committee, 1920-1939, 1953-1966 and of the General Purposes Panel, including the Development Committee, 1965, 1971-1977. Minutes of the Tenth Triennial Veterans Ride Sub-Committee of the District Associations and General Purposes Committee, 1955-1958. Minutes of the District Associations and Events Committee, 1985-1992.

File of the "Inherited C'ttee minutes, & other notes", containing minutes of the CTC Events and Local Groups Committee, 6 September 1997, and of the Leisure Countryside and Touring Development Committee, 2 December 1995 and 20 September 1997, with accompanying papers.

MSS.328/C/1/5/2 General Meetings minutes 8 March 1907-28 April 1951

One volume

This volume was an exhibit in a Chancery Case in 1909.

MSS.328/C/1/5/4 District Associations and General Purposes Committee minutes 20 November 1953-18 November 1966

One twinlock file

For earlier District Associations Committee minutes, see MSS.328/C/1/4/15.

At end: Development Committee minutes, 7 March 1964-26 November 1966

MSS.328/C/1/5/5 General Purposes Panel 3 November 1965, 31 July 1971-29 April 1977

One file


File containing minutes, reports, and papers of this Panel, 30 June 1973-29 April 1977, and of the Development Committee 31 July 1971-18 November 1972, with a sub-committee report of 3 November 1965

MSS.328/C/1/5/7 District Associations and Events Committee 7 December 1985-3 October 1992

One file


File containing minutes, 1985-1989, 1992.

MSS.328/C/1/5/8 CTC Events and Local Groups Committee minutes 2 December 1995-6 September 1997

One file


File entitled "Inherited C'ttee minutes, & other notes", containing minutes of the CTC Events and Local Groups Committee, 6 September 1997, and of the Leisure Countryside and Touring Development Committee, 2 December 1995 and 20 September 1997, with accompanying papers.

Finance and Management Committee minutes, 1996-1997, have been placed at MSS.328/C/1/3/19A.

MSS.328/C/1/6/1-3 Metropolitan District Association minutes and reports, etc. 1899-1930

Three volumes

The purpose of the District Associations was to promote the interests of the Cyclists' Touring Club and its members in the districts. Their objects were set forth in the Council agenda papers for December 1899. The opening minute book of the Metropolitan District Association (for the London area) recorded that on 6th November 1899 it had been decided that it would adopt the model rules for the District Associations. According to a press cutting of 24th November 1899, the area covered by the Association was estimated to contain between 15,000 and 20,000 members of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/1/6/1 Metropolitan District Association minutes and reports, etc. 6 November 1899-13 February 1917

One volume

Indexed. Includes annual reports of the Metropolitan District Association (printed), 1899, 1901-1903, 1908-1916 and press cuttings in the early years.

MSS.328/C/1/6/2 Metropolitan District Association minutes and reports, etc. 6 March 1917-8 February 1923

One volume

Indexed. Includes annual reports, 1917 and 1919 (printed), and 1922 (typescript, with accounts).

MSS.328/C/1/7/1 Hotels Committee minutes 1908-1915

One volume

Volume entitled "Hotels", containing minutes said to be of "the Committee", relating primarily to hotel agreements and the Club handbook.

MSS.328/C/1/8/1 The George Herbert Stancer Memorial Committee minutes 1962-1978

One file


Minutes from 1964 and a few associated papers of the Committee, from November 1962, when Council was informed of the Finance Committee's decision to open a memorial fund in tribute to the memory of the Club's late president, G. H. Stancer.

MSS.328/C/1/10/1 Development Committee reports to Council etc. 1969-1974

One file

The first meeting of the Development Committee appointed by Council in June 1969 was held 5 October 1969. Reports to Council recording minutes, and Committee correspondence, 1969-1974.

For meetings 1964-1966, and 1971-1972, see MSS.328/C/1/5/4-5.

MSS.328/C/1/10A/1 Cycling Development Committee minutes 5 December 1998-February 2000

One file


Committee minutes and papers, 1999-February 2000, including minutes of the Leisure, Countryside and Touring Development Committee, 5 December 1998.

MSS.328/C/1/11/1 Town and Countryside Committee minutes 28 November 1981-20 March 1982

One file


Loose enclosure: Information Sheet A9 entitled "Hedge Trimming" from the Cyclists' Touring Club and the National Rights Network, undated, but of this time.

MSS.328/C/1/12/1-3 York Rally Committee 1954-1978

Three files


Minutes and reports of the organising committee, whose object was to organise and present an annual national rally of cyclists at York, thereby providing a great social event, achieving publicity and enhancing the prestige of the Club.

MSS.328/C/1/12/1 York Rally Committee York Rally Reports to end of 1961 24 January 1954-29 October 1961, 1976-1978

One file

Minutes and reports. Includes rules of the Committee. The first meeting of the new committee took place in January 1954.

Enclosures: reports on the York Rally, 1976-1978, accounts for the 1977 rally, and attendance sheet at the April 1977 committee meeting.

MSS.328/C/1/12/2 York Rally Committee York Rally Reports from January 1962 to November 1969 28 January 1962-9 November 1969,1977

One file

Reports of committee meetings, 1962-1969.

Enclosure: attendance sheet at committee of October 1977.

MSS.328/C/1/12/3 York Rally Committee York Rally Committee minutes From January 1970 to 78 Dec 18 January 1970-10 December 1978

One file


Minutes of committee meetings. At front lists of York Rally Organising Committee members, one dated 1974.

MSS.328/C/1/13/1-2 Standing Joint Committee on Cycling 1955-1968

Two files

Members from the National Cyclists' Union, afterwards the British Cycling Federation, the Road Time Trials Council, the National Clarion Cycling Club, Cyclists' Touring Club were the usual attendees.

MSS.328/C/1/13/1 Standing Joint Committee on Cycling 10 August 1955-27 November 1961

One file

Minutes and papers, including attendance sheets. There are no minutes for the November 1961 meeting.

MSS.328/C/1/13/2 Standing Joint Committee on Cycling 18 December 1961-16 Janaury 1968

One file

Minutes and papers, including attendance sheets. There are no minutes after July 1967.

MSS.328/C/1/14/1 Touring and Membership Services Committee 14 December 1985-5 December 1987

One file


Reports of meetings of this committee.

MSS.328/C/1/15/1 Leisure and Countryside Committee minutes 1988-1991

One file


Agenda, minutes and papers.

For minutes of the Leisure, Countryside and Touring Development Committee meetings, 2 December 1995 and 20 September 1997, see MSS.328/C/1/5/8.

For minutes of the Leisure, Countryside and Touring Development Committee meeting, 5 December 1998, see MSS.328/C/1/10A/1.

MSS.328/C/1/19/1 Parliamentary Group, later Cyclists' Public Affairs Group minutes and papers December 1990-November 1995

One bundle


This group comprised representatives of the CTC, the Cycle Campaign Network and the London Cycling Campaign and had been founded to bring the views and needs of cyclist to decision makers and opinion formers in Parliament, government and outside.

MSS.328/C/1/20/1 Joint Liaison: Campaigns and Industry Group, and Cycle Groups Liaison minutes and papers May 1991-September 1993

One bundle


There are other committee titles for the minutes found in this bundle.

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MSS.328/C/2/1-2 Financial and membership papers 1878-1997

Twelve boxes and one large volume

Investment ledger, 1915-1930; financial ledger, 1975-1977; annual returns under the Companies Acts and financial statements, 1974-1984.

Membership and candidates for membership: registers and lists, 1878-1973, including those for life members. Membership survey, 1988. Small bundles of members' tickets and certificates, 1878-1978. Membership county identification references, c. 1970.

Membership: life members' forms in chronological order from December 1886 to 1987, nos. 1-L8947. Further forms until 1997. Series of life members' cards, A-HAR.

MSS.328/C/2/1/1-4 Financial papers 1915-1984

Half a box

Investment ledger, 1915-1930; financial ledger, 1975-1977; annual returns under the Companies Acts and financial statements, 1974-1984. Account in connection with centenary celebrations, 1978.

MSS.328/C/2/1/2 Financial Ledger 1975-1977

One volume

Ledger containing details of finance for trips in Britain and on the Continent.

MSS.328/C/2/1/3 Annual returns under the Companies Acts and financial statements 1974-1984

Two bundles

Envelope entitled "C.T.C. Companies Annual Returns 1974 onwards" and further returns and financial statements as follows:

Annual returns of the Cyclists' Touring Club under the Companies Acts of a company not having a share capital made up 1974-1979, 1981-1984.

Annual returns of the Cyclists' Touring Club (Eastern, Southern and Western sections, but not complete) under the Companies Acts of a company having a share capital made up 1981-1982.

Printed statements of accounts of the Cyclists' Touring Club for the years ended 30 September 1980, with the chairman' s annual report; and for 1981 with notice of annual general meeting etc., and annual review. Printed paper for the annual general meeting in 1983.

Reports of the directors and statements of accounts for the four sections of the Cyclists' Touring Club for the years ended 30 September 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980-1983.

MSS.328/C/2/1/4 Typescript account 1978

One item

Short account for expenses in connection with the centenary celebrations, signed by S. Dallaway. Photocopy.

MSS.328/C/2/2/1-21 Membership records 1878-1997

One large volume and eleven boxes

Membership and candidates for membership: registers and lists, 1878-1973, including those for life members. Membership survey, 1988. Small bundles of members' tickets and certificates, 1878-1978. Membership county identification references, c. 1970.

Following a resolution of September 1879, lists of candidates for membership were published in the Cyclists' Touring Club Monthly Gazette until April 1948.

Membership: life members' forms in chronological order from December 1886 to 1987, nos. 1-L8947. Further forms until 1997. Series of life members' cards, A-HAR.

MSS.328/C/2/2/1 "Bicycle Touring Club Election of Members" 1878-1879

One volume

Volume containing a membership register from 5 August 1878-August 1879. Also "Members elected at Harrogate", undated, and "District Alterations", being a page of names, etc.

MSS.328/C/2/2/2 Candidates for election as members 1878-1881

One volume

Leather covers into which have been placed a manuscript list of 104 men whose names have not been inserted in any lists of candidates, August 1878 to October 1878. Details of candidates for election, November 1878-April 1881, extracted from the Monthly Circular. At end, printed list of nominations for officers and councillors, [?1881]. S. J. A. Cotterell's name only appears as a proposer and seconder.

MSS.328/C/2/2/3 May list of candidates [ca.1880]

One item

Bicycle Touring Club: printed list of candidates for election as members. Members were to place any objections to membership with the secretary.

MSS.328/C/2/2/4 List of renewed subscribers 1890

One booklet

Printed list of renewed subscribers to the Club, listed by county and including Wales, Scotland and Ireland and a few from abroad.

MSS.328/C/2/2/5 Life members 1887-1946

One volume

Volume entitled " ...fe Members Roll" and "Life Members", which also contains a list of honorary life members. There are entries of 4498 names, numbered consecutively and in chronological order, beginning with E. R. Shipton, elected in 1887. There are details of title or degree, date of election and address, with dates of resignation or death against some names which have been crossed through. The series ends in October 1946, and between January 1940 and this date members 2558-4498 are entered. Of the ten council members at a council meeting in 1880, only two appear in the early pages of this volume.

MSS.328/C/2/2/6 Life members 1888-1969, 1971-1972

One volume

Large kalamazoo loose leaf file, entitled Cyclists' Touring Club Life Membership Roll, containing entries in numerical and chronological order from nos 21-7479, 1888 to September 1969, with a file of additions (loose) for 1971-1972. Annotated. Also contains a list of life members, 1897-1962.

MSS.328/C/2/2/7 Life members 1961-1973

One folder

List of life members placed in green folder in numerical order from nos. 7249-7590, with names against those from 7363 onwards. A separate note sellotaped into the cover of the folder also lists honorary members and honorary life members' numbers issued 1964-1970, but only a few names are recorded.

MSS.328/C/2/2/8 Membership survey 1988

One booklet

Cyclists' Touring Club membership survey, 1988.

MSS.328/C/2/2/9 Members' tickets 1878-1883

One bundle

Bicycle Touring Club: bundle of members' tickets.

MSS.328/C/2/2/10 Membership certificates, tickets and a card 1883-1939, 1977

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: two certificates of membership for 1883, two for 1899 (one not completed), three special customs' tickets with photographs, 1932 and 1938, and one for 1939 (not completed). To this has been added a carnet-camping internationale identity card issued by the Club in 1977.

MSS.328/C/2/2/11 Membership certificates and tickets 1884-1911

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of membership certificates, 1884-1886; membership tickets for those travelling abroad and two special customs' tickets, 1900-1910, two with photographs. A membership certificate for 1900, and a third special customs' ticket for 1911 have been added to this bundle.

MSS.328/C/2/2/12 Membership certificates 1890-1905

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of six membership certificates with a new format, which incorporated a loose badge, and leather pouch with a few badges therein.

MSS.328/C/2/2/13 Membership certificates 1918-1947, c.1950s

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of membership certificates for 1918-1947 and undated, with a few for the 1950s and some not completed.

MSS.328/C/2/2/14 Membership certificates 1923-1956

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of membership certificates belonging to G. Hughes, 1923-1947, [1948, 1949], 1950-1956. Complete.

MSS.328/C/2/2/15 Membership certificates 1950-1978

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of membership certificates belonging to four members, with a few unused certificates.

MSS.328/C/2/2/16 Life membership certificates 1909, post 1927-post 1966

One bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club: bundle of life membership certificates, including one on larger format creating Lieut. Col. C. H. L. Baskerville an honorary life member, 16 February 1909.

MSS.328/C/2/2/17 Membership papers of D. J. Wintle 1880-1884

One file

Cyclists' Touring Club: small file of papers relating to Mr D. J. Wintle of Newnham, Glos.: Bicycle Touring Club membership tickets for 1880/81 and 1881/82, his certificates as Consul of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1883 and 1884, uncompleted membership application form and and copy of the Uniform Rules & Regulations together with samples of the cloth, and illustrations of the uniform for gentlemen and ladies, [c. 1884].

MSS.328/C/2/2/18 Carnet of Edwards (sic) Hefford, Cyclists' Touring Club member 1939

One booklet

Touring-Club de France: Circuit de France, Huitieme Semaine Fecamp-Cote de L'Atlantique: Rear Admiral Hefford of 2 Bigwood Road, London, was no. 135. The booklet contains his photograph and officials' entries and stamps as he progressed en route. In 1953 he was a vice-president of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/2/2/19 Membership reference numbers c. 1970

One typescript sheet

Notice sent out to registration officers giving the new county identification numbers and letters.

MSS.328/C/2/2/20 Life membership 8 October 1913

One form

Printed application form for life membership of the Cyclists' Touring Club by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales [later Edward VIII], 8 October 1913.


MSS.328/C/2/2/21/1-100 Life membership December 1886-?1997

Eleven boxes

1-93. Life members' application forms, nos. 1-L8947 [an L was placed in front of the number from L5304] in chronological order, until 24 October 1987. Not checked for completeness, but no. 1 is missing or out of order.

94-97. Life members' application forms in alphabetical order, from 24 October 1987 until at least 1994. "From 1st Oct. 1987 Life Apps couild not be renumbered on exisiting [sic] members so no logical no. [number] system available. Aphabeticl".

98-99. Life members' application forms, from 1994 ( a few from 1993) to ?1997, apparently in date order, in two files.

100. Life members' cards, A-HAR. They give name, address, and membership number.

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MSS.328/C/3/1-7 Correspondence and Subject Files 1868-2005

Thirty boxes

Correspondence of the secretary and, later, of the director, including wet-press letter book (1919-1920), 1919-1996, with files of the editor of Cycletouring, 1972-1989, and of the Touring and Development Officer, 1984-1995.

Secretary's correspondence arranged by alphabetical letter of correspondent with some subject files; a little correspondence is for Alan Harlow, director, 1977-1996.

Series of folders of correspondence in the 1990s-2002, and two York Rally pennants of 1956-1957.

Seven bundles of correspondence, notes and papers of Stanley J. A. Cotterell (1857-1939), founder of the Bicycle Touring Club in 1878, 1868-1977, including details of the founding of the Club, early printed Club forms, and album containing printed cycling literature, press cuttings, etc., 1876-1896.

Lists of archives and books, 1984; lists of hotels under contract, 1903-1930; of repairers under contract, 1900-1937, of certificates of appointment of cafes, c. 1930s-1950s; lists of danger and caution boards erected, 1893-1914; touring route sheets and information, late 1930s-1995; files in connection with railways (three box files), 1979-1989, and the rights and planning department (five files), 1981-1993; press releases to 1998, leaflets, and later deposits of subject files, 1966-2004 .

Files relating to Club events, 1928-2005, the chief amongst them being the Centenary celebrations in 1978, the annual Birthday Rides, 1970-2002, and the annual National Bike Week event, 1987-1998.

District Association regulations, 1967, returns of officials, annual reports and papers, 1981-1990; runs lists, 1931-1957, etc. East Kent District Association: file of correspondence and papers, 1965-1983.

Files relating to the Central Council for Physical Recreation, c. 1977-1994, the Cycling Council of Great Britain, 1967-1980, Department of Transport press notices, 1982-1988, and the Economic Research Department's wartime survey of bicycles, 1944.

MSS.328/C/3/1/1-19 Correspondence of the secretary and other officials 1914-1996

One volume, eleven bundles, one file and twenty four items

Correspondence of the secretary and later of the director, including wet-press letter book (1919-1920), 1919-1996, with files of the editor of Cycletouring, 1972-1989, and of the Touring and Development Officer, 1984-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/1/1 Secretary's wet-press letter book 1919-1920

One volume

Wet-press letter book, containing the correspondence of W. S. Burke, manager and secretary, and afterwards G. Herbert Stancer, secretary, 9 December 1919-7 April 1920. Indexed.

MSS.328/C/3/1/2 Secretary's correspondence [c.1919]-1933

Five letters

Five circular letters sent out to members and others by W. S. Burke and G. Herbert Stancer, c. 1919, 1920, 1922 and 1933.

MSS.328/C/3/1/3 Secretary's correspondence from V. Norman Lockyer 1914

Five letters

Letters from V. Norman Lockyer of Eccles, near Manchester, to the Cyclists' Touring Club, May 1914, about his design of a small brass badge for the Club (the badge is present).

MSS.328/C/3/1/4 Early correspondence to secretary and ?the secretary 1916, 1926

Three letters

Letter from Grenville A. J. Cole in Orahova, Carrickmines, Co. Dublin, 9 October 1916, perhaps to G. Herbert Stancer, on sending him a copy of his book The Gypsy Road, and on his continuing delight in cycle touring. This letter was found inside a copy of the book which contained the bookplate of Stancer.

Letter from A[braham] W. Rumney of Skinburness, [Cumberland], who had been appointed editor of the Gazette in 1907, 1 August 1926, concerning his cycling books.

Letters from the Science Museum, South Kensington, 6 December 1926, on the collection of the "Whippet" bicycle lent by the Cyclists' Touring Club to the museum.

MSS.328/C/3/1/5 Correspondence to secretary on the Companies Act 1947 1947

Two items

Letter to Reginald C. Shaw, secretary, from Oswald Hickson, Collier & Co., enclosing a copy of the Companies Act 1947 [not present], and a memorandum [present] signifying the principal changes in the law when the act comes into operation, 22 October 1947.

MSS.328/C/3/1/6 Correspondence of secretary on salaries and wages, etc. [c. 1954]-1975

Five items

Letter from the secretary to Council enclosing two letters from staff concerning the decision not to grant any increases or make revision of salaries and wages during 1957, 1956.

Report from the Rotaprint Sub-Committee recommending the purchase of a Rotaprint R/70 at a cost of 445 pounds, c. 1954.

To this has been added staff lists of 1 January 1967, 1 January 1971 and 1 January 1975, giving details of dates of birth, date of appointment, and salary. This was forwarded to Andrew Millward in 1992.

MSS.328/C/3/1/7 Correspondence about child cyclists 1956-1958

Four items

Circular to Council from the Secretary, sent with a joint statement issued to the press at a conference held by the British Cycle and Motor Cycle Industries Association Ltd, which had been drafted by the Cyclists' Touring Club, May 1956. Report in French on child cyclists entitled "Rapport sur les enfants circulant a bicyclette", 1956. Printed report of the Working Party of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation on child cyclists, HMSO, 1958.

MSS.328/C/3/1/8 Correspondence on Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1957-1964

One bundle

Correspondence from Rees & Freres of Westminster to the secretary, concerning the Road Transport Lighting (Amendment) Bill, 1957.

Correspondence of the secretary with the Department of Transport on road vehicles lighting regulations, 1958-1964.

MSS.328/C/3/1/9 Correspondence on the Countryside Bill, 1968 1967-1969

One bundle

The Countryside Bill, 1968. The Cyclists' Touring Club had sought an amendment allowing pedal cyclists to use long distance cross country paths and Mr Carol Johnson, MP for Lewisham South, spoke on its behalf.

Envelope containing printed copies of the Countryside Bill, ordered to be printed, March and May 1968; Hansard: House of Lords official reports, 20 and 30 May 1968, including report (first day) and the third reading of the Countryside Bill. Photocopy of Lords' amendment and amendment to this relating to the riding of bicycles on bridleways; other amendments of May 1968.

Correspondence of the Cyclists' Touring Club secretary with various members of parliament and others which led to the legal right for cyclists to ride on bridleways, 1967-1969.

MSS.328/C/3/1/10 Correspondence 1972-1982

One bundle

Miscellaneous correspondence found loose:

Correspondence of the editor of Cycletouring with John Chapman, promotion manager of City Magazines relating to the commission of a Staffordshire plate in a limited edition of 1000 only to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first public acceptance of the penny farthing bicycle, 1972.

Letter from the secretary to J. Cyril Kermode, 13 November 1978, respecting the South London District Association.

Letter from Mrs E. Davies of Dorking, 1982, enclosing a pencil sketch of the Iconoclast, the machine ridden by Miss L. Turner who gained a prize for neat dress and graceful command of the machine at the Crystal Palace Bicycle Sports, c.1890.

Letter from Harry Earwaker of New Zealand, and reply of 12 September 1990 from the Cyclists' Touring Club, respecting his offer of his cycling books to the Club; with a Christmas card, and three press cuttings relating to Sir Hubert Opperman, former cycling champion living in Australia, in 1982.

MSS.328/C/3/1/11 Correspondence 1979-1989

One bundle found loose, but together

Large bundle of Club correspondence probably of Alan Leng, National Secretary, also press releases, newsletters, reports of meetings, details of membership, reports to Council, etc and Club activities, such as National Bike Week, now roughly sorted by year.

MSS.328/C/3/1/12 Correspondence of the secretary and the editor of Cycletouring 1975-1989

Bundle found loose, but together

Correspondence, printed literature and papers found loose, probably belonging to Chris Meeks, editor of Cycletouring, but there are also letters to Les Warner and Alan Leng, National Secretaries of the Cyclists' Touring Club, on topics of general cycling interest, the Wildlife and Countryside Bill, 1980, road safety belts, 1982, and other items about safety, cycle helmets, etc., also papers of the Countryside Commission, including minutes for 1985, of the Council for the Protection of Rural England, including annual report for the year 1982 of the Somerset Branch, 1983-1986, and of the Council for National Parks, 1984. Article entitled "Pedal Cycling Accidents in Great Britain", by C. S. Downing BSc, typescript, 1985.

MSS.328/C/3/1/13 Correspondence 1991-1996

One bundle, found loose but together

Bundle of Club correspondence and papers of Alan Harlow, director, including tour guidelines, press releases, draft articles and the Cyclists' Touring Club's endorsement of the proposed Richmond Park Cycleway (1995).

A letter from Alan Harlow, director, to Brooklands Museum, Surrey, 17 March 1992, about the temporary return of historic cycles on loan to the Museum. Added April 2004.

MSS.328/C/3/1/14 Cycletouring 1985-1989

One bundle found loose but together

Editor's file of typescript articles and entries for Cycletouring, c. 1988-1989, with printed setting instructions. Discussion paper on inter alia the journal, May 1985, and the future of the Club Handbook, April 1985.

MSS.328/C/3/1/15 Touring and Development Officer's file 1984-1985

One bundle

File of Chris Beeching, relating to the production of a booklet, Cycling into Leisure (present), with correspondence and reports of meetings, etc., 1984-1985. Seminar papers with same theme, 1985.

MSS.328/C/3/1/16 Touring and Development Officer's file 1985-1987

One bundle

File of Chris Beeching's correspondence with ITV Channel 4's Oracle teletext service which publicised cycling programmes and events.

MSS.328/C/3/1/17 Touring and Development Officer's file 1987-1995

One bundle

File of Chris Beeching's correspondence with R. N. Hutchins, 1987, and copy of the latter's book, Quiet "Wind Assisted" Cycle routes between rail stations, 2nd edition, 1993, with the 1995 supplement.

MSS.328/C/3/1/18 Touring and Development Officer's file 1988-1989

One bundle

File of Chris Beeching, containing reports/minutes of the meetings of the British Cycling Bureau, Beeching being the Club's representative on the Committee.

MSS.328/C/3/1/19 CTC Travel Ltd. 1971-1980

One file

The Club secretary, Les Warner's correspondence,1979-1980, reports to Council, 1979, accounts for 1978, draft statement to members at the annual general meeting 1980, regarding the problems as CTC Travel Ltd., now operating at a considerable loss. Press release of 26 April 1980 stating that the Club had agreed to sell all its share capital in the company to an investment company. Copy of a letter, and memorandum of 1971 concerning the relationship between CTC Travel Ltd and the Club.

MSS.328/C3/2/1-18 Secretary's correspondence files 1977-1996

Eighteen files

Secretary's correspondence arranged by alphabetical letter of correspondent with some subject files, kept in a separate filing cabinet; a little correspondence is for Alan Harlow, director.

MSS.328/C/3/2/7 Secretary's file of correspondents J-K 1985-1990

One file

Correspondence for J correspondents, 1985-1989, and for K correspondents, 1987-1990.

MSS.328/C/3/2/10 Secretary's file of correspondents N and P 1986-1989

One file

Correspondence for N correspondents, 1987-1989 and for P correspondents, 1986-1989.

MSS.328/C/3/2/13 Secretary's file of correspondents U-W 1984-1989

One file

Correspondence for U and V correspondents, 1984-1989, and for W correspondents, 1986-1989.

MSS.328/C/3/2/15 Secretary's file: "J. 1 Japan" 1977-1979

One file

File concerning "Japan AIT. Tour 1980 enquiries", but mostly containing correspondence with Japan in 1977.

MSS.328/C/3/2/18 Secretary's file: "HNBW '95 W/W + Hovis" 1993-1996

One file

Papers found in blue folder which contained four plastic folders, all relating to the Cyclists' Public Affairs Group: minutes, correspondence and papers, 1995-1996. Originally found with MSS.328/C/3/5/40.

Cyclists' Public Affairs Group Strategy Review: minutes and papers, 1993-1996.

Response of this body to the European Commission's green paper "The Citizen's Network".

"Transport: The Way Ahead a response from the Cyclists [sic] Public Affairs Group", undated c. 1996.

D[epartment] O[f] T[ransport] Urban and Local Transport Research 1995/6: photocopy.

Press notices and cuttings, copy [?press] reports on cycling, cycling questionnaire; House of Commons' oral answers on Green Transport Week, June 1996; copies of letters written to members of parliament, 1996, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/3/1-10 Series of folders of correspondence in the 1990s-2002, and two York Rally pennants, 1956-1957 1956-1957, 1991-2002

Ten folders

Folders of correspondence arranged by subject.

MSS.328/C/3/3/1 Untitled: director Alan Harlow's file 1992

One folder

Folder of Harlow's correspondence untitled, for October - 1 December 1992.

MSS.328/C/3/3/2 "Butlin's Cycling Festival" "Butlin's National Cycling Festival" 1993-1995

One folder

Folder entitled as above, containing papers, 1993-1995. The first festival was in 1994, the second in 1995.

MSS.328/C/3/3/3 "Crowood Press/Les Woodland" 1994-1995

One folder

Folder of correspondence of Alan Harlow, director, and galley proofs of Les Woodland's book, written in association with the Cyclists' Touring Club, entitled The CTC book of cycle touring (1995), 1994-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/3/5 "Ibex '94" 1993-1994

One folder

Papers relating to the International Bicycle Exhibition, 1993-1994.

MSS.328/C/3/3/6 "Internet" 1995-1996

One folder

Folder containing Cyclists' Touring Club entries on the World Wide Web, 1996 and undated, with correspondence, etc., 1995-1996.

MSS.328/C/3/3/7 "National Bike Week 1993/94/95" 1992-1995

One folder

Correspondence and papers for National Bike Week, 1992-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/3/8 "Tour de France Event" 1993

One folder

Correspondence of the Director, Alan Harlow,1993.

MSS.328/C/3/3/9 "York Rally" 1992

One folder

Papers, 1992.

See also MSS.328/C/3/5/21 and MSS.328/C/10/1/34-36.

MSS.328/C/3/3/10 The New Director; deposits of badges, etc. 1997-2002, undated

Three letters

Letter from the Acting Director to all staff and employees announcing the appointment of the new director, 1997.

Two letters from members of the public sending an old map and YHA badge, 2002, and two pennants from the York Rally, 1956 and 1957, which formerly belonged to Harry Beardshall, the correspondent's father, now dead, undated.

MSS.328/C/3/4/1-63 Correspondence and Subject Files 1868-2004

Ten boxes

Seven bundles of correspondence, notes and papers of Stanley J. A. Cotterell (1857-1939), founder of the Bicycle Touring Club in 1878, 1868-1977, including details of the founding of the Club, early printed Club forms, and album containing printed cycling literature, press cuttings, etc., 1876-1896.

Lists of archives and books, 1984; lists of hotels under contract, 1903-1930; of repairers under contract, 1900-1937, of certificates of appointment of cafes, c. 1930s-1950s; lists of danger and caution boards erected, 1893-1914; touring route sheets and information, late 1930s-1995; railways (three box files), 1979-1989; rights and planning department (five files), 1981-1993; press releases to 1998, leaflets, and later deposits of subject files, 1966-2004.

MSS.328/C/3/4/1 Bicycle Touring Club and S. J. A. Cotterell 1878-1913

One bundle

Bicycle Touring Club: a few papers about its foundation and objects, including memorandum of record of business proceedings: its foundation at Harrogate, 5 August 1878, with T. H. Holding in the chair; printed objects of the Club, c.1878; notes in Cotterell's hand about the Club, 1913, note that T. H. Holding was probably the originator of the idea of a touring club, undated. Two letters from Holding to Cotterell, 1878, and another in 1899 asking why Cotterell did not attend the 21st anniversary dinner of the Club. Cotterell was initially secretary of the Club.

Coloured manuscript address to SAJ Cotterell, president, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 30 December 1879, asking him to accept a secretaire and chair in appreciation of his work in establishing the Bicycle Touring Club from T. H. Holding, Vice-President, C. B. Wilson, Vice-President, S. H. Ineson, treasurer, W. D. Welford, secretary, and E. H. Lacey CC [?Consul in Chief], with four carte de visite photographs of SAJC, THH, SHI and WDW. Formerly framed.

MSS.328/C/3/4/2 Bicycle Touring Club and S. J. A. Cotterell 1878-1913

One bundle

Envelope containing used examples of the Club's printed forms, many of them relating to agreements with hotels for special rates for members, correspondence to Cotterell, 1878-1913, some relating to the Vice-Presidency, 1879, and notes about the Club in Cotterell's hand.

MSS.328/C/3/4/3 S. J. Cotterell's album 1876-1896

One volume

Album belonging to "Stanley J. A. Cotterell Founder Bicycle (Now Cyclists) Touring Club", containing printed cycling literature, press and magazine cuttings, many not for the Bicycle Touring Club, relating to cycling events, programmes, hotels, and uniform; it includes list of clubs and a list of the Bicycle Touring Club hotels, 1878-1879, list of consuls of the Bicycle Touring Club, 1878, printer's bill sent to Cotterell for circulars, etc., 1878, a few manuscript letters, and the index to Bicycling News , vol. 1, 1876.

MSS.328/C/3/4/4 Cotterell papers 1868-1977

One large envelope

Contents of an envelope entitled "Cotterell Papers", which have been kept in the divisions in which they were found:

Cotterell's notebook or memoranda book, entitled "Cotterell Oct. 1877. The Touring Club", about the founding of the Club, October 1877-c. 1883.

Cotterell's notes about the founding of the Club, press-cuttings about the Club, 1896-1898. The C.T.C. The story of its origin told by its founder, Stanley J. A. Cotterell, Honorary Secretary, 1878-79; President, 1879-80; Foreign Chief Consul General, 1880-81 . Birmingham, 1899. With three letters from E. R. Shipton to Cotterell and T. H. Holding, 1899, two postcards to Cotterell, undated and 1907, and notes of Cotterell, undated. Copy of The C.T.C. Dictionary of Dates, 1876-1913. Not bound.

Memo as to purchase of an annuity for the late secretary, E. R. Shipton, [1908]. Press-cuttings, 1899-1938 (including photographs of Cotterell in 1938). Printed literature of the Bicycle Touring Club and other clubs, including four handbooks and printed forms of the BTC, Cotterell's member's ticket for 1880/81, manuscript cash account of the BTC for February 1879. Pages 3-14 of a booklet (without covers) entitled The Blunders of the C.T.C. , which is dated 1883 in pencil.

Group of papers from an envelope addressed to W. Oakley and postmarked 1971: resolution of the Cyclists' Touring Club at the annual general meeting, March 1907, and press and magazine cuttings about the subsequent case and investigation, 1907-1908. Letters to Cotterell, 1906-1908. Other cuttings, 1896-1909.

Letter to Cotterell from Charles B. Wilson, 1881. Notes by Cotterell; manuscript account of the Scottish Bicycle Meet, 1879.

Bundle of correspondence to and from Cotterell and the secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1878-1908, with press-cuttings, etc., and letter from Stanley Cotterell as a boy at Heathfield Road, to his father, 1868. These papers are probably those sent in in 1977 by Mr Smith of Earlswood, Solihull, who found them whilst decorating offices in Birmingham. They include E. R. Shipton's membership ticket for 1879/80.

Second group of letters which include correspondence with Mr Smith as to the loan of Cotterell letters, 1977. The letters were received by Cotterell in 1878-1879.

Envelope entitled "Early Letters", containing correspondence to and from Cotterell, 1878-1882, 1899; mostly 1880.

Bicycle Touring Club: Hotel certificate, not used, c. 1879/80; form of hotel agreement, c. 1879. Cyclists' Touring Club: prospectus, undated, c. 1883; rules & regulations, undated. Advisory letter from W. B. Tanner in London to Cotterell, 28 June 1880.

MSS.328/C/3/4/5 "Assorted Corres. to Cotterell" 1879-1914, undated, 1938

One bundle

Correspondence to Cotterell, with many notes and drafts by him, and a few papers, 1879-1914, undated. Typescript notes by T. H. Holding claiming that he first floated the idea of a touring club in Bicycling News in 1876. A letter to A. W. Rumney, from Holding, 13 February 1899, further explains how Cotterell came to be involved and his early career as a medical student. Letter from Cotterell's land lady with her thanks and her concerns about his health in March 1938.

MSS.328/C/3/4/6 "Cotterell Corres" 1878-1939

One bundle

Correspondence, notes and papers of Cotterell, including some material of the Bicycle Touring Club and a letter from Cotterell to Holding, 16 August 1899, claiming that the letters of both Holding and Hillier had influenced him in the foundation of the Club, though he acknowledges that Holding first thought of the idea of a tourist or touring club.

MSS.328/C/3/4/7 Correspondence to Cotterell 1878-1879

One bundle

Bundle of correspondence to Cotterell, kept in the order in which the letters were found, October 1878-April 1879.

MSS.328/C/3/4/8 "Archives Listings incl. Auction of some items" 1973-1987

One folder

Very brief list of contents by box of the Cyclists' Touring Club archives, September 1984.

Catalogue of the surplus stock from the archives of the Cyclists' Touring Club (publications), October 1984.

Schedule of surplus books at Cotterell House, undated, c.1984. List of "Surplus Archive Material" with reserve price against each, [1985].

Schedule of non cycling books of no direct interest, c. 1980.

Inventory of historic items [artefacts] belonging to the Cyclists' Touring Club and kept at Cotterell House, exclusive of pictures and books, 3 January 1973.

Catalogue of auction sale of cycling books, prints, accessories and other items of cycling interest on behalf of H. G. Scott, and the Cyclists' Touring Club, 27 September 1985. With details of purchaser and price paid.

Report of the first meeting of the Museum and Library Committee of the Cyclists' Touring Club set up to investigate the establishment of a museum and library, 1973.

Correspondence about the suggestion that archives of the Cyclists' Touring Club and other sports' bodies be deposited at University of Liverpool, 1982-1983, and report of a meeting at Liverpool University to discuss this, 1983.

Correspondence about the loan of cycling material to the proposed museum at 20 Church St, Newent, 1986.

List of cycling books and periodicals available from the collection of Mr W. Frankum of Pinner, Middlesex, to the Club, and list of cycling periodicals, dinner menus, photograph album, 1921, and personal notebook from the collection of R. D. Cheveley, 1885-1901, also apparently in the possession of Mr Frankum, with letter from Pat Strauss to C.T.C. headquarters, 1985.

Letter from N. G. Clayton to the librarian at the C.T.C. headquarters, 10 December 1986, about the provenance of a history of the Club by James Lightwood, and other books. With reponses, 1986-1987.

To this folder have been added two schedules of books at Cotterell House described as "Touring" and "Miscellaneous and Historical", c. 1984.

MSS.328/C/3/4/9 List of hotels under contract: county Longford 1903-1930

One volume

Volume listing details of hotels and their charges, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/4/10 Cyclists' Touring Club Certificates of Appointment of Stores, Cafes, etc. [c. 1930s, c. 1948-1950s]

Nine certificates

The certificates give the name and address of the appointee, but are undated, except for a reference to the reigning monarch. All except the first were issued when Reg. C. Shaw was secretary [c. 1948-1956]

MSS.328/C/3/4/11 Danger and Caution Boards 1893-1914

Bound volumes and three items

Bound volumes listing danger and caution boards erected on hills to warn cyclists, giving date of erection, name of hill or what place etc., as follows:

Dorsetshire, 1893-1912.

Oxfordshire, 1897-1910.

Salop, 1894-1910.

Somerset, stamped 22 Jan 1905 on front, but for 1896-1906.

Somerset, 1894-1914.

Flintshire, 1896-1906.

Three items: Two applications for danger or caution boards at Bampton, Devon, 1898, passed 1899, with note of their despatch, sent to E. R. Shipton, secretary, 1898.

MSS.328/C/3/4/12/1-10 "C.T.C. List of Repairers under Contract in the County of ...": all relate to Ireland and Scotland 1900-1937

Ten volumes

Each volume give the place, name and address of repairer, date of contract, etc.

Carlow, 1900-1919.

Cork, 1900-1935.

Dublin, 1900-1935.

Kilkenny, 1900-1934.

Meath, 1900-1919.

Monaghan, 1900-1936.

Wexford, 1900-1934.

Wicklow, 1901-1935.

Roxburghshire, 1900-1935.

Stirlingshire, 1900-1937.

MSS.328/C/3/4/13 Touring route sheets: England [?late 1930s]

One folder

Series of routes for England, left in sections under A roads, A1-A6, as found. Series of routes for specified parts of the country. Series of M routes, numbered M1 -29. Short tour of London.

See also MSS.328/C/3/4/14 and 15. Duplicates weeded.

MSS.328/C/3/4/14 Touring route sheets: Ireland and Scotland [?late 1930s]

One folder

Series of routes for Scotland, Ireland and the Scottish ferries, as above, kept in original order.

See also MSS.328/C/3/4/13 and 15. Duplicates weeded.

MSS.328/C/3/4/15 "C.T.C. Set of Continental Touring Routes" [?late 1930s]

One parcel

C.T.C. Set of Continental touring routes: large parcel covering tours in many European countries from Austria to Yugoslavia, and as far as Istanbul.

See also MSS.328/C/3/4/13 and 14.

MSS.328/C/3/4/16 Touring route sheets [?c. 1950s]

One file

Series of touring route sheets, some using the stationery of assistant secretaries, E. T. Bannister and William F. Stiles, and also of Reg C. Shaw and Leslie Warner [secretaries c.1948-1960s]: they are arranged in eleven sections between wrappers, and numbered from 1-222, 270. There is manuscript and typescript. There are a few missing sheets.

MSS.328/C/3/4/17 Small format touring sheets [?late 1930s]

One folder

Very incomplete. They are for England, including the M6 and M12 routes, and two routes for Scotland.

Typescript booklets containing routes in France, Italy and Switzerland, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/4/18 Touring at home and abroad 1977-1995

One folder

Folder containing series of typescript tips from the Cyclists' Touring Club, some from members when travelling in specific countries abroad, 1977, 1981-1985.

To this has been added the Club's list of cycling holiday companies in the United Kingdom and Eire, 1994, and a few papers about the the European Bike Express, 1994-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/4/19 Touring routes abroad 1988-1989

Four booklets

Four booklets relating to Cyclists' Touring Club tours in India, August 1988, New Zealand, December 1988, Colorado, July 1989, and Venezuela, December 1989.

MSS.328/C/3/4/21 "Handbook Correspondence Jan 1966"-September 1966 1966

One lever arch file

Correspondence and papers left in the order found in the file.

MSS.328/C/3/4/22 "Move to Godalming" 1899-1928, 1965-1974

One file

The move to the new Cyclists' Touring Club headquarters at Godalming took place in September 1966. The new address was C.T.C. Headquarters, "Cotterell House", 69 Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey. File of correspondence, 1965-1966, and papers, including notes for the staff.

Booklet: The C.T.C. The story of its origin, told by its founder, Stanley J. A. Cotterell, Honorary Secretary, 1878-79; President, 1879-80; Foreign Chief Consul General, 1880-1881., published in Birmingham, 1899.

Two letters, 1974, when F. J. Wilcox of Stanwell, Middlesex, wrote to Mr S. Campion of Southport, Lancs., sending him two programmes for lecture recitals by "Kuklos", that is Mr Fitzwater Wray, in 1926 and 1928, which contain a photograph of Kuklos.

MSS.328/C/3/4/23 G. H. Stancer Memorial Committee 1967-1979

One box file

Correspondence and papers, including material on the G.H.S. Memorial centenary ride in 1978. George Herbert Stancer, OBE, was born in Pocklington, Yorkshire, 17 April 1878. He was secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club from 1920-1945; he was also its President for 14 years. He died 28 October 1962. He was acknowledged as one of the greatest cycling administrators of all time.

The G. H. Stancer Memorial Fund was established in 1963 "to further the advancement of cycling, particularly among young people", and has provided assistance with a number of promotional activities, such a cycling adventure week and the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme. In 1965 a fine silver salver was presented by the Memorial Committee to the Cyclists' Touring Club to be awarded annually to the winner of the C.T.C. annual best-all-rounder competition for time trialists.

MSS.328/C/3/4/23A G. H. Stancer Memorial Committee 1966-1973

One box file

Correspondence and papers, including programmes, results, and photographs of the trophy relating to the "Schoolboys National 10 Mile Time Trial Championship".

G. H. Stancer Memorial Committee essay competition: correspondence, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/4/25 Ivy Thorp, President of the Cyclists' Touring Club 1981

One file

Correspondence and press cuttings respecting the disagreement between the president and Malcolm Green.

MSS.328/C/3/4/26 "Railways Box 42"," British Rail 7-13" 1979-1989

One box file: now two folders

Three ring bound booklets being part of a "Study of Disused Railways in England and Wales. Potential cycle routes.", 1982, numbered 3, 6 and 17. A fourth booket entitled the "Havant to Hayling Path 7 Cycle Route Project", 1985.

Survey of interchange facilities at BR stations, September 1986.

British Railways Board Corporate plan, 1985.

British Rail cycles ban: Cyclists' Touring Club statement issued to the Press Association, January 1979.

Correspondence 1979-1988, mostly 1987-1989, with separate sections on "Unaccompanied cycles, 1984", "Restrictions on cyclists, 1987","Settle Carlisle Railway, 1988", "Press cuttings, 1985-1988".

MSS.328/C/3/4/27 "Railways Box 43","B R 1 & 2" 1979-1989

One box file: now two folders

Minutes of the British Rail Cycling Liaison Group, 6 December 1979-30 November 1989.

Correspondence in two sections, "BR 2 Inter City", 1983-1989; and other correspondence, some with the Department of Transport, 1984-1989.

Press and magazine articles and reports, 1980-1988.

MSS.328/C/3/4/28 "Railways Box 44" "Letters from the Public B. R." "British Rail and cycles on trains correspondence 1980's" 1986-1989

One box file: now three folders

Correspondence of the Cyclists' Touring Club with the public, kept in order as found, that is in very rough alphabetical order, 1986-1989, mostly 1988.

MSS.328/C/3/4/29 Rights and Planning Department, "1992-1993 Sussex Staffs" 1990-1992

One file

Letter from Leek, Staffs, to the local Member of Parliament, April 1990, about the Orange Line, a copy of which was sent to the Cyclists' Touring Club, and further correspondence of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1991-1992, some of which relates to Suffolk.

A5 trunk road: two Department of Transport orders (two booklets), 1991.

Staffordshire: Inspector's report on public local inquiries at Fradley Arms Hotel, 25 September 1990, on four sections of the A38 trunk road. Typescript.

A38 trunk road: two orders from the Department of Transport, 1991 (two booklets).

A50 Nottingham-Derby-Stoke-on-Trent trunk road: Department of Transport orders, etc., 1992 (four booklets).

MSS.328/C/3/4/30 Rights and Planning Department, "1992-1993 Sussex Staffs" 1988-1993

One folder

Correspondence respecting transport at Horsham, East Grinstead, the Brighton bypass, Crossbush bypass, the A27 and other traffic measures, etc, 1988-1992, but very little for 1988-1989.

Brochure about the public consultation on Bexhill and Hastings western bypass link roads, 1991.

Horsham District Cycling Strategy: report for the Leisure Services Committee, April 1993 (typescript).

Transport in West Sussex "Shaping the Way Ahead": report of a conference at Bognor Regis, 10 July 1992.

MSS.328/C/3/4/31 "Surrey Rights and Planning Papers Godalming Relief Road Farnham Route" 1981-1992

One file of three

File entitled "Godalming Relief Road", containing correspondence between Waverley Borough Council Planning and Development manager, Surrey County Engineer and the West Surrey Cycle Planning Group and a brochure entitled "Godalming Town Centre Enhancement Objectives", June 1990.

MSS.328/C/3/4/32 "Surrey Rights and Planning Papers Godalming Relief Road Farnham Route" 1989-1991

One file of three

File entitled "A Cycle Route for Farnham", containing correspondence, statements, and minutes of the West Surrey Cycle Planning Group, 1989-1991.

MSS.328/C/3/4/33 "Surrey Rights and Planning Papers Godalming Relief Road Farnham Route" 1985-1992

One file of three

Correspondence and papers found loose, 1990-1992. Includes one letter about roads in Richmond Park, 1988, and five letters about cycle detection at traffic signals, 1985, also "Godalming Town Centre No Relief for Cyclists", by C. Juden for the West Surrey Cycle Planning Group, April 1990.

MSS.328/C/3/4/34 "C.T.C. Book of Cycle Touring Les Woodland" 1994

One file

Unbound copy on scrap paper of the above volume, written by Les Woodland for the Club.

Details of a Cyclists' Touring Club Tour Leaders' Meeting in Osmotherley, 1994.

MSS.328/C/3/4/35 "Help to save our country lanes" 1995-1996

One folder

Draft policy statement by the Cyclists' Touring Club on country lanes, with correspondence of the director, Alan Harlow, 1995-1996, and the Club's leaflet, undated, but about this time.

MSS.328/C/3/4/37 Cycle Library, Museums, and miscellaneous items 1940-1994

Eight items

Letter about the establishment of the British Cycle Pioneers Library, undated, attached to a letter about the 1983 London to Brighton Veteran Cycle Rally from the same source.

The Pedal Cycle Museum at the Montagu Motor Museum, 1957: details about the opening of this section of the museum.

Broadwater Model Transport Collection of bicycle miniatures for sale, at Tunbridge Wells. Typescript, 1970.

Bygone Bykes "Yorkshire" Club: list of cycles in possession of the Club, 1971.

Opening of the Cyclists' Touring Club new offices at 3, Craven Hill, Paddington, London, W. 2, 17 June 1927: invitation card addressed to J. T. Lightwood Esq.

The C.T.C. Silver Plaque instituted in 1925, awarded for cycle improvement: note of winners from 1926-1938.

Letter from the Grandex Cycle Co. of St Albans, Herts., manufacturers of the grandex tubular tricycle (the tri-kon) and carrier bicycle specialists, to Messrs Harris & Gillow, on their terms of delivery, 10 January 1940, with magazine advertisement of the new war service tri-kon, undated.

Souvenir postcard showing early cycles sent by W. Adler of the Coventry Veteran Cycle Club, Wyken, to the editor of Cycle Touring, on the centenary of cycle manufacture in Coventry, 1969.

Postcard returned to the Cyclists' Touring Club, September 1994, the writer having benefitted from a Silver Jubilee offer from British Rail.

MSS.328/C/3/4/38 American literature and letters 1920-1984, ?1993

One folder

League of American Wheelmen, founded in America in 1880: Official bulletin and scrap book of the League of American Wheelmen, March 1920. Chapter about the League, from Cycling Handbook, published by the L.A.W., 1947. The League's newsletter, May 1955. Article about the founder of the first League, 1967. Short typescript about the League which had been revived in 1965, having died in 1940. Copy of the Scientific American , March 1973, containing an article entitled Bicycle Technology, by S. S. Wilson. A few letters of the editor of Cycletouring, 1973 and 1984, with extract from the centennial issue of American Wheelmen, which gives details of the origin of the Cyclists' Touring Club emblem.

To this has been added: a tea-towel featuring a calendar for 1883 and the front page of Harper' Weekly for May 5, 1883, with a picture of two lady cyclists, ?1993.

MSS.328/C/3/4/39 "A bicycle bibliography" 1987

One file

Typescript of "A bicycle bibliography" by Dave Sharpe, with Derek Roberts' comments.

MSS.328/C/3/4/40 Cycling in Jersey 1948

One file

Printed details for visiting motorists to the island of Jersey, 1948, attached to a typescript about the rules of the road and referring to the annual cycle tax apparently payable by visitors, 1948.

MSS.328/C/3/4/41 World's first plastic bicycle 1981, undated

One file

Press release on the world's first plastic bicycle from Gothenburg, Sweden, known as the Itera. The components were from Sturmey-Archer. Photographs and illustration of components.

MSS.328/C/3/4/42 Meriden: Wayfarer Memorial Seat 1996-1998

One file

Correspondence and papers relating to the appeal for money for the restoration of the Wayfarer Memorial Seat.

MSS.328/C/3/4/44 RRA Records, Standing at September 1988 September 1988

One item

One sheet listing in columns the mileage or area covered, with against it the [?winner] of those riding on a bicycle, tricycle, tandem bicycle, and tandem tricycle

MSS.328/C/3/4/45 Papers about the Thames Valley Cycle Path 1985-1996

Eight sections

File of the secretary of the CTC Steering Committee containing correspondence and papers divided into sections by subject, etc., 1986-1989.

The Thames Path: Proposed long distance route from the Thames Barrier to the Source, Kemble: consultation report by the Countryside Commission, published July 1987. (1 vol.). Printed summary of proposals published by the Countryside Commission, July 1987, with Thames Water's comments, 1987, and approval of the junior Environment Minister for the Commission to implement the proposals, 1989.

Envelope entitled "TVCR Maps", 1985-1987

Envelope entitled "Windsor-Putney", but containing details and plans of the route from Walton to Putney, June 1987.

Sustrans: correspondence, minutes, and plans, 1994-1995, Sustrans leaflet publicising the heart of London 44 mile cycle route, c.1990; four booklets published by Sustrans, on sections of the cycle route, 1990-1996. Found loose.

Envelope entitled "Thames Cycle Path (misc papers)", which includes maps and leaflets.

Correspondence, minutes and plans (found loose) apparently belonging to Mrs Pat Strauss, secretary to the Cyclists' Touring Club Steering Committee, including a typescript "Report to London Cycling Forum, London Plaaning Advisory Committee, 29 June 1987", by the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1987-1991

Government Office for London: Director of Planning: draft consultation document entitled Strategic Planning Guidance for the River Thames, published June 1996

MSS.328/C/3/4/46 CTC Planning, Policy and Procedures c. 1999-March 2004

One folder

Binder entitled "Vision 2000", a consultation document, being a strategic plan for the CTC, 2001-2006. Typescript.

"CTC Policy Handbook", March 2004. Typescript.

CTC Complaints Procedure. Guidelines for volunteers and staff officers, c.1999.

MSS.328/C/3/4/48 CTC Information 1985-1999

One folder

Cycle-Camping information, 1985. Typescript.

"Facility Needs of Sports Cycling", c. 1996. Typescript

CTC Occasional Paper No. 4: "Risk reduction for vulnerable road users". Typescript, 1996. Based on the Cyclists'

Briefing entitled "Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)" and cycling on pavements. Recent developments and facts, August 1999. Typescript.

CTC Leisure Cycling Index, 1999. Typescript.

List of CTC information leaflets about taking cycles on public transport, 1999.

Press release[?] entitled "CTC Launches Cycle Route Grading System", 1999.

Details of the CTC Byways Network, 1999.

MSS.328/C/3/4/49 Cycle Insurance 1990s-c.2000

Three items

"Cycle Insurance Enquiries": details of answer to such an enquiry. Typescript.

Leaflet about the CTC cycling personal accident scheme, c. 2000, and application form for the CTC Freewheeler Insurance Scheme, 1999.

MSS.328/C/3/4/50 Cycle Touring & Campaigning 1999

One item

Notes for non-professional contributors to the magazine. Typescript.

MSS.328/C/3/4/51 "Consultancy Plan. Cycling Solutions (CTC Consultancy est[ablished] 1993/4. Establishment. Work on cycling targets for local authorities. Work on Bicycle Master Plan." 1994-1996

One folder

Correspondence on the Bicycle Masterplan project, 1994, cycle targets for CTC Cycling Solutions, 1995-1996. Cycling Solutions is the professional planning and policy service of the CTC. Finance and Management Committee papers, including the CTC Consultancy and deployment of grant aid, 1994.

MSS.328/C/3/4/52 "CTC & Bicycle Association correspondence & papers" 9 April 1982-May 1992

One folder

Includes papers of the Bicycle Public Affairs Committee and report of a special meeting on the proposed restructuring of the Bicycle Association, 24 July 1986.

MSS.328/C/3/4/54 Choice in Personal Safety: CIPS: cycle helmets 1990-1991

One item

This file of correspondence, newsletters of CIPS, press cuttings, etc., mostly in connection with cycle helmets is "a selection enclosed for CTC to keep", sent by a lady in Surrey.

MSS.328/C/3/4/55 "Country Lanes CTC "Save Our Country Lanes" Campaign" 1992-1996

One folder

Correspondence, committee and other papers, press cuttings and releases.

"Cyclists' Touring Club Ramblers Association and Countryside Commission: The Severance of Routes used by Cyclists, Equestrains and Ramblers. Project Proposal by the Metropolitan Transport Research Unit. March 1992". Typescript.

MSS.328/C/3/4/56 "Cyclists' Countryside & Environment Network (CCEN) 1991" 1988-1997

One folder

CTC Leisure and Countryside Committee: terms of reference of CCEN, 1991, workshop on aims and structure of CCEN, 1990, workshop on what cyclists want, 1991; printed paper and press cuttings, 1988-1997; CCEN conference papers, 1991-1992; CCEN Newsletters, April and October 1991;

MSS.328/C/3/4/57 "London Underground East London Line Extension Order 1994" 1994 and undated

One folder

Two letters from the Open Spaces Society, one enclosing its objections to the draft Order, and plans, elevations and sections.

MSS.328/C/3/4/58 "Malvern Hills Bill 1992-3" 1992-1993

One folder

Correspondence and papers from the Open Spaces Society, with printed copy of bill, Session 1992-93.

MSS.328/C/3/4/59 "CTC & New National Forest, Midlands 1992" 1989-1992

One folder

A little correspondence, 1991-1992, and Countryside Commission consultation document on the new national forest, 1989.

MSS.328/C/3/4/60 "Veteran Cycle Club - 1991" 1982-1991

One folder

Envelope containing correspondence with the CTC and papers, some about the CTC collection of veteran cycles, 1982-1991; News and Views of the Veteran-Cycle Club, founded in 1955 as the Southern Veteran Cycle Club, no. 209 for February/March 1989; Southern Veteran-Cycle Club: souvenir programme of the Canterbury Pilgrimage, 1884-1984.

MSS.328/C/3/4/61 "CTC Several papers, minutes, reports" 1982-1996

One folder

Folder of correspondence, minutes, papers, etc., as described above, on many different subjects of cycling interest, including those of the Road Environment Working Party, 1994, Joint LAA [Local Authority ...?] Cycling Working Party, the London Road Alert Safety Advisory Committee, 1989-1990, the Cycle Coordination Group, 1990, the British Rail Cycle Liaison Group, 1992, CTC literature, 1996, Lanes fit for cycling campaign, 1992, remit of the Joint Parliamentary Group (CCN, CTC, LCC [London Cycling Campaign]), 1991, National Bike Week, 1986, the Keep Sunday Special Campaign, 1995, the British Motorcyclists Federation, 1992 and various conference papers.

MSS.328/C/3/4/62 CTC and the Scottish Tourist Board 1990

One ring backed binder

"Tourism Potential of Cycling and Cycle Routes in Scotland. Main Report to the Scottish Tourist Board by Cobham Resource Consultants in association with the Cyclists' Touring Club Sustrans Ltd TMS Advertising and Marketing". Typescript.

MSS.328/C/3/4/63 "Not CTC - but of historical interest?" 1987-1996, undated

One folder

Folder containing correspondence, typescript papers, circulars and printed leaflets from the Bicycle Association, 1991, Friends of the Earth (including "Pro-Bike A cycling policy for the 1990's [sic]"), the London Cycling Campaign, 1990-1992 and undated, Cambridge Friends of the Earth, 1991, and Cycle Wise, an information service for the Local Authorities from the Bicycle Association, April 1994, no. 1, May 1994, not numbered, June 1994-Summer 1995, numbers 2-6, Spring 1996, number 8, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/1-64 Cyclists' Touring Club Events 1928-2005

Eleven boxes

Files relating to Club events, the chief amongst them being the Centenary celebrations in 1978, the Birthday Rides, 1970-2002, and the annual National Bike Week event from 1987-1998.

MSS.328/C/3/5/1/1-2 Festival of Cycling Pageant 1951

Two items

Printed programme of events held at Dunlop Sports Field, Erdington, Birmingham, 23-24 June 1951.

Typescript copy of synopsis and script of the pageant entitled "One Hundred Years of Cycling".

MSS.328/C/3/5/2 Minutes of the Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary Week Committee 1977-1978

One file

Minutes of a preliminary meeting at Harrogate in September 1977, and minutes, January-February 1978, with associated correspondence and list of those attending a meeting on 10 March 1978 on General Programme Discussion.

See also MSS.328/C/3/5/3 below.

MSS.328/C/3/5/3 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978 1973-1979

One file

Large bundle of correspondence etc., and promotional literature found in disorder and now arranged by section as follows:

General correspondence, 1973-1979.

List of Club members living in the Harrogate district, note of assistance required from them, etc., 1977-1978.

Minutes of the Centenary Week Committee, January 1978 and 10-11 March 1978, with correspondence and other papers attached. Added: Notes from the Committee, 24 February 1978. See also MSS.328/C/3/5/2.

Papers relating to Ray Barnes, publicity consultant, 1977.

Publicity material.

Commemorative postage stamps: large bundle of correspondence with the Post Office and others, 1973-1979.

To this has been added: typescript "Notes for the Mayor of Harrogate", on the origins of the Club, and manuscript notes referring to long rides accomplished by ladies in 1877.

MSS.328/C/3/5/7 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: miscellaneous administrative papers 1978, undated

One file

Papers found loose: Centenary week booking form, list of participants, registrations, programme, tickets, news bulletin and other items.

MSS.328/C/3/5/8 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: printed publicity material and memorabilia [c. 1977-1978]

One file

Material placed together relating to silver filigree and other badges, poster, logo, the postage stamp, coaster, centenary ride map, printed illustrations of early cycles, photograph of the Bicycle Touring Club's first monthly circular, signed by Stanley J. A. Cotterell, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/9 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: "Centenary Stamp Competition" [c. 1978]

One envelope

Envelope containing many original responses to the request for a design for a postage stamp, samples of souvenir cover and first day covers.

MSS.328/C/3/5/10 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978 1978, undated

A few items

Two black and white photographs of the cycle centenary stamps, first day covers, press and broadcast notice, 21 June 1978, and typescript notice from the Post Office Features & Information Bureau, undated. Copy of Philatelic Bulletin, volume 15, number 11, July 1978, featuring the Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary Week stamps.

MSS.328/C/3/5/11 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: centenary dinner in London 1977-1978

One bundle and other papers

Centenary dinner at the Europa Hotel, London, 21 January 1978: menu, ticket, seating order, bundle of letters entitled "Guests to receive special awards"; carbons of letters sent to members still owing money for the dinner.

Large bundle of letters of thanks and congratulations from members and others, including a message from the Queen, with signed menu card, and speech by Les Warner, the secretary. Included are Warner's letters of thanks for gifts from cycling groups abroad, and letters from those unable to be present. The Prince of Wales had not been able to be there. Copy of the publicity release about the dinner sent to various magazines, November 1977.

MSS.328/C/3/5/12 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: centenary dinner in Devon 1978

One envelope

Envelope entitled "1978 Prize Presentation Dinner. Devon", containing ticket, programme, press cuttings, table list and photographs

MSS.328/C/3/5/14 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: centenary ride 1978

One item

Route of the centenary ride by bicycle in the British Isles, 1978, starting from Godalming and ending in Windsor.

MSS.328/C/3/5/15 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978 1978

One folder

Centenary year Birthday Rides, Harrogate, 3-10 August 1978: route and papers. Photograph of Yorkshire Birthday Riders enjoying a cuppa at Lofthouse.

MSS.328/C/3/5/16 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: Relay Ride 1978

One folder

File in plastic envelope entitled "Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary Year Relay Ride May 27th 1978-June 1st 1978", containing lists of those taking part in each relay.

MSS.328/C/3/5/17 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: flower beds and well dressings 1978

One envelope

Envelope entitled "Centenary flower beds and Well-Dressings", containing photographs of these from all over the country, also press cutting and other accompanying correspondence.

MSS.328/C/3/5/18 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: printed books and booklets 1977-1978

One bundle

Winged Wheel. The history of the first hundred years of the Cyclists' Touring Club, by William Oakley. Published by the Cyclists' Touring Club, Godalming, Surrey, 1977.

Centenary diary of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1978.

Hundredth birthday issue of Cycletouring, magazine of the Cyclists' Touring Club, August 1978.

Souvenir brochure of the Cyclists' Touring Club centenary week and the rally of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, 3-10 August 1978.

A centenary route by bicycle in the British Isles by the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1978: detailed itinerary.

Cyclists' Touring Club centenary year relay ride 27 May to 1 June 1978. This was a continuous ride, day and night of over 1300 miles through the British Isles. This booklet records the signatures of those taking part in the different sections.

York Cycle Rally, 1 and 2 July 1978: brochure.

MSS.328/C/3/5/19 Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: photographs 1978, undated

Nearly 100 photographs and five slides

Photographs of memorabilia, events and people, some found loose, others grouped together.

Five transparencies, including the CTC sign on Derbyshire well dressings, D. Shepherd starting off on the relay ride from Godalming, etc., 1978.

MSS.328/C/3/5/19A Cyclists' Touring Club Centenary 1978: photographs and press cuttings 1978

One envelope

Envelope entitled Centenary Press Cuttings etc (1978), containing press cuttings, and also printed items, correspondence and photographs, some of which were being kept for a scarpbook.

MSS.328/C/3/5/20 Cyclists' Touring Club: Home Counties Rally 1958

Four items

Application form to become a friend of the rally, undated; report of rally of 7/8 June 1958; minutes of a meeting, 31 August 1958; form to join rally, September 1958.

MSS.328/C/3/5/21 Cyclists' Touring Club: York Rally 1945-1998

One folder, two bundles and two cine films

Correspondence, etc., 1945-1946, 1966-1977.

Reports of the York rally, 1965-1977.

Programme of International Cycling Rally at York, 1948.

Programmes, 1951-1988, 1991-1996.

Leaflets about the rally and its programme, 1954-1966.

York Minster service sheet for the cyclists' service on the occasion of the York Rally, 1966, 1972, 1974, 1981-1982, and 1995.

York Rally Golden Jubilee celebrations: papers, 1994.

Four posters, one for an international rally, 1971, 1974, 1995, and undated, and four car stickers, 1971, undated and [?1987].

Folder for prospective exhibitors at the York Rally Cycle Show, 1988.

Folder for the York Rally, 1998.

York Rally, 1964: two copies of a cine film.

York Rally, 1994: programme for fiftieth celebration dinner (Including CTC National Dinner and Prize Presentation).

See also MSS.328/C/1/12/1-3, MSS.328/C/3/3/9 and MSS.328/C/10/1/34-36.

MSS.328/C/3/5/21A Cyclists' Touring Club: York Rally 1954-1987

One small twinlock file

Volume listing names, ages, home towns, club or section and Club membership number of those taking part in a rally, most probably this one. The first York rally took place in 1945, and this volume records that it was the 43rd rally in 1987.

See also MSS.328/C/1/12/1-3, MSS.328/C/3/3/9 and MSS.328/C/10/1/34-36.

MSS.328/C/3/5/23 Cyclists' Touring Club Birthday Rides 1977-2002

One box

1A. Papers for rides in 1977, itinerary, 1988, handbook (unbound A4 typescript) for organisers, 1995.

Material added in 2006:

1. Handbook for Organisers (typescript), 1995. Guidelines on Campsite Planning, 1988. List of locations of the rides, 1970-1995, and of those to come, 1996-1999. Invicta 2000 Birthday Rides planner.

2. Leicester, 1984: routes.

3. Ryedale, North Yorkshire, 1988: details of rides and routes and one letter.

4. Monmouth, 1989: routes.

5. Northampton, 1990: routes.

6. Hereford, 1991: accounts, routes, report and a few papers.

7. Ayr, 1992: routes, including Kirkpatrick Macmillan 150 km audax route on 2 August.

8. Thame, 1993: routes.

9. Hurworth, Teesside, 1994: routes and photographs.

10. Ryedale, North Yorkshire, 1995: minutes of the tenth committee meeting, souvenir booklet and routes.

11. Lancaster, 1996: minutes of the Birthday Rides Committee, correspondence, accounts, list of participants, details of rides, social events and routes.

12. Leicestershire and Rutland, 1997: minutes and papers of the Birthday Rides Committee, correspondence, administrative papers and routes.

13. Beverley, 1998: routes, places of interest, a few papers and a few accounts.

14. Nantwich, Cheshire, 1999: handbook and programme.

15. Invicta 2000 West Kent and East Kent CTC: programme.

16. Malvern, 2001: information handbook

17. Milton Keynes, 2002: routes.

These papers have been heavily weeded of duplicates, registration/application forms, accommodation details and appreciative letters.

MSS.328/C/3/5/24 Cyclists' Touring Club: Kirkpatrick Macmillan Memorial Rides 1988-1990

One folder

Report of 1988 memorial ride in South Scotland. Macmillan was the inventor of the pedal cycle.

Letter and press notice about the second ride 8-9 July 1989, October 1988.

To this has been added a KM 150 Special Souvenir Handbook, prepared with the support of the Dumfries and Galloway Regional Health Education Board and welcome pack for those attending the celebrations, 1990.

To this has been added in 2006 a pack relating to the International Festival at Drumlanrig Castle near Dumfries to the celebrate the 150th anniversary of the invention of the pedal bicycle by Kirkpatrick Macmillan four and a half miles away at the Courthill smithy, c. 1840. Minutes of a committee meeting concerning this, 13 January 1990.

MSS.328/C/3/5/25 Cyclists' Touring Club: Veterans' Rides 1928-1986

One folder

Record of ride in 1928, and itinerary of the Diamond Jubilee ride in 1938

Triennial Veterans' Rides, papers, 1980; unused certificate, 1986.

The 19th Triennial Veterans' Ride, 19 June 1983, papers.

MSS.328/C/3/5/26 Bicycle Show ]?1981]

One item

Press release about the history of the bicycle for the Bicycle Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, ?1981.

MSS.328/C/3/5/27 "Velo City Conference" 1984

One item

Copies of talks from the workshops stream B on shared use of facilities, the first one being about the shared use of cycleways and footpaths in Peterborough.

MSS.328/C/3/5/30 National Bike Week 1993-1995

One file

File containing two envelopes entitled

"Hovis", containing Hovis advertising literature, 1993.

"Walker Williams", containing correspondence, minutes and papers, 1994-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/5/31 National Bike Week 1994 1993-1997

One file

File containing three envelopes entitled

"HNBW 94+93 useful - progress points for 1995!", containing papers about the preparations, budget, and operational plan for the 1994 Week.

"Sportsmatched Hovis National Bike Week", containing accounts, report, correspondence and papers about the 1994 sponsorship, 1993-1994.

"Westminster": University of Westminster, Transport Studies Group: papers, including those about National Bike Week, 1997.

MSS.328/C/3/5/32 "National Bike Week 1994-5" 1993-1996

One file

File containing envelopes entitled "Press", "Artwork Quote/Visual", "Print" and "WWL", with a little about National Bike Week 1996.

MSS.328/C/3/5/33 "National Bike Week 1994-5" 1993-1995

One file

File containing two sections headed "Accounts '94" and "1995 Proposal" and other papers concerning sponsors, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/34 "National Bike Week 1994-5" 1994-1995

One file

File mostly about sponsorship for the 1994-1995 National Bike Weeks.

MSS.328/C/3/5/35 National Bike Week, 1994-1995 1994-1995

One file

File containing three envelopes entitled

"Admin[istration]", containing minutes, report and correspondence, 1994.

"Insurance 1994"(2), containing papers for 1994-1995.

MSS.328/C/3/5/36 National Bike Week 1995-1998

One file

File containing literature for National Bike Weeks 1995-1998, with Cyclists' Touring Club Policy and Planning Department discussion paper on National Bike Week, 1997.

MSS.328/C/3/5/37 "National Bike Week Records 1994-95" 1994-1995

One file

File mostly for 1995, containing folders entitled

"HNBW '95 Contract + Invoices", which contains correspondence, costings, sponsorship agreement, Sportsmatch award application form for 1995 and National Bike Week 1994 accounts.

"NBW Events Ministers/Parliament", which includes correspondence with Steve Norris, Minister for Local Transport and Road Safety, who launched a report by the Cyclists' Touring Club which outlined a seven point plan to quadruple cycle use in the U. K.

"Office/Output", containing minutes, reports, correspondence, details of "New Zero Emission Vehicle - The Brox", 1995; and literature for Hovis National Bike Week 1995.

MSS.328/C/3/5/38 National Bike Week 1995 1994-1995

One file

File containing two folders entitled

"Celebrities" and "Copy Requests".

One cassette tape entitled "National Bike Week".

MSS.328/C/3/5/39 National Bike Week 1995 1995

One file

File entitled "Media Results" containing records relating to the House of Commons launch of Hovis National Bike Week, June 1995: magazine and press cuttings, Department of Transport press notice by Steve Norris, Minister for Local Transport and Road Safety, June 1995, and other literature, 1995, with some House of Commons papers. The week's events included a group of 24 members of parliament and peers led by Norris riding to work and a bicycle breakfast hosted by Steve Norris, for Department of Transport and Department of the Environment staff who cycled to work on 14 June 1995.

MSS.328/C/3/5/40 National Bike Week 1995 1995

One file

Folder entitled HNBW Overview & Planning, containing agenda 22 February 1995, notes on strategy project plan, draft timetable, etc.

From this file a folder of minutes of the Cyclists' Public Affairs Group has been extracted. See MSS.328/C/3/2/18.

MSS.328/C/3/5/41 National Bike Week 1995 1994-1995

One file

File entitled "HNBW 95+. Budgeting", includes final accounts for the project and invoices, Steering Group costings, computer print-outs of accounts entitled "CTC Group Management Report ", 9 March 1995, and of ledger enquiries, 1994- 1995.

MSS.328/C/3/5/42 National Bike Week 1995 1995

One file

Folder entitled "Lucky Winners", containing correspondence, bicycle literature and miscellaneous file entitled "Competitions '95".

"Horsham Friends of the Earth's Hovis NBW Event, June 17th 1995", by Cherrie Mansfield: typescript in ringback folder relating to an event called "On yer Bike".

MSS.328/C/3/5/43 National Bike Week 1995-1996 1992-1996

One file

File containing papers relating to National Bike Week mostly for 1996, but also for 1995, with some material dating back to 1992 at least.

MSS.328/C/3/5/44 National Bike Week 1996 1993-1996

One file

File containing folders entitled "Nationals", "Rate Cards", "NBW Events" (2), and "Things Peter Started".

MSS.328/C/3/5/45 National Bike Week 1996 1995-1996

One file

File containing literature, correspondence, notes, press cuttings, etc., including a ring binder entitled "National Bike Week 1996. Derby City Council events".

MSS.328/C/3/5/46 National Bike Week 1996 1995-1996

One file

Folders entitled "June 1996 National Bike Week", "Bike Week Materials" and "Sponsorship/Contracts".

MSS.328/C/3/5/47 National Bike Week 1996 1995-1996

One file

File containing envelopes entitled "NBW 1996 Media" (2), "Press Pack", "MP's Ride 1996", "MPs Ayes"and "MPs No".

MSS.328/C/3/5/48 National Bike Week 1997 1996-1997

One file

File containing minutes, correspondence, literature, press cuttings and press releases, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/49 National Bike Week 1997 1997

One file

File containing literature and press cuttings.

MSS.328/C/3/5/50 National Bike Week 1997 1997

One file

File containing minutes, correspondence, literature and press cuttings.

MSS.328/C/3/5/51 National Bike Week 1997 1997

One file

File containing folders entitled "Sun Pat", "Media Info" and "NBW Accounts 97", and loose literature, faxes, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/52 National Bike Week 1997 1997

One file

File containing correspondence, literature, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/53 National Bike Week 1997 1997

One file

File containing two envelopes both entitled "1997 Feedback".

MSS.328/C/3/5/54 National Bike Week 1995, undated

One pack

Folder entitled "Local groups development pack", containing some literature for 1995, and six booklets, four with the Hovis National Bike Week emblem, entitled "Campaign tactics [sic] & Strategies", "Resources", "Local Authorities", "Local Cycling Groups", "Promoting Cycling"and "Facts & Quotes".

MSS.328/C/3/5/55 "Bike '89" 1989

One folder

Folder containing literature relating to this event including a calendar of events.

To this has been added the Bike '89 Charter [a roll with red ribbon and seal attached], to commemorate the Great Hyde Ride and containing a pledge from the Government minister for cycling, a member of the Department of Transport, actresses and many members of the Cyclists' Touring Club and other cycling bodies, 18 April 1989, to promote cycling as a healthy and enjoyable activity , etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/56 National Bike to Work Day 1998

One folder

Folder containing returns from participants, etc.

MSS.328/C/3/5/57 Cyclists' Touring Club: Touring Explorers' Award [c.1980]

One folder

The award was gained on completion of visiting specified places in a county, an area, a region or nationally.

Typescript sheets with details of award questionnaires, arranged by areas within regions.

MSS.328/3/5/58 Foundation for sport and the arts [sic] 22 December 1993

One item

Enlarged copy of a cheque from the Foundation to the Cyclists' Touring Club of 45,000 pounds.

MSS.328/3/5/59 Century Challenge and Century Rides 1995-1996

One folder

Individuals' check cards for the Century Challenge series, 1995 and the Chelmsford Century Rides [?1996]. Leaflets from Chelmsford, Chesterfield, and Canterbury, 1996.

MSS.328/3/5/60 Lands End to John O' Groats cycle routes 1991, 1996

One folder

Cycling routes from Lands End to John O' Groats for rides in these years.

MSS.328/3/5/61 Tour de France et Angleterre 1994

One folder

Maps and printed material; draft certificate for CTC members completing the randonnee along the route of the Hampshire stage of the Tour on 6 July 1994.

MSS.328/3/5/62 Welsh Festival of Cycling 2005

One folder

File of papers sent out by the CTC Cymru Festival Committee and printed leaflet.

MSS.328/C/3/6/1-14 District Association files and papers 1931-1990

Twelve files, eleven booklets and one typescript

District Association regulations, 1967, returns of officials, annual reports and papers, 1981-1990; runs lists, 1931-1957, etc. East Kent District Association: file of correspondence and papers, 1965-1983.

MSS.328/C/3/6/1 District Association papers 1967

Five typescript sheets

"Regulations for the formation and management of District Associations".

MSS.328/C/3/6/2 District Association returns of local officials 1981

One envelope

Ten typescript lists numbered A-K, listing local officials by area.

MSS.328/C/3/6/8 "D. A. Details year 1981" 1981-1982

One envelope

Returns from the District Associations of "Details the Year Ended 30th September 1981": these included annual reports.

MSS.328/C/3/6/10 District Associations: "D. A. Reports 1983 AGM's" 1983

One envelope

Annual reports, etc. Includes programme for Veterans' Triennial 100 Mile Ride in Lincolnshire, 1983, report and poster for a Lincoln Cyclists' weekend, 1983.

MSS.328/C/3/6/12 District Associations' runs lists 1931-1957

Eleven booklets

Printed runs lists for 1931-1935, 1946-July 1951 and 1954-1957.

MSS.328/C/3/6/13 "DA Recruitment Compet[it]ion Results 1981" 1981

One envelope

Returns from District Associations of questionnaire and the West London District Association 44th annual report, 28 November 1981.

MSS.328/C/3/6/14 East Kent District Association 1965-1983

One file

File of correspondence and papers of the Association, with enclosures, mostly of correspondence from Roger Burchett, District Association secretary to the Cyclists' Touring Club secretary.

MSS.328/C/3/7/1-5 Files of other bodies of interest to the Cyclists' Touring Club 1944-1994

Five files

Files relating to the Central Council for Physical Recreation, c. 1977-1994, the Cycling Council of Great Britain, 1967-1980, Department of Transport press notices,1982-1988, and the Economic Research Department 's wartime survey of bicycles, 1944.

MSS.328/C/3/7/1 Central Council for Physical Recreation [c. 1977]-1992

One file

File containing minutes and associated papers and reports, conference papers etc., some from other organisations, ?c.1977-1984, 1991-1992.

MSS.328/C/3/7/2 Central Council for Physical Recreation 1979-1994

One file

File containing minutes and reports of meetings, literature and correspondence, press cuttings, including some of the Ordnance Survey Committee of the Central Council, and others of related sports and countryside bodies, 1979-1994.

MSS.328/C/3/7/4 Department of Transport 1982-1988

One bundle

Bundle of Department of Transport press notices found together relating to cycling, 1982-1988, and two letters from the Department to Chris Meeks, Cyclists' Touring Club editor, respecting a cycling safety campaign, 1984, and a conference on ways to safer cycling, 1985.

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MSS.328/C/4 Cyclists' Touring Club Publications 1878-2006/7

Sixty boxes

Papers respecting the objects, rules and officers of the Bicycle Touring Club, 1879-1882. Cyclists' Touring Club: Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1934-1982, and rules for District Associations, 1909-1924; officials' papers, policy statements, sample stationery, papers about membership, insurance, travel, uniforms and badges, and danger and caution boards, 1878-1998.

Volumes, published by the Club, which form part of the Cyclists' Touring Club library and have been given Library of Congress GV classmarks. The full catalogue may be found on the University of Warwick Library Catalogue at http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk/ or, for the complete Cyclists' Touring Club catalogue, which has 458 entries, click on Subject, then Cyclists' Touring Club.

The journals, guides and handbooks have been given MSS.328/C/4/ letter references only and also appear in the University of Warwick Library Catalogue at http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk/

Booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, reports, guidelines and information sheets, etc., about cycling law, lights on vehicles, road safety, the amenities of the road, cycle planning and policy, cycles, traffic and roads, etc., also cycling diaries, posters, calendars, road maps and the CTC shop catalogues.

Papers relating to the award of the Bidlake Memorial Prize, c. 1972, the Club's celebrations of the Golden and Diamond Jubilees in 1928 and 1938, and 75th anniversary in 1953, programmes, menus and tickets for dinners and lectures, c. 1880-1968, and papers respecting Bicycle Meets, the British Cycle Tourist Competition, races, rallies and rides, 1879-c. 2003.

District Association records not forming a part of the Library Catalogue, are listed in alphabetical order of Association, with their archive reference numbers. These include Cyclists' Touring Club District Association journals which have been merged with others from the National Cycle Archive and are placed on the Library shelves. Their University of Warwick Library reference is given. The dates covered are 1895-2005.

MSS.328/C/4/1/1-21 Cyclists' Touring Club Publications respecting the Constitution and Administration 1878-1998

One box

Papers respecting the objects, rules and officers of the Bicycle Touring Club, 1879-1882. Cyclists' Touring Club: Memorandum and Articles of Association, c.1887-1982, and rules for District Associations, 1909-1924; officials' papers, policy statements, sample stationery, papers about membership, insurance, travel, uniforms and badges, and danger and caution boards, 1878-1998.

MSS.328/C/4/1/1 Constitution and Administration 1879-1882, undated

Five items

Bicycle Touring Club, founded 5 August 1878:

Objects "(Subject to Alteration by the First Meeting)".

Prospectus, undated.

Rules published as a supplement to the Bicycle Touring Club Monthly Gazette, January 1882.

Rules and list of officers, 1881-1882.

Instructions to Chief Consuls, signed by Stanley J. A. Cotterell, Hon. Secretary, Edinburgh, February 1879.

MSS.328/C/4/1/2 Cyclists' Touring Club: Memorandum and Articles of Association c.1887-1982

One folder and one bundle

Cyclists' Touring Club, founded 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, incorporated 1887: Memorandum and Articles of Association, 1934; copy, incorporating alterations and amendments up to January 1960; another, similar, up to August 1965. Series of booklets held together with string containing printed copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association c. 1887, 1946-1949, 1951, 1954-1957, 1959 and 1960. Two further copies of the same incorporating changes 1961 and 1968.

Articles of Association typescript, nine pages, undated, ?c. 1960.

Articles of Association: typescript, five pages: determinations in General Meeting as to members, undated, ?1960s.

Orders in Council: typescript, undated, ?1960s. Letter found with this and the above typescripts from the Secretary to members of council, 26 February 1963, about dateand time changes to Orders in Council and Standing Orders for General Meetings.

Articles of Association: typescript deemed to be valid until replaced by an up-to-date version, 26 November 1982.

MSS.328/C/4/1/3 Cyclists' Touring Club: Rules for the District Associations 1909-1921

Three items

Regulations for the formation and model rules for the working of District Associations, to take effect from 11 September 1909, 12 May 1912 and 5 February 1921.

MSS.328/C/4/1/4 Cyclists' Touring Club: Birmingham & Midland District Association Rules 1924

One item

Special rules of the Association to be used in conjunction with and supplementary to the model rules for District Associations passed by the General Committee in February and March 1924.

MSS.328/C/4/1/5 Cyclists' Touring Club: the consular system 1879-1919

Two items

Instructions to Consuls, endorsed with instructions to members, dated Edinburgh, March 1879.

Consuls and their duties: extract from a report of the General Purposes Committee, adopted by the Council, 1 November 1919.

MSS.328/C/4/1/6 Cyclists' Touring Club: policy 1970s

Two items

Cyclists today a statement of policy by the CTC - the cyclists' association. Two editions, with very similar information and illustrations.

MSS.328/C/4/1/7 Cyclists' Touring Club: Councillors' Guide 1981-1982

Unbound typescript

Handbook for use by Councillors, including memorandum of association, July 1982, and articles of association, July 1981 and April 1982, constitution, orders in council, standing orders, membership classes, rights and obligations, terms of reference for Committees, etc. Also typescript sheets to bring up to date the District Association Guide.

MSS.328/C/4/1/8 Cyclists' Touring Club: stationery patterns, 1907 c.1899-c. 1930s

One volume

Large album numbered 1, into which have been pasted samples of the Club's stationery, copies of the front pages of the Gazette, club certificates, official signs, etc., from c. 1899-1910, but mostly for 1907.

Enclosed: Club poster of the 1930s (four copies), and letter from Lord Stamfordham at Buckingham Palace, 2 June 1923, thanking the Secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club for the Council's loyal message and good wishes. The King as patron also sent congratulations to the Club members who had by relays of its members transmitted messages over a wide area.

MSS.328/C/4/1/9 Cyclists' Touring Club: "Stationery No. 2 (1930)'s" 1930s

One volume

Album containing samples of Club stationery, as MSS.328/C/4/1/8.

MSS.328/C/4/1/10 Cyclists' Touring Club: stationery c. 1880-1933, 1998

Small bundle, three items and an envelope

Nomination forms for officials, early 20th century-1978, correspondence to prospective or established officials, c. 1880-1920s, voting paper in connection with General Meeting resolutions, 1968.

Envelope endorsed "Bicycle Touring Club", c.1880, sample expenses' form of councillors, early 20th century, letter heading of secretary, 1933.

Envelope containing "Sample mailing on corporate membership list dated 12 May 1998".

MSS.328/C/4/1/11 Cyclists' Touring Club: membership forms 1878-c.1950s

One bundle

Bicycle Touring Club: two membership application forms, dated August 1878 and Edinburgh, 1879.

Cyclists' Touring Club: prospectuses, abridged prospectuses and membership application forms, c. 1883-1920s, including those for cycling clubs, members of affiliated clubs and life members, subscription forms, 1884-1920s, and correspondence to members and past members, 1880s-1936.

Five good wishes cards, two with membership certificates enclosed, one dated 1926, one in the time of Reg G. Shaw's secretaryship, c.1950s.

MSS.328/C/4/1/12 Cyclists' Touring Club: membership literature 1912-1945

One volume

Scrapbook containing Club advertising in Cycling, on the benefits of membership.

MSS.328/C/4/1/13 Cyclists' Touring Club: membership insurance early 20th cent.-1930s

Four items

Cyclists' Touring Club: insurance scheme: two policy forms, one signed by G. H. Stancer, 1923.

Leaflet entitled How the Cyclists' Touring Club defends its Cycling and Motor-Cycling Members, early 20th century.

Coupon policy form for cyclists from the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Coroporation Limited, 1930s.

MSS.328/C/4/1/14 Cyclists' Touring Club: travel papers c. 1930

One item

A sample of pocket soap with Cyclists' Touring Club sign.

MSS.328/C/4/1/15 Cyclists' Touring Club: travel papers 1879-1954

Small bundle

Bicycle Touring Club: revised prospectus re hotels, 1 May 1879, with form of agreement on dorse. Two hotel certificates, c. 1879.

Memorandum of agreement with hotels to allow Club members the same terms as those granted to commercial travellers, 1910s .

Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook and Farmhouse Lists: correspondence etc. in connection with inclusion therein, c. 1905-1954.

Letter from the Club to a Steamship Co., as to the entry of its particulars in the 1908 British and Irish Handbook and Guide.

Three letters about official signs sent to establishments under appointment to the Club, c. 1910-1920s. Certificate of official appointment, c. 1950.

Letter about provision of a site for cycle campers, c. 1920.

MSS.328/C/4/1/16 Cyclists' Touring Club: travel abroad c. 1880-1947

Small bundle

Bicycle Touring Club and Cyclists' Touring Club: forms in connection with travel abroad, c. 1880-1947, and official notice from The C.T.C. Gazette, August 1913, entitled "Special Continental and other Touring Facilities".

MSS.328/C/4/1/17 Cyclists' Touring Club uniform and badges 1880s

Three items

Bicycle Touring Club: member's order form for badges, etc., 1880s, and response postcard from the uniform and badge department, c. 1880.

Illustrations of the Cyclists' Touring Club uniform from the supplement to the C.T.C. Monthly Gazette,1 February 1884.

Tailor's contract with the secretary of the Club to supply the uniform and club requisites as laid down in the schedule at the prices quoted, 31 October 1889.

Order forms for badges, pins, club stationery, etc., to be sent to the Secretary, 1880s.

MSS.328/C/4/1/18 Cyclists' Touring Club Danger or Caution Boards c. 1900

Two items

Application forms for erecting danger or caution boards, one with small manuscript addition.

MSS.328/C/4/1/19 Cyclists' Touring Club Gazette c. 1900-1930s

Small bundle

Order forms for advertisements in the C.T.C. Gazette, and one letter promoting such advertising.

MSS.328/C/4/1/20 Cyclists' Touring Club publications 1899, 1953-1982

Small bundle

Order forms for Cyclists' Touring Club publications, including The Story of the Foundation of the C.T.C., 1899, but mostly for Cycle Touring.

MSS.328/C/4/1/21 Cyclists' Touring Club special appeal 1963

One item

Leaflet appealing for funds in response to falling membership and rising costs.

MSS.328/C/4/GV Publications by the Cyclists' Touring Club in the University of Warwick Library Catalogue 1893-1980

Thirty seven volumes, forty one booklets and one item

Volumes, published by the Club, which form part of the Cyclists' Touring Club library and have been given Library of Congress GV classmarks. The full catalogue may be found on the University of Warwick Library Catalogue at http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk/ or for the complete Cyclists' Touring Club catalogue, click on Subject, then Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 G71-G75,G77-79, S2. Cyclists' Touring Club. British Road Book 1893-1931

Twenty one volumes

Volume I, 2nd-6th editions, 1893-1904 (seven volumes).

Volume II, 1st-3rd editions, 1897-1906 (four volumes).

Volume III, 2nd and 3rd editions, 1897-1899 (two volumes).

Volume IV, 2nd edition, 1901 (one volume).

Companion to volume I, 1st edition, 1898.

New series, volumes I-VI, 1911-1913, 1931(six volumes).

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 F7, G3, E86 and E88 Cyclists' Touring Club. Continental Road Book 1895-1901

Seven volumes

France, Parts I and II, 2nd and 3rd editions, 1895-1900. The third edition of Part I includes Corsica, Algeria and Tunis (four volumes).

Germany, 2nd edition, 1898.

North and Central Europe, 3rd edition, 1901.

South and Central Europe, 3rd edition, 1901.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 G712, G714, G723, G728, G738, G747, G752, G759, G763-G765, G789, G795, S25, W26, W28. Cyclists' Touring Club Route Books 1931?-1938?

Thirty booklets

The C.T.C. Route Book: fourteen booklets, nos. 1-9 and 11, 1st and 2nd, and in one instance, 3rd editions, 1931?-1937?.

Another series entitled CTC the route book, sixteen booklets numbered as before, missing nos. 8, and 11 and containing two nos. 17, published when the Cyclists' Touring Club was sixty years old [1938].

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 G7 The C.T.C. Route Guide to Cycling in Britain and Ireland 1980

One volume

Book, by Christa Gausden and Nicholas Crane. Special Club edition from the Oxford Illustrated Press.

MSS.328/C/4/ GV 1047 C9 The C.T.C. at Home and Abroad 1910s-1939

Eight booklets

This series sets out the objects of the Club, its organisation, membership privileges, its badges, name plates, touring facilities, publications, etc. There were a number of editions and some change of format, the latest booklet being written just before the outbreak of the second world war.

The dates of these booklets are thought to be: 1909, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1920, 1921, 1936 and 1939.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 S9 Alpine Profile Road Book ... 1910

One volume

Alpine Profile Road Book of Switzerland and adjacent portions of the the Tyrol and the Italian Lake District ..., compiled and edited by R. H. U. Ellis, C.T.C., and published by the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1047 C9 The C.T.C. Dictionary of Dates c. 1913

One item

The C.T.C. Dictionary of Dates, c. 1913. Printed chronology of history of the Club from 1876-1913. Lacks covers and title page.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1047 C9 The Cyclists' Touring Club being the Romance of Fifty Years' Cycling 1928

One volume

book by James T. Lightwood, chief consul for Lancashire. Published at the Headquarters of the Club.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 G7 The Cyclists' Touring Club Scenic Atlas and Gazetteer c.1930

One booklet

Booklet, by Reginald Wellbye, Roadfaring Publications, London. Supplied to Cyclists' Touring Club members only.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1041 C9 Know the Game. Cycling 1952-1964

Two booklets

Know the Game. Cycling, published by Educational Productions Ltd., in collaboration with the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Road Time Trials Council, 1952, and with the Cyclists' Touring Club only, 1964.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1046 G73 The Roadfaring Guides. II Road Touring in South East England ... 1954

One volume

Book, by Reginald Wellbye, published by Phoenix House and Cyclists' Touring Club as an edition for sale to Club members only.

MSS.328/C/4/GV 1047 C9 Winged Wheel ... 1977

One volume

Volume written by William Oakley, published by the Cyclists' Touring Club, Godalming, Surrey.

MSS.328/C/4/GV The first century of the bicycle and its accessories 1996

One volume

Compiled from the archives of the Cyclists' Touring Club (1880-1980) by Lionel Joseph, assisted by Derek Roberts & Chris Juden

MSS.328/C/4/ lettered series Journals, Guides and Handbooks 1878-2006/7

Two hundred and fifty four volumes, four binders, seven booklets and forty three issues or items

The journals, guides and handbooks have been given MSS.328/C/4/ letter references only and also appear in the University of Warwick Library Catalogue at http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk/ or for the complete Cyclists' Touring Club catalogue, click on Subject, and then on Cyclists' Touring Club.

They include items deposited in 2006.

MSS.328/C/4/BIT Bicycle Touring Club: Monthly Circular and Monthly Gazette and Official Record January 1880-August 1882

One volume

Bicycle Touring Club: journal published by the Club, with note on fly leaf "No. 2 set (2nd portion) of Monthly Gazettes of the Bicycle Touring Club ending September 1882" Monthly Circular , nos. 16-24, January-September 1880.

Bicycle Touring Club: Monthly Gazette and Official Record, nos. 25-35, October 1880-August 1881; Nos 1-12 [New Series], September 1881-August 1882.

For earlier issues see next but one entry.

MSS.328/C/4/BIT Bicycle Touring Club and Cyclists' Touring Club Journal January 1881-December 1883

One volume

Bicycle Touring Club: Monthly Circular and Official Gazette, January-December 1881.

Bicycle Touring Club: Monthly Gazette and Official Record, January 1882-March 1883.

Cyclists' Touring Club Monthly Gazette and Official Record, April 1883-December 1883.

For earlier issues see above entry and next entry.

MSS.328/C/4/BIT Bicycle Touring Club Monthly Circular 1878-1882

Nine items

Photocopy of 1st Monthly Circular, October 1878, and issues of the 2nd in November 1878, a special circular, 15 March 1879, and the 6th, 8th and 9th circulars, for March, May and June 1879.

New series, nos. 3-5. Monthly Circular and Official Gazette, November and December 1881 and January 1882.

See Cycling, initially Bicycling, August 1878-July 1880, for issues of the above from January-July 1880, and that for 1879-1882, for those from August-September 1880. Library catalogue reference MSS.328/C/4/CYC.

MSS.328/C/4/CYD CTC Cycle Digest 1991-1997, 2005

Seventeen issues

The first issue is described as "A quarterly briefing of cycle planning and policy news, information and comment".

Nos. 1-15, 19 and 44 are present.

MSS.328/C/4/CYN CTC Newsletters 1988-2003

Three issues

CTC newsletters: "News about cycling. Network News", March 1988; "News about cycling", 16 January 1990; "CTC newsnet", 12 December 2003.

MSS.328/C/4/CYT Cyclists' Touring Club Gazette, Cycletouring, Cycletouring & Campaigning and Cycle 1884-1996, 1998-2004

One hundred and eighteen volumes

Cyclists' Touring Club Monthly Gazette and Official Record. Volumes III- XXXVII, 1884-1918.

Cyclists' Touring Club Monthly Gazette and Official Record. New series. Volume XXXVIII. 1919.

Cyclists' Touring Club Gazette. New Series. Volumes XXXIX-63. 1920-1944.

The C.T.C. Gazette. Journal of the Cyclists' Touring Club ... . Volumes 64-79. 1945-1960.

Cyclists' Touring Club The C.T.C. Gazette. Volumes 80-82. 1961-1963.

Cycletouring, December 1963-1988. 1967 is not bound. The annual volumes from henceforth run from December of the previous year to the following November, there being six issues per year. There are minor variations to the sub-title and the format changed in 1981 and 1984.

Cycletouring & Campaigning, December 1988/89-October/November 2003; 1997 is missing.

Cycle, December 2003/January 2004- October/November 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/CYT Cyclists' Touring Club Monthly Gazette and Official Record 1883-1902, late 20th cent.

Four items

New Series, no. 8, vol. II, for April 1883. First issue of The Gazette under the Club's new title.

Photocopies of pages 123-124 of the C.T.C. Monthly Gazette, for March 1887, containing part of an article by the editor, entitled "The Wheel and the Camera".

Page 289-290 from The C.T.C. Gazette for June 1902, headed "Correspondence" and containing letters mostly on the subject of declining membership.

"Index for Gazettes 1910-1919", compiled with the researcher in mind, undated, ?late 20th century.

MSS.328/C/4/CYT The C. T. C. Gazette 1920-1929, 1960

One volume, four binders and one issue

Volume for 1920, with advertisements

Binders containing unbound issues for 1926-1929, with outer covers and advertisements.

Unbound issue: vol. 79, no. 9, September 1960. Deposited in 2006.

MSS.328/C/4/CYTH Cycling Tours and Holidays 1987-2006/2007

Three issues

CTC Cycling Tours and Holidays, 1987.

CTC Cycling Holidays, for 2005/2006 and 2006/2007.

The later issues deposited in 2006

MSS.328/C/4/EBE European Bike Express 1995-1998, 2005

Five issues

This holiday magazine was issued in association with the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/CRG Cyclists' Touring Club Refreshment Guide 1988

One booklet

It contains information about over 2,500 eating places in Great Britain.

MSS.328/C/4/EBG Edinburgh Bicycle's guide 1990s

One booklet

What's On. Edinburgh Bicycle's guide to cycling events in Scotland, written by the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op, in association with the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Scottish Cyclists' Union.

MSS.328/C/4/HAN Cyclists' Touring Club Series of Handbooks and Guides 1879-2000

One hundred and nineteen volumes

Bicycle Touring Club: members' handbooks/handbooks and guides, October 1879, May 1880, April 1881 and April 1882. An annotated duplicate copy for April 1882 of the handbook and guide, which belonged to W. Dewdney Parsons of Frocester, Glos.

Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook and Guide, June 1883, April 1884-April 1886. Duplicate copy of that for April 1883, annotated "E Smith", containing a list of inns and mileage on a tour from London to Stratford-upon-Avon and back, Easter 1885, and two hotel bills, May 1885 and 1880s . Duplicate copy of that for 1886, containing manuscript diary (four and a bit pages).

Cyclists' Touring Club. British and Irish Handbook & Guide, April 1887-1912. Duplicated annotated copy belonging to J. Cladish, for 1898.

Cyclists' Touring Club British Handbook & Guide, 1913-1915, 1919-1920.

Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook & Guide/Handbook, 1921-1923, 1925-1939, and with various further small changes of title, 1942-1998/9. Also, two abridged copies for 1934.

Missing years: 1888, 1916-1918, 1924, 1940-1941,1984-1987, 1991, 1993.

Deposited 2006: handbook, 2000.

MSS.328/C/4/HANF Cyclists' Touring Club Foreign Handbooks and Guides 1891-1915

Nine volumes

Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook and Guide. Foreign Edition, 1891, 1898, 1899, 1902, 1904 and 1907/8.

C.T. C. Continental Handbook, 1909-10, and 1914-15 (two copies of latter).

MSS.328/C/4/2/1-23 Cyclists' Touring Club: Occasional Publications 1888-c. 2006

One box

Booklets, pamphlets, leaflets, reports, guidelines and information sheets, etc., about cycling law, lights on vehicles, road safety, the amenities of the road, cycle planning and policy, cycles, traffic and roads, etc., also cycling diaries, posters, calendars, road maps and the CTC shop catalogues.

MSS.328/C/4/2/1 Cycling Laws and Bye-Laws 1899

One booklet

Laws & Bye-Laws affecting cyclists together with tables for computing the time of sunset and sunrise in any part of Great Britain, issued gratis by the Cyclists' Touring Club, printed in Leeds.

MSS.328/C/4/2/2 [1888] Cyclists and the Local Government Bill

One leaflet

This leaflet, published at the time of the Local Government Act setting up County Councils, urges all members of the Cyclists' Touring Club to take immediate action by lobbying members of Parliament. This must have been effective, since Section 85 of the Act abolished the powers of county authorities to make by-laws to regulate the use of bicycles and included cycles amongst the machines deemed to be carriages within the meaning of the Highway Acts.

MSS.328/C/4/2/3 Rear lights on cycles 1892-1930s

Three booklets and six leaflets

The compulsory carrying of lights by all vehicles at night, Supplement to the Cyclists' Touring Club Gazette, July,1892.

Why cyclists object to compulsory rear lights: one leaflet, 1920s, and a 7th edition booklet, c. 1924.

Four leaflets numbered 2-5 in a series entitled In defence of cyclists, including one on rear warning lights, 1930s.

The Cyclists' Touring Club and the abolition of war-time regulations for lights on cycles, leaflet, c. 1918.

Letter and part of a letter from the Club secretary referring correspondents to the above publications, 1918 and 1922.

MSS.328/C/4/2/4 Literature about road safety from the Cyclists' Touring Club 1920s-1994

One small bundle

Poster advertising ten shillings reward to anyone securing the conviction of anybody depositing hedge cuttings, broken glass or other dangerous articles in the road, 1920s.

Perils of the cycle path, reprinted from The C.T.C. Gazette, July 1935.

Making the roads safe. The cyclists' point of view, 1937.

The protection of cyclists and other road users, a memorandum submitted by the Cyclists' Touring Club, c. 1935.

Road safety. A statement by the Cyclists' Touring Club, c.1935.

Memorandum on the final report of the Committee on Road Safety appointed by the Minister of Transport, by the Club, 1948.

Worse than the Luftwaffe, an appeal to politicians to provide special highways for fast traffic, c. 1948.

Cyclists' Touring Club Memorandum on cycle paths, leaflets, 1946 and 1948, and Road safety memoranda, leaflet, 1948, and a similar leaflet, c. 1950. Cycle paths - our opinion, printed sheet, June 1963.

Speed limits. The cyclist's point of view as expressed in a memorandum to the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee, 1956.

Series of leaflets entitled The bicycle is the safest vehicle on the road, issued 1957-1961.

Leaflets on the need to scrap steel plates and gully gratings in the roads, c. 1960 and 1964: Cyclist Take Care leaflets, 1964, and c. 1964, and A code of advice, c. 1968.

Drive safe Cycle safe, leaflet from the Automobile Association, the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Department of Transport, May 1994.

MSS.328/C/4/2/4A CTC[?] booklets giving advice c. 2000

Three booklets

A series of three booklets, written by Stuart Reid, with CTC logo, entitled Local Cycling Groups, Local Authorities, and Resources and giving advice.

MSS.328/C/4/2/5 Amenities of the Road November 1924

One offprint

Offprint of articles by J. Gilbert Wiblin, which appeared in the Oxford Chronicle in September and October 1924, published by the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/2/6 Cycle Planning and Cycle Policy Statements 1986; 1982-1995

One folder

Folder containing eight policy statements by the Club on Cycle Facilities, Traffic Management, Major Roads, Cycle Parking, Countryside, Structure and Local Plans, Cyclists and Pedestrians and Highway Maintenance, and a technical note on cycle parking.

Added in 2006: Policy statements: on cycle facilities, traffic management, major roads, cycle parking and countryside [earlier edition of statements in the above folder], undated, and policy statement no. 6, 1982. A4 size pamphlets: Cycle Policies in Britain: The 1993 CTC Survey. Cycling as transport. The way forward, c. 1995. Joint statement on providing for walking and cycling as transport and travel, CTC with the Pedestrians Association, 1995.

Various typescript policy statements on cycle conveyance by rail, 1992 and 1994, bicycles on coaches and buses, 1992, country lanes, undated, motorised vehicles in the countryside, 1995, and leisure developments in the countryside, 1995.

One leaflet on Cycle Planning - Your Questions Answered, ?by the CTC and others, c. 1985.

MSS.328/C/4/2/7 Positive Cycling 1988

One folder

Folder containing copy of Positive Cycling, press release connected with its launch and photograph of bicycle ridden amongst the traffic.

MSS.328/C/4/2/8 Information sheets and booklets c.1980-2001

One file

Folder containing copies of information sheets, A1, A3, A4, A6-A8, ?A10, A13-A16, A18, A19-A21, 1982-1987, and of this time; and other sheets not numbered, 1983-1989, 1993. Case studies in the form of information sheets numbered 1-13, about specific road junctions, early 1980s. Includes the following booklets Guidelines for Tour Leaders, 1987, Cycling and Tourism, c. 1990, Bus & Coach services that carry cycles 2001, light Rapid Transit & cyclists. Guidelines for Planning and Design, 1998, deposited in 2006. Cycling Factsheet, February 1994.

MSS.328/C/4/2/9 CTC Publications September 1984-April 1995

Three booklets

CTC publications: Cycling Accidents, final report of a survey of cycling and accidents by S. M. Watkins, CTC, 1984. Costing the Benefits: The value of Cycling, report for the CTC, 1993. Investing in the Cycling Revolution. A review of transport policies and programmes for 1994/1995 with regard to cycling, April 1995. Published by the Cyclists' Public Affairs Group, with the support of the CTC and others.

Deposited in 2006

MSS.328/C/4/2/10 Cyclists and Roundabouts. A Review of Literature February 1991-1993

One booklet

Issued in 1991, with second edition 1991, and with update of design innovations in 1993

The last two deposited in 2006.

MSS.328/C/4/2/14 Leisure time booklets 1980-2004

Nine items

Cycling in the British Isles, from the Cyclists' Touring Club Touring Department, c. 1980.

Cycling into Leisure. New developments and opportunities, c. 1984.

East Kent cycle meanderings around Canterbury and Herne Bay, by Derek Coochey, Cyclists' Touring Club Local Area Advisor, c. mid 1980s.

Warminster Cyclists Welcome, produced by the Sports Council, West Country Tourist Board and the CTC, 1986.

A Cotswolds Cycling Holiday, based on Stow on the Wold, organised by the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1987: details.

Cycle A-way! A concise guide to cycle routes in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, CTC, Second edition, 1996.

Cycling in Scotland and Guide to Cycling in Scotland, CTC and Scottish Tourist Board, issues for 1992 and 1993.

Peak Rides, printed sheets within cover being a selection of 24 bike rides in the Peak District, 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/2/15 Promotional Cycling Literature 1920s-1960s

One bundle

Leaflets explaining the benefits of membership issued in the hope of attracting more members. These include the series of Come Cycling, Come Cycling with the C.T.C., and There's a Welcome, etc.

MSS.328/C/4/2/16 Promotional Cycling Literature 1950s-1960s

One bundle

Two leaflets written by J. C. Kermode, Hon. Secretary of West Kent District Association, about the need to encourage young members of the Club, etc., one reprinted from a bulletin circulated to all District Association secretaries, c. 1955, and the other from the April 1954 issue of The C.T.C. Gazette.

Leaflets addressed to young cyclists as potential members of the Club, 1950s-1960s.

MSS.328/C/4/2/17 Promotional Cycling Literature 1970s-c. 2006

One bundle

These include copies of the Cyclists' Manifesto. 1984-1987, and ?1993.

Current CTC cycling leaflets, c. 2006, including the cyclists' manifesto,c. this date.

MSS.328/C/4/2/18 Cyclists' Touring Club diary 1941

One volume

The Cyclist's Diary, published jointly by Charles Letts & Co. and the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/2/19 Cyclists' Touring Club calendars 1947-1950

Three calendars

The Cyclists' Calendar. Sketches by Frank Patterson reproduced from "The C.T.C. Gazette" for 1947, published by the Cyclists' Touring Club.

The Cyclists' Calendar. Drawings and Photographs reproduced from "The C.T.C. Gazette", for 1948, published by the Cyclists' Touring Club.

The C.T.C. Calendar 1950, by the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/2/21 Cyclists' Touring Club: Cycling History. c. 1953-1987

Three items

Booklet entitled !st.[sic] Mentions and C.T.C. History, recoding first mentions of cycling and cycling accessories, historical landmarks in the Club's history, a summary of cycling law, etc. Mostly up to 1938 only, c.1953. Cyclists' Touring Club: Information sheets entitled "The Cyclists' Touring Club. A brief history", 1987. Sheet of paper entitled CTC Historical Highlights, c. 1980. The Cyclist's Diary, published jointly by Charles Letts & Co. and the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/2/22 Cycling Road Maps c.1900-1920s

Four items

Bacon's Cycling Road-Map. Cardiff Districtc. 1900, published, London, by G.W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., 127, Strand. It has an advertisement for Singer Cycles on dorse.

Bacon's Motoring and Cycling Road Map with Route Guide. South Wales, c.1920s , published, London, by G.W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., 127, Strand.

Cruchley's County Maps of England. Westmorland & Lake District for Cyclists, Tourists. etc., c.1900, published by Gall & Inglis, London and Edinburgh.

Bartholomew's New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists , c. 1920s, published by John Bartholomew & Co, Edinburgh.

MSS.328/C/4/3/1-10 Cyclists' Touring Club Events 1879-2003

Half a box

Papers relating to the award of the Bidlake Memorial Prize, c. 1972, the Club's celebrations of the Golden and Diamond Jubilees in 1928 and 1938, and 75th anniversary in 1953, programmes, menus and tickets for dinners and lectures, c. 1880-1968, and papers respecting Bicycle Meets, the British Cycle Tourist Competition, races, rallies and rides, 1879-2003.

See also MSS.328/C/3/5 for correspondence and subject files relating to events.

MSS.328/C/4/3/1 The Bidlake Memorial Prize 1972?

One item

Typescript details of previous winners, 1934-1971.

MSS.328/C/4/3/2 Golden Jubilee 1928

One file

Jubilee Banquet: ticket, seating plan, menu and programme.

Jubilee Year Lecture White Wings, by Kuklos, 13 January 1928.

Sheet of celebratory stamps, and Club address wrapper with this stamp thereon.

Golden Jubilee: message of greeting to the Prince of Wales, a life member of the CTC, on the occasion of his birthday and of the relay ride of over 2000 miles in thirteen days from 11 June 1928, by members to celebrate the Club's golden jubilee. Map of England, Wales and Southern Scotland showing the route of the race and schedule of the itinerary. Formerly framed.

MSS.328/C/4/3/3 Diamond Jubilee 1938

Three items

Three copies of the souvenir programme of the Commemorative Rally at Harrogate, 3-4 September 1938, two signed by Cotterell and others.

MSS.328/C/4/3/4 75th Anniversary Celebrations 1953

Three items

Luncheon menu at Harrogate, annotated by G. Herbert Stancer, President, and others, 25 April 1953, monthly diary of events in Harrogate in August 1953, envelope containing paper stickers advertising anniversary.

MSS.328/C/4/3/6 Dinners c. 1880-1999

Nine items

Ticket for dinner given by the Bicycle Touring Club to the B.T.C. Tourists from the United States, at Coventry, c. 1880.

Menu and programme at the Second Annual Supper under the auspices of the National Cyclists' Union and the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1884.

National Prize Presentation Dinner of the Club, at the Oval, 6 January 1968.

CTC National Dinner and Awards Presentation: six programmes, 1993, 1995-1999. The missing programme for 1994 will be found with York Rally material at MSS.328/C/3/5/52.

MSS.328/C/4/3/7 Programmes for Lectures by Neville Whall (Hodites) 1929-1935

Three items

Programmes for lectures entitled "Many Horizons", 1929, "Their Abiding Splendour", 1934, and "The White Road and the Sky", 1935.

MSS.328/C/4/3/8 Bicycle Meets, British Cycle Tourist Competition, Races and Rallies 1879-c. 1998

One folder

Prospectus of the Great Scottish Bicycle Meet, Edinburgh 1879, which was to include a meeting of members of the Bicycle Touring Club. Programme of the Fourth Annual North of England and Bicycle Touring Club Meet at Harrogate, 1880.

The Ripley Road: that is the A3 or Portsmouth Road, which between the 1870s and the 1920s was the most famous cycling road, with the Anchor Inn providing a welcome for wearied cyclists: photocopy of article about this, which includes a copy of a group of cyclists outside the Anchor Inn, early 20th century.

British Cycle Tourist Competition organised by the Cyclists' Touring Club: leaflets about the event, 1954-1968, 1970.

Rally programmes, notices and papers for the Home Counties Rally at Chigwell, Essex, 1955, 1957 and 1959, organised by the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Hertfordshire and Essex District Associations, and for the annual cyclists' rally at Matlock, 1958-1959, organised by the Sheffield, Nottinghamshire & Derby District Associations.

Prutour cycle race from Stirling to Holborn, c. 1998: leaflet and application form. This was promoted by the Cyclists' Touring Club and the British Cycling Federation and sponsored by the Prudential.

MSS.328/C/4/3/9 Alliance Internationale de Tourisme International Cycling Rally at Loughborough 1972

Four items

Plastic folder in which were found cloth and metal badges, a map of Loughborough, 1971, and A Shortened Illustrated History of the Bicycle, made available by Raleigh Industries to the Cyclists' Touring Club for free distribution to participants.

MSS.328/C/4/3/10 CTC Hardy Rides August 2003

One item

Pack of instructions and maps for leisurely rides in Dorset.

MSS.328/C/4/4/1-23 District Association Records 1895-2005

Two and a half boxes

District Association records not forming a part of the Library Catalogue, are listed in alphabetical order of Association, with their archive reference numbers.

The District Association journals belonging to the Cyclists' Touring Club have been merged physically with others in the same series from the National Cycle Archive on the Library shelves. They appear here with their Library Catalogue references.

MSS.328/C/4/4/1 Birmingham and Midland District Association 1923-1970

Three booklets and one leaflet

Notice of annual general meeting and programme afterwards, 1928.

Your England and Mine, by "Wayfarer", an address given to the Birmingham Rotary Club in connection with National Bicycle Week, 1923, and published by the Birmingham and Midland District Association, 1923.

A Booklet to commemorate fifty years of progress, 1899-1949, the jubilee year of the Association, 1949.

The Cycling Southern 50 Years. A booklet to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Southern Section of the Birmingham and Midland D. A., Cyclists' Touring Club., 1970.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/BIM/SOU Birmingham and Midland District Association: Southern and Warwickshire Section 1998-2004

Five issues

Connecting Link, bi-monthly issues 2-4, nos. 300-302, for April, June and August; no. 320 for August 2001; no. 334 for January 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/4/2 Bolton District Association 1928-1949

One leaflet and one booklet

The "Boltonian" Supplement to the C.T.C. Gazette of the Bolton District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club., No. 2, August 1928.

The Boltonian Coming of Age Souvenir Bolton District Association 1928 1949: small booklet.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/BRH Brighton & Hove CTC 2003-2004

Two issues

Brighton & Hove CTC Newsletter, quarterly issues 4 and 5, October-December 2003 and January-March 2004.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/BRI Bristol District Association 1982-2004

Nineteen issues

The Tourist, vol. 31, nos. 3 and 5 for 1982, and vol. 46, nos. 261-262, May and August 1998; vol. 47, nos. 264 and 271, January 1999 and November 2000; vol. 48, nos. 274-275, July and November 2001; vol. 49, nos. 276-279, January, April, August and November 2002; vol. 51, nos. 280-283, January, May, July and November 2003; vol. 52, nos. 284-286, February, April and August 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/4/4 South Bucks District Association 1985

One booklet

Fifty years of the Beech Leaf. A celebration of half a century of South Bucks CTC's monthly magazine.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/SOB South Bucks District Association 1998-2002

Nineteen issues

The Beech Leaf: issues for vol. 34, no. 396, May 1966; vol. 35, no. 404, January 1969; vol. 64, nos. 751-753, 755-759, January-March, May to September 1998 ; vol. 65, nos. 772-774, October-December 1999; vol. 66, nos.781-783 and 786 for July-September and December 2000; vol. 68, nos. 802 and 804 for April and June 2002.

MSS.328/C/4/4/5 Chester & North Wales District Association 1960-1989

Two booklets

Booklets entitled Coming of Age. 1939-1960 and 50th Anniversary 1939-1989

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/CHE Chester & North Wales District Association 1998-2001

Six issues

The Link, for Spring 1998, Winter 1999 (99/1 [sic]); Winter 2000 (2000/1); Winter, Summer and Autumn 2001 (2001/1,3 and 4).

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/DER Derby District Association 1983, 1991-2005

Twenty issues

Awheel, bi-monthly, for March/April 1983, September/October 1991-January/February 1992, November/December 1997, May-October 1998, March/April 1999, July-October 2000, January-April 2001, July/August 2001, November/December 2001, March-June 2003, November 2003-February 2004, May-June 2005.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/DEV Devon District Association 1998-2001

Fourteen issues

The Highwayman, January, March, May-September and December 1998 (48,3) ; November 1999 (49,2); January and May 2000 (49, 4 and 8); February 2001 (49, 5 [sic]), August 2001 (49, 11) and November 2001 (50, 2).

MSS.328/C/4/4/6 The Edgware Section CTC. 1984

One booklet

The Edgware Section CTC. The First Fifty Years. 1934-1984.

MSS.328/C/4/4/7 Essex District Association 1987

One booklet

Spotlight on Essex CTC. A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir. Title page refers to the publication as a handbook published to commemorate the Association's Diamond Jubilee at Cotterell House.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/ESS Essex District Association 1998-2004

Fourteen issues

Spotlight Bi-monthly issues for March/April-November/December 1998; July/August to September/October 2000, January/February -July/August 2001; January/February 2002; January/February and March/April 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/4/8 Hertfordshire District Association 1949

One booklet

1928-1949. A Short History of the Hertfordshire District Association Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/4/4/8A Hertfordshire District Association: Stevenage and Hitchin 2002-2004

Eight items

Lists of bike rides: Final edition, 2002; Autumn/Winter 2002/3; March 2003; October 2003-February 2004; 1st Edition 2004 and March-June 2004.

News release on Bike Week, May 2002.

Cycling Christmas card, 2003.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/HUD Huddersfield Section September 2003-September 2004

Two issues

Headset, issues nos. 10 and 11 for September 2003-April 2004 and April-September 2004.

MSS.328/C/4/4/9 West Kent District Association 1949-1974

Two booklets

Silver Jubilee 1924 1949. Handbook of the West Kent District Association Cyclists' Touring Club.

Golden Jubilee 1924-1974. Handbook of the West Kent District Association Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/WEK West Kent District Association 1955, 1974, 1998-2001

Ten issues

Winged Words, including special silver jubilee number, 1954, vol. IV, no. 1, February/March 1955, and golden jubilee number, 1974, vol. 13, no. 11, October/November 1974.

: bi-monthly , issues for February/March, June/July and August/September, 1998; December 1998/January 1999, October/November 1999, December 1999/January 2000, August/September 2000; December 2000/January 2001.

MSS.328/C/4/4/9A East Lancashire District Association 2003

One item

Burnley & Pendle Section: Runs List, October-November.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/LEI Leicestershire and Rutland District Association 1997-1999

Three issues

Cycle Chat: issues for June 1997, December 1998 and September 1999.

MSS.328/C/4/4/10 Liverpool District Association 1923-1953

Six booklets and three sheets

Handbooks for 1924, 1925 and 1927.

The 1941 Annual, the 1944 Jubilee Annual and the Annual for 1953. Coronation Number.

Annual Gathering: Programme, including annual general meeting and social programme, 1926.

Membership promotion form, 1926.

Contribution form for members to subscribe to the purchase of a presentation clock for the new headquarters at Craven Hill by Liverpool District Association, c. 1927.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/LIN Lincolnshire District Association 1997-1998

Three issues

The Link, for Winter 1997/8, Spring 1998, and Autumn 1998.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/SOW South West London District Association 1998-2003

Eight issues

The Sou'Wester News and Events, May/June and September/October 1998; March/April, September/October and November/December 2000; January/February and March/April 2001; January/February 2003.

MSS.328/C/4/4/11 Manchester District Association 1937-1947

Two booklets

Cycle Tours for 1937 by "A. M. "..., cycling correspondent of the Manchester Evening News, and incorporating the first annual handbook of the Manchester District Association.

The Cyclists' Touring Club. Grandfather Started it. The Souvenir Handbook of the Manchester District Association. Golden Jubilee 1897-1947 .

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/MA Manchester District Association 1998-2004

Fourteen issues

Northern Wheel, for Summer and Autumn, 1999; for Winter 1998/99; Winter 1999/2000; Winter 2000/01, Summer and Autumn 2001; Winter 2001/02; Winter 2002/03, Spring, Summer and Autumn 2003; Winter 2003/04, and Spring 2004.

For other copies of Northern Wheel, see NL/CTC/DA/MA in the Library Catalogue.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/MER Merseyside District Association 1999-2003

Two issues

Cyclists' Touring Club Merseyside D.A. Newsletter, for Autumn 1999 and Winter 2003.

MSS.328/C/4/4/12 Metropolitan District Association 1913

One card

Schedule card for the Grantham-And-Back Ride.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/NOM/LOI North Metropolitan District Association 1938-1951

129 issues

The Loiterer, July 1938-July 1951. Nos. 1-78, 80-130.

Formerly MSS.328/C/6/DA/NOM/LOI.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/NOR Norfolk District Association 1998-2002

Nine issues

Cyclone, for March, July, September and November 1998; November 2000 (18, 6), January, March and September 2001 (19, 1, 2, 5) and March 2002 (20, 2).

MSS.328/C/4/4/14 Northumberland and Durham District Association 1895-1994

One ringed back folder and one item

Menu for dinner at the Hotel Metropole, Newcastle, 22 January, 1895. In colour, illustrated with two pierrots.

One Hundred Years of the Northumbria DA. A History, by Derek Houghton, June 1994.

MSS.328/C/4/4/15 Nottinghamshire District Association 1947

One booklet

A Nottinghamshire Milestone being the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Cyclists' Touring Club Nottinghamshire District Association, 1897-1947.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/NOT Nottinghamshire District Association 1974-2004

Forty two issues

Cyclonda, monthly for May 1974, September 1976, April, October and December 1985, September 1988, January -April 1990, 1991 (complete), January-April, June, August and September 1992, February 1993, November 1997; April-September 1998; December 1999; and April 2000. Bi-monthly issues for December/January 2001/02, October and November 2002; February/March 2003-December-January 2003/04 and April/May 2004

For other copies of Cyclonda, see MSS.328/ML/CTC/DA/NOT.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/POR Portsmouth District Association 1998-2002

Eight issues

Quarterly newsletter and runs list, May-July, 1998; November 1998-January 1999; November 1999-January 2000. Magazine and Runs List, August to October 2000, November 2000-January 2001, February to April 2001; May to July 2001; and November 2001-January 2002.

MSS.328/C/4/4/16 Sheffield District Association 1962

Two items

Handbook, 1962, Golden Jubilee year.

Wheelmarks. Journal of the Sheffield District Association Cyclists' Touring Club. Jubilee Edition, 1912-1962.

MSS.328/C/4/4/17 Shropshire District Association 1949-1988

Two booklets

Cyclists' Touring Club Shropshire District Association. Coming of Age 1928-1949.

"Wheel Marks". The Shropshire District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club magazine "1928-1988" Diamond Jubilee. Sixtieth anniversary souvenir, April 1988.

For further copies of Wheel Marks, see NL/CTC/DA/SHR and for Shropshire and Mid Wales District Association, see NL/CTC/DA/SHM.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/SHM Shropshire & Mid Wales District Association 1993-2003

Nine issues

Wheel Marks, for October 1993, April 1994, Autumn, 1998, Autumn 1999, and Spring and Autumn 2000.

Tyre Treads, issues for February 2000, April 2002, and December 2003.

MSS.328/C/4/4/18 Suffolk District Association 1953

One booklet

Winged Wheel, quarterly magazine of the Suffolk District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club, on the occasion of the silver jubilee of the Association. Vol. IV, no. 1. Spring 1953.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/SUF Suffolk District Association 1996-2002

Eight issues

Winged Wheel, for June 1996 and September 1998; December 1999 (205), September 2000 (208), March, September and December 2001 (210, 212, 213), June 2002 (215)

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/EAS East Surrey District Association 1998-2004

Thirty issues

Newsheets for September/October, 1998; October/November 1999, December 1999/January 2000, March/April 2000; April/May 2000; August/September 2000; November/December 2000; February/March 2001-June/July 2001; September/October 2001-January/February 2003; May/June 2003; October/November 2003-May/June 2004

MSS.328/C/4/4/19 West Surrey District Association 1981

One ringed back folder

Sixty Years On 1921-1981. The CTC in West Surrey, a saga of Cyclists' Touring Club activities in West Surrey, by Donald James Field, to whose memory it was dedicated.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/WES West Surrey District Association 1998-2002

Six issues

The West Surrey Cyclist, bi-monthly issues for July-December 1998, October-December 1999, July-December 2001, October-December 2002.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/EAS East Sussex District Association 2000-2004

Seven issues

The Coaster, the magazine of the East Sussex District Association, no. 38 for Christmas 2001.

See earlier copies at MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/EA

Runslist & Newsletter, October/November 2000; February/March 2001; December 2001/January 2002; April/May 2002; June/July 2002; and April/May 2004.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/WES West Sussex District Association 1984-1987/8, 1999-2004

Twenty issues and one list

The Pedaller, for Summer 1984-Winter 1987/8; Autumn 1999 (65), Autumn 2002 (77), Spring 2003-Summer 2004 (79-83).

Rides List, April, May & June 2003.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/TEE Teesside District Association 1998-2003

Five issues

Fixed & Free, for Summer 1998, Summer 1999, Summer 2001, Summer 2002 and Summer 2003.

MSS.328/C/4/4/20 Wessex District Association 1972

Two items

Diamond Jubilee dinner, dance and national prize presentation, programme, 5 February 1972.

Transparency of the Diamond Jubilee floral display in Palmerston Park, Southampton, Summer 1972.

For copies of the newsletter, see NL/CTC/DA/WES.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/WES Wessex District Association January 1998-2002

Three issues

Wessex CTC Newsletter:

Bournemouth & District Section: Cycle Ink, issues 111 and 120, Winter 1998/1999 and Spring 2001

West Dorset Section, Newsletter No. 103 for January 1998, and newsletter for Winter 2002.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/SCOT CTC Scotland 2002

One issue

Cycletalk, No. 21, June/July 2002

MSS.328/C/4/4/20A CTC Ayrshire Section 1996

One booklet

Burns by Bike, a selection of cycle routes around Ayrshire's rich Burns heritage, published by CTC Ayrshire to commemorate the bicentenary of the death of Robert Burns, 1996.

MSS.328/C/4/4/22 Lothians District Association 1987

One handbook

For copies of Lothian Link, see NL/CTC/DA/LOT.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/SLOT Lothians District Association 1999-2002

Three issues

Cycle Forth, nos. 6, 8 and 14 for September 1999, June 2000 and June 2002.

For copies of Lothian Link, see NL/CTC/DA/LOT.

MSS.328/NL/CTC/WAL Seiclo Cymru Cycle Wales Autumn 2000

One issue

This magazine is free for CTC and Welsh Cycling Union members

MSS.328/NL/CTC/DA/DUB Dublin District Association 1998-1999

Three issues

Dublin Quarterly Journal "The Runslist", for February-April and September-December 1998, and January-March 1999.

MSS.328/C/4/4/24 Munster District Association 1948

One handbook

Handbook on the tenth anniversary of the Association.

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MSS.328/C/5 Publications of bodies other than the Cyclists' Touring Club, excluding Library books 1875-2006

Twenty eight and a half boxes

Books in the Cyclists' Touring Club Library have not been entered in this section. The University of Warwick Library catalogue is available at http://webcat.warwick.ac.uk, or for the complete Cyclists' Touring Club catalogue, click on Subject, and then on Cyclists' Touring Club.

Journals and extracts from them, 1876-2005, have been given C/5 references and are entered here and in the Library Catalogue. They appear in alphabetical order of reference letters.

Annuals, handbooks and year books, 1876-1999, have been given C/5 references and are entered here and in the Library Catalogue. They appear in alphabetical order of reference letters.

General cycling booklets, cycling policy, material on learning to cycle and care of bicycles, roads and planning, road safety, routes and guides, and publicity, 1883-2006.

Bicycle catalogues, 1882-1960s, c. 2000. Bicycle component and accessories' catalogues and leaflets, 1897-1990.

Cycling clubs: constitutions, rules, bye-laws, programmes, fixtures and other events, and histories, 1875-1995.

Material relating to races and rallies not organised by clubs, shows, exhibitions and auctions, 1887-1991.

Humorous postcards and greetings cards relating to cycling, 1870s-1934. Player's Cigarette Picture-Card Album, containing 48 cycling cards, 1939. I-Spy Priory Tea Card album and set of 50 cycling cards, c. 1960. Two cycling cartoons, 1883-1890s, six song sheets, 1890s -1952, a cycling calendar, 1967, a few cycling postage stamps from abroad, c. 1900-1937, and cycling posters, early 20th century-1933.

MSS.328/C/5/ Journals 1876-2005

c. Twelve boxes

Issues of journals and extracts from them, placed in alphabetical order of Library reference letters.

MSS.328/C/5/BENG Englebert Velo-Magazine 1956

One issue

Offprint of article entitled Constructions cyclistes etranges ..., by F. K. Mathijs, conservateur au Musee Suisse de la Gymnastique et du Sport a Bale, no. 42, March-May 1956.

MSS.328/C/5/BIC The Bicycle 1939

Four issues

A weekly newspaper for all cyclists.

MSS.328/C/5/BIC The Bicycle 22 June 1955

One sheet

Pages 17 and 18 of the issue, which contains announcement that from 6 July 1955 The Bicycle will be merged with Cycling.

MSS.328/C/5/BICT Bicycle Times February 1984

One sheet

Photocopy of page showing route of the Tour de France and article as to why the Cyclists' Touring Club does not have a service patrol.

MSS.328/C/5/BIN Bicycling News, later Bicycling News and Tricycling Gazette 1876-1890

Eight volumes and loose sheets

Volume II starting with volume I, no. 47 for 1 December 1876-December 1877.

Volume III from 15 March-27 December 1878. Cotterell's copy, dated 1922. At end, list of winners[?] and times in races, over 1-50 miles, 1878-1886 (ms.).

Volume XI Bicycling News and Tricycling Gazette, 9 October 1885-1 October 1886. Supplement entitled The Club Chronicle, for 1 January-1 October 1886.

Volume XII, 9 October 1886-2 April 1887, with Club Chronicle, October 1886.

Volume XVI-XVII, for 1889.

Volume XVIII-XIX for 1890.

Photocopy of pages from the journal, reporting on the North of England Bicycle Meet at Harrogate, 5 August 1878, the inaugural meeting of the Bicycle Touring Club, afterwards the Cyclists' Touring Club, with two accompanying letters of 1978.

See also MSS.328/N10/K/BN.

MSS.328/C/5/BIT The Bicycling Times and Touring Gazette 1877-1878

Two volumes and one issue

Volumes I-III (I-II are bound together), 24 May 1877-14 November 1878.

Single issue for 3 January 1878.

MSS.328/C/5/BOO Boots & Spurs 1996-1998

Four booklets

Official magazine of the National Clarion Cycling Club, for January, April and Autumn 1996 and Spring 1998.

MSS.328/C/5/BUT At the sign of the Butterfly 1897-1898

Four limp booklets

Vol. II, nos. 3-6, for December 1897 and January, February and March 1898.

Mowbray House Cycling Association. Editors: N. G. Bacon and Maude Gatliff.

MSS.328/C/5/COD Cyclists of the day c. 1880

Seven sheets

Short illustrated biographies of cyclists cut out from an unknown journal. The dates referred to are those of the 1870s.

Extract of pages 3-6 of an unknown book, containing short biographies with photographs of five cyclists, including that of Stanley J. A. Cotterell (which is incomplete), c.1880.

MSS.328/C/5/COL Country Life 4 July 1963

One issue

Includes article by Jean Kenward, entitled Days of the Pioneer Bicyclists; the illustrations include those of the Colchester Cycling Club in 1886, cycling by the light of Chinese lanterns in Woodford, Essex, 1889, and John B. Dunlop holding the first pneumatic tyred bicycle, c. 1918.

MSS.328/C/5/COV The Coventry Cyclist Winter 1989

One issue

Journal of Cyclic/Coventry Cycling Campaign.

MSS.328/C/5/COVY Cyclic Christmas 1989

One issue

Coventry's Cycling Campaign magazine.

MSS.328/C/5/CYA The Cyclist and Athlete 1933

One volume

Volume I, nos 1-8, 29 April-17 June 1933.

MSS.328/C/5/CYB and CYI The Cyclist and Bicycling & Tricycling Trades Review, later, The Cyclist incorporating the Motor Cyclist 1879-1903

Eight volumes

Volume I for 22 October 1879-13 October 1880.

Volumes III-IV bound together, 19 October 1881-3 October 1883. A few pages missing. At end supplements, February-July 1883 and advertisements.

Volumes V and VI bound together, 17 October 1883-7 October 1885, with supplements.

Volume VII, 14 October 1885-6 October 1886.

Volumes XXI-XXII. 1900-1901.

Volume XXIII, The Cyclist incorporating the Motor Cyclist, 1902 and [volume XXIV], January-November 1903 .

Volumes XXIII-IV are given the reference letters CYI.

See also MSS.328/N10/K/CT and MSS.328/ML/CYB.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC Cycling A Monthly Magazine of Bicycling and Tricycling August 1878-July 1879

One volume

Volume I: the first three issues are Bicycling A Monthly Provincial Magazine and Country Club Gazette, August-October 1878; from November until January 1879 the journal was called Cycling A Monthly Provincial Magazine of Bicycling and Tricycling; the word "Provincial" was dropped from February 1879.

This volume was presented to the CTC by J. Foxley Norris, 7 May 1925. It contains a series of original photographs of early cycles, entitled "Our Machine Gallery" pasted on to the pages where they were to appear.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC Cycling A Monthly Magazine of Bicycling and Tricycling August 1878-April 1882

Four volumes

Volumes I-IV: the first three issues are Bicycling A Monthly Provincial Magazine and Country Club Gazette, August-October 1878; from November until January 1879 the journal was called Cycling A Monthly Provincial Magazine of Bicycling and Tricycling, adopting the above title from February 1879- April 1882. The Bicycle Touring Club arranged for its circulars to be published with this journal from February 1880 and issues from February-September 1880 are to be found bound in these volumes.

Copies of the Christmas number of Cycling, dated January 1882, and the issue for February 1882 are bound with The Wheelman, for January-February 1883.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC Cycling 1911-1976

Two volumes and one bundle

Volume XLI, 4 January-28 June 1911.

Volume L, July-December 1915.

Unbound numbers: 27 February 1919, Special Souvenir Number to celebrate fifty years of cycling since 1869, 18 September 1919; 1 and 15 December 1933; 1948 (2); Diamond Jubilee Number, 25 January 1951 (2 copies), 1953 (5), 1954 (4), 1955-1956 (2 each year), 1976 (85th Birthday issue).

This illustrated weekly was founded in 1891 by Edmund Dangerfield.

See also MSS.328/NL/CYC and MSS.328/N10/K/C.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC Cycling 1899, 1906-1960

One bundle

Original bundle containing:

Issue for 4 March 1899, with reference to the fact that the bill to amend the Metropolitan Streets Act of 1867 does not include a clause prohibiting cyclists in London streets.

Extracts or reprints from issues for 26 December 1906, 2 October 1907, the title pages for the " Cavalcade of Cycling" series, March-October 1941, with illustrations showing the evolution of the bicycle, and article on The Coventry Rotary Tricycle, by H. W. Bartleet, 2 April 1941; and The Fallacy of Rear Lights, by G. H. Stancer, 26 July 1944; 3 August 1949, 1 February, 18 October and 22 November 1951, (the last containing an article about the relative merits of Kirkpatrick Macmillan and Pierre Michaux as inventor of the bicycle), and 9 November 1960, being an illustrated article The First 100 Years of the Bicycle, by H. H. England.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC The Cyclist 1934-1935

One volume

Volume I, nos. 1-12, April 1934-March 1935. The official organ of the Central Cycling Council of the National Athletic & Cycling Association of Ireland.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC The Cyclist 1936

One volume

Volume I, nos. 1-26 for 19 February-12 August 1936. Editor F. J. Camm. Printed in London.

MSS.328/C/5/CYM The Cycle Magazine, later The Cycle Magazine and Review of Cycling Literature 1895-1896

One volume

Volume I, parts 1-12, November 1895-October 1896. Volume II, part 1, November 1896.

MSS.328/C/5/CYW The Cycling World Illustrated 1896

One volume and one issue

Volume I, nos. 1-25, 18 March- 2 September 1896.

Volume I, no. 1, 18 March 1896, containing a photograph of Frances, Countess of Warwick.

MSS.328/C/5/DES Design and Work 1877

Two sheets

Title page from volume II, no. 17 for 31 March 1877, with illustration showing the new brake bicycle, an improvement patented by John Fournier of Melksham, Wilts., with article on the same on the dorse.

Title page from volume III, no. 7 for 21 July 1877, showing the ladies' three wheel velocipede, "the very latest thing" out by James and John Starley of Coventry, with article on the same on the dorse.

MSS.328/C/5/FALK Falkland Islands Weekly News 22 February-1 March 1945

Two issues

The issues contain an article entitled A Pioneer Cycle Journey in the Falkland Islands. Typescript.

MSS.328/C/5/FCOT Fellowship News 2000-2004

Four issues

Issues for June 2000 (142), June and September 2001 (146 and 147), and for 2004 (157).

The magazine is published by the Fellowship of Cycling Old-Timers.

MSS.328/C/5/FCYC Le Cycliste 1887-1962 September-October 1962, 1963-1964

One issue

Printed in Paris.

Enclosed: "Anthologie - Cahier 4", from Le Cycliste , November- December 1963, and "Anthologie - Cahier 5", from Le Cycliste , May- June 1964.

MSS.328/C/5/GIR The Girl's Own Paper 1899-1900

A few sheets

Extracts about cycling, including girls playing bicycle polo and other sports on cycles and cycling costumes, sent by Harold W. Speight of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the secretary in 1950 (letter and carbon of secretary 's response herewith).

MSS.328/C/5/HER Hercules Cycle Magazine c. 1935

One issue

From the Hercules Cycle & Motor Co. Ltd., Birmingham.

MSS.328/C/5/HUB The Hub 1896-1899

Six volumes and three bundles

Volumes I, IV-VIII, of which the last five are a series, from 8 August 1896-30 July 1898.

Unbound issues nos. 87-140, for 2 April 1898-April 1899, and nos. 1, 3-26 of a new larger format for 6 May -28 October 1899.

See also MSS.328/N10/K/H and MSS.328/ML/HUB.

MSS.328/C/5/IJE Institution of Junior Engineers. Record of Transactions 1896-1897

One volume

Volume VII, which includes an article by Alfred W. Marshall on Cycle Construction.

MSS.328/C/5/ILSD The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 9 February 1884-23 January 1886

Two sheets

Report of the Stanley Show of bicycles and tricycles, 1884, with five illustrations of machines.

Illustrations and comment on the Marlboro Club Tricycle just produced by the Coventry Machinists' Company, 1886.

MSS.328/C/5/IME Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Proceedings 1886

One volume

Volume for May 1886, which includes article by J. Alfred Griffiths On the Distribution of the Wheel Load in Cycles.

MSS.328/C/5/INC International Cycling Guide 1980-1985/6

Three booklets

Booklets for 1980, 1984 and 1985-6, the last of which was entitled the Cycling Guide. The editor was Nicholas Crane.

MSS.328/C/5/ING In Gear Winter 1994

One issue

Newsletter of the Bicycle Association.

MSS.328/C/5/IOW Cycling in the Isle of Wight ?1930s

One sheet

Photocopy of a page from unknown magazine, being part of an article about the Isle of Wight, in which reference is made to an afternoon at Newport in 1884, where the Cyclists' Touring Club was holding a road race.

MSS.328/C/5/IRI The Irish Cyclist 1907-1909

One volume

This journal was established in May 1885.

Volume XXIV, nos. 22-52, 29 May-25 December 1907. Includes Special Anniversary Number, 21 May 1907, with supplement containing pictures of thirty men named with their firms entitled Captains of the Cycle Industry.

Extracts from issues for 30 December 1908 and 6 January 1909.

MSS.328/C/5/JBD American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist March 1955

Pages 47-50

Offprint of article by George R. Bidwell on J. B. Dunlop's invention of the pneumatic tyre.

MSS.328/C/5/MEC Mechanics 26 February 1954

One sheet

Article from above journal: Aluminium Cycle Frames, 1893-1951.

MSS.328/C/5/MOT The Motor Cycle & Cycle Trader 1938

One booklet

This journal was founded in 1895.

Volume CLXX, no. 2255, for 8 April 1938.

See also MSS.328/N10/K/MC and MSS.328/NL/MOC.

MSS.328/C/5/NAT The National Cyclists' Union Review and Official Record 1886-1899

Two volumes

Volumes I-III, nos. 1-30, for June 1886-December 1895.

Volumes III-V, nos. 31-61 Old Series and no. 24 New Series, March 1896-December 1899.

The National Cyclists' Union was formerly the Bicycle Union.

MSS.328/C/5/PED Pedals Winter 2001

One issue

Newsletter of the Nottingham Cyclist, no. 65.

This fills a gap in MSS.328/NL/PED.

MSS.328/C/5/PUB Public Opinion 9 August 1895

One sheet

Includes article The Bicycling Era from Lippincott's Magazine (U.S.A.).

MSS.328/C/5/RAL The Raligram October 1958

One issue

Volume I, no. 11 (new series). Published by Raleigh Industries Limited, Nottingham, being "a journal covering the company's activities throughout the world, and incorporating the affairs of the Raleigh Athletic Club".

MSS.328/C/5/ROY The Royal Photographic Society Historical Group Newsletter Autumn 1984

One issue

Photocopy of No. 66, containing the article W. D. Welford Photo-Journalist, by Sam Welford FRPS, with author's covering letter.

MSS.328/C/5/SCC The Scottish Cyclist 1900-1909

One volume and one issue

Volume XIII for 1900.

21st Birthday number, 17 March 1909.

MSS.328/C/5/SCU The Scottish Umpire. A Journal devoted to Out-Door Sports. Football, Cricket, Cycling, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, & Rowing, later The Scottish Umpire and Cycling Mercury 1884-1888

Four volumes

Volumes I-II, nos. 1-52, 21 August 1884-12 August 1885. The title included And Cycling Mercury, from vol. I no. 15, and later dropped the sports listed.

Volumes III-IV, Nos. 53-104, from 19 August 1885-11 August 1886.

Volumes V-IX of the The Scottish Umpire and Cycling Mercury, 18 August 1886-30 October 1888, bound in two volumes.

MSS.328/C/5/SOL Soldier April 1968

Pages 43-48

Volume 24, no. 4. Article about military bicycles.

MSS.328/C/5/SPO Spokes Autumn 2000

One issue

Issue 25.

Spokes was formed in 1994 to campaign for better cycling facilities in East Kent.

MSS.328/C/5/STR The Strand Magazine July 1899

One issue

The issue contains an article Remarkable Cycles, by Harold J. Sheepstone.

MSS.328/C/5/TRA The Tricycle Association Gazette 2000-2005

Three issues

Issues for Summer 2000, Christmas 2001 and Summer 2005.

MSS.328/C/5/TRI The Tricyclist 1882

One issue

Volume I, no. 17 for 20 October.

MSS.328/C/5/TRJ The Tricycling Journal and Manufacturers' Advertiser, later The Tricycling Journal 1881-1886

Three volumes

Volumes II-III, the issues until 14 June 1882 (the end of vol. II) have the additional title of The Tricyclists Vade Mecum and Guide to Tricycling, December 1881-6 December 1882. Bound in one volume.

Volumes X and XI, from January-November 1886.

MSS.328/C/5/VAN Vanity Fair 11 June 1896-3 June 1897

Two supplements

Coloured illustrations of named ladies and a few gentlemen on bicycles in Hyde Park, June 1896, and the Bois de Boulogne, June 1897. With duplicate of that for 3 June 1897, mounted on board and deposited in February 2006.

MSS.328/C/5/VTTA The Veteran December 2001

One issue

Magazine of the Veterans Time Trials Association.

MSS.328/C/5/WHE The Wheeler 1894-1899

One volume and one issue

Volume V, nos. 105-130, for 18 April-10 October 1894.

Issue for 1 March 1899.

MSS.328/C/5/WHE Wheeling 1884-1889

Six volumes, one issue and supplements

Volumes I-VI, nos, 1-156, from 1 May 1884-6 April 1887.

One issue for 29 April 1885.

Supplements, being a series of drawings of cyclists of the day lithographed by H. G. Banks (one not so signed), 1 October 1884-4 February 1885. Two pages from the issues for 11 and 18 September 1889.

MSS.328/C/5/WHE The Wheelman 1882-1884

Three volumes

An American cycling magazine:

Volume I, nos 1-6, monthly issues, October 1882-March 1883.

Volume I, nos 4-5, for January-February 1883. Bound with this are: the Christmas number of Cycling, January 1882, and issue for February 1882 and The Wheel World, volume II, new series, nos. 13-16, July-October 1884.

Volume III, nos. 1-6, October 1883-March 1884.

MSS.328/C/5/WHL Wheel Life 1884-1885

One volume

Volumes I, nos. 1-26, and volume II, nos. 1-22, for 7 November 1884-2 October 1885.

This journal is said to be the Cyclists' Society Paper no. 1 weekly magazine.

MSS.328/C/5/WHO Who's Who in the Cycling World ?1910

Two sheets

One badly torn page and a folded sheet of four pages being part of a who's who of cyclists in alphabetical order, with photographs of many and details of the cycling prowess of all. These sheets refer to cyclists whose names occur from Denny to Wright.

The text suggests this was written in 1910.

MSS.328/C/5/WHW The Wheel World. A Bicycling & Tricycling Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Sport, later, The Wheel World. An Illustrated Magazine devoted to the pastime of Bicycling & Tricycling 1880-1886

Ten volumes

Volumes I-VI, from June 1880-April 1883.

Volumes I-IV, New Series, from June 1883-December 1886.

Copies of The Wheel World, volume II, new series, nos. 13-16 for July-October 1884 are bound with The Wheelman for January- February 1883.

See also MSS.328/N10/K/WW.

MSS.328/C/5/WOR Work. An Illustrated Magazine of Practice and Theory for all Workmen, Professional and Amateur 21 June-13 December 1890

Five sheets

Issues for 21 June, pages 213-216, for 1 November, pages 531-532, and for 13 December, pages 621-624, all relating to cycles and cycling.

MSS.328/C/5/ Annuals, Handbooks and Yearbooks 1876-1999

c. Twelve boxes

Annuals, handbooks and year books, 1876-1999, listed in alphabetical order of reference letters and entered in the Library Catalogue.

MSS.328/C/5/BIA Bicycle Annual , from 1881, The Bicycle Annual and Tricycle Guide 1878-1881

Three volumes

1878: third edition, in Library Catalogue. See also under The Bicycle for 1878: a Record ..., below: [MSS.328/C/5/BIA]

1879: second edition, third year of publication. Diary has been used.

1881: fifth year of publication.

MSS.328/C/5/BIA Bicycles of the Year, by 1887 Bicycles & Tricycles of the Year 1877-1889

Six volumes

Volume by Harry Hewitt Griffin, London, 1877, which was bound with many advertisements, short articles etc., on cycles. Original limp cover copy of Griffin's work and reprint of this, c. 2000.

Bicycles of the Year, 1884. Limp covers.

Bicycles & Tricycles of the Year, 1887 and 1889. Limp covers.

MSS.328/C/5/BIC The Bicycle for 1876. A Record of Bicycling for the Past Year 1876-1878

Two volumes

Volume by Alfred Howard, for 1876 and 1877.

Volume by Alfred Howard, for 1878, which is bound with The Bicycle Annual for 1878 and a bicycling burlesque, by Ixion, printed in 1877.

MSS.328/C/5/BRI Britain by Cycle 1993. A Journalist's Guide 1993

One booklet

First issue of an annual publication by the Bicycle Association.

MSS.328/C/5/CRT Cyclists' Racing Times 1878

One sheet

Page 62 from an unidentified volume incorporating a diary for 1878, which includes a list of riders with the quickest amateur times between September 1876 and September 1877, etc.

MSS.328/C/5/CWC Cycling World's Cycling Log c. 1980

Four booklets

The booklets cover East Anglia and the South East of England; the South West of England; Scotland and Ireland; and Wales; they include a guide to bed and breakfast accommodation in the area.

MSS.328/C/5/CYC, CYA and CYY The Cyclist Christmas numbers/Annuals and Year Books 1881-1898

Thirteen volumes


Volume containing 1884 Our Camp The Xmas Number of The Cyclist: this volume also includes the Christmas numbers for 1881, 1882 and 1883. That for 1883 is described as being of The Cyclist and Bicycling and Tricycling Trades' Review on the first page. This volume also contains The Tricyclist, The Sport, The Pastime, The Trade, volume I, nos. 31-36 for 26 January-2 March 1883; Bicycling News cartoons, 1886-1887, and pages 35-60 of the issue for 30 April 1887, pages 773-774 of that for 24 September 1886, advertisements from the issue for 2 April 1887 and the Emporium Supplement of 12 March 1887; also the annual report and balance sheet of the Pioneer Bicycle Club of Christchurch, New Zealand, 1886.

Volume containing Our Camp. The Cyclist Christmas Number 1884, printed in London, and The Cyclist Xmas No. 1885. The Great S---. Or a Journey through Cyclonia by the authors of Our Camp. Printed in London and Coventry.

The Cyclist Xmas No. 1886 and Year Book for 1887. Cycledom. Printed in London and Coventry.

The Cyclist Xmas No. 1887 and Year Book for 1888. Printed in London and Coventry.

Professor Gorilla's Report being the Cyclist Xmas No. for 1888 And Year Book for 1889. Printed in London and Coventry.

"Ye Ancient Cycler" being the Cyclist Christmas No. f[o]r 1890. And Year Book for 1891.. Printed in London.


Lynepropps Luck The Cyclist Annual and Year Book for 1892. Printed in London.

Cycland for 1893 The Cyclist Annual and Year Book. Printed in London.


Volumes for 1894-1898, in this series, but with a more serious style and content: "The Cyclist" Year Book for 1894, described as being the 14th volume in the series. The editor was Henry Sturmey.

MSS.328/C/5/CYM Cycling Manual and Year Book 1934

One booklet

12th edition. Compiled and illustrated by the staff of Cycling.

MSS.328/C/5/CYW The Cyclist and Wheel World Annual 1883-1885

Three volumes

The two earlier volumes contain manuscript entries.

MSS.328/C/5/ESCA ESCA 1984 Handbook 1984

One booklet

English Schools Cycling Association.

MSS.328/C/5/GAL The Gallovidian Annual 1940

One article

Reprint of "He Builded Better than He Knew." the story of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, by J. Gordon Irving.

MSS.328/C/5/KUK Kuklos Annuals 1910s-1958

Three volumes and one booklet

Volumes for 1910s (one ), 1927 (one), 1932-1936 (one), and 1958 (one booklet). Titles vary. The author was Fitzwater Wray.

MSS.328/C/5/LAW Road Book of the Michigan Division, League of American Wheelmen ... 1898

One volume

Issued by Edward H. Hines, chief consul, Detroit, Michigan, 1898 for 1898-1899.

MSS.328/C/5/NCU Cyclists' Annual 1929

One booklet

National Cyclists' Union North Yorks & South Durham Centre.

MSS.328/C/5/ROSPA The RoSPA Bicycle Owner's Handbook 1990s

One handbook

Published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents . A second copy is in the Library Catalogue at GV 1041 R6.

MSS.328/C/5/RRA Road Records Association Year Books and Handbooks 1932-1990

Eight booklets

Year books for 1932-1936, 1939; handbooks for 1977 and 1990, the last one after the Women's Road Records Association had merged with the Association, 1 January 1989.

MSS.328/C/5/TRF Trail Riders Fellowship Hand Book July 1994

One booklet

With a few enclosures. The Fellowship is the Governing Body of Trail Riding.

MSS.328/C/5/1/1-21 Booklets, Pamphlets and Leaflets 1883-2006

Half a box

General cycling booklets, cycling policy, material on learning to cycle and care of bicycles, roads and planning, road safety, routes and guides, publicity and promotional literature.

MSS.328/C/5/1/1A The Roadfaring Guides. Road Touring in Southern England 1912

One volume

Book, by Reginald Wellbye. Published in London by E. J. Larby. In 1920 the volume was owned by T. H. Le Cornu, of 46 Paternoster Row, London E.C. 4, who also had an address in Jersey. The book contains annoations about train times, routes etc., in 1924 and about this time, probably not in Le Cornu"s hand.

MSS.328/C/5/1/2 How Champions Succeed 1920s

One booklet

Booklet about cycling, promoting the Curry bicycle.

MSS.328/C/5/1/3 A Potted History of the Bicycle 1950s

One booklet

Presented by BSA and published by B.S.A. Cycles Ltd., Birmingham.

MSS.328/C/5/1/4 This Veteran Business 1966

One booklet

Typescript written by Derek Roberts, honorary editor of the Southern Veteran-Cycle Club.

MSS.328/C/5/1/5 "Nadette" Bicyclette Paris-Saigon Voyage ... ... au Long Cours 1948

One booklet

Technical booklet complementing the volume Seul a Bicyclette de Paris a Saigon.

MSS.328/C/5/1/5A Museum of British Road Transport, Coventry c. 1887-1990s

One booklet

Booklet entitled A brief guide to the history of the cycle and list of Coventry cycle manufacturers, c. 1987. Enclosed: Illustrated folded A4 sheet entitled James Starley father of the cycle industry, with Starley pedigree on dorse, ?1990s.

Resource pack (not complete) entitled History of the cycle, containing information leaflet, fact sheets and work sheets, four posters, 12 postcards, historical photographs, from [ Cycling World Illustrated, 1896] and Museum leaflet.

MSS.328/C/5/1/6 Highway Reform 1945-1949, 1965

Two booklets

British Highway Reform: memorandum issued by the Standing Joint Committee of the Royal Automobile Club, The Automobile Association and Royal Scottish Automobile Club proposing the establishment of a Board of Highway Commissioners, June 1945.

All-Purpose Roads v. Motorways. The Inauguration of Motorways would be a National Calamity: booklet containing four pamphlets the first three of which were sent to many members of Parliament before the passing of the Special Roads Bill by the House of Commons in January 1949, by Howard Parsons, 1948-1949, and diagram of the Permetmo junction.

Article written for the Diamond Jubilee of the Automobile Association, 1905-1965. Four pages, entitled The early days, with two photographs showing cycle scouts employed by the Association to warn motorists of police speed traps.

MSS.328/C/5/1/7 Planning for Cycling 1976-1997

One folder and two booklets

Cycling a new deal, folder of leaflets produced by the Sports Council in association with the Cycling Council of Great Britain, press release, correspondence, etc., 1976.

Cycling. A Sport [sic] Development Plan for London and the South East Regions. Published by the Sports Council, March 1995.

Bikeframe - Model Cycling Policy, booklet published by the Cyclists' Public Affairs Group, funded by the Department of Transport's cycle challenge initiative, the CTC and others, 1997.

MSS.328/C/5/1/8 Cycle Training and Proficiency 1950s-?1998

Five booklets and six leaflets

Cycling Proficiency Training. A guide for instructors. Published by the National Cycling Proficiency Scheme, 1950s.

The Proficient Cyclist. Roadmanship for young riders., by Reginald G. Shaw. Published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, c. 1960.

Are You Good at Cycling?, a manual of important hints on cycling and cycle maintenance. Published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 1970s.

Cycle Sense, by Peter Nelms, Senior Road Safety Officer, Nottinghamshire County Council, 1979.

Starting to Cycle. A Parents' Guide. Published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, ?1998.

Leaflets on the National Cycling Proficiency test, 1960 and undated, and learning to cycle, published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and numbered NCP/1, 3, 7 and 8, 1950s. Department of Transport leaflet about cycle helmets for parents and young cyclists, 1991.

MSS.328/C/5/1/9 Road Safety c. 1935-?c. 1980, 1993

Five leaflets and one booklet

Memorandum on Paragraph 89 of the Highway Code (concerning advice to pedestrians to face oncoming traffic where there is no footpath), by J. Gilbert Wiblin, M. A., c. 1935.

It Need Never Have Happened, leaflet issued in the interests of road safety. Published by the Autocar, The Motor Cycle, Motor Transport, etc., ?c. 1940.

Warned Off, leaflet from the West of Scotland Cyclists' Defence Committee, c. 1947.

New Speed Threat to Road Safety: leaflet on why 30 M.P.H. for heavy goods vehicles should be opposed, c. 1955.

Cycling Hints, by Lancashire Constabulary on accident prevention, ?c. 1980.

Cycle Helmets the case for and against, booklet by Mayer Hillman, Policy Studies Institute, 1993.

MSS.328/C/5/1/10 Road Safety: Lights on Vehicles 1908-1954

Five booklets and one sheet

When to Light Up: A pocket treatise on the Lights on Vehicles Act, 1907, ..., by D. O'Leary, B. L.. Published in Dublin, 1908.

Memorandum on the Lighting of Road Vehicles, Ministry of Transport memo. no. 276 (Roads), February 1937.

Screening of Lights on Road Vehicles when General Lighting Restrictions are Imposed, Police notice, 1939.

Report on the Lighting of Vehicles, by the Standing Joint Committee of the R.A.C., A.A., R.S.A.C. [sic], December 1951.

Rear Lights of Motor Vehicles and Pedal Cycles, by R. L. Moore, M.Sc., A. Inst.P., Road Research Technical Paper No. 25. Published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Road Research Laboratory, 1952.

Tail Lights for Vehicles including Cycles. British Standard 2516: 1954. Published by the British Standards Institution, London, 1954.

MSS.328/C/5/1/11 Road Safety Posters ?1930s-1964

Seven posters

One poster Outward Bound on John Bull Tyres, ?1930s.

Five posters published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents as supplements to Safety Training, Summer 1947 issue, and another of 1964.

MSS.328/C/5/1/13 The Cyclists' Pocket Road Guides 1883

160 cards and index booklet

160 pocket route cards covering England, Wales and Scotland, with advertisements on dorse, and booklet entitled Key Index to the Cyclists' Pocket Road Guides ... Compiled for the use of cyclists, travellers, and pedestrians, by Robert Ed. Phillips, London. The key makes it clear that this is a complete set of cards.

MSS.328/C/5/1/14 Cycling in Britain ?1967-?1986

Three items

Cycling in Britain Issued by the British Travel Association, London. Includes tour intineraries, ?1967.

Cycling in the Heart of England. Issued by the The Heart of England Tourist Board, ?1986.

The Greater Nottingham Cycle Route Network

MSS.328/C/5/1/15 Cycling in London 1980-1987

Three booklets

Bike it! A Guide to Cycling in North and East London, produced by London Cycling Campaign and Friends of the Earth, July 1980.

On your Bike! A Guide to Cycling in London, produced as above, c. 1980.

Easy Rides to London's Countryside, produced by the Online Leisure Information Company with LWT [?London Wildlife Trust] and supported by the Countryside Commission and Save & Prosper, 1987.

MSS.328/C/5/1/16 Railway Paths for Cyclists 1980s-1990s

Seven items

Two copy leaflets about the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, 1980s-1990s.

Leaflets about railway paths for cyclists in Scotland, 1991-1992.

MSS.328/C/5/1/18 Cycling Publicity Leaflets 1970s-1998

Small bundle

Includes travel by train with bicycles and travelling in Ireland, details of cycle museums.

MSS.328/C/5/1/19 Cycling Conferences September 2005-April 2006

Small bundle

Conferences organised by Nottingham University, September 2005 and April 2006: programmes

MSS.328/C/5/1/20 Tewkesbury Borough Tourism 2001

Two items

Press release and information about the new series of rides published by the Borough.

MSS.328/C/5/1/21 Cycling Off-road and the Law 1987

One booklet

A guide to access and the use of public rights of way with a cycle in England, Scotland and Wales, by Neil Horton.

MSS.328/C/5/2/1-4 Trade Catalogues 1882-c. 2000

One box

Bicycle catalogues, 1882-1960s, c. 2000. Bicycle component and accessories' catalogues and leaflets, 1897-c.2000.

MSS.328/C/5/2/1 Bicycle Catalogues 1882-1960s

One volume and twenty one booklets

Brown Brothers of London and elsewhere. Catalogue no. 463. 1939. Illustrated Catalogue of Cycle & Motor Cycle Accessories & Fittings, Bicycles, Tyres, Sidelines Baby Carriages. Issued April 1939.

The Coventry Machinists' Co., Cheylesmore Coventry: Illustrated Catalogue of the "Club" Bicycles and Tricycles, catalogues for 1884, 1888 and 1890.

Elswick Cycles Ltd., Barton-on-Humber: Elswick Cycles, catalogue, ?1955.

Gillott Ltd.: Alpine Tourist De Luxe, broadsheet, undated, ?c. 1950.

The Hercules Cycle & Motor Co. Limited. Birmingham 21: Hercules Cycles 1961.

Hillman, Herbert and Cooper, Premier Works, Coventry: Price List of the Premier & Royal Bicycles and Tricycles patented and manufactured by the above. Said to be 1882.

Jackson's Cycle Manufacturers, Middlesbrough: catalogue of Royal Cycles, ?1950s.

The Nottingham Tricycle Co. Hockley Tricycle Works, Nottingham. Price List for 1883.

F. Hopper & Co. Ltd., cycle manufacturers, Barton-on-Humber, catalogue of Hopper Cycles, said to be ?1955.

Humber & Co., Ltd and Humber, Ltd: catalogues of Humber Cycles for 1894, and 1900-1903.

The James Cycle Co Ltd, Greet, Birmingham 11: The Famous James Sports Cycles, said to be 1951.

The Raleigh Cycle Co., Ltd., Nottingham: leaflet advertising the endurance of its all-steel bicycle in North Africa and Switzerland in the 1920s, c. 1930.

Rudge-Whitworth Limited, Nottingham: catalogue of Rudge, 1869-1952, Britain's Best Bicycle, 1952. To this has been added: printed leaflet entitled The House of Rudge, showing the early development of the bicycle (illustrated), and Rudge's part therein, with family tree showing connection of Rudge with Smith and Starley and others and its development into Rudge Whitworth Ltd. in 1894, c. 1900.

Saxon Cycle Engineering Co., Ltd., London: catalogue of Saxon bicycles, 1933.

The Swift Cycle Co., Ltd., Cheylesmore Works, Coventry: catalogue of Swift Cycles. 1900.

Viking Cycles Limited, Wolverhampton: catalogue, 1960s.

MSS.328/C/5/2/2 Bicycle Component and Accessories' Catalogues 1897-1990

Fourteen booklets

Brampton Fittings Ltd, Birmingham: price list, July 1957, and catalogue of Brampton Cycle Components, 1960s.

Cranford Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Smethwick: catalogue of Cycle Mudguards and Accessories, dated 15.12. [19]52 in ink on cover, and containing typescript lists of mudguards and accessories, 14 January 1953.

The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited, Coventry: booklet entitled All about Dunlop Tyres, 1898, which includes a price list.

The Dursley Pedersen Cycle Co., Dursley. Booklets entitled The Pedersen Frictionless Speed Gear, c. 1909, and The Pedersen Frictionless 2 and 3 Speed Gears, c. 1906.

Free Wheel Direct Cycle Supplies: catalogues for 1980, 1982, 1983 and 1989-90. (four issues).

James Grose Ltd., London: Cycle Accessories Catalogue, 1920s, after 1923.

The Palmer Tyre Ltd., Birmingham: The Palmer Tyre Manual for 1900.

J. A. Phillips & Co. Limited, Smethwick: Phillips Quality Cycle Fitments, September 1958 and November 1960.

Catalogue of Ripley's Cycle Shades 1897, showing 25 different cloth colour shades.

MSS.328/C/5/2/3 Bicycle Components and Accessories 1949-1968, undated

One envelope

Envelope entitled Old Trade Catalogues for historical reference 1950s, containing catalogues etc. for/from Bufft chrome polish, Brampton Fittings Ltd., Bylox cycle mirror and lock, Campac Cycle Trailer, Chossy Cycle Bags, Constrictor Tyre Company, Cyclo Benelux from Cyclo Gear Co. Ltd, Gillott craftsman built frames, Kromo tubular cycle components, the "Pal" Pedalling Attachment, Joseph Lucas (Cycle Accessories) Ltd., Martin Products, Midland Supreme Cycle Accessories, The Newell Junior-Back Attachment, Palco Telescopic Shock Absorber, Plysu Products Limited, The Resilion Co. Ltd., Reynolds Cycle Components, Sandum Cycle Trailer and/or Handcart, Shockstop Rubber Products Ltd., Terry's Cycle & Motor Cycle Accessories, Thanet Cycles, The "Unito" Rigid Coupler, Vitality Bulbs, Watsonian Sidecars Ltd and The Wright Saddle Company Limited.

MSS.328/C/5/2/4 London Recumbents c. 2000

One brochure

London Recumbents, cycle hire, sales & events: small brochure, c. 2000. Photocopy.

MSS.328/C/5/3/1-27 Cycling Club Records 1875-1995

One third of a box

This section relates to constitutions, rules, bye-laws, programmes and fixtures, dinners and histories.

MSS.328/C/5/3/1 Bradford Bicycle Club 1878

One card

Fixtures for September-November, sent to Stanley J. A.Cotterell.

MSS.328/C/5/3/2 Cambridge University Bicycle Club 1881, late 19th century

One booklet and one item

Rules, bye-laws, etc., Lent Term, 1881. Life membership ticket of E. J. Sing, esq. (leather poche), late 19th century.

MSS.328/C/5/3/4 Dartmouth Rovers Cycling Club July 1891-1979

Two items

Fixtures, July-October 1891, sent with covering letter from a Cyclists' Touring Club member in 1979.

MSS.328/C/5/3/5 Kentish Wheelers 9 November 1963

One item

Diamond Jubilee dinner and prize presentation. Includes short history of the club from 1903-1963.

MSS.328/C/5/3/6 London County Cycling and Athletic Club ?1892

One booklet

Programme for the First 24 Hours Amateur Path Race, for the Cuca Cocoa Challenge Cup.

MSS.328/C/5/3/7 Fellowship of London-East Cyclists ?1979

One booklet

List of members. The Fellowship was founded on 26 February 1967 to arrange two gatherings in the Spring and Autumn for old friends to meet.

MSS.328/C/5/3/8 Manchester Wheelers' Club 1933

One booklet

A History of Manchester Wheelers' Club, 1883-1933, formerly the Manchester Athletic Bicycle Club, compiled by T. M. Barlow, and published on the occasion of the Jubilee Dinner, Manchester 1933.

MSS.328/C/5/3/9 Mid-Shropshire Wheelers 1981

One booklet

T. E. Jones Group Quarry Park Criteriums, being the Wheelers' third promotion of the Shrewsbury Quarry Park Criteriums: programme.

MSS.328/C/5/3/10 National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs 1969

One booklet

Official programme of the London-Brighton centenary commemorative run, 1869-1969.

MSS.328/C/5/3/11 National Cyclists' Union 1934

One booklet

Official programme for the 22nd annual Meeting of Champions at Herne Hill Track.

MSS.328/C/5/3/12 Newcastle Amateur Bicycle Club 1880


Programme for the Summer Evening Race Meeting, 16 June.

MSS.328/C/5/3/13 The Pedal Club 1962

One booklet

A Souvenir History of the First Twenty-one Years.

The Pedal Club was formed 18 November 1941 by 22 founder members, the prime movers being A. P. Chamberlin and A. Josey. Its aims were to provide an opportunity for cycling officials and journalists to meet informally to discuss cycling topics and for prominent public people and others to address the club. G. H. Stancer (then Cyclists' Touring Club secretary) was elected as the first chairman.

MSS.328/C/5/3/14 Penn C.C. and Wolverhampton C. C. 1978

One booklet

Llangollen - Wolverhampton Road Race 1978: promoted by the Penn and Wolverhampton C.C.s [?Cycling Clubs]: programme.

MSS.328/C/5/3/16 Pickwick Bicycle Club 1877-1879, 1995

Three items

Printed copy of the rules of the club, which was established in 1870, probably published in 1879, in a titled leather pouch, which also contains four quarterly fixture lists for 1877-1878. Letter from the secretary of the Pickwick Club in 1995 to Alan Harlow at Cotterell House, in answer to his letter, stating inter alia the presumed date for the printed set of rules.

Programme for the club bicycle races to be held at Alexandra Park, 28 July 1877.

MSS.328/C/5/3/17 The Southern Veteran-Cycle Club 3 June 1956

One booklet

Souvenir programme of the first annual veteran-cycle run from Ripley to Hyde Park.

MSS.328/C/5/3/20 Worcester St Johns Cycling Club 1988

One booklet

Worcester St Johns Cycling Club 1888-1988. A History, by Roger Alma. Illustrated typescript, signed by the author and sent to the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/5/3/21 Irish Champion Bicycle Club and Association November 1875

One sheet

Proposal to establish the above club, containing its constitution and invitation to attend the inaugural meeting in November 1875. The club was to have its headquarters in Dublin and be open only to gentlemen amateurs and gentlemen desirous of encouraging bicycling. It would be governed by a committee of eight.

MSS.328/C/5/3/22 Alliance Internationale de Tourisme July 1952

One booklet

Rallye International de Plein Air at Le Palais Imperial, Compeigne: programme.

MSS.328/C/5/3/23 Touring Club de Belgique 1907

One item

Membership card of A. F Allard of Brussels for 1907.

MSS.328/C/5/3/24 Touring-Club de France 1897-c. 1953

Three items

Rules and regulations and other details, c. 1898.

Membership card of G. P. Armitage of Kirkburton, England, 1897.

Carnet de fiches d'hotels: booklet containing tear-off slips for use in hotels, c. 1953.

Leaflet about Etretat, Seine Inferieure, ?c. 1930s.

MSS.328/C/5/3/25 Union Velocipedique de France 1913

One card

Membership card of C. Hartley Booth of England.

MSS.328/C/5/3/26 Touring Club Italiano 1909-1910

One card

Membership card of George P. Armitage of Kirkburton, England.

MSS.328/C/5/3/27 Pioneer Bicycle Club, Christchurch, New Zealand 1880s

Three items

Rules, c. 1880. two editions, the second lists J. F. Norris as a committee member.

Membership ticket of J. F. Norris lasting until September 1882. Norris signs against the secretary's name.

MSS.328/C/5/4/1-11 Races, Shows, Exhibitions and Auctions 1887-1991

One third of a box

Material relating to races and rallies not organised by clubs, shows, exhibitions and auctions.

MSS.328/C/5/4/3 International Camping and Cyclotouring Rally 4-15 August 1951

One booklet

Interlaken, Switzerland: programme in German, French, Italian and English.

MSS.328/C/5/4/4 Show at Leamington Spa late 19th cent.

One sheet

Part of a programme, perhaps for the 1887 Jubilee celebrations, in which amongst the attractions are mentioned a procession of bicyclists from Holly Walk, and "Leonati, Spiral Bicycle Ascensionist, the Great Wonder of the Day".

MSS.328/C/5/4/5 Cycling concert programmes 1931-1939, 1951

Ten booklets

Souvenir programmes for the first to the ninth "All-Rounder" Concert and Prize Distribution at the Royal Albert Hall, London, January 1931-January 1939, and Diamond Jubilee Celebration and Prize Distribution, 17 February 1951.

MSS.328/C/5/4/6 International Cycle and Motor Cycle Show 1953-1968 or 1969

Ten booklets

Bundle entitled "Old Cycle Show Catalogues", containing offical catalogues and programmes, souvenirs and guides, 1953-1956, 1958, 1962, 1964-1966, and 1968 or 1969.

MSS.328/C/5/4/7 Cyclists' War Memorial at Meriden 21 May 1921

One sheet

Order of proceedings at the unveiling ceremony. On dorse: engraving of the memorial.

MSS.328/C/5/4/8 Exhibition of Work of Frank Patterson 12-26 October 1991

One catalogue

Catalogue of the exhibition presented by the Frank Patterson Appreciation Society in association with Hitchin's Cycles to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the artist's birth.

For the collection of Patterson's drawings and prints, see MSS.328/C/12/6/5-13.

MSS.328/C/5/4/9 Grose's Lightweight Cycling Hiking & Camping Exhibition ?1933

One booklet

Catalogue from Geo. Grose & Co., 8 New Bridge Street, Ludgate Circus E.C. 4.

MSS.328/C/5/4/10 Auction of Cycles and Cycling Ephemera 18 April 1990

One catalogue

Catalogue from Phillips West Two, Bayswater, London. Good illustrations of early cycles.

MSS.328/C/5/4/11 Advertisement for John Bull Tyres 1920s-1930s

One postcard

Postcard showing hand made bicycle produced by a native of Nyasaland who used it regularly until it was bought by an explorer for the British Museum. The frame was of hewn timber and the wheels of lathe and reeds with tyres of strips of oxhide. The driving chain was a knotted thong from the skin of a sable antelope. "What rapture awaits this native when he acquires a modern cycle fitted with John Bull Tyres" says the postcard advertisement.

MSS.328/C/5/5/1-9 Cards, Cartoons, Calendar, Songs, Stamps and Posters 1870s-1967

One third of a box

Humorous postcards and greetings cards relating to cycling, 1870s-1934. Player's Cigarette Picture-Card Album, containing 48 cycling cards, 1939. I-Spy Priory Tea Card album and set of 50 cycling cards, c. 1960. Two cycling cartoons, 1883-1890s, six song sheets, 1890s -1952, a cycling calendar, 1967, a few cycling postage stamps from abroad, c. 1900-1937, and cycling posters, early 20th century-1933.

MSS.328/C/5/5/1 Cycling Postcards and Greetings Cards 1870s-1934

Nineteen cards

Envelope of "Humorous Postcards & Greetings Cards ": the cards relate to cycling, being mostly for Christmas and the New Year, and many of them were apparently formerly pasted into an album. Included are three postcards addressed to Miss Daisy Sparrow at 47 St Augustine Road, Camden Town and postmarked 1903-1905, and the printed 1934 Christmas card of Mr and Mrs. George Manders of London. Four cards are by Raphael Tuck & Sons, three of them a series of cyclists on ordinaries.

MSS.328/C/5/5/2 Cycling Postcards and Greetings Cards 1870s-1930s

48 cards

Envelope entitled "42 Misc. Cards Greetings and Cutout Pop-ups", containing greetings cards for all occasions and postcards (many of them were apparently formerly in an album and some are not printed), including two from Raphael Tuck & Sons, (one of them in the series found in MSS.328/C/5/5/1 above), one with a poem parodying W. S. Gilbert, two designed by Alfred Grey [Cynicus] and a set of four cards showing cats racing on ordinaries, said to be W. H. Tuck, of which there are two copies of one. One is sent from the North London Cycling Club, Christmas 1934.

Included is J. C. Clegg's life membership certificate of the Cyclists' Touring Club, dated 12 February 1926 and cancelled in 1992.

MSS.328/C/5/5/4 I-Spy Priory Tea Cards c. 1960

One album and 50 loose cards

Album for series 9, Cycles and Motor Cycles. Complete.

MSS.328/C/5/5/5 Cycling Cartoons 1883-c. 1890

Two items

Double page political cartoon entitled Fun. - August 29, 1883. and Off for the Holidays. A "Sociable" Suggestion. William with Staffy; Bishop with deceased wife's sister; Bradlaugh with Newdegate; Forster with Parnell; Lawson with Bass; Chamberlain with Bloated Aristocrat, &c., &c., showing two couples on sociables and others in the background. On the dorse is an accompanying verse.

Cartoon showing men with an ordinary and another with a safety bicycle captioned "London Laughs; Cyclists' Touring Club "I started out in 1890 and went a little further than I intended."".

MSS.328/C/5/5/6 Cycling Songs 1890s-1952

Six song sheets

Our Cycling Club a wheeling ditty , written and composed by Geo. F. Grover and published by H. Klein & Co., London, c. 1890s.

Song of the Wheel, words by J. Laing and music by H. E. Forrest, c. 1890s, with letter from L. V. Allen of London, 2 March 1927, on sending this to the secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

The Cycling Fever, written by A. W. Skelton and music composed by E. Hoggan-Armadale. Copyright 1897 in the U.S.A. Published in London.

My Old Push Bike, written by W. Clayton Lloyd with music by C. M. & G. A. Woodrow. Printed in Exeter, ?c.1930.

The Song of the Cyclists' Touring Club. I Like to Jump upon a Bike, chorus song with words and music by Box & Cox, Gibson & Butler. Copyright 1934 by West's Ltd., London.

Let's All Sing the Cycle Song, written by Monty Miller and music by Joe Norman. Copyright 1952 by Box & Cox (Publications) Ltd, London and ditto Inc., New York.

MSS.328/C/5/5/7 Cycling Calendar 1967

One calendar

Calendar from Prague, showing the picture of the 16th century "Bicycle Window" in Stoke Poges church and other early bicycles in colour from 1817-1893.

MSS.328/C/5/5/8 Cycling Stamps from Abroad c. 1900-1937, undated

Ten stamps on three mounts

Seven stamps from Cuba, Panama, U.S.A., ? Russia (1931), and commemorating the Seige of Mafeking, c. 1900; two stamps from Denmark, 1937, one stamp, origin unknown.

MSS.328/C/5/5/9 Cycling Posters early 20th century-1930s

Four posters stuck on to board

Palmer Tyres, early 20th century and ?1930s. Singer Cycles, early 20th century; Sunbeam Cycles, ?1930s.

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MSS.328/C/6/1-13 Papers of sub-groups within the Cyclists' Touring Club and records deposited by individual members. 1867-2000

Six boxes

Records of the South London District Association, 1921-2000.

London Rights (later Cycle Rights) Network, minutes, etc., 1991-1992.

Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club, minute books, constitution, rules, correspondence, printed material, press cuttings, papers, and visitors' books, 1870-1931.

Miscellaneous early cycling papers, including those of the Roberts family of Wrexham, 1867-1919, ?1930s.

Conference of Road Users' attendance book with minutes, 1913, and minutes of an unnamed committee dealing with District Association affairs, 1925-1939.

Papers of H.G. Scott of Enfield, Middlesex, relating to the Cyclists' Touring Club and the District Associations, c. 1898-1942.

Personal papers of J. Gordon Shaw of the Anfield Bicycle Club and of the Sharrow Cycling Club, Sheffield, 1910-1940s.

Memorandum book, two scrapbooks and sports programmes of Ernest Robert Ward and Harry Neville Ward of Cleethorpes and Grimsby, 1906-1934, c. 1960.

Cycling mileage charts, records and certificates of F. J. Wilcox's personal cycling achievements, 1925-1986.

Rose and Crown visitors' books, 1891-1912, 1922.

Silverdale Cycling Club, volume, 1900.

Papers, 1897-1990s, deposited by D. Randell of Southampton, 2002.

Photograph of celebrations of the 108th birthday of the CTC, the 50th anniversary of the East Warwickshire District Association and the Birmingham and Midland District Association, 1986.

MSS.328/C/6/1/1-26 Records of the South London District Association and its predecessors. 1921-2000

Six boxes

Minutes and papers of the South London District Association, from its preliminary meeting on 22 August 1937 to 1998, with agenda, annual reports, etc., also financial accounts and papers, 1947/8-2000, address book, late 20th century, papers and printed material for runs, rides and rallies, etc., 1966-c. 1995.

Minutes of the South Eastern Section of the South London District Association and its predecessor, 1921-1985, and member's card, 1967.

Minutes of the London and South East England's District Associations' annual conference, 1997.

Printed material of the Cyclists' Touring Club and the South London District Association, c.1950-1998.

Wheelprints, 1949.

Handbooks of the South Eastern Road Club, 1999, and The Fellowship of Kent & Sussex Cyclists, 1997.

MSS.328/C/6/1/1 South London District Association minutes and associated papers 1937-1963

One volume

Minutes from the preliminary meeting of the proposed Association, 22 August 1937- December 1963. Typescript in sections, strung together.

MSS.328/C/6/1/2 South London District Association minutes 1964-1998

One file

Minutes, latterly annual general meetings and annual reports, kept in twinlock file.

MSS.328C/6/1/3 South London District Association: annual reports, etc. 1938-1973


Envelope containing rules adopted at the annual general meeting, 1939; agenda, annual reports and accounts, 1938, 1949, 1951, 1957-1963 and 1973; list of officials, 1956.

A section of the minute book, 1952-1958, was extracted from this envelope and added to MSS.328/C/6/1/1.

MSS.328/C/6/1/4 South Eastern Section of the South London District Association minutes 1965-1972

One volume

Minute book of committee meetings, 1965-1972, including minutes for the annual general meetings, 1966-1971.

MSS.328/C/6/1/5 South Eastern Section of the South London District Association minutes 1972-1985

One volume

Minute book of annual general meetings, 1972-85, and other committee minutes, 1972-1974.

MSS.328/C/6/1/6 South Eastern Section of the Metropolitan, later South London, District Association annual reports, annual general meeting papers, etc. 1921-1974


Large envelope containing bundle of typescript South Eastern Section annual general meeting papers, including annual reports, 1921-1974 (incomplete); annual reports of the Metropolitan District Association, 1934 and 1936; South Eastern Section annual dinners and socials: menus and tickets, 1953-1958; ticket for a talk, 1963; printed papers about runs, 1948-53; Aids to Happy Cycling: printed booklet, Beckenham, Kent.

MSS.328/C/6/1/8 South London District Association financial accounts and papers 1947/8-1999

One file

File of the South London District Association, containing account book, with detailed accounts, 1947/8-1999; series of annual accounts, with accompanying papers, 1968-1999 (except those for 1976); correspondence as to the end of the South London District Association following the death of Tom Betts, the secretary, earlier in 1999.

MSS.328/C/6/1/9 South London District Association financial accounts and papers 1950-1998/9

One file

Blue file containing accounts of the assets and liabilities of the South London District Association and sections, 1993-1998 (duplicated in MSS.328/C/6/1/8); rules, 1939, as amended in 1950; returns of the South London District Association officials and their activities, 1984-1998/9. Cyclists' Touring Club Handbook for use by District Association secretaries, 1998.

MSS.328C/6/1/13 Invoice, etc. 1967-1976

Two items

Invoice to Mr Betts for a bicycle from F. W. Evans Cycles Ltd., 1967, with particulars of the Evans Standard Touring Bike, 1976 and copy extract from Cycletouring entitled "Touring with an Evans".

MSS.328/C/6/1/14 Address book late 20th cent.

One volume

Small notebook, the first two pages of which contain addresses; the rest is blank.

MSS.328/C/6/1/15 South London District Association file relating to runs and rides ?1970, 1971-1986

One file

Original bundle relating to rides and runs, probably belonging to Thomas Betts, secretary of the Association: "The last of the Summer Time", an itinerary for a week's cycling, with associated papers, produced by the South London District Association, ?1970; with details of other rides, races and rallies and veterans' runs, many sent to Thomas Betts, and his certificates on completing rides when aged over 50, 1971-1986.

MSS.328C/6/1/16 "CTC - DA Guide" 1991

One file

District Association Guide: a handbook for use by Association secretaries, issued by the Cyclists' Touring Club, and revised in 1991.

MSS.328/C/6/1/17 CTC Corporate Image 1998

One file

Copy of the Cyclists' Touring Club House Style Guide, sent to the District Association, April 1998.

MSS.328/C/6/1/18 Printed material: "CTC Cycle Planning" 1986

One folder

Folder containing eight policy statements on traffic management, highway maintenance and other cycling concerns.

MSS.328/C/6/1/19 Printed material: "CTC DA Conference 1998" 1998

One file

Participants' papers, the theme of the conference being "Publicity and Recruitment".

MSS.328/C/6/1/21 Printed material: stationery and Badges c.1950-c.1980

One bundle

Original bundle containing typescript rules of the South London District Association, as adopted in 1939 and amended in 1950; and examples of printed forms, stationery, badges, a plastic Cyclists' Touring Club wallet, etc., of the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Association.

MSS.328C/6/1/22 Cyclists' Touring Club and South London District Association runs and rallies 1966-1974

Two bundles amalgamated

Literature advertising runs and slide shows, all but one organised by the South Eastern Section, with one leaflet from the Hon. Publicity Secretary, c.1970.

MSS.328/C/6/1/23 Periodicals 1949

One issue

Wheelprints, the magazine of the South Eastern Section of the South London District Association and the South Eastern Road Club, no. 9, Spring 1949. Now placed within this (though found separately) is a letter from the Secretary, Tom Betts, about the Club keeping a scrapbook, undated.

MSS.328/C/6/2 London Rights Network, later, London Cycle Rights Network 1991-1992

Six items

Minutes of meetings, 1991-1992. One copy of London Rights Network News, 1991.

MSS.328/C/6/3/1-9 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club 1870-1931

One box

The club was constituted 16 March 1870. The first volume of minutes is missing.

Minutes, 1874-1930, and a few papers, including one sheet of The Scotsman, 21 March 1870, advertising the first general meeting of the Edinburgh Velocipede Club on 23 March 1870.

MSS.328/C/6/3/1 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: minutes 1874-1884

One volume

Includes printed matter and press cuttings pasted in. Only one hard cover found (loose).

MSS.328/C/6/3/2 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: minutes 1885-1892

One volume

Includes constitution, rules and bye-laws, 1890 and about this time, letters and other manuscript and printed matter and press cuttings, some pasted in. Found in sections, with covers separate.

MSS.328/C/6/3/3 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: minutes 1892

Twelve sheets

Minutes of committee meetings during 1892, including a meeting of the guarantors of the Club on 18 October, signed by those present. Letters and printed matter enclosed.

MSS.328/C/6/3/4 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: minutes 1893-1930

One volume

Starts at page six. Includes one photograph, rules, letters, manuscript and printed matter and press cuttings, some pasted in. Covers loose.

Last meeting of 7 March 1930 recorded that "very little interest seemed to be taken in it [the club] by the members generally".

MSS.328/C/6/3/5 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: minutes 1929-1930

Two papers

Minutes of the sixtieth and sixty first meetings of the Club, 1929-1930, on loose sheets of paper.

MSS.328/C/6/3/6 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: papers associated with minutes 1891-1892

Two papers

Circular letter from the secretary to members of other clubs inviting them to attend the annual dinner of the Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club on the occasion of its twenty first anniversary, 20 February 1892.

Balance sheet of the Scottish Cycling Meet, 1892.

MSS.328/C/6/3/7 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: printed matter 1870, late 19th cent.

Two items

One sheet of The Scotsman, 21 March 1870, advertising the first general meeting of the Edinburgh Velocipede Club on 23 March 1870.

Post Office Directory Advertiser: pages 93-94, page 94 advertising The Royal Patent Gymnasium in Edinburgh [no reference to cycling], late 19th century.

MSS.328/C/6/3/8-9 Edinburgh Amateur Bicycle Club: visitors' books 1888-1906, 1931

Two volumes

Volume containing entries for the date, name of person, and their club, and any remarks, 1888-1891. One entry only is dated 1931.

Volume for 1902-1906.

MSS.328/C/6/4/1-9 Miscellaneous Early Papers 1867-1919, [?1930s]

One envelope

Photocopy of an account from Michaux of Paris for the purchase of a bicycle by Monsieur Le Cop, 1867.

Roberts family: accounts for a bicycle purchased by Mr R. Roberts from D. Rudge in Wolverhampton, 1879, and bicycle parts purchased by Mr Robert Roberts of 3 Rhosddw Road, Wrexham, from the Osmond Cycle Co., 1896; letter to Mr A. Roberts from John E. Salsbury of Long Acre, London, 1889, about problems with a lamp that Roberts had purchased from him. Memorandum and accounts sent from Marriott & Cooper, manufacturers of Humber bicycles, tricycles and tandems, to Messrs. Howell & Co. for pedals and lamp for Mr A. Roberts of Wrexham. April-May 1886.

Memorandum from John Keen of Dalston Junction, London, manufacturer of Keen's "Eclipse" bicycle, to an addressee at 5 Charles Street, Wrexham, whose name has been torn off, with details of size and weight etc. of a bicycle, date missing [?1880s]. Printed notice by John Keen, September 1877, assuring the public that he is still making his Eclipse bicycles to which there are important improvements this year.

Photograph of two men in the foreground on a Rudge rotary tandem tricycle, whilst in the background a 54 inch Singer Challenge rests against a Ford car, ?1930s.

Cutting from The Irish Cyclist & Motor Cyclist, about the featherweight machine produced by Mr Lovelace of Henstridge, Somerset, 26 February 1919.

MSS.328/C/6/5/1 Conference of Road Users' Attendance Book 1913, 1925-1939

One volume

Volume containing agenda for the inaugural meeting convened by the National Cyclists' Union and the Cyclists' Touring Club, 14 February 1913, with attendance records at meetings from 28 February - 31 October 1913, into which signed typescript minutes and reports for this period have been placed.

At back have been inserted sheets stapled together containing signed minutes of The Committee from 19 June 1925-10 June 1939. This unnamed committee dealt with District Association matters.

MSS.328/C/6/6/1 Papers of H. G. Scott of Enfield, Middlesex c. 1898-1942

One envelope

Memorandum of Articles of Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club: printed, 1912 and 1934.

Notice, agenda, annual report and annual statement of accounts of Cyclists' Touring Club, 10 March 1916; agenda for Council meeting, 13 May 1916, and of half-yearly General meeting, 8 September 1916.

District Association papers: regulations for the formation and working of District Associations which would come into force 1 July 1934, with amendments of 1937; annual reports of the Nottingham and Derby District Association, 1915, and the Northumberland and Durham District Association, 1916; programmes of the Metropolitan District Association, 1925-1926, with circular from E. Bright, secretary, 1926; North Metropolitan District Association, 20th and 21st annual dinner programmes, 1948-1949; invitation to a grand diamond jubilee rally and visit to Fort Dunlop, 1938, from the Birmingham & Midland District Association, 1938.

Membership application forms and papers, subscription papers, forms in connection with the election of officials, (including Cyclists' Touring Club council election broadsheet from E. Bright, c. 1925), 1898-c.1937, undated.

Papers in connection with handbooks and farmhouse lists, commercial rooms, road books, and danger and caution boards, 1903-1917, undated.

Supplements to the C.T.C. Gazette, October 1900, about cyclists' interests in the forthcoming election, and January 1910 about the new railway bill, with petition to the Commons that it would provide greater facilities for the conveyance of bicycles by rail.

Programmes for lectures by Hodites [Neville Whall] and Kuklos [Fitzwater Wray], 1928-1942.

Code of cycling conduct approved by the Cyclists' Touring Club, [published in 1935], and leaflets numbered 1-5 In Defence of Cyclists, 1930s. Cyclists' Touring Club pamphlet Making the Roads Safe, The Cyclists' Point of View, late 1930s.

Caption for exhibit no. 26, a 36 inch front driver, at an historic exhibit of cycles organised by the Cyclists' Touring Club and the National Cyclists' Union, Olympia, 1925.

MSS.328/C/6/7/1 Papers of J. Gordon Shaw of the Sharrow Cycling Club, Sheffield 1910-1940s

One envelope

J. Gordon Shaw was a cyclist from 1903 and at the age of 61 was still cycling 100 miles a week. In 1923 he was described as one of the oldest and the best of Sheffield's road racing cyclists. He first joined the Sheffield Y.M.C.A. Cycling Club in 1907, and then the Sharrow Cycling Club in 1910, and held its record for the North Road "24" from 1919-1947 with 375 miles. He also belonged to the Anfield Bicycle Club. He was still alive when aged 61, but his birth date has not been discovered.

Dyeline drawing of the Beldam Racing Tandem, by J. G. Shaw, 5 December 1924.

Two certificates of merit awarded to Shaw by Sharrow Cycling Club, 1912, and the National Cyclists' Union Road Time Trial Championships, 1914. Dyeline by Shaw, 17 July 1925, of the "24" Course 1925 from Retford to Sheffield. Records of three attempts by Shaw of Anfield Bicycle Club on the "24 Hours Unpaced Record", two drawn up 8 June 1926 (one a draft), the third drawn up 30 August 1926 for a race on 24-25 September 1926. Details of two long excursions in 1931 and 1933. Shaw's bicycle mileage charts for 1928 and 1932. In 1928 he rode 12,203 miles.

Printed material: Anfield Bicycle Club: official route cards of the 24 Hours (Unpaced) Road Ride, 10, 15 and 23 July 1927. North Road Cycling Club: The North Road Gazette, October 1925, and route cards of the Invitation Twenty Four Hours Unpaced Scratch Road Ride, 4-5 September 1925 and 9-10 September 1927. The Northern Roads Records Association Year Book, 1932. The Sharrow Cycling Club, Sheffield: Year Books, 1910, 1915, 1917-1922; 33rd annual dinner menu and programme, 1920; record of those who rode from Sheffield to Bridlington and back on 25 April 1921. Shaw was one of the riders. The Road Records Association Year Book, 1932.

Issue of Cycling, 14 September 1922, with articles on the North Road Twenty-Four Hours race, won by Maurice G. Selbach, who completed 402 miles.

Three press-cuttings about Shaw and his cycling career, 1923, and undated, one when Shaw was 61.

Photographs: Sharrow Cycling Club at Wentworth House, 1910. Shaw on his bicycle, c. 1910. Shaw and G. H. Stancer at the start of a race about 1912. Four photographs of Shaw and his bicycle: viz, two copies of Stancer checking Shaw, and two others of him pushing off, one with A. C. Baines and J. Crookes and the other ?of 1919.

MSS.328/C/6/8/1-4 Papers of Harry N. Ward of Cleethorpes, Lincs. 1906-c. 1960

Three volumes and loose enclosures

Harry Neville Ward of Cleethorpes, who was probably the son of Ernest Robert Ward (a member of cycling clubs from at least 1906), was born about 1913 and had a brother Ernest. The first cycling club he joined was the Grimsby Wheelers Cycling Club in 1929-30. In 1933 he was a member of the Grimsby Cyclists' Touring Club.

Bundle entitled "East Anglia Racing 1930's Ward Scrap & Memo Books".

Bundle of printed material entitled Sports Meetings with Cycle Race 1931-33 East Anglia.

MSS.328/C/6/8/1 Memorandum book 1926-c. 1960

One volume

"Memorandum Book 1933": cycling memoranda and accounts for fees and bicycle parts were made by Harry N. Ward, 1927-1933. Enclosed:

Various bills, 1926-1933.

Insurance rules of the Cyclists' Touring Club North Lincs District Association, ?1930s.

List of prices for Chater Lea machines, c. 1930. Printed.

Press cuttings from The News, the local Grimsby paper, with articles about cyclists, ?c.1960.

MSS.328/C/6/8/2 Scrapbook 1908, 1925-1933

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings and photographs of cycling interest.

MSS.328/C/6/8/3 Scrapbook 1906-1934

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, 1929-1933, and many loose enclosures:

Thirteen cycling photographs, mostly individuals, early 20th century; most are not identified, but they include several of E. R. Ward of Cleethorpes, one of William Glenn, 1908, another of the "C.T.C. Group 1926 Near New York!!", and one of the cyclists and onlookers at the "Grimsby Charity Sports Start for 3 Miles Scratch Race" & 100 pounds Cup. A.H.S. Aug. 24th 1907.

National Cyclists' Union licences to race, registering Ernest Robert Ward, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910, and 1912-1914, and Harry Neville Ward, 1930.

National Cyclists' Union membership card of H. N. Ward, 1931-32.

Race certificate of E[?]. Ward, 1924.

Details of races, 1928 and undated.

Amateur Athletic Association: rules about penalties, c. early 20th century.

Cyclists' Touring Club: North Lincs. District Association and Grimsby Road Club; dinner ticket, 1934.

Cyclists' Touring Club application form for life membership sent to H. Ward, c. 1930.


Postcard of Jack Harvey, England's champion cyclist,1909, proprietor at Blue Posts Hotel, Stafford, with his cups and cycle.

MSS.328/C/6/8/4 "Sports Meetings with Cycle Race 1931-33 East Anglia" 1913-1932

One bundle

Sports programmes, some signed by E. R. Ward:

Gainsborough Britannia Works Cricket and Athletic Club: annual sports programme, 19 July 1919.

Goole Athletic Sports Festival programme, 10 June 1930.

Heckington and District Agricultural Society programme, 29 July 1930.

London & North Eastern Railway. Grimsby and District Social & Athletic Association programmes of the fifth and seventh annual sports, [1929] and 1931. Belonged to E. R. Ward.

Mablethorpe Sports & Carnival programme of sports, 15 September 1932.

North Thoresby & District Horse & Foal Show. The Fourteenth Annual Show and Sports and Horticultural Show, catalogue of entries and sports programme, 7 August 1924. Belonged to E. R. Ward.

Retford Cricket Club Sports. Athletic Meeting programme, 4 August 1919.

Programme of Events of the Scunthorpe & District Fifth Annual Charity Sports, 26 July 1913, and similar for 1914, missing covers.

Tetney Fair Sports programme of events, 1927. Single sheet relating to Event 1, the One Mile Cycle Handicap.

Winterton Midsummer Sports' Club Jubilee Sports and Gala programme, 25 June 1921, and programmes for 1927, 1929, 1930 and the diamond jubilee in 1931. Some known to have belonged to E. R. Ward.

MSS.328/C/6/9/1-2 Cycling records of F. J. Wilcox 1925-1986

Two envelopes

Cycling mileage charts, records and certificates of F. J. Wilcox's personal cycling achievements, 1925-1986.

MSS.328/C/6/9/1 F. J. Wilcox: Cycling mileage charts 1925-1986

One envelope

Envelope containing letter from F. J. Wilcox of Stanwell, Middlesex, to the editor of Cycling, 2 January 1977, on sending to him yearly mileage charts kept since 1925 together with explanatory notes. Charts for 1925-1957, and 1974, with two blank ones and one chart for 1925-1976. Notebook entitled Cycling Mileage Records, containing loose sheets with details of places visited on Century Rides, 1925-1937; and yearly statistics, 1925-1986. Issue of Cycling, 22 January 1977, which refers to Wilcox's cycling records.

MSS.328/C/6/9/2 F. J. Wilcox: Cycling rides, routes and certificates [Late 19th cent.]-1977

One envelope

Envelope entitled Cycling Vet[eran]s Ride Cert[ificate], containing certificates for the 11th-13th Cyclists' Touring Club Triennial Veterans Rides, 1959, 1962 and 1965, awarded to F. J. Wilcox, aged 50, 53 and 56, and papers for the 1959 and 1965 rides.

Complete list of Cyclists' Touring Club members who received certificates on finishing the 100 mile reliability rides on 20 June 1965.

Cyclists' Touring Club Metropolitan District Association certificate awarded to John H. G. Bender who rode a bicycle 214 miles within 24 hours on 21-22 June 1924.

Envelope entitled No. 7. Route:- Paris - Trouville & back via Evreux.: illustrated leaflet containing map and plan of route, ?late 19th century.

MSS.328/C/6/10 Rose & Crown Visitors' Books 1891-1912, 1922

Four volumes

The Rose and Crown was much visited by cyclists and these volumes record date of visit, name of cyclist, his or her club and any remarks. The pub was in or near Hitchin, Herts. [information from volume covering 1912 where an entry states " Next time I visit Hitchin town I shall stay at the Rose and Crown"]. The volume for 1893-1897 was probably once owned by W. Clark of Sheringham Hall, Cromer, Norfolk.

MSS.328/C/6/11/1 Silverdale Cycling Club 14 June 1900

One volume

Presentation leather bound volume addressed to S. G. McCormick, president of the Silverdale Cycling Club, on his marriage, 14 June 1900. It contains an illuminated first page, followed by the signatures of the club members. The Club was founded in 1886.

Silverdale has not been identified.

MSS.328/C/6/12/1 Papers deposited by D. Randell of Southampton, 2002 1897-1990s

One folder

Envelope of items: Everybody's Pictorial Touring Maps for motorists, cyclists and those who walk the Queen's Highway, 12 March 1955. Printed sheets from which a 64 page booklet could be made.

Cyclists' Map of 50 miles around London, Geographia Ltd, ?1930s

Photocopies of illustrations from Cycling, 1908, advertisement for The Rambler, a new weekly, showing the front cover, 18 May 1897 [?later copy].

Printed sheet of cycling cartoons, entitled Tourist Trials & Troubles, early 20th century. Prospectus for joining La Confrererie des Randonneurs Cyclotouristes sans Frontieres, 1990s.

CTC life membership plastic card and two CTC medals.

MSS.328/C/6/13/1 CTC in 1986 1986

One photograph

Photograph of a group of cyclists with three anniversary cakes in the foreground, one to celebrate the 108th birthday of the CTC, another that of the 50th anniversary of the East Warwickshire District Association and the third for the Birmingham and Midland District Association.

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MSS.328/C/7/1-6 Legal Papers 1796-1824, 1880-1921, 1951

Six boxes

Legal papers relating to cases in which the Cyclists' Touring Club was involved.

MSS.328/C/7/1/1 The matter of the Cyclists' Touring Club and the Companies (Memorandum of Association) Act 1890 1887-1907

Five bundles

Case in the Chancery Division (Companies Winding up) of the High Court of Justice in the matter of the Cyclists' Touring Club and the matter of the Companies (Memorandum of Association) Act 1890. The Club had wished to alter its constitution by broadening the membership to motorists and all classes of tourists, calling itself The Touring Club. This proposal was accepted at the annual general meeting of March 1906, and following ratification at the confirmatory meeting of October 1906, a petition in Chancery was lodged and heard before Mr Justice Warrington. The judge dismissed the application with costs in December 1906 and the Club decided not to appeal. A significant number of members were opposed to this change, designed to attract an increase in members and thereby revitalise the Club. There was much correspondence in the Club Gazette, and the Club Secretary, E. R. Shipton, who was also editor of the Gazette, used his power in favour of the proposed extension of the Club. An opposition party, formed under the name of the Reform Party, opposed the petition in Chancery.

MSS.328/C/7/1/1 Cyclists' Touring Club, Memorandum of Association, 1887, and Special Resolutions 1887-1907

One bundle

Memorandum of Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 28th September 1887 (two copies, one annotated); Special Resolutions passed by the Club pursuant to the Companies (Memorandum of Association) Act 1890, 1888-1907, and one certificate of the Company Registration Agency, certifying the registration of the special resolution passed in March 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/1/2 Case papers 1906

One bundle

Case in the Chancery Division (Companies Winding up) of the High Court of Justice: transcripts of proceedings, 11, 18 and 19 December 1906; affidavits of petitioners and respondents, including drafts and copies, and copies of the exhibits.

MSS.328/C/7/1/3 Correspondence 1906-1907

One bundle

Large bundle, mostly of correspondence, between officials of the Club, its solicitors, and members relating to the case, with many members expressing their opinions about it on sending in their subscriptions, February 1906-January 1907. Also contains typescript paper about the Club and its background and pencilled note about alternatives open to it following the Judge's ruling.

MSS.328/C/7/1/4 Correspondence 1906-1907

One bundle

Correspondence from Club members on sending in their 1907 subscriptions, with comments on the case following the Club's decision not to appeal, which met with the approval of the majority, March 1906, November 1906-January 1907 ; also press cuttings and the Irish Cyclist, 2 January 1907 and the CTC Gazette, January 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/1/5 Press reports 1907

Three items

Press reports from The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail , 20 December 1906, on the refusal by the Judge to allow the alteration of the Memorandum of Association of the Club.

MSS.328/C/7/2/1-15 Rex v. Cladish and associated cases 1883-1908

Four boxes

Following the failure of the Club's petition in Chancery to widen the membership (see MSS.328/C/7/1), the Reform Party demanded an inquiry into office expenditure and accounts. The motion was carried at the annual general meeting in March 1907 and the Committee of Inquiry was to consist of 10 members, five members of the Club's Council and five non-members. They included a solicitor and two barristers. The Council refused to act upon this resolution, so another special general meeting was held in Birmingham in April 1907, which confirmed the resolution. However, the Club Council had determined on a postal vote of the membership to resolve the matter and so the Inquiry Committee was refused access to the Club offices on 25 April pending the result of the postal vote. About 8 June the postal vote was overwhelmingly in favour of the Committee of Inquiry. The Committee met and examined all the clerks in the Office which, it complained, had put obstacles in its way.

On 5th August 1907 the cashier, William Fuller Kent, gave himself up to the police and was charged on his own confession with embezzling money, the property of the Club. Other persons then implicated were the secretary, E. R. Shipton, the assistant secretary, Ewart, whose real name was E. W. Shipton, a brother of the secretary, James George Cladish, the chief clerk, and two minor clerks, Jameson and Horace H. Mandry. E. R. Shipton was alleged by Kent to have appropriated club moneys for his own use; Ewart was organising secretary for the Chertsey Liberal Association and was using the Club offices, staff time and stamps to carry on his political work. Jameson had embezzled stamps and postal orders. Kent had been a party to selling names and addresses of the members of the club to certain tradespeople and the payments made by the latter for this were divided between himself, Ewart and Cladish. There were false entries in the postage books, he and Cladish sharing the money. In May 1907 by Ewart's orders about 300 Club books of account were taken away and destroyed. This was after the Birmingham meeting and before the result of the postal vote. One postage book for May 1905 was saved by a clerk and contained suspicious entries against Kent and Cladish; in June Mandry was asked by Ewart to re-write the book in use in May 1907 because the balances or figures in it could not be explained. Mandry refused and the book was taken away by Ewart or Cladish.

Other matters: the secretary in December 1906 procured a man called Henchy to stand as a candidate for Council to prevent the unopposed return of Mr Williams who was hostile to the Office. Office time and equipment were used to promote Henchy's candidature. There were other similar instances with other members of Council.

The list of books kept in the Office supplied to the Inquiry was incomplete.

Ewart refused to give evidence to the Committee. For the past seven years he had practically run the office, engaging and dismissing staff and dealing with correspondence, whilst his brother E. R. Shipton ran the Gazette. This was contrary to E. R. Shipton's agreement with the Club. Both men had a rise in salary 1898-1899.

In the Chancery proceedings the joint affidavit of ERS and Cladish contained statements now known to be false by Cladish.

Counsel was asked whether a clear case could be made against Shipton, Ewart, Kent and Cladish. The Committee having heard the witnesses had no doubt that a system of fraud had been carried on for years. Richard Muir, counsel, thought proceedings could be taken against Kent, and against Ewart and Cladish for the larceny and destruction of the postage and letter books in 1907, and against Cladish for perjury.

MSS.328/C/7/2/1/1-22 Cyclists' Touring Club Committee of Inquiry Minutes June-August 1907

22 bundles

Large reconstituted bundle of the minutes of proceedings of twelve meetings of the Committee of Inquiry held at the Westminster Palace Hotel between 14 June and Friday, 9 August 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/2 Committee of Inquiry 1907

One item

Interim report of the Committee to members of the Cyclists' Touring Club. Printed proof, undated, c. August 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/3 Joint Committee of the Committee of Inquiry and the Finance Committee 1907

Six items

Minutes of meetings of 10, and 27 August, and 6 September 1907. List of members of this committee and their addresses, undated. Letter to E. R. Shipton, seeking his co-operation with prosecution of Kent, 27 August 1907, extract from minutes of this date, and opinion of Richard D. Muir, counsel, 23 August 1907. Two letters from C. H. L. Baskerville, the chairman, to members of the Joint Committee, 21 August and 2 September 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/4 Joint Committee of the Committee of Inquiry and the Finance Committee 1907

One bundle

Transcript of evidence of Kent, being recalled before the Committee of Inquiry, 3 August 1907. Notes on the liability of the editor, 10 August 1907. Meeting of Joint Committee, 10 August 1907: papers and resolution to ask Mr Woolmer to instruct Mr R. D. Muir to advise on the case. Memo of summons issued against John G. Cladish on a charge of conspiracy with William F. Kent of falsifying the books and stealing divers moneys of the Club. Letter of 21 August 1907 to committee and various notes and jottings, including those on trial of Kent, 30 August 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/5 Case and Counsel's Opinion 1907

Five items

Opinion on case by Richard D. Muir, 20 August 1907, and further case to advise as to the prosecution of Cladish, with Muir's opinion that he should be prosecuted for conspiracy with Kent, 24 September 1907.

Case to advise the acting joint secretaries and editors of the Club and Gazette, with Hugh Fraser's opinion, 4 October 1907 (three copies). Copy indemnity of the joint secretaries and editors, c. October 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/6 Rex v. William Fuller Kent 1907

One bundle and several small bundles

Reconstituted bundle of papers relating to this case: examination of John Watts, one of the magistrates of the Police Courts of the metropolis, in the presence of William Kent, 12 August 1907; statements by William Fuller Kent, 19 August 1907-8 October 1907; opinion of Richard D. Muir, 23 August 1907; observations of Shirley W. Woolmer (solicitor for the Cyclists' Touring Club) upon Kent's statements, undated and incomplete; brief to prosecute Kent on behalf of the Cyclists' Touring Club, stamped 29 August 1907; transcript of proceedings at Westminster Police Court, 30 August 1907.

Several small bundles of correspondence etc., August 1907-March 1908 and March 1909.

MSS.328/C/7/2/7 Rex v. James George Cladish 1907

One bundle

Reconstituted bundle of proceedings at Westminster Police Court: draft information and complaint of Cyclists' Touring Club and copy information, 2 October 1907; brief to prosecute, copy of magistrate's commitment indictment of JGC, 17 October 1907; draft affidavit to procure the attendance of William F. Kent, 17 October 1907; depositions of witnesses and transcript of proceedings, 17 October 1907 and 24 October 1907; two drafts of proposed charges against Cladish, undated, with cover endorsed by Richard Muir on 4 November 1907; transcript of proceedings, 7 November 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/8 Rex v. Cladish 1907

One bundle

Reconstituted bundle of proceedings in the Central Criminal Court: instructions of Counsel to advise on evidence and opinion of Richard D. Muir, 15 November 1907; indictments of James George Cladish for felonies and misdemeanours, with drafts and abstracts, 19 November 1907; brief for the prosecution, 19 November 1907; copy instructions to R. D. Muir to apply to restore this prosecution for hearing this sessions, it having been adjourned, 21 November 1907; proofs of witnesses, undated, including that of James Turner who testified as to the collection by him of about 70 hundredweight of books and papers in May and June 1907, which he understood were to be destroyed by his employers, Messrs Yates of Peckham; evidence, some attached to proofs of witnesses and correspondence, reconstituted, 1907-1908; Mr Woolmer's observations on new evidence (attached), undated; copy correspondence between Mr Woolmer and Mr Lickfold, 19 November 1907-4 January 1908; bundle of information etc., obtained for Mr Lickfold, December 1907; supplemental observations of Mr Woolmer copied January 1908; notice to Cladish to produce papers in connection with case, January 1908; transcript of proceedings, 9 January 1908; letter from William Kent to Shirley W. Woolmer thanking him for his expenses, 2 December 1907, with Kent's receipt for a voluntary allowance from the Club, 10 January 1908, and correspondence and receipts for expenses of other persons, January-February 1908; draft letter from Mr Woolmer to Horace Mandry, 24 February 1908.

MSS.328/C/7/2/9 Shipton v. Cyclists' Touring Club 1907-1908

Two bundles

Reconstituted bundle of proceedings in the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division, October-December 1907 (with earlier papers), relating to the plaintiff's claim for 125 pounds, being three months' salary agreed by a resolution of the defendants of 7 September 1907: includes copy affidavits, pleadings, exhibits, correspondence, amended statement of claim, etc., with printed minutes of a Club Council meeting, 12 October 1907, E. R. Shipton's receipt for £63 1s 6d in full discharge of all claims against the Club, 9 April 1908; order dismissing claim, 15 May 1908.

Original bundle of correspondence and papers between S. W. Woolmer, the Club and others concerning the case and the money Shipton is to receive, September 1907-March 1908. Extract from the 1891 employment agreement of Shipton.

MSS.328/C/7/2/10 Yates and others v. Cyclists' Touring Club 1908

Two bundles

Reconstituted bundle of proceedings in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division in the action of Rose Lamartine Yates on behalf of herself and all other members of the defendant club except those who are defendants, and the Cyclists' Touring Club, their Council Committees, servants and agents, defendants, that the defendants may be restrained from making any payment out of the property or funds of the Club to Ernest R. Shipton, its late secretary: includes motion, affidavits and draft defendants' brief, 1908, with order in Chancery that the action be dismissed, 28 April 1908 .

Original bundle of correspondence relating to the case, April-September 1908, and bill of costs of the defendants.

MSS.328/C/7/2/11/1-9 Correspondence of Cyclists' Touring Club 1907-1908

One bundle

Seven files of correspondence between the secretary, the acting secretary and others, January-September 1907 (includes legal papers and E. R. Shipton's receipt for 63 pounds 1s 6d in full discharge of all claims against the Club, 9 April 1908); September-October 1907 and March 1908; September 1907-April 1908; February 1908; April 1908; May-June 1908; July-December 1908. Three loose letters, 11 April 1907, 18 May 1908 and 10 Jany ... .

MSS.328/C/7/2/12 Jottings [c.1907-1908]

One bundle

Several sheets of jottings about the case, perhaps made by C. H. L. Baskerville or one of the lawyers.

MSS.328/C/7/2/13 Ernest Richard Shipton 1883-1907

Three items

Copy employment agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club and Ernest Richard Shipton of Surbiton, Surrey, 31 July 1891, whereby he was appointed secretary to the Club at a salary of 500 pounds per annum, and given the power to engage and dismiss his staff in the Office.

Guarantee policy of fidelity of E. R. Shipton, employee of the Finance Committee of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 20 August 1883, with premium receipts for 1885, 1886 and 1907.

Draft memorandum by which E. R. Shipton at the request of the Cyclists' Touring Club directed the Provident Clerks and General Guarantee Association to settle all claims direct with the Club in lieu of himself, 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/14 Bills of Costs 1907-1908

One bundle

Bills of costs of Shirley W. Woolmer, one of the solicitors of the Supreme Court, for his legal work for the Cyclists' Touring Club in respect of the prosecution of Kent and Cladish, costs re Shipton, the Fidelity policy and a libel, 1907-1908.

Professional charges of Mr Redshawe Williams, solicitor, to the Cyclists' Touring Club, as to agreements with the secretary, editor, printers and canvasser, October-November 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/2/15 Postal Vote, September 1908 1908

One volume

Volume into which has been pasted a voting paper for a postal vote of the membership following a special general meeting of the Cyclists' Touring Club at which the motion was carried "That this Meeting considers that the Club should make a grant by way of annuity or otherwise to the late Secretary, Mr. E. R. Shipton." Subsequently a protest had been lodged with the Secretary, and a poll of the whole Club was requisitioned under Article 55 of the Articles of Association of the Club. The volume recorded that 6722 voting papers were returned, of whom 121 were invalid and of the remaining 6601, a majority of 735 members was in favour of the resolution, 1 October 1908.

MSS.328/C/7/3/1-4 Misuse of Cyclists' Touring Club trademark, publications and good name. 1884-1901

Three bundles and one item

Bundle of trademark certificates and papers, 1884-1901. Cases respecting wrongful use of the trademark, infringement of copyright, and misuse of good name of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/7/3/1 Cyclists' Touring Club trademarks 1884-1901

One bundle

Bundle of certificates from the Patent Office: Trademarks Branch to the Cyclists' Touring Club registering the Club as proprietors of certain numbered trademarks, 1884-1900, with associated papers to 1901.

MSS.328/C/7/3/2 Cyclists' Touring Club trademarks 1897-1900

One bundle

Case for opinion of Counsel as to the wrongful use of the Cyclists' Touring Club trademark by Alexander Jones & Co., cigar and cigarette manufacturer, 1900, with correspondence, 1897-1900. Five notifications of the registration of patents issued to the Club, numbered 228188-89, 228191-93, 11 January 1900. List of Cyclists' Touring Club trademarks (typescript) dated 1885-1900 and made c.1900, and printed guide to the classification of goods covered by such marks, 1883-1888, printed by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1900.

MSS.328/C/7/3/3 Copyright of the Cyclists' Touring Club [c.1897]

One item

Case to advise the Club as to whether Messrs Philip & Son have infringed the copyrights of the Club in their use of information from the Club handbooks and road books in their cycling edition of the new Topographical Map of England & Wales; whether the Club could adopt the principle of contour sketches in its own publications if it obtained its own data, and whether the Cyclists' diary of Charles Letts is an infringement of the Club's handbook.

MSS.328/C/7/3/4 The good name of the Cyclists' Touring Club 1901

One bundle

The Slate bicycle: advertisement in the Daily Mail, 12 April 1901, offering a half price bicycle, which it is claimed the expert of the C.T.C. Gazette had valued at ten shillings more than its full price; copy of The Slate, vol. 1, no. 7, 13 April 1901, with bundle of correspondence between E. R. Shipton, secretary, the Club solicitor, and C. W. Brown [?of the CTC Gazette], and others about the unauthorised use of Brown's name and that of the CTC Gazette to promote the sale of the bicycle. Correspondence from individuals wishing to buy a bicycle, etc.

MSS.328/C/7/4/1-6 Transport and Traffic 1796-1824, 1880-1921

Five bundles and two items

Cases in which the Cyclists' Touring Club was involved relating to bridges, light railways, tramways, street traffic and a road accident.

MSS.328/C/7/4/1 Bridges 1796-1824, 1880-1907

One bundle

The Cyclists' Touring Club wished to establish the legality of charging tolls for bicycles crossing bridges; this was made difficult by the fact that the Special Acts of Parliament under which tolls were levied varied in almost every case. On 8 February 1898, Counsel Alexander Glen gave his opinion that cyclists were not chargeable with tolls imposed by certain bridge acts. A case for the opinion of counsel relating to Dunham Bridge, Notts, Teignmouth and Shaldon Bridge, Devon, Lymington Bridge, Hants, as well as Cressage Bridge, with opinion dated October 1900, found that Counsel also on the whole thought the tolls could not include bicycles. The bundle includes printed acts of parliament, printed special cases in the Queen's/King's Bench, 1899 and 1901, about Swinford bridge, Berks, and Cressage bridge, correspondence and printed cycling journals, 1796, 1824, 1880, 1898-1907. In 1902 the Club was successful in its action in connection with a test case over the recent imposition of tolls for bicycles crossing Cressage Bridge, Salop.

Attached to the 1900 case for opinion are two further cases for the opinion of Counsel, one concerning the legality of the suggested Committee of Inquiry into the secretarial and editorial staff, with opinion of April 1907 [see MSS.328/C/7/2], correspondence and printed agenda of Council meetings, the other concerning the bicycle accident of Thomas Hadwell, with opinion dated 1 February 1907.

Bursledon Bridge, Hants; instructions to Counsel to advise about the legality of tolls, with two opinions, February-March 1907.

MSS.328/C/7/4/2 Light Railways and Tramways 1898-1921

One bundle

The Cyclists' Touring Club's concern with light railways was the fear that charges for carrying cycles would be excessive and that the companies would be under no obligation to carry them or provide proper accommodation for them. Tramlines could be dangerous if positioned near the kerb; in fact the Tramways Act of 1870 states that the tramway should be constructed as nearly as may be in the middle of the road.

Bundle containing:

Typescript list of parliamentary agents from whom particulars may be obtained of the schemes it lists, undated, c. 1900. Typescript list of light railway schemes, tramway schemes, bills relating to railways, schemes relating to bridges, sea-walls, etc, 1901.

Cyclists' Touring Club: copy draft bill to amend the railway and canal traffic acts, 1854, 1873 and 1888, as settled by Mr Alexander Glen (typescript and printed versions), c. 1900.

Printed memorandum on railway rates submitted to the Ministry of Transport by the Cyclists' Touring Club, May 1921.

South-Eastern and London Chatham and Dover railways: petition against the bill by the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1899, and testimony of E. R. Shipton, secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

United Tramway Limited (Light Railway Extensions), 1898: testimony of E. R. Shipton, secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club, on dangers of tramlines, with letter, telegram and note for the Gazette. Attached is issue of newspaper with details of further extensions to electric tramway systems, 2 July 1898.

Edinburgh Suburban Electric Tramways Company: printed provisional order and order confirmation bill: both contain the petition of the Lothians District Association of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1905-1906.

The Yorkshire Post, 20 November 1905: report of West Yorkshire Tramways in the Parliamentary Session 1906 is highlighted.

MSS.328/C/7/4/3 North and South Shields Electric Railway Company 1902

One bundle

North and South Shields Electric Railway: the concern of the Cyclists' Touring Club was that the charges for taking cycles should be reduced and the Company be obliged to provide facilities and accommodation for cyclists and cycles: bundle containing the bill, the petition of the local cyclists and correspondence with the Club. One letter of 14 April 1902 from Durnford & Co of Westminster to E. R. Shipton, states that the agents for the bill intend to withdraw the reference to charges.

MSS.328/C/7/4/4 Traffic 1899

One bundle

London: Metropolitan Streets Act (1867) Amendment: bill, 1899, with draft protest against the London Traffic Bill by the Cyclists' Touring Club, with two letters and press cuttings: this concerned heavy traffic in congested areas, 1899.

A bill to require vehicles on highways to carry lamps at night (cycles were excluded), 1899.

MSS.328/C/7/4/5 Paignton Improvement Bill, 1898 1898

Two items

Printed bill to confer powers on the Urban District Council "with respect to the purchase and laying out of land for a Recreation Ground to make better provision of the Improvement Health and Local Government of the District and for other purposes", 1898. Petition on parchment against the clauses 82 and 83 of the bill by the Cyclists' Touring Club which give the Council powers to restrict the use of bicycles on the esplanade and other roads at certain times and to put speed limits on them, 23 February 1898.

MSS.328/C/7/4/6 Cycle accident 1904-1908

One bundle

Legal papers and associated correspondence in the action in the High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division, Cardiff District Registry and Glamorganshire Autumn Assizes, 1904-1908, between Thomas Angus Southern v. Henry Fantham; the plaintiff, a certificated mining engineer, suffered considerable personal injury and damage to his cycle when in collision with the defendant who was driving a horse and dog-cart, recklessly and on the wrong side of the road, according to the plaintiff. However the defendant denied any negligence and claimed recklessness on the part of the cyclist. Southern was supported by the Club, but lost his case.

MSS./C/7/5/1-4 Legal accounts 1899-1902

Four items

Bills of costs from Leslie J. Williams of London E.C., for advising on bills before parliament and opposition to schemes (many of them relate to the above legal papers), 1901-1902; bills of costs from the same relating inter alia to the Bulls Head, Congleton, Newton v. A. B. Cycle Co., Wapshare Tube Co Ltd, and Wilson of Ludgate Hill, 1899-1901.

MSS.328/C/7/6/1 Cycling offences 1951

One item

Typescript list of offences relating to bicycles and cyclists, produced by Oswald Hickson, Collier & Co., Strand, 1951.

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MSS.328/C/8/1-2 Cycling Diaries, Articles and Memoirs c. 1876-1997

Five volumes and twelve articles

Diaries of cycling holidays and rides and engagement diaries, three of which come from the Foxley Norris family of Whetstone.

Short articles and script for a radio programme on the early history of the bicycle and Alex Moulton's philosophy about the bicycle. Histories of the Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists and beginnings of the district associations; memoirs by the Hon Gilbert Coleridge and of Finlay Sinclair.

Research essay entitled The Cultural Significance of Cycling c.1870-c.1900

MSS.328/C/8/1/1-8 Diaries c. 1876-1995

Eight diaries

Engagement diaries and diaries of cycling holidays and rides, three of which come from the Foxley Norris family of Whetstone.

MSS.328/C/8/1/1 Diary of CFHS c. 1876

Three folded sheets

Diary of a cycle ride from Hoe Street bridge through Edmonton to Barnet, St Albans, Dunstable, Woburn, and Newport Pagnell to Northampton in a morning. It ends with the injunction "dont tear this up". The diarist has not been identified.

MSS.328/C/8/1/2 Diary of J. Foxley Norris 1879

One volume

The Bicycle Annual for 1879, edited by C. W. Nairn and C. J. Fox, jun., containing a review of the year 1878, printed road routes with index, and diary pages used by Foxley Norris, who was a founder member of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/8/1/3 Journal of J/T. Foxley Norris 1903-1911

One volume

Red leather bound journal of Foxley Norris [born c. 1839] of 3, Green Cottages, Rasper Road, Whetstone, N.20, 1903-1911, entitled on the spine "T Foxley-Norris Rides 1903-1910". It includes press cuttings, photographs and printed illustrations. Note at start that his cyclometer marked 4654 miles at the end of 1902, and that in 1911 a journey of 20 miles by motor via Hawkhurst to Rye took only an hour. Foxley Norris had stopped riding in 1910, "being now 71 yrs. of age & not strong enough". His tricycle was sent to the Church Army for use by a country worker.

MSS.328/C/8/1/4 Journal of a Tour in Ireland by JFN 6-25 June 1930

One volume

Journal by JFN[orris] of a journey from Whetstone to Holyhead and thence to Ireland. It contains details of some early Norrises from Ireland.

Enclosed: letter from J Euan Edwards of Levenshulme, Manchester, 2 September 1930, on returning the diary to the diarist, whose name is not given.

MSS.328/C/8/1/5 H. A. Clarke & Co's Cyclists' Diary for 1892 1892

One volume

Small pocket diary from 6 March to 15 October. Name of diarist is unknown.

MSS.328/C/8/1/6 "Short account of a tour in Switzerland, etc July 1902" July 1902

Twenty pages

The account breaks off in mid sentence when the writer is describing the Gothard railway and tunnel.

MSS.328/C/8/1/7 Cyclists' Touring Club diary 1949

One volume

The diary belonged to V. Walton of Reading, Berks.

MSS.328/C/8/1/8 "The Church Collection" 1995

Ten pages

An account by Lionel, aged 73, of a "Dawn to Dusk" ride of 124 miles visiting 53 churches in aid of Okewood Restoration Fund. Okewood is in Sussex.

MSS.328/C/8/2/1-11 Histories and Memoirs 1899-1997

Eleven items

Short articles and script for a radio programme on the early history of the bicycle, and Alex Moulton's philosophy about the bicycle. Histories of the Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists and beginnings of the district associations; memoirs by the Hon Gilbert Coleridge and of Finlay Sinclair.

Research essay entitled The Cultural Significance of Cycling c.1870-c.1900.

MSS.328/C/8/2/1 "The First Bicycle" 1899

Four typescript sheets

Article by James Johnston of Glasgow Cycling Club from the Gallovidian, no. 4, vol. 1, Winter 1899.

MSS.328/C/8/2/3 "The Story of the Bicycle" c. 1950

Five typescript sheets

Script for talk on the history of the bicycle, with hints for its good maintenance. Post 1939.

MSS.328/C/8/2/7 History of "The Fellowship of Old Time Cyclists" Post 1961

Two typescript sheets

The Fellowship was formed in 1916. The article was written by Derek Roberts, Hon. Secretary.

MSS.328/C/8/2/8 "Northern Cyclists Celebrate" 1954

Five typescript sheets

News release or short history from the Cyclists' Touring Club on the diamond jubilee of the first district association of the Club, the Northumberland and Durham, following a meeting of enthusiasts at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 18 April 1894.

MSS.328/C/8/2/9 "The Memory of an Ancient of Days" 1950-1951

Four items

Cycling memories of the Hon. Gilbert Coleridge, when nearing his 91st birthday. Illustration of the Irish Cyclist staff, from the supplement to the Irish Cyclist, 21 June 1893. Letter from Gilbert Coleridge at Haverfield House, Kew Green, Surrey, to the Secretary, 4 December 1950, and accompanying biographical notes, with a copy response dated 4 January 1950 [1951]. The letter refers to a photograph of Coleridge, which is not present.

MSS.328/C/8/2/10 "Finlay Sinclair A Memoir by his Son" 1957

Eleven typescript pages

Finlay Sinclair was a pioneer of the pneumatic tyre industry, and was said by his son to have been born in Ballycrag, Northern Ireland 100 years earlier. The memoir was sent in by Arnold Robinson following a radio phone-in programme.

MSS.328/C/8/2/11 Research essay September1991

Ring binder

Research essay entitled The Cultural Significance of Cycling c.1870-c.1900, submitted in partial fulfilment of the degree of master of arts by Andrew Shrimpton, York, September 1991.

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MSS.328/C/9/1-4 Agreements 1898-1962

Three boxes

Agreements relating to publications, advertising, printing and stationery, and travel, 1898-1924. Agreements with employees, 1907-1927. Agreement with Bristol corporation for the erection of highway danger notices, 1909. Series of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers found in old lever arch files arranged by county, all relating to England, and now placed as found in folders: the official caterers/repairers paid for the loan of a metal appointment sign. The agreements date from 1950 to 1962, but most relate to the 1950s.

MSS.328/C/9/1/1-7 Agreements for publications, advertising, stationery and travel 1898-1924

Nineteen agreements

Twelve agreements relating to the publication of the Cyclists' Touring Club road books, 1898-1911, and a Letts diary, 1924. Two agreements with advertising contractors, 1909-1915. Four agreements for the supply of printing and stationery, 1898-1913. One agreement with travel agents, 1912.

MSS.328/C/9/1/1 Agreement for publication of road book 1898-1900

Eight items

Draft agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, and Robert Turnbull Lang of 21 Station Road, Whitley, Northumberland, as sole compiler and editor of the publication of the Cyclists' Touring Club Irish Road Book, 22 April 1898, with a map or maps, the book to be published in two volumes, and be ready for printing by 30 September 1898. Lang would be remunerated at a rate of 100 pounds and four shillings per page over 450 pages. At end: "Approved E. W. Burke" [Representative Councillor].

Enclosed: four letters between the Secretary, E. R. Shipton, the solicitors, and R. T. Lang, 1898-1900; a page of insertions needed in the agreement, c. 1898, and printed final and very complimentary report to the Council of the Cyclists' Touring Club following the book's publication, for the agenda, April 1900. Also an interim printed report of the Foreign and Colonial Touring Arrangements Committee to the same, April 1900.

MSS.328/C/9/1/2 Agreements for publication of road books 1911

Three agreements

Agreements between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280, Euston Road, London N. W., and Thomas Nelson & Sons of Parkside Works, Edinburgh, for the re-issue of the guide or road book for the North-west of England, 20 March 1911, and for the re-issue of the same for the North-East of England, and for the same for the South of England, which latter would be in two volumes for the South East and South West, 25 May 1911.

MSS.328/C/9/1/3 Agreement for publication of a diary 1924

One agreement

Memorandum of agreement between Charles Letts & Company, diarists and manufacturers of Southwark Bridge Buildings, London, and G. Herbert Stancer, secretary, on behalf of the Cyclists' Touring Club, whereby the manufacturers agreed to print an editon of 10,000 copies of a diary containing 32 pages of useful information to cyclists, the matter to be supplied by the Club, 31 March 1924.

MSS.328/C/9/1/4 Agreements with advertising contractors 1909-1915

Two agreements

Agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, and Messrs. R. T. Lang Ltd., of Tudor House, Tudor St., London E.C. in the county of Middlesex, advertising contractors, whereby the contractors would undertake the entire advertisement canvassing for the Club, and would use their best endeavours to procure as many advertisements as possible for the Gazette of the Club and its other publications, 29 October 1909.

Agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road, London, and Joseph Bardsley of Sunnycote, Oakland Road, Moseley, Birmingham, whereby Bardsley would serve the Club as its advertising representative in the Midland counties (named), 11 December 1915.

MSS.328/C/9/1/5 Agreements for supply of printing and stationery 1898-1913

Four agreements

Agreement between Chorley & Pickersgill, printers and stationers, of the Electric Press, Leeds, Yorks, and the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, to provide goods, articles and works as set out in the attached memorandum and schedule of the printing and stationery contract, dated 31 January 1898, for three years from April 1898, dated 29 August 1898. Agreement for a further three and a half years from 1 July 1901, dated 7 March 1902, with attached contract as before.

Agreement between Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road and Norbury Natzio & Co. Ltd, of Old Trafford, Manchester, for the provision of printing and stationery as before, from 1 January 1911 for three years, 21 November 1910, and memorandum of an agreement between the same parties, 17 December 1913, for the Club's printing and stationery from 1 January 1914, the printing of the Gazette, to conclude with the issue for December 1916.

MSS.328/C/9/1/6 Agreement with travel agents 1912

One agreement and letter

Agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of Bank Buildings, 280 Euston Road, London, N.W., and Dean and Dawson Ltd, of 34 London Road, Manchester, travel agents, appointing the agents as tourist agents to the Club, thereby securing for members special terms and allowances when travelling, 20 March 1912, with letter from the agents of even dating.

MSS.328/C/9/2/1-7 Agreements with employees 1907-1929

Eight agreements and other papers

Agreements for the employment of secretary and business manager, editor, cleaner, cashier and book-keeper, and caretaker.

MSS.328/C/9/2/1 Employment of editor 1907

One agreement

Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, and Abraham Wren Rumney of Skinburness, Silloth, Cumberland, MA Cantab., appointing Rumney as editor of the Gazette from 1 November 1907.

MSS.328/C/9/2/2 Employment of secretary and business manager 1907

One agreement

Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, and William Affleck Russell of 75 Cecil St, Manchester, appointing Russell as secretary and business manager of the Club from 4 November 1907, dated 4 November 1907.

MSS.328/C/9/2/3 Employment of secretary and business manager 1909-1917

Two agreements and an appointment

Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, and Walter Samuel Burke of 2 Bridge Avenue Mansions, Hammersmith, Middlesex, appointing Burke secretary and business manager of the Club, 10 September 1909. Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road, London N. W. and Burke, whereby he was appointed secretary and manager for three years certain and thereafter from year to year, and also editor of the Gazette for the same period, 1 September 1917.

Appointment by the Car & General Insurance Corporation, Ltd., of Walter S. Burke as agent, and schedule of rates of commisssion, 25 January 1911, with covering letter of 17 February 1911.

MSS.328/C/9/2/4 Employment of Cleaning Company 1910

One agreement

Agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road, London N. W. and the Great International Plate Glass Insurance and Cleaning Co., Ltd., for one year's window cleaning, 2 April 1910, from 27 April 1910.

MSS.328/C/9/2/5 Employment of cashier and book-keeper 1915

One agreement

Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road, London N. W., and Frank Arthur Hooper of 32A Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London, appointing Hooper as cashier and book-keeper, 10 July 1918.

MSS.328/C/9/2/6 Employment of cashier and book-keeper 1920

One agreement

Memorandum of agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 280 Euston Road, London N. W. and Edwin William Turley of 5 Lisson Grove, Marylebone, London, appointing Turley as cashier and book-keeper, 28 February 1920.

MSS.328/C/9/2/7 Caretaker's agreement 1927-1929

Three items

Agreement between the Cyclists' Touring Club of 3 Craven Hill, Paddington, London, W2, and Sergeant B. E. Robinson and his wife, appointing Robinson as caretaker, 17 January 1927. Two copies of the conditions and duties of the caretaker, one a draft signed by Robinson, and the other signed by Sergeant R. Peacock, 24 August 1929.

MSS.328/C/9/3/1 Erection of Highway Notices 1920

One item

Agreement between the mayor and corporation of Bristol and the Cyclists' Touring Club of 47 Victoria St, Westminster, that the corporation will at its own cost and expense erect five posts and affix danger notices supplied by the Club to them to alert cyclists to the dangers of the hills, and that the corporation will maintain and keep the notices in repair, 22 April 1909.

MSS.328/C/9/4/1-8 Agreements for Hire of Appointment Signs to Caterers/Repairers 1950-1962

Eight folders

Series of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers found in old lever arch files arranged by county, all relating to England, and now placed as found in folders: the official caterers/repairers paid for the loan of a metal appointment sign. With a few associated papers. Most relate to the 1950s.

MSS.328/C/9/4/1 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1961

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: A-CHA.

MSS.328/C/9/4/2 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1960

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: CHE-CUM.

MSS.328/C/9/4/3 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1961

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: D-F.

MSS.328/C/9/4/4 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1961

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: G-I.

MSS.328/C/9/4/5 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1961

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: K-L.

MSS.328/C/9/4/6 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1962

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: M-SALOP.

MSS.328/C/9/4/7 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1962

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: SOM-SUR.

MSS.328/C/9/4/8 Agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers 1950-1962

One folder

Folder of agreements for hire of appointment signs to caterers/repairers: England: W-Z

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MSS.328/C/10/1-2 Press-cuttings 1774, 1819-1839, 1861-1981

Eleven boxes

Series of albums, mostly of press-cuttings, found numbered 1-31, 36-40, 42 and 43, with a few which were not numbered, but in this series. A few unbound press cuttings.

MSS.328/C/10/1/1-38 Scrapbooks containing press cuttings 1774, 1819-1839, 1861-late 20th cent.

Thirty seven volumes, one binder and one box

Numbered scrapbooks containing press-cuttings, photographs, printed items and cycling literature and ephemera, including many illustrations and photographs of early cycles and cyclists, the 50th anniversary celebration of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1928, publicity literature and cuttings of the Club, 1952-1962, and some non-cycling material.

MSS.328/C/10/1/1 No. 1 London Bicycle Club Scrapbook 1874-1924

One volume

"LBC Scrapbook, 1874-1920 [sic] No 1", containing many group photographs, and photographs of individual members, a list of members at the first meeting, 9 July 1874, and another in 1914, the London Bicycle Club Gazette, 15 March 1878; also original correspondence, printed extracts, a menu, programmes, playbills of the Club dramatic society, press reports, etc. The club album was compiled in 1908, and it is recorded that the origins of the Club were in the Tension Bicycle Club founded in 1874; ten men from this Club formed themselves into the London Amateur Bicycle Club, and in November 1874 the word amateur was dropped, the club taking its present title.

MSS.328/C/10/1/2 "Scrapbook 1880's No 2" 1875-1880s, 1903-1908

One volume

Scrapbook of press-cuttings, 1875-1882, mostly undated of the late 1870s-1880s. Extract from London Bicycle Club Gazette, and copy for July 1908, with extracts, July to August 1903. Includes advertisements for cycles, cycle parts and clothing.

MSS.328/C/10/1/3 "Scrapbook 1890's No 3" 1890-1893, undated

One volume

Scrapbook containing illustrations of cyclists (individually and in groups), and cycles from the supplement to Cycling and the Wheeler and other cycling magazines, also programmes and cuttings of club races, etc., mostly pictorial, many undated.

MSS.328/C/10/1/4 "Scrapbook No 4" April 1897-January 1900

One volume

Scrapbook containing cycling press-cuttings, including a few pictorial ones showing the cycle corps of the 26th Middlesex using Swift war-cycles, 1899. A typescript letter of 1900 refers to the proposed new company of Cyclist Volunteers for the 1st Volunteer Battalion Suffolk regiment; at a meeting in April in Ipswich, the major of the 26th Middlesex Cyclist Volunteer Corps would explain the duties, advantages and utility of such a corps.

MSS.328/C/10/1/20 "Scrapbook No 20" 1870-1928

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, many non-cycling, such as births, marriages and deaths, and other personal cuttings. Said to have been compiled 1917-1928, with the bookplate of J. Foxley Norris to whom many of the cycling cuttings pertain. At the time of the 50th anniversary of the Cyclists' Touring Club in 1928, Norris aged 71, had been cycling for over 50 years and was photographed with the cycle he rode in 1877. He died 15 January 1931.

MSS.328/C/10/1/21 "Scrapbook No 21" 1879-[c.1930]

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, presented to Walter H. Croker[?], 1 January 1885. Includes pictures of early bicycles taken from magazines.

MSS.328/C/10/1/22 "Early Cuttings. Scrapbook No 22" 1878-1900

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings. Includes picture from magazine of the 26th Middlesex (Cyclist) Rifle Volunteer Corps [founded April 1888], 6 February 1895.

MSS.328/C/10/1/23 "Scrapbook No 23" 1876, 1878 and undated

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, mostly undated, but probably 1870s or soon after, including articles about cycling trips by road.

MSS.328/C/10/1/24 "Scrapbook No 24 1800's 1930's" 1874-1935

One volume

Large scrapbook containing a great deal of fine pictorial material about cycling, including photographs, magazine and press-cuttings, also rules, programmes, membership cards, and other cycling literature, Cyclists' Touring Club certificates, and cycling club badges, mostly of the 1890s and 1930s. This scrapbook probably belonged to H. Bruce Penn.

Included is a picture of the penny farthing bicycle race from Bath to London in 1874.

MSS.328/C/10/1/25 "Scrapbook No 25 1880's-1930's" 1774, 1819-1839. 1861-1908, 1927-1935

One volume

Large scrapbook similar to no. 24 above, containing magazine and press-cuttings, book cover, programmes, handbooks, yearbook, rules and fixtures, membership certificates, photographs, mostly of the 1890s and 1930s, undated.

Includes: original printed sheet (cropped) from the Universal Magazine, 1774, describing a machine "to travel without horses", invented by Mr Ovenden (illustration not present). The Mirror, 1839, showing very early wheelers. The London Journal, Ladies Supplement, November 1868, a printed article entitled The Latest Parisian Whim - Velocipedes and a press-cutting of Queen Elizabeth II aged five on her tricycle in the park, 7 March 1932.

MSS.328/C/10/1/26 "Scrapbook No 26 1880's 1935/6" 1880-1900, 1930-1944

One volume

Large scrapbook similar to nos. 24-25 above, containing magazine and press-cuttings, photographs, book covers, advertisements, cigarette cards, etc., mostly 1880-1900, and undated of this time, and 1934-1935, with a few for 1930 and 1944.

Includes press-cutting showing Ben Tillett, the veteran labour leader kissing goodbye to Miss Evelyn Hamilton, who left London to cycle to John o' Groats (700 miles away), the first woman to attempt to do so, 22 September 1934.

MSS.328/C/10/1/27 "Scrapbook No 27 L. Meredith. World Champ" January 1930, 1952

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings relating to the death of Leon Meredith, the one-time Paddington Cycling Club member and world champion, who died at Davos, Switzerland, whilst on holiday with his wife, reported in the press, 28 January 1930. He is described as the greatest long distance cyclist of his time, winning Olympic and world championships for Britain. He first achieved championship fame in 1902, and died aged 48. Included is the Star's poster announcing his sudden death.

A letter enclosed from his aunt relates to her donation of the volume to the Cyclists' Touring Club in 1952.

MSS.328/C/10/1/28 "Scrapbook No 28 1920-1927" 1920-1927

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, many relating to other sports in addition to cycling.

MSS.328/C/10/1/29 "Scrapbook No 29 Veterans Rides 1950 1953 1956 1959" 1949-1959

One volume

Scrapbook containing magazine and press-cuttings, photographs, typescript newsheets, information and instructions, rides' papers etc. from the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/10/1/30 "Scrapbook No 30 record of Publicity" of the Cyclists' Touring Club 1952-1957

One volume

Scrapbook containing magazine and press-cuttings, news sheets and literature, etc.

See also MSS.328/C/10/2/6 for an earlier volume in this series.

MSS.328/C/10/1/31 "Scrapbook No 31 CTC Publicity" 1955-1957

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, newsheets, letters and Cyclists' Touring Club publicity material.

See also MSS.328/C/10/2/6 for an earlier volume in this series.

MSS.328/C/10/1/32 "Scrapbook No 36 BCTC 1956" 1951-1958

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, printed and typescript literature concerning the British Cycle Tourist Competitions of 1952 and 1954-1958.

MSS.328/C/10/1/33 "Scrapbook No 37 CTC 1958/62" 1958-1962

One volume

Large scrapbook containing magazine and press-cuttings, Cyclists' Touring Club news sheets and publicity material. In 1958 the 80th anniversary of the Club was celebrated.

See also MSS.328/C/10/2/6 for an earlier volume in this series.

MSS.328/C/10/1/34 "Scrapbook No 38 York Rally" "York Rally 1948 70th Annniversary Publicity " 1948

One volume

Scrapbook relating to the York International Cycling Rally, August 1948, containing magazine and press-cuttings from Britain and abroad, rally news and publicity from Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/10/1/35 "Scrapbook No 39 York Rally 1954" 1954-1962

One volume

Large scrapbook containing press-cuttings and publicity material. Items for 1962 are not pasted in.

MSS.328/C/10/1/36 "Scrapbook No 40 York Rally Reports 1949-1965 plus 1950's Visitors Book" 1949-1968

One envelope containing one volume and loose sheets.

Envelope containing York Rally Visitors' Book, 1951-1958, and loose sheets containing typescript reports of the 5th York Rally by the Cyclists' Touring Club Yorkshire Inter-District Associations Committee and of the 6th York Rally, probably by the same, 1949-1950, with reports of the organiser to the York Rally Committee, 1951-1965 (complete).

See also MSS.328/C/3/3/9 and MSS.328/C/3/5/21.

MSS.328/C/10/1/37 "Scrapbook No 42 ABC of the British Isles 1931" 1931-1933

Loose contents of one binder

Scrapbook found in rusty binder endorsed on the spine as above, containing series of short articles and illustrations from Cycling entitled Cycling The ABC of the British Isles about interesting places, people, buildings, etc., worth a cycle ride, printed 30 October 1931; it is arranged alphabetically with manuscript index of place-names by county.

Photograph, 1932, entitled "Cyclists v Harriers".

A letter from P. C. Mortimore of Wiltshire sending on the file to the Cyclists' Touring Club is enclosed.

MSS.328/C/10/1/38 "Scrapbook No 43" 1879-1920s, 1948, late 20th century

One volume and one box

The Patterson Book, published Summer 1948 in London, containing 150 line drawings selected from some 5000 which appeared in Cycling, The Motor and The Light Car, since 1891 from the pen of Frank Patterson.

Envelope containing "Patterson Drawings from Cycling in the 1920's", with late 20th century index of places called "Patterson Supplement".

Envelope containing Wayfarer [W. M. Robinson]'s articles from Cycling in the 1920s with late 20th century list of titles. Most of the illustrations were by Patterson.

Bicycle Touring Club: form of hotel agreement and revised prospectus (one sheet), printed 1879.

MSS.328/C/10/2/1-10 Press Cuttings outside numbered sequence 1869-1981

Six volumes, two bundles and eleven items

Scrapbooks containing magazine and press-cuttings, many with fine illustrations of early cycles, trips and races. One is devoted to the comments of the cycle trade press on the decision of the Birmingham Small Arms Co., Ltd to build complete cycles in 1909, another to the 1928 Jubilee of the Cyclists' Touring Club, and another to the Club publicity literature, 1947-1951. The press-cuttings found loose include obituaries to worthy and famed cyclists.

MSS.328/C/10/2/1 Scrapbook of early velocipedes 1869-1889, undated

One volume

Scrapbook containing magazine and press-cuttings many with fine illustrations of the many varieties of early cycles, 1869, 1889 and undated, but of this period. At front, poem by Tennyson on the bicycle and (loose) printed copy of The C.T.C. Dictionary of Dates for 1876-1913.

MSS.328/C/10/2/2 Scrapbook of W. d'A. Crofton ?of the Amateur Bicycle Club 1875-1876, undated

One volume

Small scrapbook containing press-cuttings of bicycling trips and races, 1875-1876, undated, advertisements showing early bicycles, 1876 and undated, printed minutes of the annual general meeting of the Amateur Bicycle Club, 1876. At the end, two cuttings on coaching. All entries are probably of the mid 1870s.

MSS.328/C/10/2/3 Scrapbook relating to races and cyclists of the 1920s-1930s and early cycles 1924-1936, undated

One volume

Small scrapbook said to relate to the "Road and Path Races mainly 1922-5. N.C.J. Championships and other principal races; Principal Road Races. Pictures of Road [illegible]" containing press-cuttings and manuscript notes, about championship and other races, 1924-1934, reproductions of illustrations of early forms of cycle, undated, illustrations and photographs of cyclists up to 1936, but many undated. The volume starts at page 48.

MSS.328/C/10/2/4 Comments from the Cycle Trade Press on the new B. S. A. Policy 1909

One volume

Album containing press-cuttings of "Comments from the cycle trade press on the new B.S.A. policy ". This related to the decision of the Birmingham Small Arms Co., Ltd to sell the whole of its interests in Macbeth, Ltd and to widen its policy in regard to the manufacture of complete cycles, advertising to the public at large that they were now building in their own factories complete machines with their world-famed BSA fittings. They would be of the highest quality and cost more than the bicycles said to be built with BSA fittings which had been sold by local agents and makers. This policy followed a year of depressed trade and adverse weather conditions.

MSS.328/C/10/2/5 Jubilee of the Cyclists' Touring Club 1928

One volume

Scrapbook containing press-cuttings, relating to the celebrations, including press photographs of those at Harrogate and of early cyclists.

MSS.328/C/10/2/6 "Scrapbook No [sic] C.T.C. Press Cuttings 1949/1951" 1947-1951

One volume

Scrapbook containing "Record of Publicity 1949 1950 1951", containing magazine and press-cuttings and publicity material. Loose enclosures for 1947-1950.

See MSS.328/C/10/1/30-31 and 33 for later volumes in this series.

MSS.328/C/10/2/7 Press-cuttings 1896, 1951-1981

One bundle

A reconstituted bundle of miscellaneous magazine and press-cuttings about cycling, some sent by members of the public. Included is a photograph of the bicycle band of Christchurch, New Zealand, organised by Mr F. W. Painter in 1893, and a cartoon strip entitled "The Birth of the Bicycle" by Gary Keane and Neville Randall from the Daily Mail, 1972.

MSS.328/C/10/2/8 Press-cuttings 1933-1980

One bundle

Magazine and press-cuttings found in an envelope addressed to F. J. Wilcox and entitled "Cycling Photos and Article", some of them being obituaries of the following cyclists:

F. T. (Biddy) Bidlake (1867-1933), his last article and his obituary in Cycling, 29 September 1933, and printed In Memoriam sheet listing his cycling credentials and the official posts he held in the cycling movement.

Reginald Hargreaves Harris: colour photograph from Cycling, 22 December 1949, reproduced at a later date, showing Harris at the moment of his triumph, he having just become the first Englishman in history to win the professional sprint title.

G. Herbert Stancer, OBE, president of the Cyclists' Touring Club, died October 1962: obituary in Cycling, 31 October 1962.

Pages from Cycling, 14 and 21 September 1974, the second containing a picture of Bill Oakley, and a paragraph in connection with the unveiling of a plaque to the memory of Pat, that is Frank Patterson, at the Cyclists' Touring Club headquarters at Godalming. Interview with Bill Oakley from Cycling, 27 November 1976, and tribute on his death, in Cycling, 13 December 1980.

Picture of Frank Armond, aged 87, and a cyclist for 70 years, from the Sunday Times Magazine, 14 November 1976.

Tribute to Ed Green in Cycling, 11 August 1979.

Article on Dr Clark-Kennedy aged 87, in Cycling, 12 July 1980.

MSS.328/C/10/2/9 G. Lacy Hillier and G. H. Stancer 1944-1958

Five items

Two tributes to George Lacy Hillier (1856-1941), a native of Chichester, who first rode a boneshaker in 1874, from The Bicycle, 19 and 26 February 1941, the second from H. W. Bartleet. Lacy Hillier wrote in 1876 commending T. H. Holding for his scheme for the formation of the Bicycle Touring Club, of which Hillier became vice-president in 1879, although he did not join the Club until 1880. In the cycling world he was pre-eminent as tourist, tracksman, writer, promoter, judge and legislator.

Article reprinted from Cycling, 26 July 1944, by G. H. Stancer entitled The fallacy of rear lights. Article in The Times, 15 August 1958, reporting on a speech by GHS at a luncheon given in his honour by the Pedal Club, on his eightieth birthday, which coincided with the 80th anniversary of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

To this has been added a printed photograph of George Lacy Hillier, amateur bicycle and tricycle champion, 1881.

MSS.328/C/10/2/10 E. R. Shipton, "Kuklos"and Veteran Cyclists 1889-1950

Six items

Cutting from the Birmingham Daily Mail, 31 July 1889, being a report that the Cyclists' Touring Club secretary, E. R. Shipton, had been ordered to pay 50 pounds at the York Assizes for his uncomplimentary paragraph about the recently elected president of Harrogate Camp in the Monthly Gazette.

Cycling Notes, by "Kuklos" [Fitzwater Wray], and a letter in The Daily News, 7 December 1907, about the reform of the Cyclists' Touring Club and irregularities in the accounts in the secretary's office.

Three cuttings pasted on to yellow paper about veteran cyclists, 1916 and 1934-1935.

Article from The Times, 22 July 1950, on the arrest of a man for being drunk in charge of a bicycle on the highway on 18 January 1950.

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MSS.328/C/12/1-6 Photographs, including the historic collection of photographs catalogued by the CTC and deposited in 2006, Engravings, Lantern Slides, Video Cassettes, Prints and Drawings [c. 1819]-c.2004

Fifteen boxes and outsize loose items

Five numbered photograph albums, [c. 1887]-1939, one a presentation volume, and two others relating to the Cyclists' Touring Club Metropolitan District Association Western Section.

Framed photographs and engravings of early cycles and cyclists, of cycle races and rides, and of officials of the Cyclists' Touring Club, of members at banquets and a meeting of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, of the winning entries in the Metropolitan District Association South-Eastern Section's Miss Mabel Hodgson Memorial Shield Photographic Competition, 1923-1931, and of the obelisk at Meriden, Warwickshire, erected in memory of cyclists who died in the Great War, 1819-1949.

Fourteen boxes of lantern slides and one box of negatives recently given a reference by alphabetical letter, A-Q (not all present), of views in the British Isles and on the continent (not all identified), some of which are identified as having belonged to Mr Reavil(l) and Mr W. M. Robinson. A note on one of the cartons in which the boxes were found, asks whether boxes A and J could have been Neville Whall's lecture slides, and another in Box B implies that Box O also contained Whall's slides. Following the deposit of material in February 2006 a few photographs taken from the lantern slides were found and have been added to the relevant box entries. Also, a typescript catalogue held at the CTC headquarters which identifies the many of the lantern slides has been transferred to this list, even when, as in the case of Boxes G and N, the original slides have not been deposited.

Collection of CTC's historic photographs from 1878, deposited in 2006. Over one thousand envelopes of photgraphs, divided topographically, and by person and subject. The existing catalogue at CTC headquarters has been edited and inserted, and previously unlisted photographs from this collection have been added to the catalogue.

Video casettes, deposited in 2006. Two cassettes from the CTC; one TV film of camping with the Cheltenham and Derby District Association; Birthday Rides Horworth, 1994; three videos from Sunderland Museum, 1990s-2004?

Prints and drawings deposited in 2006. The most important series in this section concerns the work of Frank Patterson (1871-1952), whose drawings and prints are numbered and arranged by English county, andcountry. Many were printed in the C.T.C. Gazette and perhaps other journals from c.1926-1946. Other cycling artists represented are Bruce Angrave, Burman, Reg Gammon, whose sketches date from the late 19th century, C. G. Harper, John Scully, Frank Tingey, and Brian Walker.

MSS.328/C/12/1 Photograph albums [c. 1887], 1913-1939

Five volumes

Series of numbered albums.

MSS.328/C/12/1/1 Photograph album of the Cyclists' Touring Club Metropolitan District Association 1913-1915, 1930-1939

One album, with some pages from another album inserted.

Album entitled "Photo No 1. Life of a "DA" 1913-15 1930-1938/9" and headed inside "Metropolitan District Association Western Section CTC", containing photographs of rides and outings, with a few press-cuttings.

MSS.328/C/12/1/2 Photograph album entitled "Photo No 2 Pictorial Wales" ?1930s

One album

Album containing scenic photographs taken in Wales: no obvious cycling connection. It has been suggested that this album may have belonged to Neville Whall (Hodites).

MSS.328/C/12/1/3 "Photo No 3" [c. 1887]

One album

Leather bound presentation photograph album with embossed butterflies on cover and metal clasp, presented to Tom Anderson on his departure from his five friends in Newcastle on Tyne, 6 September 1887, with their hopes of his return fully restored to health. Photographs of individuals and groups, two with bicycles. Inserted: sepia group photograph of young men and women.

MSS.328/C/12/1/4 "Photo No 4 1933-1938" 1929-1938

One album

Album of the Camping Section of the CTC Western Section [sic].

MSS.328/C/12/1/5 "Negs Lantern S[l]ides Box "N" Photo 5 European Touring 1936-39" 1936-1939

One album

Album of annual foreign cycle tours.

See also MSS.328/C/12/3/ , listed after MSS.32/C/12/3/15.

MSS.328/C/12/2 Framed Photographs and Engravings [c.1819]-1949

Thirty items

Framed photographs and engravings of early cycles and cyclists, of cycle races and rides, and of officials of the Cyclists' Touring Club, of members at banquets and at a meeting of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme, of the winning entries in the Metropolitan District Association South-Eastern Section's Miss Mabel Hodgson Memorial Shield Photographic Competition, 1923-1931, and of the obelisk at Meriden, Warwickshire, in memory of the cyclists who died in the Great War.

MSS.328/C/12/2/1 Engraving of a pilentum [c. 1819]

Framed photograph

Engraving of a pilentum or lady's accelerator invented by Hancock & Co., St James's Street, published by S & J. Fuller, London. Original date of print thought to be 1819.

MSS.328/C/12/2/2/1-3 Coloured engravings of early bicycles 1839-1881

Three items

Engravings of the Macmillan bicycle, 1839, the Stalen Michaux bicycle, 1868, and the American Star Bicycle, 1881. This set was all reprinted by Lemet Bicycle Parts, Hilversum, Holland, 1949.

MSS.328/C/12/2/3/1-2 Ordinaries or penny farthings [c.1870s-1880s]

Two framed photographs

Photograph of two men on ordinaries poised for racing, with "W. N. Malby Chichester" written on mount of photograph, and "F[?] H 1883" on dorse. Photograph of the start of a race on ordinaries.

MSS.328/C/12/2/4 Photograph of first cycle tandem 1884

Framed photograph

Photograph showing two men seated on "The "Rucker" Bicycle Tandem. The first Cycle Tandem a reproduction of an Amateur Photo. Wet plate process days. Ridden many thousands of miles by the two "Chums" shown in Photo".

MSS.328/C/12/2/5 Photograph of the London County Cycling & Athletic Club [c.1880s]

Framed photographs

Two photographs of club members on their tricycles and bicycles, in one frame.

MSS.328/C/12/2/7 Photograph of Mr W. Kendall Burnett [c. 1900]

Framed photograph

Mr Kendal Burnett, MA, JP, was vice president of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1908-1912, chairman of the council, 1889-1912, and chief consul, 1882-1912. He died 17 July 1912.

MSS.328/C/12/2/8 Photograph of E. R. Shipton [c. 1900]

Framed photograph

Printed photograph, perhaps enlarged. E. R. Shipton was secretary of the Cyclists' Touring Club and editor of the Gazette, probably from at least 1883 to 1907.

MSS.328/C/12/2/9 Photograph of the Duke of Portland [c. 1900]

Framed photograph

The Duke was president of the Cyclists' Touring Club.

MSS.328/C/12/2/10 Photograph of W. P. Cook [?c.1920s]

Framed photograph

W. P. Cook was vice-president of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1924-1936.

MSS.328/C/12/2/11 Photograph of King George VI [c. 1940s]

Framed photograph

The King was patron of the Cyclists' Touring Club, 1937-1952; the photograph was presented by the Glasgow District Association in 1952.

MSS.328/C/12/2/13 Cyclists' Touring Club Jubilee ride 1928

Framed photograph

Photograph of a group of cyclists leaving Liverpool town hall, with onlookers.

MSS.328/C/12/2/14 Cyclists' Touring Club at Buckingham Palace 1935

Framed photograph

Photograph of three members leaving Buckingham Palace after presenting a loyal message to His Majesty King George V, patron of the Club, on the occasion of his silver jubilee, 6 May, 1935.

MSS.328/C/12/2/15 Photograph of a banquet 1899

Framed photograph

Photograph of "The Banquet to the Delegates to the First Congress of the Ligue Internationale des Associations Touristes and to Celebrate the Twenty-First Birthday of the Cyclists' Touring Club, Grand Hall, Hotel Cecil, London, June 7th 1899". Members of the reception committee are listed.

MSS.328/C/12/2/16 Cyclists' Touring Club Jubilee Banquet 1928

Framed photograph

Photograph of the "Cyclists' Touring Club. Jubilee Banquet, Connaught Rooms, London, January 27th, 1928. Mr William Haigh, M.A., B.Sc., Chairman of the Council, in the Chair".

MSS.328/C/12/2/17 "A.I.T. Meeting. Brussells 1949" 1949

Framed photograph

Photograph of a group of men around a table for a meeting of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.

MSS.328/C/12/2/18/1-4 Metropolitan District Association South-Eastern Section 1923-1931

Four framed photographs

"Cyclists' Touring Club Metropolitan District Association South-Eastern Section. Miss Mabel Hodgson Memorial Shield Photographic Competition": framed photographs of the winning entries, 1923, 1927, 1929 and 1931.

MSS.328/C/12/2/19/1-2 The memorial at Meriden [c. 1920s]

Two framed photographs

The photographs, slightly differing from each other, show the obelisk erected in honour of cyclists who died in the Great War.

MSS.328/C/12/2/20/1-2 A rally? and postcard of Branscombe, Devon [c.1900, c.1930s]

Two photographs

Photographs, of a group of bicycles and tricycles numbered with cyclists and two groups of men in foreground, probably taken in a market town, before a race or rally, c. 1900.

Postcard of Branscombe, Devon, showing a bicycle resting against a cob cottage, ?c.1930s.

MSS.328/C/12/3 Lantern slides and negatives [?early 20th cent.]

Fourteen boxes of lantern slides and one box of negatives

These lantern slide boxes had recently been given a reference by alphabetical letter, A-Q (not all present). Q may have been synonymous with O. The slides are of views in the British Isles and on the continent, some of which are identified as having belonged to Mr Reavil(l), Mr Whall and Mr W. M. Robinson. A note on one of the cartons in which the boxes were found, asks whether boxes A and J could have been Neville Whall's lecture slides, and another in Box B implies that Box O also contained Whall's slides.

Following the deposit of material in February 2006 a few photographs taken from the lantern slides were found and have been added to the relevant box entries. Also, a typescript catalogue held at the CTC headquarters which identifies the many of the lantern slides has been transferred to this list, even when, as in the case of Boxes G and N, the original slides have not been deposited.

CTC editor's catalogue entry: Introduction: The lantern slides have been listed under areas for each individual box as they were received from various sources. Some boxes contain only negatives of tours:

Racing - Box A

Old Cycles - Box J

England Boxes - A, B, D, F, H, J, K, L

Scotland Boxes - A, B, F, J

Wales Boxes - A, B, F, J

Ireland Boxes - E, F, G

Europe Boxes - I, L, O, P

Boxes C, N, M are all negatives

Box C: Robinson Family "Wayfarer".

Box N: Neville Whall and Reavil (UK)

Box M: Neville Whall (Europe)

See also: MSS.328/C/12/4/1101 which contains prints from Negative Box L, perhaps from this series.

MSS.328/C/12/3/1 Lantern slides. Box A [?early 20th cent.]

One box and one photograph

Slides of the racing cyclists of the 1920s, of the British Isles, and Switzerland, which belonged to W. M. Robinson, 9, Lyttleton Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham 16.

Photograph of no. A34, a scout patrol, c. 1905.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

Switzerland 15 slides identified (Original Dufay Colour transparencies).

Title slides, 22 in number.

"Wayfarer" W.M. Robinson and friends, 22 slides.

Liverpool/Ireland Steam Packet - ships and interiors. 27 unidentified slides.

1-19. Racing

Slides of many top cyclists of the 1920s: 1. Wayfarer Robinson, Tom Hughes and W.P. Cook on tricycle. 2. F.G .Frost. 3. Not identified. 4-5. Striking pictures but not identified. 6. Rossiter. 7. Stott Brothers on a tandem. 8. G.B. Orrell. 9. Lauterwasser. 10. Ellis. 11. Andy Wilson. 12. Selbach. 13. Meredith. 14. Turner & Grimmy - tandem pair. 15. Time - (He was also a cross Channel Swimmer and superintendent at the Surbiton Lagoon, Tolworth, Surrey 1930s). 16. Dredge. 17. Birkill. 18. Marsh. 19. Tom Hughes on his 1874 Ordinary, 1923.

20-55. England

20. First and Last Hotel. 21. A field of narcissi - Cornwall. 22. Ely Cathedral from the air. 23. Congleton - Cheshire (Land Lighthouse - Steep Hill). 24. Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire. 25. Fairford Mill, Gloucestershire. 26. Northleach, Gloucestershire. 27. Holybourne - Hamphsire - the old smithy. 28. Winchester from the Battery - a fine haymaking scene. 29. Ross on Wye - Market hall, c. 1910. 30. Needles, Isle of Wight. 31. Oast Houses - Kent. 32. Sandwich - The Barbican, Kent. 33. Ludlow, Salop. 34. Ludlow - bridge over the Teme. 35. Porlock, Somerset - view from above. 36. Wells Cathedral - north entrance. 37. Wells Cathedral - west front. 38. Elstead, Surrey (Somerset Farm). 39. Kingston on Thames - The coronation Stone in its original situation (this was later removed to outside the new Guildhall in the mid 1930s). 40. Reigate - Angel Inn (London/ Brighton coaching marathon 1920s). 41. South Downs from Bury Hill. 42. Bridgnorth, Salop, bridge over the Severn. 43. Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. 44. Meriden, Warwickshire. 45. Suckley Warwickshire 46. Stratford on Avon church and river. 47. Stratford on Avon - the first theatre - rebuild 1930s. 48. Bredon Tithe Barn, Worcs. 49. Cropthorne, Worcestershire. 50. Evesham - the Avon with boating, Worcestershire. 51. Ombersley, Worcestershire. 52. Tewkesbury waterfront and abbey. 53. Liverpool quayside from the Irish Packet. 54. Bradda Head - Isle of Man. 55. Peel Harbour scene, Isle of Man.

56-59. Ireland

56. Coleraine - salmon leap. 57. Bally Martin Pump with notice (Irish). 58. Aran - Angus Fort. 59. Thatching a croft.

60-62. Scotland

60. Edinburgh Castle. 61. Largs Bay with steamer. 62. Loch Eck.


63-64. Aberglaslyn Pass. 65. Bangor - aerial view. 66. Chepstow Castle - Postern Gate. 67. Chepstow Castle - entrance. 68. Chepstow Castle - inner gate. 69. Chepstow Castle - general view. 70. Dolwyddelan - a mountain road of the 1920s. 71. Elan Valley Dam. 72. Cuban Goch Reservoir - Elan Valley (no trees then!). 73. Elan Valley Dam. 74. Elan Valley - the topmost dam. 75. Llanarmon - The West Arms Inn - kitchen. 76. Llanarmon - West Arms Inn - The Bar with sides of bacon curing. 77. Llandegla - Crown Inn - outside. 78. Llandegla - Crown Inn - interior. 79. Llanwrst - bridge. 80. Nant-y-Garth - early forestry plantation. 81. Penmaenmawt - clouds over the sea. 82. Pen-y-Gwyryd Hotel. 83. Quallyn. 84. Precipice Walk. 85. Tal-y-llyn. 86. ? Long Melford Church. 87. A stone carving of a lizard.

Seven slides unidentified.

MSS.328/C/12/3/2 Lantern slides. Box B [?early 20th cent.]

One box and three photographs

Originally Box A. Slides of the British Isles, including the Isle of Man and of the Irish/Liverpool steam packet ships, of Switzerland and unidentified places. Some have heading: ""Wayfarer" Robinson". The Swiss slides are said to be excess slides from Box O by Whall.

Photographs of the smoking lounge and a cabin in the Ulster Monarch, 1920s-1930s, not numbered, and no. 70, the Hirnant Pass, North Wales.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

2-8, 10-20.

2. Meriden Memorial: the 1922 service. 3. Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery. 4. Fladbury Mill. 5. Tewkesbury Bridge with the Bear Inn. 6. Lichfield Cathedral. 7. Lichfield Cathedral - west front. 8. Cast Iron Winged Wheel appointment sign. 10. York Minster. 11. New Forest - The Rufus Stone. 12. Bridgnorth - Bishop Percy's House. 13. Bridgnorth - the bridge over the Severn from above. 14. Bridgnorth - Upper - from the bridge. 15. Buildwas Abbey, Salop. 16. Sunset picture not identified. 17. Wenlock Abbey, Salop. 18. Stokesay Castle - north tower - Craven Arms, Salop. 19. Stokesay Castle - gatehouse. 20. Ross Market Hall, 1922.

9. 21-55, 57, 62-90. Welsh Touring Slides

9. Llangollen - The Horseshoe Pass - see also slide 32. 21. Symonds Yat - Wye Valley. 22. Symonds Yat from Yat Rock. 23. The Old Coach Road - Rhyader/Aberystwyth - near the watershed of the river Elan. 24. Elan Valley - Cabon Goch Reservoir, 1920. 25. Caerphilly Castle. 26. St. David's Cathedral - Pembrokeshire. 27. Solva inlet - Pembrokeshire. 28. Pembrokeshire (looks to be Prescelly Mountains - screened photo). 29. Moel Famma - The Old Ruthin Road, Ruthin to Mold . 30. Moel Famma near Ruthin. 31. Welsh Castle - not identified. 32. Horsehoe Pass north of Llangollen (before it was tarmac): see also slide 9. 33. Llanwrst. 34. Conway Castle, 1921. 35. Penmaenmaw (valley scene west of Conway). 36. Conway Quayside - smallest house. 37. Penmaenmawr resort with pier. 38. Snowdon from Capel Curig. 39. Capel Curig - the view towards C... 40. Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. 41. Pen-y-Gwryd - up the Moel Berfedd climb - tandem. 42. Llanberis Pass - top of. 43. Llandadan. 44. Caernarvon - swing bridge. 45. Caernarvon Castle. 46. Beddgelert - the wooden bridge. 47. Aberglaslyn Pass. 48. Beddgelert - Snowdon - snow covered in the distance. 49. Sign - "Tea & Hot Water - Knitted Stockings - Mrs. Jones". 50. Harlech Castle. 51. Tal-y-Llyn, 1920. 52. Tal-y-Llyn from Dolgelley Road, 1920. 53. Bwlch oer Draws. 54-55. Bwlch-y-Groes. 57. Llanarmon River. 62. Pistyll Rhaiada Waterfall. 63. Llanarmon. 64. Llanarmon - West Arms Inn - kitchen. 65. Nant Rhyd Wilym Pass in its 1920s rough state (Wayfarer's Pass). 66. Nant Rhyd Wilym - the top of. 67. ditto, the top with signpost. 68. Lake Vyrnwy - the dam and spillways. 69. Lake Vyrnwy - the "take off" tower. 70. Hirnant Pass - when rough - Bala side. 71. Hirnant Pass - at the top looking back towards Bala. 72. Bala Lake. 73. Welsh Dragon Drawing. 74. Descent into Vyrnwy Valley at Boncyn (GR 035183). 75. Cernoige - farmhouse. 76-77. Betws-y-Coed - near. 78. Welsh Gorge un-named. 79. Waterloo Bridge, Betws-y-Coed. 80. Welsh Hills - panorama. 81. Betws-y-Coed - wooden bridge near falls. 82. Swallow Falls, Betws-y-Coed. 83. Lakes at Capel Curig. 84. Llyn Ogwen. 85. Ogwen Falls. 86. Menai Bridge. 87. Llangollen - river and bridge. 88. Nant Francon Pass (white bar on slide). 88. Llangollen - Barber's Mill (red bar on slide). 98. [sic] Llanfair PG. Station (white bar on slide). 89. Berwyns Station view (red bar on slide). 90. Welsh Milestone 51 Holyhead, 11 Capel Curig, 2 Cernioge.

56, 58-61, 91-99. The Wirral and Cheshire and [elsewhere]

56. Wirral - lane. 58. Irby Hall. 59. Irby windmill. 60. Thursaston shore. 61. Willaston Windmill. 91. Bidston Woods. 92. Sandbach Crosses, 1924 (with Tom Hughes and others). 93. Lower Peover Church, 1922. 94. Gawsworth. 95. Old Morton Hall. 96. Shrewsbury - Wyle Cop. 97. St. Philip's Cathedral, Birmingham. 98. Meriden Green. 99. Ingleborough.

100-102. Scotland

100. Glen Mallie (near Fort William). 101. Healy Pass. 102. Glen Coe.

103-110. Slides, some unidentified

103. Stripped cycle by castle. 104 An inn in the snow. 105. Exmoor - Exton/Simonsbath road. 106. Racing cycle (very high saddle and very low bars). 107. Tom Hughes with his velocipede. 108 W.M. Robinson on a Coventry lever tricycle pre rotary. 109. Line drawing entitled "On the Grampians". 110. Title slide: "The Open Road" (one of the Wayfarer lectures).

MSS.328/C/12/3/3 Lantern slides. Box C [?early 20th cent.]

One box

Box is said to contain "Reavill's Slides". There is also a label with a very faint address to Mr Robinson.

CTC editor's catalogue entry: Negatives only in this box - no identification.

MSS.328/C/12/3/4 Lantern slides. Box D [?early 20th cent.]

One box and six photographs

These slides, nearly all of England, probably belonged to W. M. Robinson.

Photographs of nos. D1, D2, D20, D37 and D43: reed thatch at Ely, c. 1900; Fenland scene, 1920s; Ludlow, Shropshire, High Force, Teesdale, and Stoke on Trent.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:


1. Ely, thatching reeds and punts with Cathedral in background (fine archive picture). 2. Fenland scene with dyke, road windmill and cottage. 3. Norwich - general view. 4. Norfolk Broads - broad with boats in distance. 5. Boston Stump Church (fine view with boats on the strand. 6. Filey Brig - rock strewn shore. 7. Bidford on Avon. 8. The view from Bredon Hill. 9. View from Broadway Hill. 10. Broadway village - lower end. 11. Burford - looking down the main street. 12. Burford: tree lined top part. 13. Chipping Campden - main street. 14. Chipping Campden view from the hill to the south. 15. Clapton Bridge. 16. Dymock - Hind Park Woods - coppicing? 17. Evesham - general view. 18. Vale of Evesham - panoramic view. 19. Kenilworth - castle view from the air. 20. Teme Bridge and Castle. 21. Stratford on Avon (with a local walking beside the river). 22. Tewkesbury ferry - wide view - cracked glass. 23. Tewkesbury Abbey - river in the foreground. 24. Warwick Castle. 25. Worcester - river, bridge and town - in to light. 26. Ludchurch, Staffordshire - gorge. 27. Dovedale Rocks. 28. Bolton Abbey; cracked glass. 29. Fountains Abbey. 30. Haddon Hall - garden, steps and part of the Hall. 31. Knaresborough - river railway bridge and town behind. 32. Lanpool fron the steps. 33 Rievaulx Abbey - looking down on. 34. Richmond, Yorkshire - town and castle. 35. Scarborough - Forge Valley. 36. Whitby - steps to the town and harbour. 37. High Force - (this volume of water is no more to be seen - reservoir above now). 38. Durham Cathedral - standard view from Weir. 39 Richmond Surrey - air picture. 40. Tower of London. 41. Pool of London (London Illustrated News drawing). 42. Wigan Pier, 1927 ( an amusing picture with Tom Hughes). 43. Staffordshire Potteries. 44. Honister Pass - rough road days. 45. Keswick and Derwentwater. 46. Kirkstone Pass. 47. Rosset Ghyll and Bowfell. 48. Striding Edge and Helvellyn. 49. Thirlmere and Helvellyn. 50. Wastwater from Gable. 51-53. Unidentified church stonework and rural scenes. 54. "Wayfarer" Robinson in Lledr Valley - pine tree avenue.

MSS.328/C/12/3/5 Lantern slides Box E [?early 20th cent.]

One box and five photographs

Slides of Ireland. Belonged to W. M. Robinson.

Photographs of nos. E19, E27, E28, E31,and E33: Gallerus Beehive Oratory, Fishermen's Curraghs, carrying kelp on Aran Island; and group of Aran islanders, c.1910.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

Note:- The Wayfarer Lecture "Glamour of Ireland" was made up of a selection of slides from several boxes mostly E and G. This lecture was written out in full by Robinson, so it was possible to identify the appropriate slides for selection and transfer to 35mm format and which was made up into a lecture box. It was also recorded in VHS Video. These items are not at Warwick MRC only Robinson's lecture notes which were in the CTC's archives.

1-72. Ireland:

1. Map of Ireland. 2. Glenmacnoise, Co. Westmeath - round tower. 3. "Ulster Monarch", Liverpool/Belfast ferry service. 4. Hawith - Ireland's Eye. 5. River Liffey - Port of Dublin (tall ships present). 6. Four Courts - Dublin. 7. Bank of Ireland and William III statue, Dublin. 8. Enniskerry, Wicklow - general view. 9. Pawerscourt waterfall. 10. A glen in Co. Wicklow. 11. River Liffy at Leislip. 12-13. Upper lake, Glendalough. 14. St. Kevin's Bed - Glendalough, Co. Wicklow (rock formation). 15. Vale of Clara, Co. Wicklow. 16. Vale of Avoca, Co. Wicklow. 17. Wooden Bridge, Co. Wicklow. 18. Kilmalkedar Church. 19. Gallerus Beehive Oratory. 20. Village of Coumenoule, Co. Kerry. 21. Slea Head - sailing vessel in mid distance. 22. Blasket Island. 23. Modern beehive hut. 24. Dingle Pig Fair. 25. Dingle Pig fair (cracked glass). 26. Branden Mountain, Dingle. 27. Fishermen carrying a curragh (canvas and tar boat). 28. Fishermen's curraghs. 29. Dun Angus, Aran. 30. Seaweed piles on Aran (for manure). 31. Carting kelp in back pack on Aran. 32. Fishing from the top of a 300 foot cliff. 33. Aran Islanders: group. 34. Bring up the turf from the quay (peat from the mainland). 35. Aran - the terrain. 36. Fishermen in curragh boats. 37. Fahan beehives (stone). 38. Aran Islanders at Mass (outside). 39. Killarney Lakes - general view. 40. By Killarney's lakes. 41. Upper Lake, Killarney. 42. Windy Gap - Killarney. 43. River Blackwater - Kenmare. 44. Sneen, Co. Kerry. 45. Darrynane, Co. Kerry (chapel ruin). 46. Skellig Michael - home of the fulmar petrel. 47. Skellig Michael Monastery. 48. Monastery Stone Beehive Cell. 49. Skellig Island - offshore. 50. A path on Skellig Michael Island. 51. the Skelligs from a distance - offshore picture. 52. Valentia Island and lighthouse. 53. Coast of Dingle Bay. 54. Glenbeigh from Windy Gap, Co. Kerry. 55. Holed Ogham Stone - Kilmelkedar. 56. Lismore Castle. 57. Donkey cart, Co. Kerry. 58. Lough Allua - (interesting carts and an early tandem). 59. Eigh Pass Keiman. 60. Bantry Bay. 61. Glengariffe - Bantry bay. 62. Tunnel on the Glengariffe/Kenmare road. 63. The same with barefooted Irish girl. 64. Kenmare Bridge - new. 65. Kenmare Bridge - old. 66. Wayfarer with Irish peasant (drinking). 67. Black Valley Pass or Gap of Dunloe - more likely the latter. 68. Colleen Bawn Rock - Killarney. 69 "Ladies View" the Kenmare/Killarney Road. 70. Middle Lake - Killarney. 71-72. Stag drawings.

MSS.328/C/12/3/6 Lantern slides Box F [?early 20th cent.]

One box and eight photographs

Slides of the British Isles, probably belonging to W. M. Robinson.

Photographs of nos. F4, F8, F9, F11, F20, F21, F50 and F66: Newquay harbour, Lynmouth; St Ives harbour, Christchurch, Hampshire; bridge notice at Dorchester bridge, Dorset; Lulworth Cove, c. 1910; Tintern Abbey ferry, Monmouth, c. 1915, and an unidentified Scottish ferry.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-27. England

1. Dawlish from the cliff . 2. Exeter Cathedral and Bishop's Palace. 3. Falmouth - panorama. 4. Newquay harbour. 5. Land's End. 6. Lynmouth from the cliff railway. 7. Lynmouth looking up the river from the old bridge. 8. The Hill up to Lynton. 9. St. Ives Harbour. 10. Woolacombe - the coast at. 11. Christchurch - the Priory from across the river. 12. Romsey Abbey. 13. Winchester Cathedral - distant view with clouds. 14. Winchester - King Alfred Statue. 15. Salisbury Cathedral. 16. Shakespeare's Cliff, Dover. 17. Beachy Head - usual view with lighthouse (cliff erosion reference). 18. Sevenoaks - lambing time. 19. Stoke Poges Church. 20. Dorset Bridge Notice (deportation for damage). 21. Lulworth Cove - usual view from the western side. 22. Portland - view of Chesil Bank. 23. Alum Bay Isle of Wight, with Edwardian pier and beach huts. 24. Bonchurch, Isle of Wight. 25. Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. 26. Tennyson Down - Memorial - Isle of Wight. 27. Yarmouth Harbour.

28-51. Wales

28. Arthog Estuary. 29. Barmouth - railway and foot bridge. 30. Barmouth estuary - mudflats. 31. Barmouth estuary - seaward end. 32. Barmouth - the town. 33. Snowdon from the Capel Curig road (rough state). 34. Moel Siabod from Capel Curig. 35. Chepstow, bridge and town plus castle. 36. Roman steps, Cwm Brychan. 37. Roman steps, view No. 2. 38. Dolgelly in the mist. 39. Dolgelly - The estuary from Precipice Walk. 40. Dolgelly - Precipice Walk - the path. 41. Dolgelly - the view. 42. Lanfair PG (Cartoon on railway ticket). 43. Monmouth - Monnow Bridge. 44. Monmouth - the Wye Bridge. 45. Snowdon - climbing up a rock. 46-47. Snowdon - party on ridge approach. 48. Snowdon view from the top eastwards. 49. Snowdon - Beddgelert path. 50. Tintern Abbey - with ferry. 51. Tintern Abbey.

52-66. Scotland

52-53. Aberdeen - two pictures adapted to show the Scots' meanness. 54. Bridge of Orchy. 55. Edinburgh - the Royal Mile. 56. Forth Bridge (rail). 57. Glencoe - map showing proposed new road. 58. Glencoe - as a rough mountain road. 59. Glencoe - the Three Sisters. 60. Killiecrankie. 61. Loch Alsh - the road by. 62. Loch Lomond. 63. The Top of the "Rest and be Thankful Pass" - Argyle. 64. Newton More - Spey Bridge (A9) when new. 65. Stirling Castle. 66. Rope ferry - location not given.

67-76. Ireland

67. Connemara - clouds and mountains (damaged). 68. Connemara - Ballanamumn (?) Castle. 69. Cork - Grand parade.70. Blaskets Cork - sunset over. 71. Donegal - Garten Lake. 72. Queenstown harbour, Cork (Royal Navy presence - a Dreadnought). 73. Queenstown - general view. 74. Wicklow - Aughrim. 75. Innisfallen, the British and Irish Line packet. 76. Moonlight on the coast.

MSS.328/C/12/3/6a Lantern slides Box G 20th century

One photograph only


Photograph no. G 45, of the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-21 (2), 22, 24-74. Ireland

1. Galway - Lynch's Window. 2. Galway - Spanish Arch. 3. Galway - Lynch's house and window from which he hung his son. 4. Galway Bridge. 5. Cong Abbey - Galway. 6. Connemara - the lake at Ruess. 7. Connemara - Twelve Pins (mountain peaks). 8. Connemara - the turf boys with donkey cart. 9. Connemara -turf boys with pannier donkeys. 10. Connemara - turf gatherers women stacking turf. 11. Ballinahinch. 12. Roundstone - Galway. 13. Kylemore - Galway. 14. Kylemore lake. 15. Connemara - peasant cottage. 16. The interior of the peasant cottage. 17. Killery Harbour. 18. Connemara - Bundarragh Valley. 19. Lough Doo. 20. Connemara - Ashleigh River. 21. Erriff Valley - Galway. 21. [sic] Connemara - Rosbef. 22. Connemara - native huts. 24. Connemara - peasant woman. 25. Croft interior with peasants. 26. Achill Island, Dooagh. 27. Falls of Erne - Donegal. 28. Donegal town. 29. Donegal school children. 30. Slieve League - Donegal. 31. Rock face - Slieve League - One man's path. 32-33. Slieve League cliffs - Donegal. 34. Crolly - Donegal. 35. Glencolombkille - Donegal. 36. Pass of Glengesh - Donegal. 37. Gweedore fertile country. 38-39. Errigal - Donegal (colour tinted slide). 40. Millroy Bay - Donegal. 41. Moville - Donegal - general view. 42. Boom ring at Londonderry. 43. Londonderry. 44. Castle on coast. 45. Giant's Causeway. 46. ditto - near to (chair). 47. Larne (damaged slide). 48. Antrim Coast - tunnel. 49. Antrim Coast Road. 50-52. Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Antrim. 53. Waterfall at Glengarriff (tinted colour slide). 54. Red Bay and Waterfoot. 55. Giant's Causeway. 56. A group on a cliff path bridge, Antrim Coast. 57. A suspension bridge on the same cliff path. 58. Wayfarer near Belfast with local at the Gobbins (damaged). 59. Warrenpoint (damaged). 60. Notice by the Ballymartin pump. 61. Ballymartin pump. 62. Newcastle, Co. Down. 63. Mountains of Mourne. 64. Downpatrick: St. Patrick's Grave. 65. Irish Life - two pigs in mud. 66-67. Irish Village of Reask, Co. Kerry. 68. Sackville Street - Dublin. 69. Holyhead - Irish Ferry. 70. Contour diagram of British Isles. 71. Map of Ireland. 72. Irish Women carding wool for spinning. 73. Slea head - Dingle village of crofts. 74. Liscannor Village, Co. Clare.

MSS.328/C/12/3/7 Lantern slides Box H [?early 20th cent.]

One box

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-6, 6a-20a, 21, 23-54, 56-62. This box contains a record of a group tour along the South Coast and into Dorset and Devon, c.1930s. No slides are identified, so any names given are from my personal knowledge of these areas - Lionel Joseph.

1. Group planning tour. 2. The Group. 3. Pine trees - not identified but could be Ashdown Forest. 4. Riding in a Sussex lane. 5. Bodiam Castle. 6. The Arch in Rye. 6a. Steep descent into a town (could be Ryde, Isle of Wight ). 9. Long horn cows on the Downs. 10. Carrisbrooke Castle. 11. Blackgang Chine. 12. Waterfall (could be at Blackgang). 13. West end of the Isle of Wight. 14. Ponies on Tennyson Cliff. 15. New Forest. 16. Peacocks. 17. Wimborne Minster. 18. Library of Chained Books (probably Wimborne but could be Romsey). 19. Corfe Castle. 20. Lulworth Cove. 20a. Thatched cottage (possibly that at West Lulworth). 21. Lulworth Cove. 23. Probably on the Downs around Dorchester - haystacks and straw cocks. 24. Allerford. 25. Postbridge - Dartmoor. 26. Tamar Valley?. 27. Swans. 28. Group highjinks. 29. Clovelly. 30. Dartmoor? 31. Cornish village. 32. Land's End. 33. Gateway to town - (could be Launceston). 34. Valley in North Devon. 35. Tamar valley. 36. Group member with a thrush on his hand. 37. Group member in a town with a stray cat. 38-41. Cheddar Gorge. 42. Puncture repair on the road. 43. Wells Cathedral. 44-54. Wells Cathedral and Cathedral Close. 56. Westbury White Horse. 57. Group at lunch - picnic. 58. Potterne near Devizes. 59. Windsor Castle. 60-61. Members of group swimming - in the Thames? 62. The group riding in a lane.

MSS.328/C/12/3/9 Lantern slides Box J [?early 20th cent.]

One box and six photographs

Box addressed to J. T. Lightwood Esq., Lytham, Lancashire.

Photographs of nos. J9, J31; J34; J38, J42 and J47: Lincoln at sunset; Lake Grafnunt; above Roman bridge; lady and gentleman on ordinaries [studio picture]; fan vaulting in Gloucester cathedral cloisters; a three masted schooner.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-36, 41-50. Slides of England, Scotland and Wales.

1. Figures on tomb in Barrington Church - Oxfordshire. 2. Somerton - sculpture on tower. 3. Old Woodstock Manor. 4. Blenheim High Lodge. 5. Godstow Nunnery, Oxon. 6. Oxford Choir on the roof of Magdalen Tower. 7. Ely Cathedral from the River Ouse. 8. Ely Cathedral triforium. 9. Lincoln at sunset. 10. Winchester - the tomb of T. Fletcher. 11. York Minster. 12. Knaresborough from the Castle. 13. Dripping Well, near Knaresborough. 14. Richmond Castle and Bridge - Yorkshire. 15. High Force, Teesdale. 16. River Tyne - East Linton. 17. River Tees. 18. River Tees? 19. Cascade - Coniston Woods, Lake District. 20. High Force - above the falls. 21. Ladore Falls - Borrowdale, Lake District. 22. Ladore Falls. 23. Thirlmere. 24. Dungeon Gill - Langdale, Lake District. 25. Loch Katrine. 26. Loch Lomond. 27. Inversnaid Falls - Loch Lomond. 28. Llanrwst Bridge, North Wales. 29. Swallow Falls, North Wales. 30. Conway Bridge and Castle (tinted slide). 31. Lake Grafnant - near. Llanrwst. 32. Fishguard harbour. 33. Old Festiniog Road (now the B4077). 34. Near Roman Bridge, N. Wales. Beddgelert/Capel Curig Road. 35. Moel Siabod from Roman Bridge. 36. Rowsley, Derbys - Peacock Inn. 41. Gloucester Cathedral - interior. 42. Gloucester Cathedral - fan vaulting in the cloisters. 43. Polo Team mid/late 1930s. 44. Pond and windmill - location not known. 45. Mountains, lake and valley -not identified. 46. Line drawing of the White Hart Inn, Scole, near Diss, Norfolk. 47. A schooner at sea. 48. Dinghy sailing - (?on the Broads). 49. A one tree snow scene. 50. Corfe Castle.

37-40. Old Cycles

37. Cross Frame safety (1890s) being ridden. 38. Two ordinaries (a noted studio portrait of 1896). 39. 'Bicycle Belle', c. 1910. 40. Quadrant Tricycle ridden by two ladies (re-enactment).

MSS.328/C/12/3/10 Lantern slides Box K [?early 20th cent.]

One box and three photographs

Slides of France and Britain, described inside as "No 2 Box". Belonged to W. M. Robinson.

Photographs of nos. K7, K9 and K10: Midhurst, Sussex, c. 1920; the Anchor Inn, Ripley, Surrey, c. 1920 and Fittleworth, West Sussex, c. 1920.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-33. France

1. Ville Vallouise near Le Lauteret. 2. Goats and kids. 3. La Grave. 4. Tunnel and bridge near Le Lauteret. 5. Ploughing in 1908. 6. Embrun. 7. Porch of Church at Embrun. 8. Door at Embrun. 9. Fort at Chateau Queyras. 10. Annecy. 11. Old houses at Annecy. 12. Monastery above the Lake and opposite Aix les Bains. 13. Chambery - La Fontaine des Elephants. 14. Church Tower at Barcelonetta. 15. Main Street, Barcelonetta. 16. Haymakers near Grave.17. Le Ponts de Claix, near Grenoble. 18. The Stelvio Pass - Austrian side. 19-20. Mantlepiece, Chateau Du Clos de Vougoot near Dijon. 21-22. Entrance to Vougoot - Old doorways. 23. The Cathedral, Chartres. 24. Part of Fagado - the Cathedral. 25. Chartres. 26-27. Mont St Michel. 28. French fishermen, Boulogne sur le Mer. 29. Le Pont Alexandre - Paris. 30-31. Dijon. 32. Aix les Bains - Roman Arch. 33. Map of France.

34. England

34. Map of England

Five slides which are unidentified.


a. Eleven negatives for lantern slides various topics - not identified.

b. Six slides not identified - two appear to be snow scenes in Wales (these slides may well be those of Wayfarer Robinson on his wintertime crossing of the Nant Rhyd Wilym Pass in the Berwyns which have a historical value since they relate to the memorial on that pass. [Note by CTC editor. Anfield Bicycle Club did at one time make enquires about copies of these slides after they were transferred to Warwick MRC in 1997. Robinson had a long association with the ABC.]

Four slides of a tour group - various activities.


1. An interesting portrait of an old man. 2. Meriden Service - c. 1921-1922. 3. Wayfarer Robinson at ease in a deck chair in his garden. 4. Possibly a group of CTC officials walking a woodland track. 5. Worcester from the river. 6. Clovelly, Devon. 7. Fittleworth, Sussex. 8. Stopham Bridge, Sussex (cracked glass). 9. Ripley, Surrey - The Anchor Inn: the cyclists' mecca of 1900-1920s. 10. Midhurst, Sussex. 11. Slide of Liverpool District Association Poster (picture adapted from a Patterson drawing entitled "The Inn Sign".

MSS.328/C/12/3/11 Lantern slides Box L [?early 20th cent.]

One box and three photographs

Slides of England and the continent.

Photographs, nos. L34, L39 and L40: Cottage at Acton Whitmore, Staffordshire, c. 1920s; Rye harbour, c. 1920; Buttertubs Pass, 1920s-1930s.

CTC editor's catalogue entry:

1-32. France

1. French mail boat leaving Newhaven for Dieppe. 2. The same at full speed. 3. In Mid Channel nearing Dieppe. 4. Calais Town Hall. 5. Calais - statue of Burgers. 6. Calais - war memorial, 1914-1918. 7. Boulogne - entrance to harbour. 8. Amiens - the cathedral. 9. Amiens - part of façade. 10. Montreuil. 11. Abbeville - church. 12. Abbeville - cathedral doorway. 13. Pierrsfonds - the chateau. 14. Pierrsfonds - gargoyles (this slide is missing); due to the missing slide the following slides are one slot up. 15-19. Covey - Chateau, - la Grande Place, Interior, le Donjon (damaged). 20. Rheims cathedral. 21. Rheims cathedral - statue of time. 22. Toulouse - doorways of old houses. 22. Toulouse - doorways of old houses. 23-24. Toulouse. 25-26. Toulouse - cloisters; doorway of church. 27. Aigues Mortes - view from the salt marsh. 28. Aigues Mortes - ramparts and walls. 29. Aigues Mortes - near entrance from near the sea to the canal. 30. Cahors - fortified bridge. 31. Le Pont du Gard near Nimes. 32. Concarnean (Brittany): tuna fishing boats.

33-43, 45, 49, 50. England

33. Lowestoft fishing boats. 34. Old thatched cottage at Acton, Whitmore, Staffordshire. 35. Tamorice, Sportsman Inn. 36. Moonlight picture taken in "sunlight". 37. Cotswold Village - probably near Stroud on the Severn/Thames Canal. 38. Canal scene - possibly associated with the above. 39. Rye Harbour, Sussex. 40. Buttertubs Pass, Yorkshire. 41. Cliff face with walkway -(?The Gobbins, Northern Ireland). 42. Church - probably Cotswolds but not identified. 43. Castle - not identified. a. (45) Eight negatives of cycle construction - possible BSA. b. (49) Negative of letter from Dalzell about MacMillan first cycle. c. (50) Two negatives of club group, one standing one riding.

MSS.328/C/12/3/12 Lantern slides Box O [?early 20th cent.]

One box

Originally said to be No. 1. Slides of France, Austria and Switzerland, apparently belonging to Neville Whall: see reference under MSS.328/C/12/3/2.

CTC editor's catalogue entry under Q, but seems to be O:

CTC editor's note: These slides are the "Hodites" Collection (Neville Whall one time Secretary) whilst some are black and white colour tinted, most are colour transparencies. These are most likely to have been Dufay Colour, a colour film (colour starch grains emulsion) which came on the market in the mid 1930s as the first colour film for amateur use. Therefore the date of these slides was either late 1930s by one slide showing gentlemen in swimwear [sic]. There are however some 35mm slides from later tours after the war. The slides were not numbered in the list.


Provence: Three arches of high aqueduct over river.

Pyrenees: St Bertrand de Comarges(?). Carsonnone. One unidentified sunset.

Paris and war cemeteries: Champs Elysee Fountain. Three slides of war cemeteries.

Savoy and Mont Blanc: Le Fayet - church altar - interior (2 slides). Chamonix - Aiguille du Midi. Mer de Glace - the party. Les Houches - wild flowers (2 slides). 1 unidentified - town centre square.

BSAA Alps: Norante - washerwomen. 2 unidentified courtyard scenes.

Dauphine: Croix de Fer - Group, black and white. Galibier. Col du Lautaret - wild flowers. Embrun - the town. 1 unidentified - bridge over defile in the mountains.

Corniche De L'Est: Monte Carlo - Casino. Eze - a corner of. Eze - a street. Cap Jean Ferrat.

Corniche D'Ore. None of the sixteen slides are identified. Coast of red cliff with cyclist to the left foreground. Coast of red cliff - 7 slides. Beach scene. Harbour scene and castle town walls by harbour entrance. Statue in square. Cycle race. Party in the sea (gentlemen in full one piece swimwear and some in ample trunks would suggest mid to late 1930s).

Corniche D'Ore (batch no.2): Cannes - boats and harbour scene. Cannes - the Castle. Near Ste Maxime Coast. Juan les Pins - the gardens. Agay Riviera. Cap D'Antibes - coastline. Near Agay - pines, sea and rocks. Agay - beach - 35mm transparency (this suggests a 1950s tour for this batch). Theole - sea front (2 slides). Near Le Levandou - garden (35mm). Le Lavendou - Med - houses on the coast. Near Le lavendou - creeper around a doorway. Le Lavendou - pension. Champagnole - river view.


Arlbery Pass - view on descent. Dolsach - sunset. Ulrichen - church. Feldkirch - centre of town. Lienz - street on a Sunday. Glockerstrasse at Edelweiss. Glockerstrasse at Fuschertort. Innsbruck - Maria Theresa Strasse. Three unidentified - building with carved panels, village in a mountain valley, lake with rock and cross on top. Donaueschingen - source of the Danube.


Bergun - general view. Val leventina - below Faido - valley scene. Lake of Sils. Albula Pass. Altdorf - William Tell Statue. Sargans Castle. Appenzell - town street. Geneva L of N [sic], Palace. Furka Pass - Rhone Glacier. Inside the Rhone Glacier. Lugano - Swiss Chalet. Lake Lugano. Andermatt - town buildings. Lucerne "The Watchers", 3 men in silhouette. One unidentified - may be covered bridge in timber.

Unidentified slides other than those in areas note above: A chapel. Moorland road. Large house or hotel. Pass - may be the Galibier (tinted) (2). Mountain valley - possibly Switerzerland. Village in the mountains. Mountain peak. Centre of town - possibly Austria. Hotel? Lake and mountain at sunset. Mountain valley. Iron gates - pleasing ironwork - likely to be Austria. Glacier picture - poor and damaged.

Home: Hyde Park gardens and Neville Whall in his office.

MSS.328/C/12/3/13 Lantern slides Box P [?early 20th cent.]

One box

Slides of the Rhineland, also "Germany not identified".

MSS.328/C/12/3/14 Lantern slides [?early 20th cent.]

One box and three photographs

Lantern slide box Q. Slides of England, Scotland and Wales.

Photgraphs of nos. Q16, Q19 and Q20: Blewbury, c. 1914; Carshalton, Surrey, c. 1914; the Leathern Bottle public house, Cobham, Kent, c. 1914.

MSS.328/C/12/3/15 Negatives "Negatives Only Box "M"" and photographs [?early 20th cent.]

One box and eleven photographs

Box of negative photographs, glass ones from Mr Reavil [sic] and photographic paper ones from Mr Wall [sic].

Photographs from this box, not individually numbered, of Croydon airport with aircraft, 1930s; R101 over Digswell, Hertfordshire, 1930s; Boston Stump, c. 1930s; Cleaning fish at St Ives, 1920s; Savernake Forest, Wiltshire; Portsmouth port workers, 1920s; battleship of the Warspite class at Portsmouth, c. 1930s; Bwlch-y-groes, North Wales, 1930s; track across Strata Florida Abbey, mid Wales, 1930s; top part of Towey Valley, late 1920s-1930s; track up to the Towey Valley watershed from Strata Florida, 1930s.

MSS.328/C/12/3/ Lantern slides: Box N [?early 20th cent.]


See MSS.328/12/1/4, a photograph album apparently relating these negative lantern slides.

Note by CTC editor. This box contains the negatives of pictures taken by Neville Whall on his Continental Tours in the 1930s. There are many splendid views of high Alpine passes, some well known others not so well known. They were taken on "film pack", using a Voigtlander Plate camera fitted with an f4.5 Hellar 105mm lens, a top rate lens of that time which produced excellent 6cm x 9cm negatives. There are slight discrepancies in the alphabetical order through misplaced negatives in the collection at the time of cataloguing.

1-44, 46-48. A.

1. Aarburg. 2. Aare - Gorge of A… 3 Abbeville. 4. Abondance. 5. Adast. 6. Aguntum. 7. Aigle. 8. Aiguebelle - Near. 9. Aigues. 10. Aime. 11. Airele. 12. Aix en Provence. 13. Aix les Baines. 14. Albule Pass. 15. Allagha. 16. Allon. 17 Allos Col d'. 18. Alp See. 19. Altdorf. 20. Amateg. 21 Andermatt. 22. Annecey. 23. Annecy - Lake of A… 24. Anaiei. 25. Antibes. 26. Apprica Pass. 27. Arabba. 28. Aravie - Col des A… 29. Are Valley. 30. Aroo. 31. Argentieres - (near). 32. Argentieres - Glacier du A… 33. Arlbery Pass. 34. Arles - on the road to A… 35. Arles. 36. Arly - Gorge de l' A… 37. Arras. 38. Arreau. 39. Arve Valley (negative missing). 40. Aspin Col d' A… 41. Attenti al trene. 42. Atterses. 43. Auronzo. 44 Auxerre. 46. Avallon. 47. Avignon. 48. Axenstrasse.

49-66, 45, 67-99. B

49. Bad Isohl. 50. Bad Tolz. 51. Ballino - near. 52. Balmo. 53. Baraques, les. 54. Barcelonnette. 55. Barthelemy, Pid de. 56. Bathie, la. 57. Batie-nauve, La. 58. Bax, les. 59. Bavarian House. 60. Bavarian peasants. 61. Bayard Col. 62. Beauvais. 63. Becharram. 64. Bellagio. 65. Bellaluna. 66. Belledonne, Pic de. 45. Bellinzona. 67. Berchtesgarden. 68. Bergamo. 69. Bergun. 70. Berna. 71. Bernese Oberland. 72. Bernia Pass. 73. Beziors. 74. Biarrita. 75. Biasoa. 76. Bienne Gorge of the. 77. Billencourt. 78. Bionnassay, Pic de. 79. Blanc Mont. 80. Blanc Mont from Prodidier. 81. Bludenz. 82. Bolzano. 83. Bonhomme, Col du. 84. Bormino. 85. Bourget, lac du. 86. Bourg St. Maurice. 87. Bourg St. Pierre. 88. Bourne - Gorge de la. 89. Brasse. 90. Brennero Pass. 91. Brescia. 92. Briancon. 93. Brienzer Rothorn. 94. Brioudo. 95. Brixenthal. 96. Broccone Pass. 97. Brunico. 98. Brunig Pass. 99. Buchs.

100-133, 132(2), 135-160. C

100. Cadinni Range. 101. Calais. 102. Camargue, The. 103. Cambrai. 104. Campagne sur Aude. 105. Campolungo Pass. 106. Canazei. 107. Cannes. 108. Canonica d'Adda. 109a. Caprile. 109b. Carcassonne. 110. Carezza, Lago di. 111. Carnedo Castel. 112. Casset, Le. 113. Castelbello. 114. Castelbouc. 115. Castalland. 116. Castello di Tenno. 117. Castellozzo di Bronzone. 118. Castelnuovo. 119. Castel Ticino - from. 120. Cavalese. 121. Cavelese Pass. 122. Cayclle, Colde la. 123. Cervierea. 124. Chabrieres, Clue de. 125. Chaise Dieu la. 126. Chambery. 127. Chatilion, Col de (view). 128. Chatal Argent. 129. Chambon, Barrage du. 130. Chambon, Lac du. 131. Chavenna. 132. Champex. 133. Chapiaux. 132. Chartres. 135. Chillon. 136. Chiomonte. 137. Chioula, Col du. 138. Chur. 139. Chiusa. 140. Churwnlden. 141. Clairee Valley. 142. Cinque Torre. 143. Cittadella. 144. Clermont Ferrand. 145. Colle Isarco. 146. Colle Santa Lucia. 147. Colmar. 148. Cologne. 149. Como. 150. Conflans. 151. Corniche des Maures. 152. Corniche d'Or. 154. Corps. 155. Cortenodolo. 156. Cortina. 157. Costalunga Pass. 158. Creda da lago. 159. Criox-de-Far, Col de la. 160. Culoz Rhone.

161-169, 153. D

161. Daluis, Gorge of. 162. Diosaz, view from. 163. Disentis. 164. Dom, Foret de. 165. Domegge. 166. Don't. 167. Drac Barrage. 168. Dranse, Gorge of. 169. Dru Aguille. 153. Durance Valley.


170-184. Ebensee. 171. Edolo. 172. Egats. 173. Eiger, The. 174. Elbigenalp. 175. Embrun. 176-177. Entraunes. 177. Entremont Gorge d'. 178. Entrevaus. 179. Esoragnolles (near). 180. Espezel. 181. Espinannes (near). 182. Etroubles. 183. Ettal. 184. Eze.

185-209. F

185. Faide.186. Falzarege Pass. 187. Faucille, Col de la. 188. Fayet, Le. 189. Fldkirsch. 190. Feltre (near). 191. For a Cheval, Cirque du. 192. Fern Pass. 193. Fiera di Primiera. 194. Filisur. 195. Firmiane Castello. 196. Flexenstrasse. 197. Fluela Pass. 198. Fluelen. 199. Fluhli. 200. Flumet. 201. Fontainebleau. 202. Forcella. 203. Forcla, Col de la. 204. Fortezza. 205. Frejus. 206. French cycle path. 207. Fucine. 208. Furka Pass. 209. Fussen.

210, 212-257. G

210. Galibier Pass. 212. Gap. 21. Garda, Lake of. 214. Gard, Pont du. 215. Gardena Pass. 216. Garderthal. 217. Gardone Riviera. 218. Gargagno. 219. Gaverdo. 220. Gavarnie. 221. Gedre. 222. Geisleraspitze. 223. Geneva. 224. Geneva, lake of. 225. German cycle path. 226. Gets Coldes. 227. Gidnod. 228. Giovo Pass. 229. Glandon, Col du. 230. Glanum. 231. Glocknerstrasse. 232. Going. 233. Gobbera pass. 234. Golling (near). 235. Goule Noire Pont. 236. Gorgonzola. 237. Gornergrat. 238. Gouter, Aiguille des. 239. Grand Chameau. 240. Granda Chartrouse. 214. Grands Goulets. 242. Grasse. 243. Grau du Roi, Le. 244. Grave, la. 245. Great St. Bernard Pass. 246. Great Scheidegg. 247. Grenoble. 248. Grenoble (near). 249. Grimsel Pass. 250. Grindewald Road. 251. Gresie. 252. Gruvaz Gordes, de la. 253. Gschutt Pass. 254. Guery, Col de. 255. Gueydan, Pont de. 256. Guillaumes. 257. Gwatt.

258-270. H

258. Hall. 259. Hallstadt. 260. Hasliberg. 261. Heiligenblut. 262. "Helping Hand". 263. Henne Morte. 264. Hick's Cycle. 265. Hohenschwangau Schloss. 266. Hohensteinthal. 267. Holzgau. 268. Hopital St. Blaise. 269. "Horace". 270. Houches, Les.

271-272, 312, 273-300. I

271. Infernet, Gorge de. 272. Interkirchen. 312. Ina, Valley of the. 273. Innsbruck. 274. Inzell. 275. Isco, Lago di. 276. Iselsberg (view from). 277. Iseran, Col de l'. 288. Isola Bella. 289 to 298. (not allocated). 299. Isola di Pescatori. 300. Italian cycle path.

301-302. J

301. Joucou, Defile de. 302. Julier Pass.

306-307, 303-305, 308-311, 313-317. K

306. Kaprum Castle. 307. Kaprunertal. 303. Kesselfall. 304. Kesselberg. 305. Kitzbuhel. 308. Ketzbuhal (near). 309. Klais. 310. Klamm Castle. 311. Klausen Pass. 313. Klosters. 314. Kinigsberg [?Konigsberg]. 315. Konigs See. 316. Koppental. 317. Konnsnacht.

318-344. L

318. Landry. 319. Landeck. 320. Labdwasser Gorge. 321. Lanslebourg. 322. Leon. 323. Laufen. 324. Lautaret, Col du. 325. Lechthal. 326. Lecco, Lake of. 327. Lend. 328. Leotoing, Chateau de. 329. Levico (near). 330. Liechtenstein. 331. Lienz. 332. Linderhof Schloss. 333. Little St. Bernard Pass. 334. Lofer. 335. Longarone. 337. Loup, Le. 338. Lourdes. 339. Lucerne. 340. Lucerne, Lake of. 341. Lueg Pass. 342. Lugano. 343. Lugano, Lake of .344. Luz St. Sauveur.

345-383, 385-389. M

345. Madonna di Tirano. 346. Maienfeld. 347. Malcosine. 348. Maloja Kulm. 349. Malja Pass. 350. Marezon. 351. Marien-Tal. 352. Marmolata. 353. Mauleon Licharre. 354. Megeve. 355. Megeve, Col de. 356. Meije, The. 357. Meiringen. 358. Menaggio. 359. Mende. 360. Mendrisio. 361. Merano. 362. Mer de Glace. 363. Mescla, Gorge of the. 364. Metz. 365. Metz (near). 366. Mieussey. 367. Milan. 368. Milly. 369. Misurina, Lake of. 370. Mittersill. 371. Modane. 372. Mollital. 373. Monaco. 374. Mont Genis, Col du. 375. Mondsee. 376. Monte Carlo. 377. Monte Cristallo. 378. Monte Croda Rossa. 379. Mont Genevere, Col du. 380. Montigny-sur-Loing. 381. Montmajour. 382. Monttmolian. 383. Montreux. 385. Morot sur Loing. 386. Morez. 387. Morgins, Col de. 388. Moutiers. 389. Munich.

390-396. N

390. Neuschwanstein Schloss. 391. Nice. 392. Nickolai Thal. 393. Niedergestein. 394. Nimes. 395. Notre Dame de la Gorge. 396. Novale Castello.

397-405. O

397. Oberalp Pass. 398. Ober See. 399. Ofen Pass. 400. Omegan. 401. Orange. 402. Orival. 403. Orleans. 404. Ornon, Col du. 405. Orsjerea.

384, 406-445. P

384. Pallazza (misplaced). 406. Paris. 407. Paris - Colonial Exhibition. 408. Paris - 1937 Exhibition. 409. Paris CTC Rally. 410. Parpaillon, Col du. 411. Passy. 412. Pasterzen Glacier. 413. Pau. 414. Peille. 415. Peillon. 416. Pergine. 417. Pelmo Monte. 418. Perier, Le. 419. Peyresourrde, Col de. 420. Pfarrwerfen. 421. Pianna Monte. 422. Pian de Salesei. 423. Plave Valley. 424. Pieve di Cadore. 425. Pieve di Livanellongo. 426. Pissevache Falls of . 427. Placette, Col de la. 428. Plan, Aiguille du. 429. Plan See. 430. Pongau (party). 431. Pont de Poitte. 432. Pont du Rovana . 433. Pont Haut. 434. Pont St Joseph. 435. Pont St. Marie. 436. Ponte al'Isarco. 437. Pordoi Pass. 438. Portet d'Aspet, Col de. 439. Poschiavo. 440. Poschiavo, Lago di. 441. Potschen Pass. 442. Pourri Mont. 443. Predazso. 444. Pusiano, Lago di. 445. Puy Lo.

446. Q

446. Quillan.

447-463. R

447. Raichenbach Falls. 448. Rattenburg. 449. Rheimas. 450. Rhine Valley. 451. Rhone Glacier. 452. Rhone Valley. 453. Riva. 454. Rochepot, La. 455. Roffla Gorge. 456. Rolle Pass. 457. Romeyere, Col de. 458. Roncolo Castello. 459. Roquebrune. 460. Rosegarten Group. 461. Rosenheim. 462. Rouges Aiguilles. 463. Royat.

464-542, 561-562. S.

464. Saalach River. 465. Saalfelden. 466. St. Andre de Meouilles. 467. St. Aventin. 468-469. St. Benoit. 470. St. Bertrand de Comminges. 471. St. Bonnet. 472. St. Bruno. 473. St. Cergue. 474. St. Claude. 475. St. Crepin. 476. St. Enimie. 477. St. Gallen. 478. St. Gaudons. 479. St. Gervais-les-bains. 480. St. Gilgen. 481. St. Gottard Pass. 482. St. Jean d'Aulph. 483. St. Jean de Maurlenne. 484. St. Jean Pied de Port. 485. St. Johann. 486. St. Julien. 487-488. St. Malo. 489. St. Moritz. 490. St. Martin sur Arve. 491. St. Pierre Chateau. 492. St. Raphael. 493. St. Rhemy. 494. St. Tropez. 495. St. Wolfgang. 496. Saintes-Maries, Les. 497. Saanen. 498. Salo. 499. Salon. 500. Salvan. 501. Salzberg. 502. Samoemns. 503. San Candido. 504. Sandhof. 505. San Giovanni. 506. Sanmartine di Castrozza. 507. Sarca, Gorge of. 508. Sarnen. 509. Sassenage. 510a. Sassenage. 510b. Sassolungo (group). 511. Saulieu. 512. Saurat (near). 513. Savine, Col de la. 514. Soaffarels, Le (near). 515. Schaffhausen. 516. Schwarz. 517. Schhyn Pass. 518. Sella (group). 519. Salla Pass. 520. Selonnet (near). 521. Senhouagust. 522. Sept Freres, Col des. 523. Septmoncel (near). 524. Sevelon. 525. Seyne. 626. [?525.]Siex - Defile de. 727. [?527] Silandro. 528. Sils. 529. Sils, Lake of. 530. Simplon Pass. 531. Sion. 532. Sixt. 533. Sommee Suippe. 534. Sondrio. 535. Spittal-an-der-Drau. 536. Splugan. 539. Stelvio Pass. 537. Strasbourg. 538. Strobl. 540. Sully. 541. Splugen Pass. 542. Sustien Pass. 561. Sus. 562. Sursee.

543-560, 563-569. T

543. Tank (German World War I). 544. Tarascon. 545. Tarn, Gorges du. 546. Tenno. 547. Thonon-les-bains. 548. Thum. 549. Thum, Lake of. 550. Thurn Pass. 551. Thusis. 552. Teifencastel. 553. Tirano. 554. Toblono, Lake of. 555. Touet-de-Bouil. 556. Tour - Aiguille du. 557. Tour - Glacier du. 558. Tourettes-sur-Loup. 559. Tourmalet, Dol du. 560. Tournouel, Chateau de. 563. Traunsee. 564. Tre Cime di Lavaredo. 565. Tremezzo. 566. Trente. 567. Triege, Falls of. 568. Triege, val de. 569. Turble.

570-575. U

570. Ugines harvesters. 571. Umbrail Pass. 572. Unterach. 573. Uriage les Bains. 544.[?574] Uvernet. 575. Uzes.

576-596, 598. V

576. Val d'Isere. 577. Var Valley near St. Martin. 578. Vars. Col de. 579. Vimy Ridge (World War I). 580. Vaduz. 581. Val di Cadore. 582. Venice. 583. Verdon Grand Canyon. 584. Verdon Valley. 585. Verdun. 586. Versailles. 587. Versam (near). 588. Vezelay. 589. Ville del Monte. 590. Villeneuve-les-Avignon. 591. Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. 592. Vizille Chateau. 593. Vipiteno. 594. Vis-en-Artois. 595. Vitzau. 596. Vocklabruck. 598. Voiron.

599-609. W

599. Walchensee. 600. Wallgau (near). 601-602. Wassen. 603. Wiessfluh, The. 604. Werfen. 605. Westerndorf. 606. Wetterhorn, The. 607. Winklorn. 608. Wolfratshausen. 609. Wrestling.

610-612. Z

610. Zermatt. 611. Zille. 612. Zurich.

613. Place not identified.

614. Miscellaneous.

MSS.328/C/12/4/1-1106 CTC collection of historic photographs 1869-1998

1-1069. Over one thousand envelopes of photographs, divided topographically, and by person and subject. The typescript index received from the CTC has been transferred into the list, and appears below after some editing. It is explained that the index is in two parts, everything other than places is in the first part and all places are in the second part. the use of P denotes a picturesque photograph; entries marked T are from the technical section. The first section, pesonalities, has been listed in alphabetical order of person; subsequently the catalogue appears generally in numerical order. Many of the photographs are undated. There are spare envelopes for numbers 528-565, 689 and 691-699. The smaller outsize envelopes have been placed in the same boxes as the smaller ones; the larger ones have been placed on special racks

CTC editor's Table of Contents:

Personalities - individuals, A-Z.

Personalities - groups

CTC staff, officials and functions - Craven Hill, Godalming, Meriden and Harrogate Centenary, AGMs/Dinners

District Associations

Veterans' Rides

Birthday Rides



Duke of Edinburgh Award

Adventure Weeks

Railway Excursions, 1955-1960

Relay Rides, 1923-1978.


Family Cycling


Snow Scenes

British Cycle Touring Competition, 1952-1988

York Rallies, 1947-1987

Rallies and Meets, other than York

Signposts and Milestones

Roads - drain covers, gratings, etc.

Road Safety

Maps and Map Reading

Railway Transport: vans and loading

Sea Ferries: ships and loading

Road Transport of cycles. River crossings, roof racks, car boot stowage

Technical - all items relating to bicycles, including those of recent date

Historic - old bicycles, etc.

Places: England by Counties. Ireland. Scotland - by areas. Wales - by areas. Overseas, by Continent


An album of the West Metropolitan District Association, 1913-1915, 1932, has not been deposited.

1070-1104. Photographs not forming part of the above catalogue.

MSS.328/C/12/4/1-182 CTC collection of historic photographs: Personalities, A-D 1928-1986, undated

Not all numbers are used. Outsize supplement kept with other photographs.

73 a. Arnold-Hall. receiving the Bird Memorial from Sir Alfred Bird, 1949.

107 a. Bailey, Bert, certificate of merit.

41 a. Bailey, Fred, with wife, Nell, 1969, and negative.

159 a-c. Bailey, Jim, speaking at the National Prize dinner, 1972, North Lancashire.

91 a. Bailey, Nell, certificate of merit award.

18 a-e. Bannister, Ted, MBE. a.Proficiency manual, instructional diagram (two prints, one outsize); b. Cycling with youngsters along a country lane. c. Portrait for the Raleigh book (with CV). e. [sic] Outside his pub at Bradford on Avon, 1958, with Warner [and] Riddell.

95 a. Barerk, R. (noted astronomer) riding his bicycle around his large telescope in the garden.

86 a. Baron Stanley (News Chronicle journalist), portrait - drinking a pint of beer.

179 a. Batt, George, seated on Jack Taylor Super Tourist cycle (three prints), 1967. See also no. 181a. with John Welsh.

156 a-b. Best, B. W., presentation of a chair in his memory.

177 a. Brookfield, Keith, presentation by Les Warner, 1963 Variety Cy. Tour. Club.

50 a. Beever, Tom, standing with cycle in a village in Cyprus.

43 a. Bennett, Andrew, M.P., at Stockport station with cycle on platform- travelled from London.

29 a. Lord Birkenhead, Jubilee Banquet, March 1928.

49 a. Bloom, Ursula, portrait.

6 a-d. Blundell, Lionel, QC. a. Riding on path by a river in winter -obituary p150/1975; b-c. BCTC course survey in Shropshire 1961; d. On a reconniassance ride for BCTC near Lullingstone, Kent.

32 a-e. Bottomley, Peter and Virginia (M.P.s and later Minister) a. Peter starting National Bike Week, 1986. b. Ditto with friends riding a "Quad"; c. Peter and Virginia at HQ Godalming, 1986 (6 prints -colour); d. Peter and Virginia on the course -York Rally 1976; e. Portrait of Peter Bottomley's father -York Rally.

58 a. Brealey, H.N. (BSA Ads. Manager). Posed on BSA "Gold Shield Model" probably MacMillan Centenary, 1939/1940 (The inside of the mudguards are clean!).

82 a. Browne, Walter, riding his 1930s cycle -awarded Hon. Life Membership, 1972.

Burton, Beryl: See 445g. York Rally 1973.

52 a. Carlisle, Robert : pictured in the Dunlop Factory at 86 years -helped Dunlop in the early days. Outsize supplement (2 prints).

152 a-f. Carmichael-Riddell. a. At Ashover, 1980. BCTC discussing final with Menzies and Langsford. b. Discussing proposed BCTC Course with Bradnam and Green, 1952. c. Portrait d. With Copeland and Shaw, 1956. e. Bird Memorial. medallion. f. Portrait.

161 a-b. Carter-Ruck, Peter. a. Presenting Recruitment Trophy to Jim Bailey, 1968. b. Presenting cup to a youngster.

36 a-c. Chalker, Mrs. Lynda (Minister of State -Transport). a. Portrait. b Posed with small wheel bicycle. c. Riding above in Robert Street giving right hand signal.

11 b. Charles Case. 84th. birthday picture. -cycled 92 miles Ellesmere Port, Preston.

9 a-b. Cheetham. Portrait -Chief Consul -West Yorkshire -lovely be-whiskered portrait (2 prints).

53 a. Chilcott, Basil. National Road Safety for Children Award -presentation.

62 a. Clarke, Geoff. At 1962 AGM.

105 a-c. Clarke, Kenneth Rt. Hon. With John Franklin and Sandy Sandford riding the Ambassador's cycle route through the West End, London.

176 a. Coleman, H. Portrait.

103 a-b. Coley, Rex Burgess (Ragged Staff). a. With Group at 1954 Cycle Show. b. Citation (1970).

54 a. Cooper, Kenneth, seated in garden arm chair -colour print

182 a. Copeland, receiving recruitment cup.

1 a-f. Cotterell, Stanley J. A. a. Founder 1878 (BTC badge) (5 prints); b. With Mrs. Welford -see art. 186/1949 (First lady member). c. At about 80 years. d. Signing the "Golden Book", 1938. e. With Shaw, 1938 (2 prints). f. With Kuklos (3 prints).

157 a. Cotton, J. and G. Giving a slide show to Bristol District Association, 1980.

38 a. Cowdray, Colin (cricketer). Portrait riding a small wheel cycle in "whites".

62 a. Cripps, John, portrait -Chairman Countryside Commission. in the early days.

94 a-c. Darvill, Charles, MBE. a. With birthday cake on lap. Veterans' Section South Yorkshire (2 prints). b. With Bry Ferguson and Jim Laver at Wormhill. Peak District. c. With Emma Hadfield (about 8 years.) 80th. Birthday.

55 a. Davies, Chris, with Birthday Cake given by News Group Papers, Portsmouth 1983.

37 a. Duchess of Gloucester, at show in 1956 on the Lucas Stand.

17 a-c. Dunlop, John Boyd. a. Holding first bicycle to be fitted with pneumatic tyres. Central Office of Information (1960) NB claim dubious see Daughter's article page 58 February 1933. Cycle appears to be a Sunbeam, c.1892. b. A replica of the first Dunlop tyre. Outsize. c. The Tyre Diamond Jubilee, 1948. Placing a wreath by Robert Carlisle. Outsize. See also Carlisle, no. 52a. who was associated. Copy of Patent in outsize Historic Section.

MSS.328/C/12/4/1-569 CTC collection of historic photographs: Personalities: E-L 1882-1983, undated

Not all numbers are used. Outsize supplement kept with other photographs.

158 a. Else, John. Receiving Certificate of Merit from Ivy Thorp, 1983 (colour).

175 a. Ditto, receiving present of flash equipment.

74 a. English, Ron, with youngster on Adventure Course, 1958.

19 a. Finey at the top of a pass -noted "Pass Stormer" (European).

61 a. Fischer, Eva (noted European artist). Seated in the Raleigh works wearing a fur coat and sketching.

Fitzwalter Wray. See Kuklos

569 a-b. Foxley Norris. a. As a young man in New Zealand, 1882. b. After 50 years of cycling at the Anfield 100, 1934 (in the Tom Hughes Collection).

168 a. Fuller, G. Receiving Recruitment Trophy, 1967.

35 a-f. Gammon, Reg., artist - Frank Patterson's nephew. a. 92nd birthday (9 prints). b. On tour in France -sketching (2 prints) . c. Seated sketching -France. d. Camping in France, 1954. e. With party outside hotel on organised Scottish Tour, 1956. f. French Tour at Grenoble.

169 a. Gausden/Crane. Receiving BTA Certificate, 1978 (see also 142a).

108 a. Good (Quads). Presentation of quads with Raleigh Cycles for their 7th. birthday at the Bristol Odeon Cinema.

66 a. Gilbert, Dr. John, portrait with small wheel bicycle -Minister for Transport, National Bike Week, 1975.

21 a. Glenn, E., with Mr Wardale at the York Rally.

24. Graves, C. American revival of cycling.

106 a. Harlow, Alan, seated at desk -Godalming. Outsize.

98 a-c. Hanks, Harold. a. Portrait at Veterans' Ride, 1965. b. In earlier years, c.1902, with "Tri-bars" on his cycle. T. c. With his cycle and special "rolling" saddle (see October 1965). Outsize.

46 a. Harris, Reg., Sprint Champion. Executive Director Raleigh. Talking with members seated in club room, North Lancashire District Association.

52 a. The same, with Robert Carlisle in Dunlop Factory.

139 a. The same, with other champions of the cycling world (Group.)

46 b. The same, with Oakley.

111. Heaton, Percy. Life Story of 1930's cycling in the north with photographs.

7 a-c. Hefford, E. O., rear admiral (E). a. Not identified, obituary 295/1955. b. Negatives only -memorial seat. c. Receiving a Certificate.

63 a. Hibell, Ian, portrait with friend -associated with Sahara Crossing, etc.

28 a. Holding, T. H., Founder Member (6 prints).

84 a. Hopkins"Hoppy". Pleasing portrait cycling in wooded lane; colour print.

67 a. Howell, Dennis, Minister for Sport. Riding small wheel cycle -RSW16 -in traffic (parked cars).

31 a-b. Hughes-Hallett, admiral. Speaking at the Pedal Club 21st Dinner, 1962.

11 a. Hughes, Tom "OWD TOM"-Wigan. With John Olden on his 81st birthday. See also his personal collection of photographs in "Old Bicycles" section.

69 a-b. Hunt, John. a. Presentation of Bird Memorial Prize. b. East Midlands presentation of barometer.

151 a-e. The same. a. At Radnorshire Exhibition, 1972. b. Portrait, 1980. c. After award of Bird Memorial Prize, 1964. d. Checking competitors. e. Conducting BCTC Quiz of entrants.

40 a-b. Hunter, Robert, "Gangrel". a. Using Kodak 16mm cine camera crouched in a field, West Scotland. b. Seated by the Forth Bridge (rail).

163 a. Vice President at table.

2 a. Ineson, S. H. In CTC Uniform -first treasurer -Bradford BC cap badge.

107 a. Jones, Dennis, presenting Certificate of Merit to Bill Skelding and Bert Bailey, 1983, Chester District Association.

59 a. Jones, Fred. Road Safety Award -President Mayor of Kingston.

167 a. Graham, John. Portrait with cycle -involved with cycle storage at Youth Hostel Association, 1975.

Juden, Chris, as "Cycle Doctor" for the kids at a Bike week clinic, 2 prints. [No reference supplied].

99 a. Kabes, V., AIT Secretary, at Egham with Les Warner, 1981/2.

154 a.-d. Kermode, J. Cyril. a. As President of West Kent District Association, 1975. b. Being awarded Life Membership by Ivy Thorpe, 1975. c. Portrait. d. By Lock Broom, Scotland, 1956.

164 a. King, Ted, mending a youngster's puncture, Bristol.

83 a. Knottley, Peter, riding his AM7 Moulton along a hedgerow path. b. On a more conventional tourer in a lane near Tonbridge, Kent.

60 a. Kitching, Ron. With Loughborough Grammar School E.S.C.A. Award.

64 a. Kleinwort, Ernest, City Banker. Riding his small wheel bicycle in Threadneedle Street, City. Outsize, supplement.

5 a-b. " Kuklos", W. Fitzwalter Wray. a. Autographing programmes at Diamond Jubilee Rally, Harrogate, 1938. b. Invitation Run, Princes Risborough, c. 1930s.

1 e. the same, with Cotterell (3 prints).

166 a. Leheup, Aidan, Helen and Doreen. Displaying CTC tee shirts, Nottinghamshire District Association, 1975. 2 prints.

150 a-b. Leng, Alan. a. Portraits (8 prints). b. Presentations to Audrey Hughes and Mike Harding (BCTC).

13 a-b. Lightwood, J. F . a. Vice President, addressing an open air meeting, c.1920s. b. Sepia print of the same meeting.

78 a. Lofthouse, Frank, portrait.

97 a-c. Longley, Fred. a. At a District Association Rally with Gibson, C. Pratt and Carmichael-Riddell, Leeds. b. Portrait. c. With typewriter on retirement. d. Receiving Bird Memorial Prize, 1956 (3 prints).

MSS.328/C/12/4/4-243 CTC collection of historic photographs: Personalities: M-R 1924-1982, undated

Not all numbers are used. Outsize supplement kept with other photographs.

172 a. Marchmont/Moss cutting Wessex District Association 70th Birthday cake, 1982.

33 a-b. Marples, Ernest Rt. Hon. a. With his wife Ruth, riding cycle near Marseilles. b. Acting as starter at BCTC, 1959.

45 a. Mason Lowell, B. (American Trade Comm.) Seated on Glasgow Museum Hobby Horse.

89 a-b. May, F .J . H. (F.O.T.C.). a. As new President of the F.O.T.C., 1959. b. Receiving Certificate of Merit, 1960.


230 a. Mayor of Beverley - H. P. Flyn.

231 a. Mayor of Portsmouth, Road Cycle Scheme, 1975.

233 a. Mayors of Godalming & Guildford outside HQ being "pushed off".

243 a. Mayor of Birmingham -Ken Barton, CTC Councillor.

8 a-f. Menzies, Rene, French -83819 miles -23 months. a. p. 255/1956 with well wishers. b. Autographed picture. c. Hyde Park -June 1956. d. Not identified. e. Cycle Show, 1956. f. Cycle Show, 1955 (Fibrax).

165 a. Morris, Alan. Portrait receiving recruitment trophy, 1974.

76 a-b. Morrison, Irene. a. Receiving Award of Merit; colour print. b. Admiring the Harrogate plaque.

155 a-e. Moss, Arthur. a. At the high table, York Rally, 1979. b. With his wife, Elsie -portrait (2 prints). c. Receiving Bird Memorial Prize, 1963. d. Presentation to John Way. e. At a Dinner Do.

70 a-c. Newcombe, H. S., F .R.P.S., author and photographer. a. Seated on the verge by cycle at Pont Gihirych (A4067) probably 1940s -Fan Bwlch Chwyth in the background. b. Founder Member West Kent District Association -at Jubilee Dinner, 1974. c. On a track through woodland standing astride his cycle.

178 a. Newman, Bernard. At CTC stand, 1955. (2 prints).

96 a. Norris, C. On Kendrick Tricycle with Akerman steering (car type). T.

113 a. Norris, Steven, Local Minister of Transport -National Bike Week.

79 a. "Nutkin". With his folding bike on his back (3 prints).

75 a-e. Nuttall, Alfred. a. Receiving Bird Memorial Prize from Stancer, 1953 (5 prints). b. Celebrating Felton's Ride to Paris on Ordinary. c. Boarding Air Ferry at Lydd, Kent. d. In front of the Bristol Freighter at Lydd. e. Turning off the A20 near Lydd. See also 223 for Nuttall's Edinburgh - Harrogate Ride.

6 a-c. Oakley. a. Seated on steps at Kirby Moorside, 1948 (2 prints). b. Riding with Bert Bailey on a track near Llanrhedr/Mochant. c. Wessex District Association Dinner, 1962.

48 a. Opperman, Hubert "Oppy". At home (Australia); colour print.

160 a-g. Pratt, Clifford. a. Portrait, founder of York Rally. b. Portrait. c. With Newman (3 prints). d. Receiving International Award Medal. e. Receiving cup. f. Receiving Gold Medal of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme. g. Cliff's shop -2 prints -one in Yorkshire District Association file.

23 a. Patterson, Frank With pipe in hand, 1924.

100 a. Pearce, Hugh, in office, 1960s.

77 a. Pickering, Bill, channel swimmer. Standing in the English Channel, 1956.

20 a. Preston, H., with alloy cycle of hexagonal tubing and "Tennis Raquet" saddle. T.

170 a. Quemby, Colin. Portrait at 1967 A.G.M.

47 a. Roberts, Eric, portrait -associated with right to use Manifold Way,1981.

112 a. Robinson-Arnold, with cycle at Derwent Hire -radio programmes, 1982.

4 a-h. Robinson -"Wayfarer". At Ightham Mote -Kent District Association p.155/1926. b. ditto, October 1926. c. ditto, p.403, December 1926. d. Postcard -not identified. e. In Kent, 1926. f. With a West Kent young rider. g. Rough-Stuff Fellowship plaque to "Wayfarer" in the Berwyns, North Wales, 1957. h. Memorial seat proposition drawing for Meriden, 1958.

85 a. Ross, The Rev. Portrait of him in his study.

25 a-m. Royalty. a. King George VI -1952, obituary with 5" x 4" negative. b. King George VI -with Stancer, Veterans' Ride, 1944 (10 prints). c. King George V -Cowes, Isle of Wight, from a painting, 1902. d. The Queen at the Raleigh Factory (2 prints), 1968. Outsize. e. Duke of Edinburgh at Award Scheme Exhibition, 1971. Outsize. f. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Youth Hostel Association, Holland House, 1959 (inspection of Youth Hostel Association Morris Dancers). Outsize. g-h. Silver Jubilee pictures at Windsor (Cycle Trader Magazine), 1977. i. Telegram from Buckingham Palace, Prince of Wales. j. Duke of Edinburgh speaking. Outsize. k. Duke of Edinburgh at Leeds -"Bootie Bike", 1968. l. The Queen at Edinburgh -accession to the throne picture, 1952. Outsize. m. King and Queen with Admiral Hefford -Veterans' Ride, 1944.

104 a. Rumney. Addressing a rally at The Wrekin, late 1920s or early 1930s.

MSS.328/C/12/4/1-373 CTC collection of historic photographs: Personalities: S-Z 1892-1981, undated

Not all numbers have been used. Outsize supplement kept with other photographs.

42 a. Seger, Bill. Receiving the Certificate of Merit, 1955.

30 a. Shaw, George Bernard, playwright. a. Portrait.

81 a-c. Shaw, Reg. a. Being honoured in France. b. Speaking at AGM. c. With possibly Miss Stancer -Stancer's sister.

1 e. The same with Cotterell (2 prints).

68 a. Shephard, H. L. Portrait - President of the National Association of Cycle Traders.

34 a-c. Sheridan, Mrs. Eileen. a. Women's All-Rounder Cyclist, 1950 -posed on cycle. b. Signing photos of above print at 1954 Cycle Show. c. 3 prints associated with TV coverage, seen with R. C. Shaw. See also Railway Excursions, Nos. 322 g, 324 f, 333 f.

27 a. Shipton, E. R. Portrait -CTC secretary and editor of Gazette.

90 a. Simpson, A. Being awarded Certificate of Merit Midlands District Association, 1953.

107 a. Skelding, Bill. Certificate of Merit Award.

51 a. Smith, Nat. Standing with his Sunbeam in 1892. T.

22 a. Smith-Sayner, G. Two Oldest members -Brighton Photo News with Mrs. Welford.

44 a. Sore, D. Arriving home after riding around the world, low viewpoint.

92 a. "Stainless Stephen ", BBC and Variety Halls Comic, A.C. Baynes. Portrait at AIT Dinner.

3 a-z. Stancer, G. Herbert a. Portrait -cap and tweeds. b-d. H. Henberg Medal (French): receiving same. Negatives attached. e. With solo bike on Veterans' Run, 1944. f. Head and shoulder portrait (may be 80th. birthday). 2 pictures. g. Admiring Alfred Bird Memorial prize, 1951 (p. 203). h. In the bar with Bannister, 1958. i. Medallion -Mr Stanton? j. At R.T.T.A. Dinner, December 1956 (2 prints). k. Speaking at CTC AGM, Newcastle, April 1954. l. Presenting Bird Memorial Medallion. Receiver not identified -try 54. m. Speaking at meeting, about 1954. n. Similar to above. o. Pre Rally Council Meeting, Chase Hotel, York. p. French award, 43/Feb/1954. q. Leading Bucks President's century run -Great North Road. r. 79th. Birthday pictures (8 prints) envelope. s. Portrait on his tricycle, which appears to be that in 3t. t. Racing in the Bath Road 100 -thought to be Pangbourne Lane, c. 1918-1920, age about 30 years. u. With R. C. Shaw and Ted Ede riding tricycles (parked). v. With Mayor and Mayoress of Birmingham, p145/1959. w. Not identified -appears to be presenting a cycle to a youngster. x. Presentation to Mr. Shaw -retiring. y. Coronation Medal presented by France, 1954 (3 prints. z. With 2 colleagues (4 prints). a,g,o,v,w,and z are in Outsize supplement.

72 a-b. Stanton, John. a. Riding his cycle. b. Holding the Bird Memorial Prize and addressing the Meeting (3).

10 a-e. Stiles, Bill. a. With a group of youngsters -retirement p141/1969. b. Accepting cup -French Tourist Office on behalf of comp. mems. c. With touring party at Victoria Station London, riding cycles. d. Receiving French Award, 1968. e. Victoria Station with party.

15 a. Sugden, Amos. 74 years, taken near Windermere with Dursley Pedersen cycle. T.

56 a. Talbot, Godfrey, BBC commentator. Interviewing homeward bound cyclists, Easter Monday, 1957.

93 a-b. Teal, Marion. With John Cripps CBE, Countryside Commission chairman. b Riding in Wales.

373 b. The same. Mother and son caped up in the rain.

65 a. Tetley, Mike (Blind). Seen with his tandem and sighted pilot, Dennis Bray.

153 a -k. Thorp, Ivy, First Lady President. a. With large group of CTC dignitaries, National Prize Dinner, 1978. b. Speaking at York Rally, 1981. c. Portrait. 1975. d. Speaking at National Dinner, 1977. e. On her cycle talking to Carmichael-Riddell. f. Negatives and proof prints of portraits, some with cycle (5 sleeves). g. Portrait -poor quality. h. Husband. i. With Sarah Springman -Lisa Cameron (Heart Transplant. j. Presidential Chain. k. Ivy wearing the chain (5 prints).

88 a-b. Tomlinson, Valerie. a. Wedding picture with John Higg, 1959. b. With 2 others -unidentified.

101 a. Tonneseen/Johansson at Godalming HQ. -Round the World riders 1 print/proof, 1979.

16 a. Turner, Rowley B. Introduced the cycle trade to Coventry (photo -screened).

12 a. Urry, Frank, on tour -Lake District, 1946.

39 a. Vaughan Thomas, Winford, BBC. Riding with Rowland Lucas (BBC Producer) for programme - relating to a tour of the Welsh Marches.

14 a-d. " Velocio": Paul de Veire. a. Associated with variable gearing (4 postcards, 1 cutting, 1929). b. Portrait with cycle, 1925. c. Cycle pennants bearing his portrait, 1953. d. Colonel Du Grand-Bois -monument postcard (see also France).

21 a. Wardale, W.T. With E. Glenn at York Rally, aged 82.

71 a-r. Warner, Les. a. With R. C. Shaw - TV Show BBC 10/11/1956, probably taken at Alexandra Palace -Hopper Tourist cycle. b. Raleigh Works, c.1960. c. With Stiles and Way (2 prints), 1959. d. Ready to test Armstrong cycle, 1961, with negatives. e. Being presented with the Bidlake Memorial. f. With Stiles and Way at the Pedal Club Dinner, 1962. g. Inspecting H. Preston's cycle -York rally, 1963 (see 20a). h. Portrait, 1966. i. Mounted on Club Museum Ordinary, 1966. j. With Ivy Thorp -probably 1981. k. With Mr. and Mrs. Moss, probably 1981. l. With Ernest Marples, Minister of Transport. m. Bidlake Memorial presentation also, on the Tissington Trail, Derbyshire. n. With the Mayor of Bristol, Andrews and Moss. o. Portrait. p. At the Harrogate Centenary celebrations. q. At the Retirement party (6+ prints and negatives). r. With the Duke of Edinburgh. With Brookfield: see 177: Brookfield.

174 a. Watkins, Simon, on cycle in HQ garden, early 1970s.

80 a-c. Way, John. a. Pictured on the porch steps, HQ Godalming. b. At Hercules Do, 1953 . c. With Jim Bailey.

"Wayfarer": see Robinson.

181 a. Welch, John, with George Batt, HQ, 1965.

22 a-c. Welford, Mrs. J. D. First lady member of the CTC. a. With Mr. Smith Sayner at Brighton + her sports cycle. Aged 93 years. b. Photo copy of her first membership card, October 1880. c. Print of her riding on a tricycle (screened) (see also Stancer).

98a. Whall, Neville: portrait (part of picture with Stancer -see Catalogue No.3 Outsize)

102 a. Woodcock, J. Modelling CTC tee shirt for shop advertisement.

180 a. Young, B. Portrait (2 prints).

87 a-c. Zlozisti, Odette a. Standing beside her loaded tourer. b. Portrait (2 prints). c. With cycle -not loaded -(2 prints).

MSS.328/C/12/4/96, 130, 131, 134-143 CTC collection of historic photographs: Personalities in groups 1937-1976, undated

These are listed under the principal personality, followed by the remainder in the group where these can be recognised or traced. Outsize photographs kept with these photographs.

136a. AIT Cycle Touring Commission Amsterdam off for a ride, 1966.

142 a. BBC filming at HQ, 1976 - N. Crane and C. Gausden

133. a. BCB Campaign Show, 1966 - K. Horne, Dr. Woodard. R. V. Davies and E. C. Claxton.

130 a. Birthday Rides -Alnwick, Northumberland, 1976, large group.

134 a. Cycle Trade Dinner -Pedal Club Brealey BSA, McLachan Hercules 1953.

132 a. Elswick Competition -Judges at work. Distinguished people: R. C. Shaw, E. L. Mallalieu, QC, H. H. England, editor of Cycling, Jill Day and Eileen Sheridan, Ladies Champion, 1958.

139 a. Harris, Reg. with Champions R. Booty, Gordon Ian, and L. Birch.

137 a. Hull Cycle Polo Team, 1937.

131 a. International Cycle Rally, Holland (behind ANWB Scout), 1967.

143 a. Judges Panel -Sid Woods, John Way, Harold Briercliffe and others.

135 a. Knights of the Road Award (Cy. Prof) Ilford District Association, 1960.

96 a. Longley + R. Gibson, Cliff Pratt and Carmichael Riddell

138 a. Peak S - J.Shepherd, 70s, and friends [?1942: see above].

140 a. Pickles, Carolyn (Claud Butler Presentation).

141 a. Wheelmen (USA) Centenary Meet.

MSS.328/C/12/4/171, 173, 183-220, 232, 234, 690 CTC collection of historic photographs: CTC headquarters staff, officials and functions 1880-1987, undated

See also under personalities for some officials.

Group Pictures

690 a. Officers at first council meeting, February 1880 (named). "Filed under Historic".

171 a-b. CTC Councillors at York, 1948. b. Pundits C.C. :Councillors' Club in Hampshire.

173 a. AIT Dinner, 1952 (4 Prints). Outsize.

183 a. Councillors, early 1980s.

232 a. Staff as models for shop advertisements (see also Tomlinson 88).

234 a-b. a. Staff group picture, 1981. b Staff group picture 1987.

Staff Dinners

184 a. 1981 Dinner -negatives and proof prints 6 x 6.

185 a. 1982 Dinner -15 prints.

186 a. 1983 Dinner -21 prints.

187 a. 1984? Dinner -8 prints.

188 a. 1987 Staff -various colour prints in garden (11 prints + negatives).

189. Miscellaneous negatives.

190 a. Dinner not identified, ?1980

National Dinners and Awards

191. 1966 -12 prints.

192. 1967 -9 prints.

193. 1968 -9 prints.

194. 1969 -5 prints.

195. 1970 -5 prints.

196. 1972 -14 prints.

197. 1974 -5 prints.

198. 1977 -5 prints.

199. 1978 -16 prints.

200. 1980 -14 prints.

201. 1982 -6 colour prints.

202. 1982 -19 prints.

203. 1971 -2 prints.

204. 1976 -1 print.

A.G.M.s: see AGM records or notes on reverse side of picture.

205. 1957 -12 prints.

206. 1962 -4 prints.

207. 1965 -3 prints.

208. 1966 -3 prints.

209. 1969 -1 print.

210. 1970 -1 print.

211. 1972 -6 prints -1 negative strip.

212. 1973 -3 negative strips and proofs.

213. 1977 -8 prints -1 negative strip.

214. 1978 -12 prints.

215. 1979 -11 prints -2 negative strips.

216. 1980 -1 proof strip -1 negative strip.

217. 1986 -11 colour prints -1 negative strip.

218. 1987 -8 prints -1 proof strip and negatives.

219. 1975 -2 prints.

220 -5 prints -1 negative and proof strip.

MSS.328/C/12/4/Craven Hill Envelope; 237-243 CTC collection of historic photographs: HQ 3 Craven Hill, London, 1927-1966 1899-1984, undated

No catalogue number. All in outsize envelope marked Craven Hill.

a. Building -front aspect (7 prints). Gazette note on print 6. b. Rear of building with garden (Duke of Argyll). c. Council Chamber (2 prints). d. Officers' chairs. e. Pictures of the interior office working, 1937 and 1950 (21 prints). f. Certificate for construction and equipment. g. Bird Memorial Medallion (2 prints). h. Merit Medallion. i. Riding Museum Cycles outside 3 Craven Hill -related to Film Premier procession Importance of being Earnest (8 prints). j. Negatives only of Craven Hill Staff, 1965.

237 a-k. Meriden War Memorial

a. The unveiling in 1921, with Outsize print. b. The additional tablet for World War II, 1963. c. Tree planting, May 1974 -John Hunt and Chairman/Local Council. d. Meriden Service -early 1970s. e. Meriden Service, 1983, file of colour negatives. f. Cycles and cyclists. g. A small group by the memorial, c.1930s. h. 2 colour prints from the 1982 Service. i. 2 colour prints, 1984 Service. j. One of the best pictures of the Service, 1962. k. Wayfarer's Seat at Meriden.

Miscellaneous Historic Items

238 a. Crystal Palace fireworks set piece for CTC's 21st Birthday.

239 a. Members riding through the gateway at Buckingham Palace, 1923. See also 344 and Outsize envelope for notes.

240 a. Horse Drawn Float -1928 Jubilee.

241 a. CTC Travel Shop -Paddington, 1966.

242 a CTC Poster "Your Bicycle".

243 a. Photo of the six various CTC Gazette covers.

MSS.328/C/12/4/221-229, 235-236, 245-246, 251-254 CTC collection of historic photographs: Godalming Headquarters, 1966-2006 1880s-1987, undated

235 a. Club badges collection -now thought to be at the National Cycle Museum.

236 a. Cycle storage at Godalming (1 colour print).

245 a-b. a. Australian Bicycle Centenary "Friendship Ride" group at porch. b. The Leader.

246 a. Negatives of staff activities, etc.

254 a. Outside views of HQ and Moulton cycle 6 cms x 6 cms proof print and associated negatives. Outsize. b. 35mm negatives only of shop items, etc., c.1967 and 1976 (track suits).Outsize. c. National Bike week, 1987, variety of pictures as proof and negatives. Outsize. d. 2 colour prints of the shop extension -external. e. Colour print shop interior. f. Shop sales, colour prints, eight in all.

251 a-h. Logos and Badges

251 a. Silver Badge, plain -(8 prints). b. Silver Badge with laurel leaves around base. c. Appointments sign. d. Logo tie, 1958. e. AIT and CTC badges photo print. f. AIT and CTC badges line copy. g. Cycle "down tube" badge -Craven Hill address, c. 1930. h. Medallion -probably presidential, not identified.

Trophies BCTC and CTC Awards: see 379 (trophies).

253 a-t. Publicity and Exhibition Stands

253 a. Display -not identified, 1952. Outsize. Goda1ming HQ. b. Liverpool District Association display, 1954. c. Display Stand -CTC, 1953. Outsize. Godalming HQ. d. Harrogate Display Stand, 1954, with Mayor and R. C. Shaw. e. ditto -full display. f. Schoolboys' Exhibition, 1955 -display of Club Museum cycle. g. "See France by Bicycle" display, 1956. h. "See the World by Bicycle" display, 1958. i. Harrogate Show, 1978. j. Show Layout -not identified -probably early 1950s. k. Show Stand -early 1950s. l. North Lancashire Exhibition -full view of display. 2 prints. m. ditto -showing trophies and prizes. n. Display by Oldham, 1950/60s. o. Sheffield display. p. Collets (Penguin Shop) display of CTC items. 3 colour prints. q. Norfolk AGM Display, 1982. r. Touring Explorers Award Stand, 1982. See also York Rally Catalogue 453j. s. CTC Publicity Boards and negative. t. Two prints of the "Bike to Work Day" -One less car. Outsize.

252 a-b. Publications

252 a. A binder for the Gazettes. b. The "Roadfaring Guides" No.1.

229 a-c. Open Day, 1986.

a. Open Day, 1986, 8 colour prints. b. ditto. c. ditto.

228 a-e. Cotterell House.

228 a. Porch. b-d. The House. e. Front of the house with cycles outside, July 1975, prints & negatives.

222 a-c. Patterson Plaque.

222 a. Members present at unveiling (4 prints). b. The Stainless Steel Plaque. c. Patterson Original Drawings Exhibition.

221 a and e. Harrogate Plaque (see also 224). CTC Foundation.

221 a. Making of the plaque 10 prints + negatives. e. CTC Winged Wheel plaque.

224 a-p. Harrogate Plaque (unveiling at Harrogate), 1953.

224 a. AIT Dinner at celebrations. b. Shop window. c. Stancer speaking. d. The mayor speaking. e. Stancer speaking. f. Mayor greeting members. g-h. Stancer speaking. i. Mayor -plaque unveiled. h. Mayor speaking. k. Plaque in close up. l. Plaque situation in garden. m. Stancer with Mayor and member (dot for dot). p. Plaque in garden.

226 a-b. Harrogate Album (1954)

226 a. Mayor E. F. Oddy and Stancer viewing the album. b. Mayor signing the book in the presence of Stancer and others.

225 a-d. Harrogate Celebrations

225 a-b. Dinner given by the Automobile Association. c. Visit to Fountains Abbey (5 prints). d. Members being filmed on arrival when cycling through the town.

223 a-s. Cotterell Ride -re enactment, from Edinburgh to Harrogate for above.

223 a. Mayor of Harrogate, E. F. Oddy, greets Nuttall at Harrogate. b. At Newcastle. c. At Blythe. d. En route, not identified. e. Crossing the Scotland/ England border. f. Outside the Commercial Hotel, Haddington. g. Outside the White Swan, Alnwick. h. Mayor of Harrogate inspecting machines (2). i. Mayor (in robes) with Nuttall. j. Nuttall with admiring old timer. k. En route. l. En route, solitary picture of Nuttall being accompanied in a lane. m. Passing a roadside crowd. n. Nuttall with Carmichael-Riddell. o. With Mayor of Harrogate and mace bearer and others. p. Harrogate, late 1880s. q. Crossing Sunderland bridge. r. Two on Ordinaries arriving, riding through Harrogate. s. Nuttall with ordinary fixing Lucas hub lamp. See also No.75 for Nuttall -Paris ride.

227 a-f. Centenary Celebrations, 1978. Flower Beds Around the Country.

227 a. Matlock. b. Romford. c. Leamington Spa. d. Romford. e. West Ham (2 prints). f. Dumfries - (transparency).

MSS.328/C/12/4/211, 259-261, 263-289, 704 CTC collection of historic photographs: District Associations c. 1914-1987, undated

260 a-b. Bedford

260 a. Map Contest winners, 1980. b. District Association Road Jerseys with badge, 1981.

261 a-d. Birmingham and Bristol

261 a. Kidderminster Section -Hospital Carnival: old cycles, 1933. b. Awards presentation, 1983. c. Carrying cheque for the Lynmouth, Devon, Disaster Flood Fund, 1952. d. Bristol service at Castle Combe.

261 e. CTC Bath and Bristol District Association; copy photograph of cyclists outside the White Hart, Castle Combe, Wilts about 1941.

Photographs numbered, but not entered up on CTC editor's list: 261 f . The Bath and Bristol Sections, ?1940s. 261g. Bath CTC above Cheddar Gorge, 1941. 261 h. Group who cycled from Devizes to Bath and back daily, c. 1941. 261 i. Bath and Bristol CTC at Croscombe YHA, 1941. 261 j. CTC Bristol District Association: the meet at Burnett lane on October 12, 1941, for a treasure hunt.

263 a-c. Buckinghamshire

263 a. High Wycombe Show Stand, 1960. b-c. Invitation Run group, c. 1930.

264 a-c. Coventry

264 a. City of Coventry Gala Procession, 1955. b. Group at Berkswell Church, 1932. c. Egg and Spoon Race, 1964.

265 a-c. Croyden

265 a. Hobo Ride, 1951 (members dressed as tramps on appropriate cycles, shown on TV etc.). b. Mending a puncture on the above ride. c. Annual dinner, 1980.

266 a-b. Cambridge

266 a. Cycles for disabled children presentation, 1983. b. 100km Certificate, 1973. Outsize.

267 a. Cheshire

267 a. Members on canal bridge near Wem, c.1960.

268 a-b. Derbyshire

268 a. Tree planting and blessing for past member, E. Gilman. b. Tree with plaque, 1934.

269 a-g. Devonshire

269 a. Group camping at Harrogate Festival, 1984. b. Group rough-stuffing from colour slide presentation, 1980. c. At Countess Wear Hostel -plans for a S. Devon District Association, 1931. d. Along a woodland track: 40th. Anniversary ride, 1971. e. Fancy Dress Ball, 1956. Group. f. Group riding near Tedburn en route to AGM, 1985 g. Group on Devon Boundry Ride -rather wet, 1979.

270 a-b. Durham -including Northumberland and Tees-side

270 a. Group at Buttertubs, 1928. b. Ladies' section "Tea Break" at Barton, colour print, c.1970s-1980s.

211 a-c. Essex

211 a. Show Stand at Hutton Leisure Centre ,1979. b. Mayor at Romford Carnival on bike rollers, 1971. c. Ghost hunt in Epping Forest, 1930s.

272 a-s. Kent

272 a. TV filming of youngsters map reading (C/U), 1957. b. Blossom Ride: some of the 120 passing through gateway, 1977. c. Group at Breakers Farm Cottage -tea place, 1983. d. Group turning off the A2 at Singlewell, 1983. e. Group at tea place above (C/U). f. D & A Dodds -Certificate of Merit award. g. North Kent Section at Bexley, 1938. h. Mayor and Mayoress of Maidstone with group, late 1920s-1930s. i. TV Filming near Pembury -lane scene, 1957. j. Ennis family with awards, 1982. k. West Kent Rally, August 1926 - group lounging beneath trees. l. Tricycling Taylor -Ossie Dover -Certificate of Merit, 1970. n. 9 year old Ennis -100 in 12 - tandem stoker. o. Certificate of Merit Award, 1983. p. Delightful picture of five youngsters in a cafe, 1930s. Outsize. r. East Kent District Association at Croydon Airport, 1934. s. 75th Anniversary ride.

273 a-i. Lancashire with Manchester:

273 a. Blackburn District in Sutherland, Scotland, riding over suspension bridge, c.1970s. b. Bolton Group watching hill climb, 1930s. c. Certificate of Merit to Harry Bridger, Manchester District Association. d. Heather Evans, Certificate of Merit award, 1984. e. Mid Lancashire Certificate of Merit awards (4), 1982. f. Bolton -Cliff Baxter and Jim Bailey presentations, 1982. g. Lancashire District Association, Fleetwood Group representing cavalcade of cycling. h. ditto. Camping Club float 1920s. i. Northern Ride -the start, 1956.

274 a-d Leicester and Rutland

274 a. Prize winners, 1978. b. Stand at local show, 1973. Outsize. c. Family Award presentation, 1978. Outsize. d. Leicestershire District Association Wheel -1956.

275 a-j. London District Associations: N. Metropolitan, Southern, S. W.Metropolitan, West Metropolitan.

275 a. Rough Stuffing in the 1920s (paperchase) Northern. b. Old Northerners at Burnham Green on their first run, 1957. c. Northern District Association at Chatsworth on the Easter tour, 1928. d. Wedding of Edith Titlow and Douglas Gordon at Stoke Newington, 1920s. e. South London Sports Day -Egg and Spoon race, 1949. f. S.W. District Association at Brockham Green, Surrey, 1975. g. ditto. h. Alan Rapsey (W. Metropolitan) riding an ordinary at Hounslow, 1961. i. West Metropolitan youngsters being interviewed by BBC reporter. j. West London District Association President Alan Rapsey receiving Certificate of Merit.

276 a-d. Nottinghamshire

276 a. Round the Country Relay Jubilee Ride, 1928, send off by Mayor. b. Large group down coal mine, 1937, Kirkby in Ashfield. c. Certificate of Merit presentation, 1982, to Mr. and Mrs. Eyre. d. The same to Mr. and Mrs. Pughe.

277 a. Oxford

277 a. Miss Saunders riding and displaying a cloth badge sewn to her beret, 1926.

278 a-c. Reading

278 a-c. a. District Association Supper at Woolhampton, 1930s. b-c. Sports -pumping a tube till it bursts, c.1930s.

279 a-c. Staffordshire

279 a. London to Edinburgh sponsored ride -Heart Foundation -by two members seen by back up van, 1977. b. Invitation Ride National County Festival, 1987, colour print. c. Walsall Section presentations, 1974.

280 a-b. Suffolk

280 a. Certificate of Merit to Mr. and Mrs Nichols. b. District Association rough-stuff ride; a scene in pine woods -colour print.

281 a. Surrey

281 a. Family Section at Thursley -(3 mums and young), 1968.

282 a-d. Sussex

282 a. Riding the South Downs Way: opening ride, 1972. Group on chalk track. b. Group on the footbridge behind Alfriston Church, Sussex. c. On the annual excursion to Isle of Wight, 1980. d. Brighton/Hove members, at the Black Horse Inn, Amberley, 1981. Outsize.

283 a-e. Warwickshire

283 a. Coventry Carnival, 1955. b. Leamington Carnival, 1967. c. Boarding a Bristol freighter aircraft, 1961, New Forest day out. d. Sports -obstacle race. e. Presentation. Jim Willis and Arthur Simpson, 1983.

284 a-f. Wessex

284 a. Group picture, 1979. b. Abbotsbury Hill in snow, April 1981. c. Help for the Handicapped. Presentation of tricycle by A. Moss. 2 prints. d. Wessex District Association, 400 km. Champion Ray Haswell. e. Reunion and presentations, 1980. f. District Association group at Picket Post, 1926.

285 a-h. Yorkshire

285 a. Mrs Boothroyd's presentation (50 years a member), 1985. b. Group riding down quiet country roads in 1927. c. Coxwold congregation, 1987. d. Large group at Malham Cove -Invitation Ride, 1932. Outsize. e. Cliff Pratt Shop (York Rally Originator) with Hull HQ over, 1938. f. Social Do, c. 1930s. g. Sheffield Veterans near Bonsall, Derbyshire. h. Sheffield Veterans at Chinley Station.

286 a-f. Scotland, including Tayside, Fife, Lothians

286 a. Scottish Members at Loch Rannoch, 3 colour prints. b. A small group at Bolshan, Grampians, colour print. c. Certificate of Merit presentations (2 prints), 1980. d. Fife presentation. Jack Brown. e. Jubilee of King George V: Cyclists around Britain relay ride. Provost of Perth signing, 1935. f. Fife and Dundee Members group, early 1930s.

287 a-k. Glasgow

287 a-b. Folk Dance Social, 1984. c. Opening of new Glasgow Hut, 1975. d. Group crossing Scottish/English border, 1935. e. Cummock Festival, pair on a "sociable" on cobble street, 1951, f. The New Hut, 1970. g. Sports - bursting balloons, c.1930s. h. Group with elephant mascot, 1982. i. Opening of Lothians District Association Hut, 1947 (2 prints). j. Colour print of above with sign. k. District Association in Scotland. 2 outsize prints.

288 a-b. Wales.

288 a. Caernarfon/Bangor Section at Pwllheli, 1983. b. Mr. and Mrs Smith's do at Brown's Hotel, Llandogo,1980.

289 a-b. Ireland

289 a. Dublin District Association - group in forest clearing, Black Stair Mountains, 1971. b. Northern Ireland's 100 in 12 start -Mayor of Belfast.

259 a-p.; 704 a-b. Unidentified pictures of District Association activities:

259 a. Relay race, c. 1914, historical picture. b. District Association group of about 35 gentlemen, c. 1930. c. Batch of small prints of the Wrekin Rally, 1934. d. A 1930s wedding with guard of honour holding wheels. e. Camp sports, c.1930s. f. Large gathering in the Dales or Peak District. g. Sports -probably slow cycle race, c.1960s. h. Christmas party with the Loiterers Super Rhythm Section. i. District Association Group under tree -probably in the Cotswolds, 1930s. j. Ghost Hunt -District Association novelty run, 1930s. k. Group walking up a rocky ravine, 1930s. l. Six gents outside a CTC bed and breakfast/tea place. m. A very large gathering -looks very much like Worcester. n. The start of some sort of event, 1950s. o. A line-up for the start of District Association inaugural run, later than 1966. p. A small group watching a District Association event probably in Yorkshire.

704 a-b. a. Group at picnic table. b. Invitation Ride -Canterbury (meet).

[Note by original editor: there is in the archives cupboard an album of West Metropolitan District Association activities, 1913/1915, with additional leaves for 1932. Pictures which the editor thought may have a use:- 1913/1915: Western Section outside The Vine, Chertsey -bicycle line up. Lady riders at Hurst Park -(cycling dress). Cycles of the period -5 members at Radlett, Hertfordshire. The Three Fishes, Turvey, Bedfordshire. The Red Lion, Ockley, Surrey. A District Association tea in the garden at Weybridge. Boating at Staines. 24 hour Ride -Edgeware -Lichfield -Edgeware, 216 miles. Carter Bar -(A66) England/Scotland border. 1932: Rough Stuff at Bisley, Surrey. Croydon Airport. Youth in their early 20s (dress). Members at Wivenhoe and Burnham. Members at Box Hill. On the Thames at Hurley, 1938. Devon and Cornwall Tour, 1939. This has not been deposited.]

MSS.328/C/12/4/290-308,373 CTC collection of historic photographs: Veterans' Rides 1928-1983

It is noted that the early rides, up to 1950, were from Craven Hill HQ out to Aylesbury and return via Aston Clinton and Watford.

290 a-e. 1928 . a. Riders in Aylesbury -a fine period scene. b. Riders passing through Beconsfield. Outsize. c. Riders line up outside 3 Craven Hill. Outsize. d. An excellent study of 3 riders on the Watford Bypass. Outsize. e. Tom Hughes and President. Outsize.

291. 1931. No originals.

292 a-b. 1934. a. Riders in the pub garden at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire. b. Mr. Dobbleday on his Ordinary in Aylesbury. Outsize. All the above pictures are fine historical records.

293. 1938. No originals.

294 a-f. 1941: There are no definitive originals so marked; those following have been ascribed to this year from research. a-c. Departure from 3, Craven Hill. d. In the Chilterns with Admiral Hefford, Stancer and Whall. e. Admiral Hefford leading at Craven Hill. f. Riders chatting.

295. 1944: On this ride the veterans recieved a royal welcome at Windsor Castle by King George VI. Pictures of this event are in the file for Stancer No.3. and under Royals No. 25.

296. 1947: No originals.

297. 1950: No originals.

298 a-e. 1953: a. Interesting picture of riders passing Cobham Mill, Surrey. b. Northern riders passing Thirsk clock. c. Tricyclist pauses for a picture of the Kilburn Horse. d. Riders walking up one of the steep climbs. e. Dozen negatives of Northern ride -no prints, except Thirsk and Kilburn Horse.

299 a-k. 1956: Various personalities and groups.

300 a-c. 1959: Personalities and start.

301 a-h. 1962: a. Filming for ITV. b-h. Personalities and groups.

302 a-w. 1965: a-t. Personalities and groups riding en route. u. A well composed picture of both lady and gentlemen riding at Abinger Hammer, Surrey (A25). v-w. Excellent picture of cyclists descending Guildford's cobbled High Street beneath the famous clock.

303 a-d. 1969: Personalities and Kent countryside.

304 a-n. 1971: Personalities and en route pictures, [including?] of Biddenden, Tenderden and Cranbrook Mill, Kent.

305 a-z. a-b. 373 a-b.1974: a-z. Personalities and groups from various rides. Some good riding pictures taken in the Itchen Valley N.E. of Winchester. a-b Yorkshire Veterans' Ride, Easingwold.

373 c-d. c. Veterans of the Midlands riding in the rain. d. Veterans at Long Itchington -elevenses.

306 a-l. 1977: Personalities, several good riding pictures in lanes and beside Scottish -Loch Earn.

307 a-i. 1980: Nothing of note in this collection.

308 a-r. 1983: One rider with a Dursley Pedersen cycle, but nothing else of note.

MSS.328/C/12/4/309-313 CTC collection of historic photographs: Girls, listed by year date 1940s-1980s

309 a. 1930/40: Typical 1940 outdoor girl picture, a low angle shot.

310 a-j. 1950s:

310 a. Girl friend holding boy friend's cycle outside Lullingstone Castle, Kent, mid 1950s. b. A five girl line up -taken on one of the rail excursions, c.1950s. c-d. Three girls seated on the verge studying a map in a District Association treasure hunt, South London District Association, c.1950s, (2 prints). e. Girl astride cycle reading map with companion, snow on road. f. Rear view of girl cycling down narrow lane with high hedgerows and mountain background -near Dinas Mawddwy. g. Charming lass on new Hercules cycle taken for 1956 Cycle Show. h. Two girls loading cycles on the Air Ferry at Lydd, Kent. i.Three smiling girls seated on a stone by a Cotswold signpost. Outsize. j. Enlarged detail of the above, c.1950s, near Castle Combe, Outsize.

311 a-h. 1960s:

311 a. A close up study of Doreen Menzies reading a map by her cycle, 1960. Outsize. b. An unnamed girl seated on cycle by a gate (2 prints both poor). c. Low view point picture of two girls with map -one pointing. 2 copies. c.1960s. d. Girl in shorty shorts astride mixte cycle a:t York Rally (Bicycle Belle sash). 2 prints. e. Sandra McAuslan riding through Canadian scenery with friend lagging behind -1965. f. An all girls junior tour, 1969 -outside Stow on Wold YHA. g. Same party, on open Cotswold Road above Wittenham. h. Second picture of the party at Stow YHA.

312 a-c. 1970s:

312 a. British Cycling Bureau's (Trade) idea of fashion dress -a jacket and dress -model seated on a Dawes SWB Kingpin. b. Same model in swede jacket and check trousers on Raleigh tourist cycle. c. Ditto in sheath dress -i.e. Jacket removed from "a".

313 a-h. 1980s:

313 a. Small group riding (3+girls) away from T junction. b. Same group on moorland road -stationary and pointing. c. Ladies' group by phone box. d. Two girls riding on the Tissington Trail, 1982. e. An athletic lass -low view point -possibly on a Time Trial, colour print. f. Lass astride a 1988 mountain bike on tour -location near Tamworth -checking on route with map in hand colour print. g. Bicycle Belle with cup at York Rally, no definite date, colour print. h. Another British Cycling Bureau exhibit! Scantily attired Tricia Liedl seated on a Dawes SWB 1981 (B.C. B. expired in 1981).

MSS.328/C/12/4/314-319 CTC collection of historic photographs: Juniors: Adventure weeks, Duke of Edinburgh awards, etc. 1930s-1980, undated

314 a-g. Individuals

314 a. Rebecca Grainger -Coxwold Service with wheel floral arrangement -colour print. b. A low viewpoint shot against the sky of two youngsters riding over a summit in the Dales of Yorkshire -Adventure week. c. Colin Deacon with his collection of items from a scavenger hunt -Adventure week, 1960. d. Two 7-8 year olds by the stone at Markham Moor, old Great North Road. e. Two 10/11 year olds riding through Sherwood Forest. f. One 15 year old disembarking from the Lydd Air Ferry. g. Youngster -a study by Tim Hughes on a 1976 Birthday Ride.

315 a-s. Groups

315 a. Northern Ireland party with Windsor's Mayor holding souvenir for Mayor of Belfast (negatives enclosed), 1977. b. Northern Ireland party line-up outside St. Briavels YHA, Wye Valley. c. Reg Shaw's TV trip to Normandy with party -Cafe scene. d. ditto -Line-up of party -probably departure (3 prints). e. ditto -probably the return line-up with Stancer. f. Party of youngsters camping -looks like Cotswolds area. g. Some of an Adventure week party reading the local press in Skipton, 1955. h. Party above outside the Post Office and village store at Malham. i. A girls' party, Eagle Holiday Group -at Doddington YHA, Kent. j. Adventure Week party on a guided tour of Strata Florida Abbey -Mid Wales. k. A party line-up outside Llangollen YHA. l. A school club (10) overlooking Borth Bay, North Wales. m. A club group taking lunch on a heath -somewhere in England. n. Colour print of a party outside a hostel -no details. o. Group of 3 youngsters with view behind -probably Kent. p. A group on the path beside the river Wye near Monmouth, 1949. q. Youth Week Compo -possibly a hill climb -close up of start. r. More distant view of above. s. Solo rider in the event.

316 a-f. Schools (see also Roads -Safety -for cycle proficiency)

316 a. A Patterson drawing as engraved stainless steel plaque presented as a trophy to the English Schools Cycling Association. b. Map of area covered by Bridgefield School Club, Merseyside + a party splashing through a ford in the Cotswolds -Colour. c. Bridgefield School line-up, 1980. Colour print. d. A Bridgefield 10 year old! loaded up for a tour. Colour print. e. French Schoolboy line-up, 1972. f. Dunlop National Trophy presentation to a Suffolk School.

317 a-f. Duke of Edinburgh Award

317 a. Exhibition at Selfridges for the Duke of Edinburgh awards, 1971. b. Two award participants. c. Adventure Week/Duke of Edinburgh -party riding in Wales. d. Same party encamped at Dolwyddelan, 1973. e. Some of the above party in Caernarvon, 1973. f. Youngsters riding through Buckingham Palace gates, Duke of Edinburgh award, 1975.

318 a-g. Prize Winner Presentations, etc.

318 a. Group of Prize winners -Lord Bruntisfield Cup etc., 1962. b. Lord Bruntisfield with Variety Cycle Touring Club winners. c. 1964 winner of the Reynolds Trophy, Peter Ellingham. d. 1964 winner of the Reynolds Trophy, Peter Ellingham on bike. e. 1971 winner of the Reynolds Trophy, Neil Goodhand. f. 1979 winner of the Reynolds Trophy, Emma Harper. g. Four prints of the Reynolds Trophy winner, Ian Jaques.

319 a-j. Rough Stuff riding on adventure weeks

319 a. A beautifully lit study of two youngsters rough-stuffing in a Highland Glen, 1950. b. Youngsters on a rough track descending -to a backdrop of Lake District Fells, c. 1950s. c. A group riding the Mastiles Lane in the Dales (2 prints), 1955. d. A group in single file on a Devon bridleway, 1975. e. Young girls of Essex District Assocation riding on a path in Epping Forest, 1976. f. A caped up group with an assessor in Wales. g. A group climbing Cow and Calf Rocks, Yorkshire (no cycles). h. Riding through a ford -location unknown, c. 1930/40s. i. Youngster making a river crossing on an Adventure Week - probably Wales, 1967. j. Adventure Week riding in Yorkshire Dales, 1955.

MSS.328/C/12/4/314, 334-343, 355-358, 369 CTC collection of historic photographs: Birthday Rides 1971-1984

334 a-g. 1971. Home Counties:

334 a. From Godalming around the south -negatives only, plus one print outside HQ. b-c. West Chiltington Mill and Windsor Great Park (mounted). d. Members in groups standing (12 prints). e. Members riding (6 prints). f. Windsor Great Park. g. Repairs (3 prints).

334 e-k. 1971. East Anglia.

334 e. Picnic at Orford. Outsize. f. Picnic at Stow Market. Outsize. g. Ufford -two seated on stocks. Outsize. h. Baxhall Heath -riding through. Outsize. i. Infant Rider. Outsize. j. Ivy Thorpe and others. Outsize. k. Abbots Hall Museum -Romany Caravan. Outsize.

335 a-w. 1973. Bath

335 a. Riders leaving Bath. b. Riders moving along the Royal Crescent at Bath (2 prints). c. Lunchtime at Barrington Combe. d. Group of riders climbing Barrington Combe. e. Blaydon Hill above Barrington Combe (2 prints). f. Party outside Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire border. g. Lunchtime in Thornbury. h. Riders passing through Frampton Cotterell (3 prints). i. A short stop in Steeple Ashton. j. Two riders on the bridge in Bradford on Avon. k. The bridge at Bradford on Avon from the riverside. l. A corner of the Saxon Church at Bradford on Avon. m. Tellisford Bridge (4 prints). n. Working a wet grindstone at Bishop Sutton. o. On the Fosse Way near Colerne. p. Puncture repair -a pleasant study. r. Orchardleigh House (3 prints). s. Squeezing passed a tractor and flail. t. Blagdon Reservoir -crossing the dam. u. A visit to Alex Moulton's home, Bradford Hall (5 prints). v. Two studies of chatting with Alex Moulton (2 prints). w. Groups, individual riders etc. (13 prints).

One strip of negatives.

336 a. 1974. Ipswich

336 a. Christchurch Park -Ipswich.

356. 1975 (not identified).

337 a. 1976.

337 a. Looking down on a large group assembled in the square at Alnwick.

338 a-q. 1977. Salisbury.

338 a. North Gate, Salisbury. b. Group in the Cathedral Close. c. Cathedral floodlit (poor quality print). d. Group assembling in a Salisbury park (2 prints). e. Group with Salisbury spire in background. f. Gathering of all riders (2 prints). g. Thatched cottage in Wherwell -no cyclists in sight. h. Stockbridge across the meadows and river Test. i. Fulaton Mill near Stockbridge. j. Trout in stream, most likely the river Test. k. Grassy track near Kingsclere. l. Horse riders ahead on chalk track near The Orchards. m. Grassy track, Rupp, near the Cross. n. A very pleasing picture of riders approaching a junction in Bishopstone near Wilton. o. Four riders walking up a climb in Longford Park, Nunton - south of Salisbury. p. 3 prints of groups riding and chatting. q. Group riding through City Gate. Plus negative proof sheet.

339 a-h. 1978. Harrogate

339 a. Riders crossing toll bridge, Aldwark near Easingwold. b. A stop for coffee at Aldborough near Scotch Corner. c. Passing Coxwold Church. f. 4 riders in capes trying their skill on a turf maze at Dalby, near Terrington, Yorkshire. e. 4 prints of groups and riders. f. Whole party gathering in capes outside a church -not identified. g. Riders climbing a track to the moors above Bouthwaite, Nidderdale. Outsize. h. Cyclists disembarking from a train on the Worth Railway at Haworth (2 prints). Outsize.

340 a-m. 1979. Ludlow

340 a. Assembly at Ludlow Castle Gate. b. Party by Castle Gate, Ludlow. c. Spinning at Acton Scot Farm Museum. d. Outside Ludlow Church. e. Timbered house in Leominster. f. Riders on a track up to Laysters. g. Rough-stuff near Treverward. h. Top of Church doorway, Aston. i. Offa's Dyke. j. Beambridge coffee stop. k. Lunchtime group. l. Distant view of Ludlow. m. Triplet family (4 up) cover picture, Outsize. 1979.

341 a-d. 1980. Scottish Borders

341 a. Walter Scott memorial in Selkirk. b. Melrose footbridge -riders crossing a suspension bridge. c. Kelso Abbey. d. Riders at the Border -Sprouston.

Map of area

342 a-e. 1983. Chester

342 a. On Wayfarer's North Wales. b. Camp site at rugby ground. c. Stretton Mill. d. 200 cyclists at lunchtime on Wayfarer's near Llanarmon DC. e. Start of ride at Chester College.

343 a-e. 1983. Norwich.

343 a. Photocopy of proof sheet only. b. Elm Hill, Norwich. c. Groups stationary (6 prints). d. Camping (2 prints). e. Lord Mayor of Norwich at dinner.

355 a-k. 1984. Leicester (Lincs) [sic]

355 a. Members riding (3 prints). b. Group -Newton Hardcourt church. c. Stamford, Cheyne Lane. P. d. Stamford, St George's Square. e. Hardcourt Mill. P. f. Arnesby Mill. P. g. Foxton Locks. P. h. Foxton Lock. i. Battle of Naseby, memorial. j. CTC Railway engine, Loughborough. k. Infant in sidecar.

356. 1975 (not identified).

357 a-n. 1976. Kent and Sussex: all colour prints, identified on the backs.

357 a. Camp sites (3 prints). b. Bluebell Railway (9 prints). c. Dinner and Social (7 prints). d. Groups seated etc. (11 prints). e. Not listed. f. Groups stationary including wet weather scenes (10 prints). g. Groups riding including Rough-stuff and Wet Weather (11 prints). h. Cleaning and repair (2 prints). i. Cycle parking. j. Chiddingstone village. k. High Weald: cycle with cornfields behind. l. Herstmonceux Castle (2 prints). P. m. CTC shop. n. Herstmonceux telescope in observatory.

358 a. 1981. Midlands

358 a.103rd Birthday Cake Cutting.

369 a-l. 1970. Surrey and Sussex

369 a. Groups riding and gathered at various locations (31 prints). b. Not listed. c. Steam traction engine (3 prints). d. NT plaque at Shalford Mill. e. Shalford Mill. f. Ewhurst Mill. g. Repairing a tyre. h. Holmbury St. Mary Hostel. i. Two riders in a leafy lane. j. A group walking cycles through a cornfield. k. Photographing the plaque at Kirdford. l. The ceramic plate presented by the Dutch visitors (2 prints).

314 g-h. 1976

314 g. A study of a youngster by Tim Hughes (2 prints). h. Colour print of members participating in the ride at Kilmarnock, year not known .

MSS.328/C/12/4/320-333, 373 CTC collection of historic photographs: CTC Railway Excursions 1955-1960

321 a-j. 1955. Rugby

321 a. The cycle logo on the special vans. b. Cycles stowed in the specially fitted vans. c. Leaving Rugby station (2 prints). d. Being filmed at the assembly point (16mm). e. Filming in the train with additional lighting. f. A line-up picture for the record. g. A group riding through the ford near Kenilworth. h. The guided tour of Kenilworth Castle. i. 2 of the party looking out from Kenilworth Castle. j. An en route picture.

320 a-l. 1956. Burton on Trent

320 a. Steam railway engine W705 Cyclists Special (5 prints). b. Stowing cycles in specially fitted van. c. Groups form up at Rugby Station. d. Stop at Watford to pick up cyclists -porter helping to load cycles into special vans. e. Group on photo-call with driver. f. The Cyclists' Special at Euston -a dramatic picture. P. g. Riders chatting over a five bar gate. h. A group by the church in Church Broughton. i. A pile of cycles and two participants at Ilam Court. j. A most pleasing picture of two cyclists watching a cricket match in Okeover Park, Ashbourne, Derbys. P. k. 5 riders at the top of the climb from Ilam. l. Two with drinks aboard the train. c-l are all outsize prints (10 x 8).

322 a-l. 1956. Coventry/Leamington Spa

322 a. The Leamington Spa Cyclists' Special, hauled by a 4-6-0. b. Cyclists' Special at one of the stops along the route. c. Special RAC sign to direct riders to Leamington Spa station. d. A batch of proof prints. e. A group at Packwood House, Lapworth, near Solihull. f. Repairing a puncture amid a heap of cycles. g. Eileen Sheridan with son on the train (2 prints). h. Being escorted by a M/C police patrol to Leamington Station. i. The engine with headboard in the station. Outsize. j. Off loading at Coventry. Outsize. k. Waiting at one of the pick up stations. Outsize. l. Departure from Leamington Station. Outsize.

323 a-b 1956. Croydon/New Forest

323 a. Loading the Hove contingent. b. Leaving Lyndhurst Station with passing Express. P.

324 a-i. 1957. London/Bournemouth and Dorset

324 a. One group at Corfe Castle. b. Buffet staff with lunch boxes. c. Outside Poole's historic Town Hall. d. Overlooking Poole Harbour. e. At Shell Bay -Sandbanks Ferry. f. Eileen Sheridan with a 1 year old. g. Cyclist with cycle at the ferry ticket office. h. A group on Poole Quay. i. Groups and individuals, etc (7 prints).

325 a-b. 1957. Birmingham/Matlock

325 a. Drinks through the train window. b. Front of the engine with special CTC headboard with driver and fireman. Outsize.

326 a-h. 1957. London/Chippenham: all Outsize.

326 a. Mustering with cycles. b. In the Cafeteria Car. c. Outside Chippenham Station. d. Caped up cyclists loading the train. e. Geese at the Lacock tea-place. f. Loading cycles. No.2. g. Lunch at the Plough, Hardenhuish, Chippenham. (Bedfordshire District Association). h. Unloading cycles from the vans at Chippenham.

327 a-b. 1958. Hull/Lakes

327 a-b. Arrival at Windermere Station.

328 a-f. 1958. Ipswich

328 a. At Ipswich Station. b. White Lion, Hadleigh. c. Passing through Lavenham. d. Looking at one of Lavenham's many timber buildings. e. In the village of Kersey. f. Climbing up out of Kersey. Plus proof prints and negatives.

329 a-c. 1958. London/Northampton: all Outsize.

329 a. Midland coach No.44484 "For Cycle Traffic". b. The Party at Raventhorpe Reservoir. c. Groups and individuals.

330 a.; 373 f. 1959. London/Cheltenham: all Outsize.

330 a. Arriving at a wet Cheltenham Station. a. 2-5 Groups and individuals.

373 f .The party riding in the rain through Broadway, Worcestershire.

331 a-g. 1959. Norwich: all Outsize.

331 a. Party arriving for tea. b. More for tea. c. Outside Norwich Town Hall. d. On Town Hall tour. e. Short stop at Woodbastwick. f. Wroxham Broad. g. Yachts on Wroxham Broad.

332 a-c. 1960. London/Leicester: all Outsize.

332 a-c. a. Forming up at Leicester Station. b. Bradgate Park, climbing over wall stile. c. Bradgate Park, bikes over gate.

333 a-h. 1960. London/Pulborough, Sussex. a-f all Outsize.

333 a. By the River Arun at Houghton Bridge. b. By the mill pond in Midhurst. c. Passing Chichester Cross. d. Outside Midhurst Church for lunch. e. 3 lasses outside the Red Lion, Church Hill, Midhurst. f. Portrait of Eileen Sheriden caped up at Pulborough. g. A meeting with the dairy herd. h. Groups by Benbow Pond, Cowdray Park.

MSS.328/C/12/4/344-354 CTC collection of historic photographs: Relay rides around the country 1923-1978

There were the following rides: 1923 -Relay ride for the first National Bike Week. 1928 -The Golden Jubilee Ride (50 years), also Prince of Wales's Birthday. 1935 -The Royal Jubilee (King George V). 1978 -The CTC Centenary.

344. 1923. See 239a for the only photo of this event, members cycling through the gates of Buckingham Palace.

345-349. 1928.

345 a-f. Part 1. London to Derby. Riders.

345 a. Outside the Mansion House, London with the "Book". b. Ready for the Off at the Mansion House with Cheapside in the background. c. Outside the Bell Inn at Waltham St. Laurence, Berkshire. d. Riders at Oxford. e. Tandem pair (gentlemen) at Northampton. f. The Derby team by the War Memorial in the centre of Derby.

346 a-h. Part 2. Derby to Scottish Border. Riders.

346 a. The Sheffield riders. b. Mid Yorks District Association riders at Huddersfield. c. Members with Mayor at Darlington. d. Gateshead contingent. e. Two members on the Sunderland to Newcastle leg. f. Three members leaving Newcastle for Durham. g. Mayor of Newcastle greeting one member. h. Niland and Durham District Association group crossing the Border Bridge at Berwick on Tweed.

347 a-d. Part 3. Bolton to Stafford. Riders.

347 a. Mayor of Bolton receiving the message from the riders. b. Members departing Manchester for Warrington. c. Collecting the Book at Liverpool for Birkenhead. d. About to leave Hanley for Stafford, a wet potteries scene.

348 a-k. Part 4. Stafford to London via West Country and Wales. Riders.

348 a. Riders ready to leave Worcester for Gloucester. b. Cardiff riders at Newport (3 prints). c. Wessex Section at Wells. d. District Association line-up for the signing. e. Wessex Section at Glastonbury. f. Wells contingent at Ilchester. g. Portsmouth and Wessex teams at Portsmouth. h. Riders at Rye. i. Members at Chelmsford. j. One rider as the Cockney Pearly King (pearl button motif). k. An unidentified group.

349 a-p. Pictures of mayors signing the book.

349 a. Oxford. b. Northampton. c. Sheffield. d. Nottingham. Outsize. e. Halifax. f. Hull. g. Scarborough. h. Newcastle on Tyne. i. Manchester. j. Liverpool. k. Birkenhead. l. Gloucester. m. Bristol. Outsize. n. Bath. o. Dover. p. Maidstone.

350 a-k. 1935. Riders.

350 a. At the Meriden Memorial. b. Nottingham team about to depart for Mansfield and Chesterfield. c. Derby and Leicester teams. d. Team leaving Stockton for Durham -Tees-side District Association. e. Darlington. f. Team leaving Gateshead. g. Members leaving Stafford for Walsall (2 prints). h. Bristol members leaving for Bath. i. Bath departure. k. Members returning to 3 Craven Hill HQ.

351 a-p. Mayors

a. Nottingham. b. Nottingham -receiving book. c. Hull. d. Belfast. e-f. Carlisle, f .is Outsize. g. Burnley for Bolton. h. Manchester. Outsize. i. Liverpool. j. Liverpool. k. Colwyn Bay. Outsize. l. Stoke on Trent. m. Birmingham. n. Southampton. o. Exeter. p. Unidentified team handing over.

1978. This ride differed, in that it was a continuous ride, night and day for 5 days, and there were no mayoral signings.

352 a-k. Godalming headquarters celebrations at the start.

a. Celebration cake. b. Riders tasting the cake. c. David Shepherd cutting the cake. d. Not identified. e-f. Riders with rear notice of ride. g. Ordinaries in the procession. h. Tricycles and ordinaries. i. David Shepherd on a 1880s tricycle. j. David Shepherd with Polly Hoyte, both on tricycles. k. Some of those undertaking the ride departing.

353 a-p. Riders en route.

353 a. Riders on a lane to the west of Winchester. b. Party by the statue of Alfred the Great, Winchester. c-d. A group heading for Kings Somborne. e-f. Twilight on Salisbury Plain near Alton Barnes. g. Line up of Leicestershire District Association. h. Group with cycles outside the Racehorses Hotel, Kettlewell. i. Group on camp site: South Staffordshire District Association, Newton Stewart. j. West Kent District Association riders in the Welsh borders, Wye Valley at Erwood. k. Birmingham District Association riders. l. At the finish, Windsor - Mayor with youngest rider. m. Mayor of Windsor and Bill Oakley. n. Northern Ireland section at Dublin. o. ditto at the border with Northern Ireland. p. Handover at the border with Northern Ireland.

354 a-b. Festival of Cycling, Birmingham, 1951.

354 a. Parade of clubs, cycling around the show ground. b. Export Countries Cyclists representing various parts of the world.

MSS.328/C/12/4/360-363 CTC collection of historic photographs: Camping 1954-1988, undated

360 a- w. P-w are all outsize. Camp sites.

360 a. Camping in an olive grove. b. Camp site near Capel y fin, Black Mountains, Wales. c. Camp site by lake. d. Cyclist's tent with porch over cycle. e. Camping in Iceland. f. Rural camp site in France, at Crest (Rhone Valley). g. Single tent near Manobier Castle, Pembroke, South Wales. h. AlT Rally, Grenoble, 1954 (2 prints). i. Tents on camp site not identified. j. Camping in Normandy. k. Girl and two tents on site, not identified. l. Bristol District Association camping section on farm site. m. Hedgerow camping at Inglesham near Highworth. n. Woodland site at the Devil's Punchbowl, Surrey. o. Roecliffe Manor Farm site -Itisa Mk II tent, 1959. p. Northern Ireland site on the shores of Strangford Lough, Castleward Estate. P. q-r. Single tent in Pinewood scene. P. s. Birmingham District Association campers on Dovedale site. t. Two tents against morning light in limestone valley. P. u. Camping near Bwlch y Groes, North Wales. P. v. ACC campers on large site. w. Beautiful wooded site in mountainous region -not named. P.

775 a-n. New Forest Week, 1975/1988.

361 a-g. Cookery

361 a. Sheffield campers on a European site. b. Meals in the open -cooking with a screen. c. Cooking in a camp in Normandy. d. 13 year old cooking at a camp site in Normandy. e. Preparing a meal at the Cycle campers' corner at Salisbury site. Outsize print. f. Camp cooking on a Duke of Edinburgh course. Outsize. g. Early morning brew up in the bracken at Inverness. Outsize.

362 a-g. Equipment

362 a. Cycle loading showing what is in each bag by the use of labels. b. The same for the other side of the cycle. c. Concentrated energy foods. d. Camping stove and utensils. e. Unpacking kit. f. Erecting small tent. g. Tent erected and cooking equipment laid out. All the above for an article in 1970. h. Camping kit laid out. i. Cycle loaded for camping -weight distribution. j. Overloaded German cycles.

363 a-i. all Outsize. Outdoor and Camping Exhibition

363 a. Youngster at CTC stand. b. Model on the Camping Club stand. c. Camping Club stand. d. Peter Storm waterproofs. e. Camping stoves . f. Blacks mountaineering kit. g. Plastic containers. h-i. Girl Guides' brew-up stand.

MSS.328/C/12/4/108, 340, 364-368 CTC collection of historic photographs: Family cycling (see technical section for cycle adaptations etc.) 1930s-1977, undated

364 a-g. Junior Cycles

364 a. Junior roadster cycle plus mother with smaller child, c.1950s. b. 1890s Safety cycle and tot on a 1930s tricycle. c. Father with 5/6 year old cycling through Dorking, 1943 (no cars). d. Four children ll years -4 years with roadster cycles, 1930s. e. Mother and 6 year old cycling along a woodland path. P. f. Tandem and child's hire cycles available at Rutland Water. g. Picnic in the Park: mother and two seven to eight year olds.

108 a-c. Presentations and Pets

108 a. Presentation to the Good Quads by Raleigh of 4 cycles -7th birthday present -Bristol. b. Taking the dog in a rear seat on a tandem, 1957. c. Dog in a sidecar.

365 a-b. Carry-cots.

365 a. On tandem carrier in close up. b. On tandem outside home with mother.

366 a-g. Sidecars.

366 a. New born babe asleep. b. New born twins in double sidecar. c. Watsonian sidecar attached to tandem. d. Watsonian sidecar and child seat on tandem. e. Sidecar attached to solo on Railway Excursion, flexible coupling of unknown make. Outsize. f. Lunchtime with a sidecar in the Chilterns (2 prints). P. g. Sidecar on solo and solo with seat.

367 a-e. Child seats.

367 a. Do It Yourself seat with weather protection (2 prints). b. A delightful study of a tot sound asleep in a seat beside the A272 at Dragons Green south of Horsham. P. c. Family off on a tour abroad at Lydd Airport. d. 2 wickerwork basket seats on solos. e. Wheelchair/ tricycle.

368 a-e Junior Back Tandems.

368 a. With Kiddy cranks, mother and 6 year old. b. Junior back -cut down lady back tandem. c. 5 year old behind dad -Birmingham Rally, 1977, colour print. d. 8 year old using kiddy cranks. e. Rann trailer on tandem with Kiddy Crank rear.

340 m. Triplet family (4 up) at Ludlow (journal cover picture October/November 1979).

MSS.328/C/12/4/247-250, 370-376, 388, 389, 394, 402, 403, 405, 776 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: Riding [see also Places. Juniors. Birthday Rides. District Associations. BCTC. Veterans' Rides and Railway Excursions 1950s-1988, undated

370 a-t.; 403 b.Woodlands

370 a. 2 cyclists in lane -pines either side. b. 2 cyclists on leafy path through beech hanger. c. 2 cyclists on woodland road in Ireland. e. A lone cyclist on a Kent lane with tall pines -shafting sunlight. f. Group on a path in coppice woodland. g. Youngster in lane with autunm colours -(colour print). h. Wooded valley in autumn sunshine, lone rider (colour print). i. Youngsters on bridleway across meadows (colour print). j. Juvenile on leafy path through pines -sunlit (colour print). k. Father and daughter riding through a glade. Outsize. P. l. Mother and three juniors on woodland path (walking cycles). Outsize. m. Club group on tree lined road -probably France. Outsize. n. A lone parked cycle on a beech wood path -Leicestershire. Outsize. P. o. Sunlit woodland road -no cycles, no people. P. Outsize. p. Four riders on path through scrub. P. Outsize. q. Tandem and solo in sunlit scene on a sunken green lane. Outsize. P. r. Lunchstop for group on chalk downland in spring. s. Lone rider brewing up by stream in wooded valley. t. Wooded valley with house and cycle.

403 b. Lady rider passing through thicket BCTC. P.

776 a-i. New Forest Weeks, 1975/1988.

371 a-m; 389 a and c; 405 a. Moorland and Mountains

371 a. Riders on the summit of Hirnant North Wales -before it was tarmac. b. Winter tourist admiring the snow near Bala, North Wales. c. 3 caped up cyclists negotiating a rough mountain pass. d. Solo cyclist by dried up water course. e. 3 cyclists in the French Alps. f. Tough rider, riding up Hard Knott Pass, Lake District (colour). g. Solo cyclist riding farm track in mountain scenery. P. h. Lone cyclist on the Pennines (colour). i. Sunlit scene of girl riding across moorland road (colour). j. Club group on moorland grassy track. Colour print. Outsize. k. Riders in above picture map reading; colour print. Outsize. l. Small group on bridleway -probably in the Dales. m. Dramatic colour print of riding at twilight.

389 a. Young lady on rock strewn path BCTC. c. Stanton Lees, Derby -Young rider on track BCTC. P.

405 a. Lady rider between Dale Barns at Stainburn BCTC. P. (there are several pictures on negatives with varying riders).

372 a-p. Clubs and Groups

372 a. Youngsters (many) on bridleway in May -Northampton. b. A Club in open farmland in spring. c. Club group between hedgerows and oaks on the clay. d. Similar to above. e. Large club group in countryside -sunlit. f. Club cycling in Warwickshire near Hampton Lucy. g. Family Section in open country (colour print). h. 100 strong club returning through suburbia 1950s. i. Club riding in split groups on major road, 1950s. j. Group riding through Nothamptonshire scenery Outsize. k. A group of seven on byway with pines. P. l. Club on foreign tour with mountain background. Outsize. m. A foursome in a lane in winter. Outsize. n. A foreign tour group. o. Large group in city centre. Outsize. p. Large group line up at start of mass End to End. Outsize.

373 a-f; 402. In the Rain.

373 a. Caped up cyclists on a charity ride in 1971. b. Mother and young daughter in seat ready for a downpour. c. Veterans riding in the rain -Midlands Section, 1974. d. Club riding in the rain in Kent. e. A dramatic picture of a lone cyclist in Normandy. P. Outsize. f. A group of cyclists in Broadway, Worcestershire, riding in the rain during one of the Rail Excursions from Cheltenham. Outsize.

402. Many pictures on the Surrey BCTC 1974.

374 a-e. 388 a; 394 e; 430 a, c, d. Open Lowlands

374 a. 2 riders passing through Rostherne, Cheshire. b. Fenland -straight road, distant church tower, much sky. c. Tandem pair with timber framed house behind -probably Worcestershire or Warwickshire. P. Outsize. Colour print. d. 3 cyclists riding on field track. e. Two 15 year olds by lake with cycles -rather posed. Outsize.

388 a. Lady rider followed by gentleman in distance along leafy bridleway. P.

394 e. Lone lady rider by village pond. P. BCTC.

403 a. Misty summit scene -rider looking at map. BCTC. P. c. Heavy going on rough-stuff. P. BCTC. d. Lone lady rider in lane -an over the summit picture. P. BCTC.

375 a-i. Fords and River Crossings

375 a. Carrying cycle across stepping stones in Lakeland, 1953. b. Lone rider crossing a tiny brook on a bend in the lane. c. Two 8 year old girls riding through a stream (colour print). d. Carrying the bike across a stream on a very muddy track. e. Through ford -lone male -1950s. f. Cycling in a Kent flood with water half-way up the forks. g. Fording in stone wall country. Outsize. h. Lone rider on packhorse bridge in Somerset (G. Langsford). P. i. Five riders negotiating a ford in early spring.

376 a-i. Individuals, pairs in close up and small groups

376 a. Male on tourer, 1960s. b. M and F in their 20s by cottage. c. Two touring types riding near Great Bonington, Northamptonshire, 1950s. Outsize. d. A pair of 20 year olds in the border country at Traquair. Outsize. e. Two girls on grassy bank with map and bike. Outsize. f. Four ten year olds by village pond on choppers. P. g. Happy pair in mountain area -lowland scene. h. Tandem riding in Wales on Plymlimmon. 3 prints. i. Group silhouetted on the skyline. Outsize.

247 a-n; 248 a-i.; 249 a-b.; 250; 250 a-c. Urban Riding

247 a-k. Riding in Central London (colour prints). l-n Cycle/Bus lanes in London.

248 a-g. Riding in suburban London and elsewhere (colour prints). h. Riding in mask (2 prints). i. One mountain biker and one bicycle rider in traffic.

249 a-b. Riding on shared paths in park and on canal towpath.

250 Two transparencies of city riding. 250 a-c. Female harassment in traffic. Outsize, one print.

MSS.328/C/12/4/717-724 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: Snow Scenes: years of heavy snow, 1947, 1963. c. 1930s-1985, undated

717 a-o. Mountains (Wales)

717 a. Brecon Beacons. b. Conway Valley. c. Cader Idris -group of 4 men, 1970. d. Group on snow covered road, Mid Wales, 1953. e. Gospel Pass -Black Mountains -group, 1975. f. ditto -single rider. g. Vale of Senni -west of Brecon Beacons, 1950. h. Group on road above Llangurig -road clear -snow on mountains. i. Gospel Pass -Black Mountains: two descending -reversed. Outsize. j. Group of 3 on Black Mountains. Outsize. 1985. k. Drovers Road -Abergwesyn -Tregaron. Outsize. l. Ditto on the Devil's Staircase. Outsize. m. Ditto -valley and river scene -no people. Outsize. n. Towey Valley near Dolgoch.Youth Hostel Association. o. Talybont res[ervoir?], Brecon Beacons. Outsize.

718 a-o. Mountains (Other districts).

718 a. Near Campsie -Scotland -moors road, ruts, house and cycle, 1953. b. Cotswolds near Marshfield -snow on bank and road, 1959. c. Northumberland -track with ford. d-h. Shropshire: a group, various scenes, 1968/1970. i. Castleton, Derbyshire, solo rider. j. Mastiles Lane - Malham to Kilnsey -open moor. k. Saddleworth Moor: scene with cycle in foreground, c. 1930s. l. Austria, 1963 -cycle and snow drifts. m. Derbyshire, near Chapel en le Frith. Outsize. n. Malham Cove -above. Outsize. o. Near Malham Tarn. 2 cyclists on moorland road. Outsize.

719 a-e. Lanes.

719 a. Kent -cycle and farmstead. b. Gate and oak trees, 1967. c. Cyclist in lane -hoar frost, 1953. d. Field gate and lane, Shropshire, 1965. e. Chilterns -Christmas Lane, 1971.

720 a-e. People -Wales

720 a-b. Near Newport -Cwmcarn Forest. c. Grwyne Fechan Valley -Black Mountains. d. Torpanto -Brecons: group of 3 seated on bank. e. Solo cyclist in snow, 1979. Grwyne Fawr track.

721 a-i. People - Other Districts

721 a. Cheshire, caped up District Association group. b. Snowstorm in Austria. c. Group of riders in Ireland, 1963. d. District Association Hampshire group near Hurstbourne Tarrant. e. Parked cycles: Sweden, 1955. f. Group descending a hill in Buckinghamshire, 1963. Outsize. g. Mastiles Lane -Yorks. -group of 3 studying map. Outsize. h. ditto same picture, distant view, 1976. Outsize. i. Cycle covered in snow. Outsize.

722 a-b. d-f. Villages.

722 a. Thames at Abingdon. b. Church with gate (2 prints). d. Telephone box, 1966. e. Breconshire cyclist between stone walls, 1973. f. Shotwick -Wirral, Cheshire.

723 a-m. Woodlands

723 a. On the Towpath -Brecon Canal. b. Trees and water. c. Cycling in the park, 1968. d. Trees and valley (2 prints). e. Surrey Hills. f. Group in wooded lane. g. Headley Heath, Surrey, 1979. h. Track on Walton Heath, Surrey. i. Avenue at Brasted, Kent. j. Beech trees in Buckinghamshire. Outsize. k. 2 cyclists on woodland track -probably Kent (4 prints). l. Tatsfield, Surrey. Avenue of trees. Outsize. m. Chorley, Lancs -isolated trees in snow. Outsize.

724 a-e. Miscellaneous.

724 a. Christmas Trees -damaged print. b. Frost ferns. c. Snow on pines -Knockholt, Kent. d. Negatives from transparencies, 1968. e. Holly pictures.

MSS.328/C/12/4/379, 381-417 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: British Cycle Touring Competition 1927, 1952-1988, undated

380 a. 1952. Salop

380 a. Prize Presentations (6 prints).

381 a-f. 1953. Leicestershire

381 a. Woman finalist on cycle -suburban scene. b. Above being checked by Stancer. c. Male seated on cycle studying the map. d. Male rider on bridleway. e. Male being quizzed by Reg Gammon. f. Scenes by a canal bridge (5 prints).

382 1954. Derbyshire. No prints.

383 a-f. 1955. Birmingham (Youth)

383 a. A pair of juniors being checked. b. The male winner riding. c. Rider -male being checked. d. Award presentation. e. Presentation of cups. f. The badge trophy.

384 a-g. 1956. Warwickshire.

384 a. Riding the rough-stuff. b. Lady heading along canal path. c. Rough-stuff by the canal. d. Lifting cycle over fence. e. Through the ford. f. Lady entrant with the Mayor. g. Competitors studying the map. Some negatives.

385 a. 1957. Yorkshire

385 a. The three winners.

386 a-g. 1958. Somerset

386 a. Riders and on lookers on the packhorse bridge. b. Competitor negotiating a bend. c. Down a rough path. d. Being quizzed. e. Map reader and marshals. f. Puncture repair on the rough-stuff. g Group making friends with an old sow over a gate. Some negatives.

387a-i. 1959. Kent

387 a. Timbered house at Spelhurst. b. Rider going through a deep ford. c. Checking with marshals. d. Lady rider in the deep ford. e. Lady crouched over a map. f. Handshake greeting: Rt. Hon. Ernest Marples. g. The beer drinker. h. Winner with cup. i. Junior winner with cup.

388 a-d. 1960. Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

388 a. Lady followed by gentleman in distance riding down a leafy bridleway. b. Competitors (4) crouched on ground studying the map. c. Competitors being checked. d. Presentations by the Mayor of Aylesbury (6 prints). Some negatives.

389a-c. 1961. Derbyshire

389 a. Lady rider climbing up rock strewn path with group following. b. Riding for a fall! -rear view. c. Junior descending lane near Stanton Lees.

390. 1962. No prints.

391 a-i. 1963. Leicestershire

391 a. Juniors studying sheets in lane. b. Marshals facing a field of bullocks. c. Outside Burough Church checkpoint. d. Cleaning off the mud watched by a 3 year old admirer. e. 4 crouching on the pavement studying the map. f. Lady rider negotiating long grass. g. Youngster riding through the ford. h. Cup presentation. i. Getting around a five bar gate.

392 a-r. 1964. Hertfordshire and Essex

392 a. Down the woodland rough-stuff. b. Round a tight bend. c. Out across the fields. d. Along a lane. e. Hazel End village. f. Approaching the ford cautiously. g. A class of schoolboys look on with interest. h. Checkpoint. i. Sign on the Red, White & Blue public house. j. Caped up riding through the ford. Outsize. k. In the river! Outsize. l. A close up study -looking at the map. Outsize. m. A line up of mounts outside the lunch place. Outsize. n. He's fallen off! Outsize. o. Quizzing. p. Light refreshment. q. Checkers by signpost for Bishops Stortford. r. No. 13.

393 a-n. 1965. Staffordshire and Cheshire

393 a. Close up of front wheel and competitor's number. b. Lady rider making it through the bracken. c. Gentleman ditto, being shown the way! d. Rider climbing up out of Milford to Cannock Chase. e. Emergency stop on rough-stuff. f. Rider outside ancient high house, thought to be Stafford. g. Group studying maps. h. Sorting it out, 3 in consultation. i. Lone youngster solving a puzzle. j. Checker. k Filming an entrant. l. Officials. m. Handshake greeting for a lady competitor. n. A chat before the start -2 males.

394 a-s. 1966. Surrey

394 a. Riders negotiating sandy heathland path (6 prints). b. Lane, riding at T junction near Milford (3 prints). c. Rider crossing Eashing Bridge (2 prints). d. Over the old railway line - 3 prints. e. Lone rider passing pond (2 prints). f. Best kept village sign -Holmbury St. Mary. g. Being checked through in village street, Eashing. h . Spot of trouble? i. Pepper Pot, Godalming. j. Ewhurst Mill. k. Eashing -checkers. l. Young girl rider in leafy lane. m. Being checked out! n. Riding the rough-stuff. o. Holmbury St. Mary. p. Rough-stuff markers. q. Sorting out the route - close up. r. A bone shaker leading the Leicester heat event. s. The start of the above heat.

395 a. 1967. Not Known

395 a. Junior rider. Some negatives.

396 a-k. 1968. Buckinghamshire

396 a. Henley start (11 prints). b. Scenes at Hambleden Lock (5 prints). c. Checker. d. Riding on a single track road. e. Passing through a gate with onlookers. f. Rough-stuffing. g. Porch light. h. Aunt Nell's Cafe. i. A church tower. j. Blacksmith's wrought iron sign. k Riders studying maps and checkers (4 prints).

397 a-e. 1969. Cheshire and Staffordshire

397 a. Riding through rocky ford (3 prints). b. Riding rough-stuff paths (8 prints). c. Riders at Peak Forest chapel. d. Junior winner presentation. e. Ladies winner.

398 a-i. 1970. Kent

398 a. Oast house near Chiddingstone. b. Rough-stuffing through bracken. c. Lady rider joins the lane at the end of the bridleway. d. Checking in outside Chart Church. e. Lady rider checking out. f. Four scenes in Tunbridge Wells (4 prints). g. Checking out a junior. h. Lunchtime. i. Marshalling.

399 a- g. 1971. Somerset

399 a. Riders on the Mendip rough-stuff course (11 prints). b. Bristol University. c. Campsite (2 prints). d. Winners at Weston super Mare (3 prints). e. Puzzling it out with a checker. f. Three gentlemen in consultation on the rout. g. Collage of three winners. Picture proofs. Outsize.

400 a-h. 1972. Hertfordshire

400 a. Checking entrants. b. One rider's mount -it needs to be seen to be believed! c. The lady winner on course. d. A heap of mounts at the lunch stop. e. Riders on the rough-stuff course (4 prints). f. Studying the map. g. Checkers and marshalls (4 prints). h. Officials.

401 a-e. 1973. Cheshire

401 a. Riders on the course (6 prints). b. Long boat on the canal. c. Riders on grassy path (2 prints). d. Officials (2 prints). e. Close study of the map with a cigarette.

402 a-k. 1974. Surrey

402 a. Leith Hill Tower -rider in the foreground. b. Forest Green -caped up rider and sign post. c. Muddy rough-stuff. d. Very wet heathland. e. Caped up lass ploughing through the mud. f. Fine interval for a photo by a competitor. g. A group on the summit of Leith Hill. h. Portraits of 2 competitors (2 prints). i. Caped up competitors studying the map (2 prints). j. Cape covered bikes at lunchtime -outside hut. k. Leith Hill checkpoint. 2 prints. Negatives and proofs.

403 a-h. 1975. Leicestershire and Rutland

403 a. Sorting it out with the map -a summit scene. P. b. Riding through the thicket -lady rider. c. Heavy going -lady rider. d. Over the hump, lone lady rider in a leafy lane. P. e. On a lane in Charnwood Forest. f. Riders on the course; open lanes, rough-stuff, bridleways (7 prints). g. Mayor of Charnwood at departure, marshalls and Bradgate Park (Mum and 2 tots). h. Lady winner with cup. ?Proofs in Outsize.

404 a-j. 1976. Gloucestershire

404 a. Riders on the course -lanes and rough-stuff (9 prints). b. Groups coping with the problems and tasks set (4 prints). c. Close up of entrants -various (5 prints). d. Elevenses stop for refreshment. e. Cotswold lane junction north of Stroud. f. The Ride Now sign. g. Under the trees at Painswick. h. Studying the sign outside Painswick church. i. Five riders in a group walking their cycles up a Cotswold track. Observation Test pictures. Outsize. j. Three riders negotiating a ford (Teal).

405 a-c. 1977. Yorkshire

405 a. Riders on the course in the Dales, some picturesque at Stainburn (9 prints). P. b. Studying maps on route. c. Riders with officials (3 prints). Negatives and proofs in Outsize.

406 a-d. 1978. Suffolk and Yorkshire heat

406 a. Riders on the course -woods, lanes and ford (4 prints). b. Individual entrants various (7 prints). c. Checking details. 2 ladies. Negatives and proofs in Outsize. d. Yorkshire Heat. 2 prints of riders on rough-stuff track.

407 a. 1979. Surrey

407 a. One paste-up of riders (3).

408 a-d. 1980. Derbyshire

408 a. Riders on route (3 prints). b. Riders with officials (4 prints). c. Map reading. d. Refreshment time (2 prints).

409 1981. No pictures.

410 a-f. 1982. Somerset

410 a. Walking the rough-stuff. b. Officials -Crowcombe Youth Hostel Association. c. Lady winner. d. Mayor of Taunton at start. e. Gordon Langsford -organiser for 30 years. f. In the lanes near Crowcombe, girl rider.

411 a-c. 1983. Essex

411 a. Riders on the course (3 colour, 1 black and white). b. Individual entrants (1 colour. 3 black and white). c. Studying the maps at the start.

412 a-d. 1984. Essex

412 a. Riders on the course (4 colour prints). b. Riders on the course. Black and white prints (4). c. Large group outside mansion, probably the start. d.Individuals (4 colour prints); negatives enclosed.

413 a-b. 1985 Chester

413 a. Riders on course, ladies and gentlemen-nothing outstanding (6 prints). b. Checkers and marshalls (2 prints).

414 a-c. 1986. Buckinghamshire

414 a. The gentleman winner. b. Rider and checker on course. c. Studying the map with lens.

415 a.1987. Not known

415 a Checking a cycle.

416 a-d. 1988. Kent

416 a. On the rough-stuff. b. Oast houses at Leigh. c. Unnamed village. d. Officials and winners (3 prints).

417. Unidentified prints.

417 10 prints of various activities.

379 a-n. BCTC Trophies and other CTC awards

379 a. Trophies displayed (11 prints + large negative). b. Brooks Trophy (2 prints). c. Blakelock winner, 1962. d. South Buckinghamshire dinner presentation, 1965. e. Karl Briggs, 1964 winner. f. ditto. g. D Allen, junior winner, 1964. h. Frank Hughes winner, 1970. i. Trophies and presentations not identified (4 prints). j. Renolds Trophy (6 prints). k. Audax Trophy given by H.Coleman. l. Unidentified glass bowl -(may be a presentation bowl). m. CTC Design Award -2 prints, one to Constrictor, 1927. n. Cycling medallion -unidentified -probably Presidential.

MSS.328/C/12/4/418-442 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: the York Rally 1948-1970, undated

418 a-j. Trophies

418 a. Brooks Plaque. b. Rowntree Cup. c. Opperman Shield. d. Yorkshire District Association Shield. e. The Peter Rowntree Cup. f. Lap Cycle Race Cup. g. Renolds Trophy (3 prints). Outsize. h. Raleigh Industries Cup. Outsize. i. Brooks Cup. Outsize. j All cups displayed (2 prints). Outsize.

419 a. 1947.

419 a. Mr Bannister addressing the gathering.

420 a-f. 1948.

420 a. Tug of War team. b-c. Cycle Polo in play. d. Peter Rowntree addressing the gathering. e-f. Mr. Shaw doing likewise.

421 1949. No pictures

422 a. 1950

422 a. Greasy Road -Hazards Event.

423 a-i. 1951

Note: The pictures in this wallet may not be 1951, that date is taken from the postmark on the envelope in which they were found.

423 a-c. Officials -unidentified. d-i. Pictures of the speeches featuring Mr. Rowntree.

424 a-c. 1952

424 a. Old and new tandems being ridden. b. Greeting Mr. Rene Menzies -see also under Menzies in Personalities section. No.8. c. Presentation of Inter-District Association Shield -Mrs. Rowntree.

425 a-c. 1953. Camping and Old Cycles

425 a. The camp site. b-c. Old Cycles: b. Mr. Nuttall on an Ordinary (see also Harrogate and Nuttall), No.75. c. Presentation of prizes -Lyli Herse.

426 a-f. 1954. Camping, Events and Old Cycles

426 a. Group of 4 youngsters and tent. b Through the fire hose -(2 prints). c. Mother and son parade. d. Tricycle parade -tandem and solo. e. Boneshaker being ridden by a Santa Claus. f. Cup presentation by Stancer. One negative of cyclists' camp.

427 a-e. 1955. Camping, Events and Social.

427 a. Camp tent at night. b. General view of arena. c. Rollers and clock. d. Through the water spray. e. Committee Picture (2 prints) one rollers negative.

428 a-f. 1956. Camping and Events

428 a. Family in doorway of tent. b. Humping cycle over gate -lady. c. Family unit of solo, tandem junior back and trailer. d. York Rally postcard -4 pictures: camp site, polo, family, welcome. e. Welcome. f. Four views of the waterlogged ground -mud, shoes, and the bedraggled.

429 a-d. 1957. Camping and Events

429 a. Deserted tent with soft toys in doorway. b. Tandem riding -2 pairs. c. Four on solos. d. Packet of proofs.

430 a-g 1958. Exhibition, Events, Old Cycles and Presentations

430 a. Group at CTC stand. b-c. Racing. d. Pair on the Rudge Sociable tandem (Welfords). See Personalities. e. Ordinaries' Race. g. Velocipede. f. Bicycle Belle.

431 a-c. 1959

431 a. General view of arena. b. Trophies, etc. within the marquee. c. Bicycle Bell [?Belle], Hilaer McGuire.

432 1960. Camping, Events, and Exhibitions

432 a. Cyclists' Camp site. b. Children's decorated cycles (2 prints). c. Newspaper stand -Cyclists' Rally Report. d. Raleigh Stand (includes trophy display). e. Tricycle Pot Plant Holder, outside one tent. f. Bicycle Belle, Mavis Madeley.

433 a-c. 1961. Exhibition and General.

433 b-c. Pictures of the Photographic and Trade displays. a. View of the Show Ground. Proofs and negatives.

434 a-c, e-l. 1962. Events, Exhibitions and General

434 a. Hurdle Race. b. Between the walls! c. Rally balloons. e. Morris Dancers. f. Over the see-saw. g. CTC stand. h. Rally Balloon. l. Dick Turpin -John Willis.

435 a-n. 1963. Exhibitions, Events, General, Presentations and Social.

435 a. CTC information tent. b. Youth Hostel Association stand with sleeping dummy. c. Holdsworthy stand. d. Photographic transparencies. e. Cycle Exhibition marquee. f. CTC stand. g. Treasure hunt plot. h. Grass track racing. i. Roller Races. j. Dick Turpin rides again. o. Popping balloons. n. Propped up cycles all over the place! k. Family Cup. l. Bicycle Belle. m. Service at St. Michael Le Belfrey -members coming out of. n. Bicycle Belle.

436 a-m. 1964. Events and General

436 a. Grass Track Racing. b. Ordinaries' Race. c. Negatives only folder. d. AA sign: CTC RALLY. f. Riding the quint. g. Riding a Booty tandem. h. Reverse cycle race. i. Film show (CTC film). j. All modes of transport -car, moped and bike. k. Burning up the rubbish afterwards. l. Michelin Man on car roof. m. Group of personalities -not identified.

437 a-s, t.1-11, u. 1965. 21st anniversary. Events, General, Old Cycles, Personalities and Trade Exhibition. Dinner.

437 a. Two tandems and a solo (Family). b. Walk- Run Race. c-d .Night riders. Large group departing. e. Night riders arriving at Rally. f. Rowntree Cocoa Works Band. g. Rally signpost. h. Mr. Lofthouse as Robin Hood. i. Peterborough Vintage Cycling Club. 4 ladies with Rudge Sociable, and three loop framed machines, c.1910. j. Dutch visitor with Bill Stiles. k. Les Warner with a group. t. Peter Rowntree -(2 prints). u. Mr. and Mrs Wasey cutting anniversary cake. l. Bicycle Belle. m. Moulton Speed Six. n. Photo exhibition. o. Carlton. p. Jack Taylor Cycles. q-r. Milremo Fittings. s. Halford's Cycles. 21st Anniversary Dinner: t.l. Peter Rowntree (2 prints). t.2. R.Shaw. t.3. Bill Stiles (2 prints). t.4. Bob Carmichael-Riddell (2 prints). t.5. Shaw & Stiles (2 prints). t.6. Arthur Moss. t.7. Vic Davies (Viking). t.8. Lord Mayor of York and Peter Rowntree. t.9. Claud Jacquy (French). J.Way. t.l0. General view of dinner gathering. t.ll. Lionel Blundell, Hugh Palin (Industries Association). u. Cutting the Anniversary Cake.

438 a-i. 1966. Events, Exhibitions, General and Presentation

438 c. Cycle Polo. e. Family event. d. Grass Track Race. a. Trade Exhibition (2 prints). h. Booty Cycle Stand. f. An ordinary on a car roof rack. g. Children at play -roundabout etc. b. Amusing, but just what it is, is not stated. i. Posters.

439 a-d. 1967. Families and Old Cycles.

439 a. A delightful picture of toddler asleep on seat on the back of a Moulton Speed Six with mother about to mount. Outsize. c. Babe in trailer -with parents. Outsize. d. Two lasses on a Booty tandem. T. Outsize. b. Start of the Ordinaries' race.

440 a-k. 1968. Campers, Events, Exhibitions, Old Cycles and Personalities.

440 c-d. Campers' registry. a. Grass Track Racing. e. Pram Race (2 prints). f. Between the sticks. g. Family event. h. Ron Kitching's sociable. i. Display of old lamps. b. Japanese visitors. j. ditto. k. Bicycle Belle.

441 a-f, h-k. 1969. Exhibitions, Events, Presentations and Rides

441 a. Display stand. b. Pedal cars. c. A family (The Bicycle Belle). d. Family Tandem tricycle and tandem. e. Girl with cup. f. Leaping over a hurdle. i. Bicycle Belle. h. Parade through York -York Minster. j. Ornithopter (6 prints). k. A slide used as a title for a Rally Lecture.

442 a-g. 1970. Camping, Exhibitions, Personalities and Presentations

442 a. General view of camp site. b. Youngster with small size cycle. c. Visitors from America. d. Bicycle Belle (4 prints). e. Presentation of London-York Cup. f. Negatives. g. Richmond Toppers Marching Band (6 prints).

MSS.328/C/12/4/443-459 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: York Rally 1971-1987

443 a-f. 1971. Events, Personalities, Presentations and Old Bicycles

443 a. Chariot race (2 prints). b. Chris Pratt. c. Bicycle Belle (2 prints). d. Line-up for the York parade. e. Tricycle and solo on Show Ground, negatives only. f. York Parade (5 prints).

444 a-q. 1972. Camping, Exhibitions, Events, Personalities, Presentations and Rides.

444 a. Tent with cooking kit and 2 cycles. c. Bags and panniers on cycle (2 prints). d. Lightweight cycle with panniers. e. Bottle clips. f. Cycle shoemaker demonstrating. g. Hurdle race. o. Round the World. p. Along the rope. h. Visitor from Denmark. i. Peter Rowntree with winner of ? j. Bicycle Belle (2 prints). k. Junior Cup. Rides. l. A wet ride on the York Parade. m. A tractor hauled float. q. Negatives and proofs.

445 a-m. 1973. Events, Old Cycles, Personalities, Presentations and Rides.

445 a. Family, tandem and trailer. b. Solos and seats. c. Cycle limbo. d. Hands-off over the trough. l. Limbo Riding -(2 prints). m. Tandems through the straw bales. e. Line-up of Edwardian cycles. f. Les Warner, Sheriff of York and Peter Rowntree. g. Arthur Moss and Beryl Burton. h. Lord Mayor and Peter Rowntree. i. Bicycle Belle (2 prints). j. Assembly for York Parade. k. Lorry float. Negatives only (6 strips).

446 a-o. 1974. Events, Exhibitions, General, Old Cycles, Personalities, Presentations, and Rides.

446 a. Girls line up with newspaper delivery bags. b. Uni-cycle rider. c. CTC stand. d. Stand with racing machine -Raleigh. e. Entrance. f. CTC flag. g. The Ordinaries' Race. h. Admiring an 1875 Ordinary. i. Mrs Rowntree and group. j. Junior Cup. k. Family Cup. l-m. Cups on table. n. York Parade. o. Negatives and proofs. Outsize.

447 a-k. 1975. Events, Exhibitions, Old Bicycles, Presentations, Ride and Socials.

447 a. Pram Race. b. Obstacle Race. c. Bianchi Stand. d. Pashley Stand. e Ordinaries' Race. f. York Parade line-up. g. Bicycle Belle. h. Trades cycle leading parade. i. Riders passing through York -view from above. j. Riders outside the Minster. k. Church Service. Proofs and negatives. Outsize.

448 a-i. 1976. Events, Exhibitions, Old Cycles, Personalities and Presentations.

448 a. Family parade. b. Roller Race. c. Cycle shoemaker. d. F. W. Evans stand. e. Bar Bag. f. CTC stand. g. Dawes modern version of the Sociable. T. h. Visitor from Vancouver. i. Bicycle Belle.

449 a. 1977. Old Bicycles

449 a. Line- up with Dursley Pedersens.

450 a-g. 1978. Exhibitions.

450 a. Jack Taylor stand. b-c. Poor quality prints of cycles displayed. d. Muddlemore's stand. e. Raleigh Cycles. f. Small Wheel Cycle -make not apparent. g. Raleigh's display. Ordinary. Negatives and proofs.

451 a-g. 1979. Exhibitions, Presentations and Rides.

451 a. Puch stand. b. Shimano display. c. CTC stand. d. Macklam stand. e. Bicycle Belle. f. The York Parade with the Minster in the background. g. End to End Display (possibly the record 1 day 23 hours.). Negatives and proofs.

452 a-f. 1980. Camping, Events, Exhibitions, Presentations and Rides

452 a. Pitching a tent with discussion. e. Water splash. d. CTC stand. b. Bicycle Belle. Pauline Wray. f. Family Trophy. c. Wet Ride on the York Parade.

453 a-m. 1981. Events, Exhibitions, Personalities, Presentations, Old Bicycles and Rides

453 k. Family Event. b. Waterproofs' display. c. CTC stand. j. Touring Explorers Award. d. Ivy Thorpe and friends. e. Bicycle Belle. m. colour print of above. f. Boneshaker being ridden -colour print. g. Edwardian Cycles parade -colour print. h. Hobby Horse with rider. l. Old cycles and dress outside York Minster (also proof print). i. Group passing over bridge. a. Colour proof prints and negatives.

454 a-g. 1982. Exhibitions, General, Personalities and Rides.

454 c. Dawes stand. a. Quad being ridden by Alan Leng and friends. b. Simplex Officials (Chicken Co. takeover). d. Commentator -Bill Priestley. e. Laura Merz. f. H. Briercliffe. g. Old cycles leading the parade through York.

455 a-u. 1983. Camping, Events, Exhibitions, Old Bicycles, Personalities, Presentations and Rides.

455 a. View of camp site with youngsters in foreground. b. Tents and camping trailer. c. Uni Cycle riding. d. Mother on tricycle with Rann type trailer for daughter. e. Family on two tandems and a triplet. f. Entrants heading for the Rally. g. Checking in. h. Map trap (2 pictures). i. Claud Butler prize -one touring cycle. j. Mistral Rims display. k. Tandem Hub Brake l. Hubs display. m. Raleigh stand. n. Mayor of York on an Ordinary -colour print. o. Trade cycle and ordinaries etc. line-up. p. Marion Gillard. q. Peter Patten (2 prints). r-s. Bicycle Belle (3 prints). u. Gathering outside the Minster. t. Riding through York.

456 a-u. 1984. Exhibitions, Trade Cycle Displays, General and Rides.

456 c-f. CTC stand. g. Street Science video. h. Camping stand. i. Tony Oliver Frames Stand. j. Cross-ways Carrier. k. Standard carrier. Carradice (2 prints). Trade Cycle Displays (13 prints). a. The Arrivals. b. The arena. l. York Parade. m. Old cycles leading -Box carrier. n. Ordinaries leading. p. Box Carrier -colour print. q-r. Procession colour prints. s. Ordinaries by flower beds; colour print. t. The Shambles -perhaps? u. Building Society window display; colour print.

457 a-e. 1985. Events, Presentations and Rides

457 a. Family event. b. Grass Track Racing. c. Bicycle Belle. d. Forming up outside the Minster -Alan Leng. e. On the ride.

458 a-q. 1986. Camping, Events, Exhibitions, General, Old Cycles and Rides

458 b. Campers' check in. c. Grass Track Racing. d. Camping -tents (4 prints). e. Cycles etc. (5 prints). f. CTC stand and another not identified (2 prints). n. Picnic time; colour print. p. Riders leaving Show Ground; colour print. a. Welcome tent. g. Child on front wheel double steerer. h. Trades cycle being ridden -silhouette. i. Line-Up -Dursley Pedersens etc. j. Ordinaries being ridden. i. [k?] Dursley Pedersen being ridden in costume -male l. c.1910 ladies loop frame roadster ridden by female. m. c.1914 tricycle ridden in costume. All above (g-n) colour prints. o-q. Parade assembling. 5 strips of black and white negatives. Sustrans: a batch of 14 prints relating to their work locally.

459 a-r. 1987. Events, Exhibitions, Old Cycles, Presentations and Rides.

459 a. Grass Track Race. b. Arena -general view. c. CTC stand. d. Sleeping bags display. e. Bob Jackson Cycles. f. Bottle carrier. g. Modern replica of Dursley Pedersen cycle. h. Hetchins stand. i. Cannondale stand (2 prints). j. Bar Bag Carrier. k-l. Micro XL cycle (3 prints). m. Display. n. Rider in costume on c. 1918 machine. o. Front double steerer tricycle. p. Lady Mayor on SMW cycle (2 prints). q. Cycle trophy? r. Assembly at York Minster.

MSS.328/C/12/4/461-468 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: Rallies and Meets other than the York Rally 1969-1983, undated

461 a-s.1972 AIT Loughborough.

461 a. Sheriff of Nottingham with visitors. b. Oakham Castle -Gateway. c. Belvoir Castle. d. Meriden -very wet. e. Group picture -place not named but could well be Wollaton. f. A rides group assembling. g. At Wollaton Hall, Nottingham. h. Two cycling mayors with Les Warner. i. Ken Pepper -Rally organiser. j. Rally banquet (2 prints). k. Mayor of Loughborough with visitors. l. Gold Medal presentation. m. 6 prints of participants talking. Outsize. n. Youngest foreign rider (8) with father -riding. Outsize. o. Large group riding along a lane heading for Belvoir. Outsize. p. Very large group (40+) passing Loughborough sign in lane. Outsize. q. A group of 4 riding through birch wood. Outsize. r. The Singing Kettle at Oakham, Rutland. Outsize. s. AlT, CTC and Loughborough logos. Outsize.

Cider Meets: England/France.

462 a-f. 1969. Normandy.

462 a. Cartoon. b. French city -may be Rouen. c. City Horn trumpeters in costume. d. Group of five passing a cottage and farm. e. Numerous party groups in cider orchard. f. A couple on their cycles - unnamed.

463 a-l. 1971. Normandy

463 a. Party overlooking river in Normandy. b. Boarding Cross Channel Ferry. c. Riding in Normandy. d. Riding over a bridge in Normandy. e. Youngster eating and drinking cider. f. Three on Moultons. g. Jean Pierre. h. Moulton suspension modification. T. i. Bicycles Michaux, 1863. T. j. Cartoons (2). k. Logo. l. Cider Meet pennants etc.

464 a-d. 1972. Isle of Wight

464 a. Mayor of Newport (4 prints). b. Some of the 350 at Thorness. c. French riders entering Newport. d. Thorness Holiday Centre. Outsize.

465 a-d. 1973. Normandy

465 a. Young riders. b. In Normandy town. c. Saint Lo. d. Hambye Abbey.

466 a-e. Bike Week and Brighton Ride.

466 a. Parade at Downing Street, London. b. Crowd arriving at County Hall, London. c. Les Warner with Bike Week parade. d. London/Brighton ride, group descending to Brighton from Ditchling Beacon; colour print. e. Batch of London to Brighton ride; colour negatives.

467 a-i. 400 Km 1983

467 a. Riders about to start, 1983; colour print. b. Riders leaving Charterhouse, 1983; colour print. c-d. Checking in. e. Assembling. f. A Worthing rider. g. Check in and cards, 1983. h. Discussing route with map -Grahame Hind. i. Loading triplet with kiddy-seat.

468 a-c. Festival Tour of the Yorkshire Dales, 1981 (Harrogate)

468 a. Young member inspecting small bag. Outsize. b. Alan Leng with members. c. Members meeting at the Harrogate Plaque.

MSS.328/C/12/4/469-471, 713 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: Racing 1948-1976, undated

470 a. Bagshot Scramble 1958 (8 prints).

469 a-m. Stainforth cross country fell race. b. John Lyons, CTC BAR 1976. c. Liverpool District Association Roller Race, 1955. d. Robin Buchan, BAR 1971. e. Christine Goodfellow, BAR 1971. f. Basingstoke Gazette Picture -no information, 1971. g. June Pitchford, Ladies 12 hour, 241 miles, 1965. h-i. Tom Watson Cycle Race, 1948. j. Time Trial Southern Counties, 1965. k. Race start -no details (1964 publication date).l. Earls Court velodrome racing, September motor & cycle show, year not known. m. Rider -not named -action shot.

713 a. Time Trial, one lady and two gentlemen in urban area.

471 a-g. All Outsize prints. a. Irish 8 day Race (probably 1955). b. Milk Race -Brighton sea front, 1972. c. Milk Race -near Midhurst, 1974. d. Milk Race -Blackpool -Ford back-up vehicles, 1971. e. Coppi -World Championships in France. 1953 founder of the Tour de France -won this event twice, and the tour of Italy five times. Professional World Pursuit Champion. g. Coppi Memorial. f. Silhouettes of cyclists on Cyclocross -beautiful picture, but badly damaged.

MSS.328/C/12/4/472-489, 733, 736, 759, 823, 825, 834, 837, 856, 861, 889 CTC collection of historic photographs arranged by subject: Signposts and Road Signs: signposts and milestones arranged by county, England; and by country, Scotland and Ireland 1956-1973, undated

Cambridge and Cheshire

472 a. Swavesey - Over.

733 j. First English Milestone.

472 b. Arley - sign with rhyme - Cheshire.


473 a. Six turnings (Falmouth/Penryn).

736 b. Cornish Milestone with initial letters only.


474 a. Sixpenny Handley b. Plush, Folly and Mappowder.

Essex and Gloucestershire

475 a. Chelmsford - both directions. b. The Rodings. c. The Slaughters - Cotswolds. d. Tom Long's Post - Cotswolds, near Stroud (2 prints), 1973. (Teal).

Hertfordshire and Hampshire

476 a. Much Hadham - Cold Christmas. b. Cholderton and Quarley - old cast iron finger post. c. Lyndhurst milestone. d. Sherbourne, St. John and Dark Lane. e. The Wallops. f. First English Milestone (Ware): see April 1956 Gazette.

Lancashire, Lake District and Kent

477 a. Milestone - Forton - Roman numerals plus ¾. b. Ham- Sandwich (3 prints - various angles). c. Pilgrims Way.

759 a. Keswick both ways. b. Gibraltar at Silverdale. c. Birker Moor Post, 1966.


478 a. Loughborough Bridleway.


479 a. C47 Sutton Saint Edmund (local road classification). b. Holland - Lincs.


480 a. Great Snoring. b. Swaffham village sign.


481 a. Old Horton Grange, Make em Rich.


823 f. Wroxton ancient signpost.


482 a. Pig Trough - Shrewsbury.

825 f . Craven Arms obelisk. 24 destinations.


483 a. Beer Crowcombe, Hatch Beauchamp, Isle Abbotts, Isle Brewers, Curry Mallet, Fivehead, Taunton. b. Beer - Unsuitable for - High Ham Traffic.

834 a. Baths Roads milestone near Corsham (Wiltshire/ Somerset border).

Staffordshire & Suffolk

484 a. Bassetts Pole - Lichfield (memorial sign).

837 a. Nayland - overhanging eaves.

Surrey and Sussex

485 a. Bucks Head and Peas Pottage (A281 S. of Horsham). b. Hastings via Panama 11564 miles. c. Londinium - Regnu (Bignor Hill). d. Old and new signposts around Dorking.

Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Warwickshire

486 a. Elmley Castle sign. b. Shenbarrow Hill (1Km) Broadway (6.5Km) (illegal signposting).

856 b. Pink Green signpost. c. Alcester/Stratford (trade picture).

861 c. "Highway One". b. Milestone, Cranbourne Chase.


487 a. Cocked Hat, Middleham.



488 a. Scotland, Ireland [sic].


489 a. and c.

489 a. Swords. Man of War. c. Teddington Hands near Overbury.

889 b-d.

889 b. Aragal Galliorrus. c. Eight finger boards on one post: Wexford. d. Irish sign for road with many bends.

MSS.328/C/12/4/490-492 Historic photographs arranged by subject: CTC Caution Signs, Highway Signs, and other signs 1971 and undated

490 a-h. CTC Caution Boards

490 a. Condover Village - Shrewsbury. b. CTC Repairers' Sign (Winged Wheel with tablet in cast iron), Dunlavin, Ireland. c. Facsimile Board, Edinburgh. d. Clapton, Bristol. e. Cape Wrath Road, Scotland. f. Tattle Bank - Warwickshire. g. Combroke - Warwickshire. h. Richmond Park, London. a-g. are colour prints.

491 a-n. Highway Signs

491 a. By-Way. b. Hostel sign. c. Bus lanes. d. Cycle sign - made into a face. e. Horses and cycles not allowed. f. No entry except pedal cycles. g. No pedestrians, No animals (Pedestrians and cyclists in with the cars in Dolgellau). h. Lane lines. i. International Cycle Show (3 prints). j. Welcome to Wales sign. k. Public footpath sign - Devon Way-marker. l. Beware of steam vapour - (effluent discharge in Cheshire). m. Bridleway. n. Private road (RUPPS).

492 a-n. Miscellaneous Signs

492 a. Cartoon about dangerous county roads. b. Sundial with verse, Radstock, Somerset. c. Pennyfarthing Street, Salisbury. d. Bed and breakfast sign made from junk. e. Falling Rocks - sign in the Elan Valley. f. Gate from cart wheels. g-h. Cyclist weathervane (rather crude construction). i. Cycle hung over no waiting sign - Cambridge. j. Wind wheel as Ordinary cycle. k. Wash and Brush-up, George Street, Brighton, 1971. l. Rhyme on gate. m. Beware ADDERS near Kirkley Malgeard. n. 3 odd negatives.

492 B CTC badge: pictures and text. Outsize.

MSS.328/C/12/4/493-505, 658 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Roads 1950s-1982, undated

493 a-q. Kerbs and Gutters:

493 a-q. Bad gutters with steep cambers, etc.

494 a-s. Drain Covers and Gratings

494 a. Stanton in Peak District. bad cover on BCTC route. b-s. Numerous covers in various parts of the country fitted incorrectly or sunk below the surface - See Outsize envelope correspondence referring to some of these photos.

495 a-e. Cycles and Gratings

495 a-e. Cycles stuck in drain gratings.

496 a-q. Steel Studs and Markings

496 a-m. Steel markings - first used in 1931 - discontinued in 1959. n-q. Steel studs, ditto.

497 a. Pedestrian Crossing markings - foreign.

497 a. 7 prints of various crossing markings worked in grey and white setts. The use of quartzite and marble/basalt have been seen in Norway and Portugal - pictures are those in Austria.

498 a-h. Bad Surfaces

498 a. Bad pipe track pot hole. b. Much cracked cycle path. c-d. Medway Bridge cycle path. e. Manhole cover badly reinstated. f. Mickleham Bypass cycle path in disrepair - greatly restored in 1995 (part of this path is on the central reservation). g. Kerbside pot-hole. h. Cycle path flooded near Stepping Stones, Burford Bridge, Dorking A24 (path resurfaced in 1995).

499 a-i. Hazards and Dangers Miscellaneous

499 a. Cycle path (two-way) junction on road with a bend. b. Crossing split junction with refuge (Mickleham Bypass Pixham Lane - (replaced 1999). c. Bad siting of road works sign. d. Tractor and hedge cutting flail (under Health & Safety this cannot be done from the field side). e. Lorry - overhanging mirror. f. Half Barrier level crossing (Portsmouth Line). g. Wrecked car on carriageway. h. Pot-hole Patrol Truck - West Sussex. i. Cyclists three abreast in country lane with other traffic.

500 a-d. Traffic Congestion

500 a. Motorway bridge over lane. b. Lone cyclist amid London traffic (1973 rail strike). c. Summer Road, A30 west of Basingstoke, 1961 (solid with cars). d. CTC cycle census, London, 1980. Outsize.

501 a-e; 658 d.Cycle Parking

501 a. Cycles piled one on each other. b. Cycles in racks - Swiss railway station. c. Improvised rack - railings, Berkeley, Gloucestershire. d. Cycle Park - Oxford. e. Cycles (many) parked at Oxford Station.

658 d. Parking shelters at LRT stop, Basel, Switzerland.

502 a-g, x. Double White Lines.

Note:- in 1995 an order was made permitting slow moving traffic on road maintenance and cyclists not exceeding 10 mph to be overtaken if it is safe to do so, also included pedestrians and horse riders.

502 x. A series of 20 pictures of the situation when the lines were first introduced in 1959, showing various good and bad applications on the A38 and other Devon roads.

502 a. Bad overtaking on a bridge before the advent of the double white line system, c. 1950. b. Bedford van squeezing by a cyclist on a bend. c. Car completely on the wrong side overtaking cyclists. d. Three cars doing likewise. e. Van squeezing by cyclist and pedestrians. f. Large lorry overtaking on a bend. g. Large lorry overtaking on the brow of a hill.

503 a-j. Cycleways and Paths and County Routes

503 a. Negatives for Hyde Park Scheme, London. b. Sheffield - Darnall cycle track, 1980. c. Portsmouth - children riding - probably at the opening of ? d. ditto, in back street, 1976. e. Greater London Council Scheme in Balham (3 prints), all captioned 1977. f. Peterborough scheme (6 colour prints), including turning, traffic lights, bridges, junctions, contra one-way street and special cycle traffic lights. g. Dignitaries riding the Middlesbrough scheme (Mayor wearing a "spare chain"!, 1979). h. North Lancashire Cycleway, 1982. Group about to ride it! i. Kensington - London cycle routing and obstructions. Outsize. m. Opening of Wiltshire Cycleway. j. York/Selby path: old railway line.

504 a. Cycleway Hazards

504 a. Lorry stopped across cycleway on a bend. b. Lorry parked on cycle path beside dual carriageway. c. Car using cycle route as short cut. d. Ambiguous cycle route direction. e. Crossing traffic flow at roundabouts. f. Cars using and obstructing cycle lane. Outsize. g Special cycle lights at road junction - Middlesborough Outsize.

Note by CTC editor that Literature on cycleways etc. is enclosed in Roads Correspondence Envelope. Outsize.

505 a-b.Cycleways, foreign

505 a. Town cycle route, Stockholm. b. Cyclists on cycle path, Denmark.

MSS.328/C/12/4/506-514 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Road Safety (see also Urban Riding) 1947-1958, undated

506 a. Raleigh School of Cycling

506 a. 8 publicity prints for the school, plus literature.

507 a. Road Safety Laws Conference, 1950.

507 a. Five prints of speakers etc., all Outsize.

508 a-b. Road Safety - misrepresentation by the National Press.

508 a. Super-imposed picture of cyclist in High Holborn, London. b. Buckingham Police camera patrol and school children (5 prints). Outsize.

509 a. White City Proficiency Rally

509 a. 3 pictures of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh attendin.

510 a. Cycle Proficiency - training and instructing.

510 a. Playground instruction, 1947.

511 a-g. CTC member involvement in instruction etc.

511 a. Breaking test on youth weekend (Bannister). b. "Weaving" under CTC Councillors' eyes. c. Initial confidence assistance. d. Measuring up for size of cycle. e. "Bicycle Doctor" stand, Redhill, Surrey. f. Winners of the "Motorists Trophy", Crystal Palace, 1958. g. Riding on the Highway with Cycle Proficiency pupils.

512 a. Vehicle Safety Features

512 a. Car with sliding driver's door.

513 a-d. ROSPA [Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents] Posters.

513 a. Stop accidents - Honour the Code. b. Overloaded vehicle. c. Make sure you are seen - lights and white patch. d. Back of a bus poster - "Cyclists should be seen not hurt".

514 a. Cycle Safety Features

514 a. Clutch bar for child's small tricycle.

MSS.328/C/12/4/326, 515-518 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Map, Map-reading and Railway Transport 1951-1979, undated

515 a-d. Map and Map-reading ( see also BCTC Section).

515 a. A group (5) studying a map on a BCTC event. Outsize. b. ditto, 1979. Outsize. c. Northumberland and Durham juniors studying a map. d. Outsize maps, various series displayed - colour print.

516 a-f. Railway Transport

516 a. Cartoon Victorians loading cycles, when cycles were first carried free of charge. b. Special Notice, Sprinter Class - cycles not carried. c. Cyclists await Southern Region train at station. d. Euston/Liverpool Express First Cycle Van, 1952. e. Cycles heaped on luggage trolley (Munich Station). f. Special Railway loading trolley for cycles (Italy 1954).

517 a-f; 326 h. Railway Cycle Vans

517 a. Loading a cycle into a Midland Region Van, 1952. b. Cycles stowed on hooks within the van. c. View of stowed cycles from within the van. d. Full interior shot showing hangers for cycles. e-f. Close up and drawing details of hangers.

326 h. Unloading cycles at Chippenham on CTC Railway Excursion. Outsize.

518 a-h. Railway Cycle Loading Abroad (see also CTC Special Excursions 1950s to 1960s).

518 a. Townsend's crates for the Cross Channel Service, 1951 (7 prints). b. Hanger crates in France. c. Officials checking cycles in crate - France. d. Cycles being packed into crates at Stockholm. e. Crates being loaded - Stockholm. f. Crates waiting on the platform - Stockholm. g. Rolling crates for cycles - France. h. Slot stowage - France.

MSS.328/C/12/4/519-523 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Sea Ferries and Air Ferries 1950s-1987, undated

Sea Ferries

519 a-h. Ships

519 a. Channel Island ferry "Corbiere", 1987. b. Channel Island ferry "Portelet", 1987. c. British Rail's "Lord Warden". d. Townsend's "Free Enterprise III", 1968. e. Thoresen's "Viking II". f. Townsend's "Free Enterprise V", 1970. g. Thoresen's "Viking V'", 1970. h. Townsend's "Free Enterprise VIII".

520 a-g. Loading Ferries

520 a. Dover Docks - unloading the "Lord Warden", 1953. b. Dover - unloading the "Halladale". c. Unloading a Townsend Ferry, 1966. d. Cyclists riding aboard a "Roll on roll off" ferry (Hampshire), 1969. e. Cyclists riding down the ramp on the "Senlac" at Newhaven, 1974. f. Cyclists awaiting the Woolston Ferry , Southampton (pre 1966). g. Yarmouth Ferry - Isle of Wight - cyclists disembarking, 1950s.

521 a-i. Cycle Loading - crates, pallets etc.

521 a. Pallet loading Dover/Ostend. b. Crates - British Rail. c. Hook and rope sling - Irish Ferries Fishguard/Rosslare. d. The above in close up. 1965 negatives enclosed. e. Crate on crane hook - ferry not identified. f. Double banked cycle loading crate, not identified. g. Collage of three types in use in the 1950s. h. Crane hook and rope sling (2 prints), not identified. i. Pallet off loading - not identified, 1956.

Air Ferries

522 a-c. Aircraft

522 a. Bristol Freighter - Silver City Air services, Lydd, Kent (2 prints, 1953). b. French Aircraft on Charter to Silver City. c. Cartoon - Air Ferry for Cyclists.

523 a-h. Aircraft Loading, 1965

523 a. Passenger door cycle loading of a BEA Viking aircraft, 1950s. b. Two girls on the ramp - Silver City Airways. c-f. Various pictures of cyclists boarding the Bristol Freighter Aircraft. g-h. Boarding Bristol Freighters - one with "lolly pop" boards "Bike it You Like it"! Outsize.

MSS.328/C/12/4/524-527 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Road Transportation of Cycles 1967-1970, undated

524 a-e. Dartford Tunnel

524 a. The Dartford Tunnel bus. b. Cycle racks on the bus. c. The approach to the tunnel. d. Tunnel bus - exterior. Outsize. e. Tunnel bus - interior. Outsize.

525 a-d. Vans and Trucks.

525 a. Mini van to the Malverns - unloading. b. Viking van - transport to Wales for District Association day ride. c. Assembling cycle from mini van. d. Bikes in a Volkswagen pick-up truck for a District Association day ride.

526 a-m. Roof Racks for Vehicles

526 a-c. Do It Yourself roof rack with details, 1967. b. Strap fastenings for rack, 1967 (plus negatives). e. Cycle on car, 1967. f. Strap fastening for saddle, 1967. g-h. Dixon Rack - Do It Yourself, 1967. i. Car Cycle rack, 1970. j. Mini van with two cycles on top. k. Off loading cycles from rack. l. Three cycles on roof rack. m. Two cycles on roof rack in the Lake District.

527 a. Car Boot Stowage.

527 a. Raleigh RSW (small wheel ) in the boot of a Mr. Tomlinson's Rolls Royce.

MSS.328/C/12/4/N5000-N5019, N5022-N5024 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: negative folios 1984, 1986-1995, undated

CTC editor's note:- The following are post 1980 negatives except for small wheel cycles (1963). For old cycles see Historic Section. Negative files are numbered from N5000.

Negative Folios

N5000. Wembly Trade Exhibition, 1986 - (colour prints).

N5001. Exhibition stands, front fork mounted computer Svx derailleur rear mech., Mount Mech., chain, Bridgestone cycle, various computers and sensors, 1986.

N5002. Front and rear changers, pedal with reflector beneath and Open Day and other negatives of Godalming HQ, 1987.

N5003. Byka Lighting set with battery back-up, 1987.

N5004A. Cyclex 1987 - Gazelle cycle, bottle cages, CTC stand, Orbit Cycles, Brooks Saddles, Peugeot Cycles, Michelin Hi-lite Tyres, long arm rear mech., Raleigh Cycles, Chris Juden and wife, Brakes, Chainset and gears various.

N5004B. Bags, wet weather gear, booties, test bed for shoes, paraffin stove and others, tents, shoes, carbon fibre frame, cycle alarm, traffic and members of staff. 1987.

N5005. Dawes, Raleigh and Peugeot Cycles, Peugeot seamed fork, various front and rear mechs, office trophies and presentations, 1987/88.

N5006. Browning System of front changer, Stronglight Egg rings, Cannondale tandem, Specialized shoe, odd frame details, 1988.

N5022. Shimano Deore touring pedal, plus staff pictures.

N5007. Staff in porch, Godalming. Teeth of freewheel blocks, Hydra brake, Snow Shoes for cycles, junior back tandem, Raleigh (must be different) seat stays, 1989.

N5008. Children's seats, 1989.

N5009. Children's seats on tandems, sidecar, Dueg GG shoe, corrosion of lamps, ATB handlebar, gear shift and rear mech., component fracture, 1990.

N5023A. Five speed gears, Vredestein sprint tyre, Continental tyre, Torpedo Pentasport gear control, 1990.

N5023B. Battery charging set by Swinford Sheet Metal Company.

N5024. Tentex '90: many tents displayed at this exhibition.

N5020. Cologne, 1990. Carbon fibre cycles, sealed hub bearing. Chain sets, recumbents' lights, Shimano handlebar gear control/brake lever, child seat le June tandem frame, Cordo pannier klick-fix, Bridgestone dynohub and other gear items.

N5010. Helmets, various sorts.

N5011. Cyclex '91 Show Stand, child trailer, recumbents, sectioned bearing, GS2000, various computers, 1991.

N5012. Pannier bags with handles, rear light, Karrimor panniers, Roberts Cycle, Mercian front forks, 1992.

N5013. Bar bags, leather shoes, 1992.

N5014. Chain detail, front light, Koga cycle head, Sturmey Archer lubricant, Cycle strung up over shop 1992/3.

N5015A. Folding cycles.

N5015B. Folding bike and child trailer, 1993.

N5016. Handlebar stem, Claud Butler cycle, Nigel Bean cycle, roller bearing head-set, luggage fixings, up-curved handlebars, Sentsafe brake, 1993.

N5017A. End of drop handlebar gear shift, helmets, CTC trailer, handlebar rear view mirror modification to bottom bracket for lubrication. Cycle not identified, panniers and carriers.

N5017B. Pannier fittings and bags, rear light, cycle alarm, bottom bracket gear unit, 1993.

N5018A. Bottom bracket unit, roller dynamo front wheel, Hydro brake, Torpedo super 7, 3x7 Shimano hub gear, straight spoke hub (radial) Swiss dynohub, carriers various, child front tandem, Omega stem, recumbents, trailer child and luggage types, handlebars, Giant Cycles stand, split saddle.

N5018B. Conference Hall, bottles, Reynolds ATB forks, exploding rims, lubricants, 1993.

N5019. Folding cycle, cantilever brake, Sachs disc brake, twin wheel cycle or tricycle? Panniers. box type, cycle hod, Cyclo polo and other arena displays. Very much canted rear mech., chain stretch measure, Blumels Olympic mudguards ATB Stem, 1995.

Proofs of Harrogate, 1984, enclosed in N5019.

MSS.328/C/12/4/600-619, 649, 655, 684, 687, 688 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: Prints 1965, 1984-1995, undated

Negative references included.

600 a-b. Alarms

600 a. Cycle alarms, 1993. b. N5017B. Cycle alarms, 1993.

688 a. Bells and Horns

688 a. Aerosol air horn

602 a-i. Bearings

602 a. N5011. Royce Titanium bottom bracket, 1991. b. N5014. Broken part - unidentified (3 prints), 1992. c. N5016. Primax roller head bearing, 1993.d-g. N5017. Sealing bottom bracket, series of pictures, 1993. h. N5017. Lubrication kit for hubs and pedals, 1993. i. N5018.Alloy and titanium parts for mountain bike, 1993.

601 a-h. Brakes

601 a. N5007. Campagnolo calliper brake, 1988. Outsize. b. N5018A. Magura Hydraulic calliper, 1993. c. Magura Hydro Stop, 1988. d. Magura Hydraulic, 1988. Outsize. e. N5018A. Weinmann Hydraulic, 1993. f. N5022. Shimano Deore XT cantilevers (Cyclex), 1988. g. Cantilever brake on Terry ATB - (3 colour prints). h. Point cantilever brake - colour print.

603 a-b.Chains

603 a. TAVA Taiwan chain links in close up. b. N5018B. Chain cleaner device (2 prints), 1993.

604 a-f. Chain-sets

604 a. N5018A. Stronglight micro, 1993. b. N5018A. Shimano 700CX detail, 1993.c. N5006. Egg Rings, 1988. d. N5006. Stronglight Eggring chain-set. e. Selection of TA chain-sets, 1995. f. Silhouettes of Eggrings.

684. Child Adaptations

684. Two packs of numerous illustrations of attachments etc. for conveying small children, plus outsize prints.

605 a-g. Computers

605 a. N5011. Multitronic, 1991. b. N5011. Avocet and Cyclostar, 1991. c. N5011. Vetta, 1991. d. N5011. Cyclocomputer (wireless), 1991. e. N5011. Vetta sensor. f. N5011. Raleigh sensor. g. N5011. A group of computers. 1991.

687 a. Cranks

687 a. Crank shorteners for children.

606 a-f. Exhibition Stands

606 a. Sale in tent - may be York Rally. b. N5004A. CTC stand, 1987. c-d. N5011. CTC stand - Cyclex 91, 1991. e. Show stands, 1993. f. N5018A. Tilmann Waldthaler stand, 1993.

607 a-e. Frames

607 a. N5005. Seamed Peugeot fork, 1988. b. Kestral 4000 (Plastics), 1988. c. N5007. Raleigh Mountain Bike seat stays, 1989. d. Derek Wilkind [sic] head, 1993. e. N5014. Randonner Extra, forks, head and bars, 1992.

649 a. Fairings

649 a. N5007. Cycle fairing almost complete enclosure - German, 1989.

608 a-b. Gears - Hub

608 a. N5018A. Shimano 7 speed hub, 1993. b. N5018A. Konzept hybrid gearing, Sachs, 1993.

Special Lowest practical gear - toddler's tricycle, a 10 inch gear (colour).

609 a-l. Gears - Rear Mechanism

609 a. N5004. Shimano Deore XT, 1987. b. N5005. Sachs - Huret (Peugeot Savoie), 1988. c-d. N5007, N5005. Close-up of block, 1988. e. (not allocated). f. N5001. New Success Aris, 1989. g. N5009. Aris ATB, 1990. h. N5018A. Shimano free-hub tandem. i. Gear under wraps. k. N5019. Much canted rear mechanism, 1995. l. Suntour le Tech, 1984.

610 a-g. Gears Front Mechanism

610 a. N5004A. Shimano front changer, 1987. b. N5006. Browning system (2 prints), 1988. c. N5006. Bio-strong - triple chain-set, 1988. d. Shimano Exage - indexed, 1988. e. N5005. Shimano double chain set changer, 1988. f. N5008. ditto on triple. g. 5017B. Mountain drive bracket gear, 1993.

611 a-f. Gear Shifters

611 a. N5009. Sachs - Huret 7 speed, 1990. b. Sachs - Huret twist grip, 1990. c. Sachs - Huret down tube lever, 1990. d. Twist grip, 1990. e. Do It Yourself index lever made to last 50 years (it had completed 25 in 2006). f. Suntour "Command" shifter (on brake lever).

612 a-c. Handlebars

612 a. N5006. M B Sports "Round the Bend", 1988. b. N5016. Up turned bars, 1993. c. Handlebars with bottle holder.

613 a-b. Helmets and Masks

613 a. Bell helmet (many more on negative sheet), 1988. b. Face mask, 1993.

655 a-c. Hubs

655 a. N5018A. Pulstar straight spoke hub (item files with Spokes Section). b.N5018A. Safety catch for quick release. c. Quick release rear wheel leaving block and rear mechanism in place, 1995.

614 a-n. Lighting - Dynamos

614 a. Union 8601 roller - bottom bracket fitting, 1988. b-c. N5011. GS 2000, 1991. d. Rear stay fitting - geared up bottle dynamo, 1993. e. Dynohub Dipl-Ing (later made by Union), 1993. f. N5018A. Hugi hub generator, 1993. g. N5018A Side wall roller generator by Union, 1993. h-j. Swiss DT Dynohub and front and rear lights. k. Basil - Nordlight 2000 bottle dynamo. l. Axa HR bottle dynamo front fixing. m. Headlamp (?Axa HR) with white ring reflector. n. Rear Light - 5 leds - standlite.

615 a-h. Lighting - Battery

615 a. N5012. Byklops, 1992. b. Every Ready Nightsight, 1992. c. Revolver lamp, 1992. d. N5012A. Solar powered LED lamp, 1993. e. Reflex lamp. f. Front lamp, not identified. g. Ever Ready Nightrider Ultrabeam. h. Bike Lights - Wonderlights.

616 a-b. Lubricants

616 a. Sturmey Archer Cycle Bearing grease, 1992. b. Various lubricants displayed. Outsize. 1992/93.

617a-r. Luggage - bar Bags, all 1992, all on N5013.

617 a. Klich-Fix support. b. ditto. c. ditto, with bag in place. d. Freedom Bike-Packing. e. Tika Bag. f. Karrimor Korniche. g. Ortlieb support. h. Tika support. i. Ortlieb. j. Carradice Super C. k. Carradice support. l. Cannondale support. m. Cannondale Crossroads. n. AGU sport. o. Nimrod support. p. AGU support. q. Karrimor Korniche on Klick-Fix. r. Karrimor Bar bag. All the above were for a Bar Bag review.


618 a. N5017. Islarack with Karrimor Dalesman panniers, 1993. b. ESGE Cro-Moly tube carrier, 1993. c. Unidentified carrier in black enamel on mountain bike (2 prints).


619 a-b. N5012. Karrimor with holdall handles, 1992. c. N5012. Karrimor (soft large capacity), 1992. d. N5012. a and b shown mounted on carrier, 1992. . e. N5017A. Karrimor - full set front/rear/bar bag all mounted, 1993. f. N5017A. Front view of above, 1993. g. N5017A. Side view of above. h. N5017B. Above with top roll on carrier. i. N5018A. Ortlieb's secure pannier hook, 1993. j. Holdall type saddle bag for small wheel cycles, 1965. k. Panniers and bags on Gazelle Cycle.

612 c. Bottle Holders

612 c. Bottle holder - adjustable for handlebar fixing.

MSS.328/C/12/4/620-632, 637, 686 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: Machines (solos) 1984-1993, undated

Negative references included.

620 a. Bikerton

620 a. N5015A. Country model, 1993.

621 a. Bridgestone

621 a. N5001. Tudor Sports, 1986.

Claud Butler

622 a. N5016. Claud Butler Tourer, 1993.

623 a-i. Dawes

623 a. N5016. Galaxy, 1993 b. Galaxy, 1988. c. Classic with panniers, 1984. d. Super Galaxy, 1984. e. Warwick, 1984. f. Galaxy, 1984. g. Super Galaxy - mixte frame. h. Galaxy - mixte frame. i "Off Road": no model name visible.

624 a. Nigel Dean

624 a. N5016. Dean Tourer.

625 a-b. Giant

625 a. N5018A. Super-Lite Touring, 1993. b. Messenger, 1993.

626 a. Horizon

626 a. Savannah 88, 1992.

637. Microbike

637. Small folding cycle in a bag.

627 a-c. Moulton

627 a. N5015A. Moulton with hub gear, 1993. b. As above, with derailleur and drop handlebars, 1993. c. N5015A. APB model of above, 1992. Outsize.

628 a. Orbit

628 a. Mountain bike with an "1880s" flake spring saddle mounting.

629 a. Peugeot

629 a. N5005. Savoie, 1988.

630 a. Quinn

630 a. Stand at show with a selection of models - Anglo American Bike Company.

631 a-c. Raleigh

631 a. N5004. Selection of models on show stand, 1987. b. N5005. Raleigh Royal, 1987. c. Randonneur, 1993. Outsize.

632 a. Roberts

632 a. N5012. Touring model, 1992.

686 a. Terry

686 a. Small Frame Tourer (probably for small ladies).

MSS.328/C/12/4/633-636, 648 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: Specials 1989-1995

633 a-b. Baronia

633 a-b. N5018A. Child first- tandem at the Cologne Show, 1993.

1069 b. Japanese tandem with long chain drive.

634 a. Junior Cycle - German

634 a. Model at Intercycle '93, 1993.

635 a. Urkunde

635 a. N5007. A "one-off" quad with all modern conveniences. Outsize. 1989.

636 a. Pilcharad

636 a. N5018A. Recumbent, 1993.

Alloy folding frame cycle - make not identified

648 a. A square tube alloy frame folding at the bottom bracket and seat pillar, 1995.

MSS.328/C/12/4/96, 367, 439, 463, 638-647, 651-663, 684-685 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: Machines: Small wheel bicycles 1963-1995, undated

638 a.; 439 d. Bootie

638 a. Bootie cycles at the York Rally, 1965 (3 prints).

439 d. Bootie Tandem at York Rally.

639 a. Dawes

639 a. Kingpin with leaflet, 1965.

640 a-j. Moulton Standard (original version 1963)

640 a. Stowaway model. b. Speed Six, 1966. c. Automatic. 1966. d. Folder in car boot, 1964. e. Mini. f. AM14 with "zipper" fairing. g. DeLuxe - view of head only, 1963. h. Moulton suspension, rubber block in compression and sheer. Outsize. i. Moulton Mark III. Outsize. j. Drawings (overlay) SWB and touring cycle compared. Outsize.

641 a-c; 463 h. Moulton Specials

641 a. Peter Knottley proving ride in N. Wales for Speed Six prototype (6 prints). b. Moulton Marathon (5 prints) England/Australia. c. Moulton Safari England/Turkey.

463 h. Moulton suspension modification (French Tour).

642 a-b. Moulton AM5

642 a. AM5 with leaflet. b. AM5 standing by the village sign for Moulton (which it is of the six places called Moulton it does not say).

643 a-b. Raleigh RSW 16

643 a. Publicity pictures, 12 in all, for the launch of this machine in 1965. b. RSW with "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", 1968 filming. Outsize.

644 a-f. Raleigh SWBs

644 a. Children - winners of Raleigh competition on SWBs. b. Compact - folding model, 1965. c. Use of nylon eyes for cables on SWBs. d. Raleigh 20 (20 inch wheels) e. Raleigh "Chopper" children's fun cycle. Outsize. f. Sturmey twist grip control on SWB.

645 a Jack Taylor

645 a. Three prints of Jack Taylor's SWB

646 a. Tourmaster

646 a. Tourmaster SWB with hinge steering for separation (2 prints).

647 a. Exhibition

647 a. Several SWBs on display at the Boys and Girls Exhibition in 1966.

367 e. Disabled

367 e. Wheelchair tricycle.

651 a. Maps

651 a. Map Trap, 1986.

654 a-b. Mudguards

654 a-b. N5012. Two pictures of stays re-safety on collapse of mudguard, 1992.

652 a-e. Pedals

652 a-b. Pedal with folding reflector, 1993. c. STS Pedal Power - sliding crank, 1993. d. Shimano tourist pedal - Deore, 1988. e. Top quality alloy touring pedal - make not known.

653 a-d. Rims

653 a. N5018B. Exploding rim close up view of fracture, 1993. b. N5018B. Detail of fracture on above. c. Drawings of rim sections. d. Weinmann rim design for cantilever brakes.

656 a-d. Saddles

656 a. Brooks "Countess", 1993. b. Brooks "Swift", 1993. c. N 5018A. Split saddle - (anatomical principles!), 1993. d. Brooks "Finesse" - colour print on micro seat pillar.

655 a-c. Spokes

655 a. Comparison of fit of spoke to hub flange (Royal/Savoie), 1989. b. N5018A. Straight spoke hub by Pultstar, 1993. c. Wheel "dish" with 7 speed derailleur.

657 a-c. Stems

657 a. N5018A. Ofmega stem, 1993. . b. Italian Stem, 1995. c. "Off Road" stem with vertical adjustment.

96 a. Steering

96 a. Akerman steering on Kendrick tricycle.

658 a-d. Storage, including cycle racks

658 a. Lee/Rowan cycle rack. b-c. N5014. Rope hoist for storage at first floor level, 1992. d. Cycle shelters at LTR stop, Basel, Switzerland.

659 a-b. Tools

659 a. Composite set, adjustable spanner, keys, chain rivet extractor, 1990. b. Jennican aerosol recharging.

660 a-d. Trailers

660 a. N5006. Pelican trailer, 1988. b. N5018A. German luggage trailer, 1993. c. N5018A. Kid car, 1993. d. N5015B. Child trailer, 1993.

661 a. Tyres and Tubes

661 a. Snow chains for bicycles, 1989. Outsize.

662 a-h; 685 a. Clothing

662 a. N5004B. Double-P Mountain shirt or cycling jersey, 1987. b. N5013A. Reynolds leather shoes. c. N5004B. Hawkins leather shoes, 1987. d. Tops and Bottoms - not identified (Trade). e. Shoe - High Country's - Cotswold. f. Swallow shirts, 1987. g. Madison shirts and shoe, 1987. h. Leather shoes - maker not known.

685 a. Wet weather spats - several makes (6 colour prints and negatives).

663 a-i. Camping

663 a. N5004B. Optimus 85 paraffin stove, 1987. b. N5013B. tent, unidentified. c. N5004B. Phoenix "Phunnel" tent, 1987. d. Tent with cycle "enclosed", not identified. Outsize. 1990. e. N5024. Phoenix "Phoxhole" tent, 1990. f. Long tent not identified, 1993. g. Spacepacker Plus tent, 1988. h. Bow frame tent - not identified. i. Vango's "Hurricane" tent, 1985. j. Cycle "bivvie" tent, make not known.

684 a-m. Children - Cycle Adaptations

684 a. Two packs of numerous attachments and means of carrying a young family, plus outsize. All colour prints.

MSS.328/C/12/4/448, 664-678 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: Trade Pictures 1984-1988, undated

664 a. Chains

664 a. Drawing of chain construction.

665 a-c. Components

665 a-c. Weinmann components - 2 brake levers and displays.

666 a-j Computers

666 a. Peugeot KSC-1. b. Avocet. c. Peugeot KSC-2. d. Cyclotronic. e. Heret Multronic and magnet. f. Cateye Solar. g. Cisiomaster. h. ditto - fork fitting. i. Catevemate. j. Avocet.

666 k-n. Computer Sensors

666 k. Cyclotronic large sensor - multi pole magnet. l. Handlebar Ciciomaster. m. Typical standard sensor. n. Avocet.

667 a-b. Frames

667 a. Raleigh - 2 frames, 4 pictures. b. Alex Iles rear stay folding frame set.

668 a-h; 669 a-b Gears

668 a-h. The Deal Drive - a set of pictures and information of a complicated all speed gear.

669 a. Bottom Bracket gear. b. ? fixed/free drive - double chain-set and chain adjustment.

670 a-b. Lighting

670 a. Four pictures of a battery light not identified. b. Starlight - also known as Mayday- Everflash - armband mounted (to get around the law at that time).

671 a-h; 448; 672 a-f; 673 a-e. Machines

671 a. Clements Randonneur. b. Kirk Precision futuristic frame set. c. Orbit Tourer. d. Pashley - tandem and tricycles. e. Pashley trade carrier cycles. f. Raleigh - Granada and Zenith. g. Raleigh Gemini 6. h. Romany. i. Dawes Ladies Galaxy. Outsize. j Dawes Gents Galaxy. Outsize. k Dawes Gents Super galaxy. Outsize.

448. Dawes modern sociable at York Rally.

672 a. Saracen Tourer. b-c. Saracen Trekker 18 (1 colour, one black and white print). d. Saracen Kettler's Town and Country, 1986. e. Terry - cycle for petite pedallers. f. Saracen "Off Road" Range, 1984.

673 a. Dawes Super Galaxy Tandem, 1988. b. Thompson Tandem. c. Thebis recumbent tricycle. d. Dawes Tandem (first of the mass produced tandems after the 1950s/1960s). e. Dawes tandem, 1987. Super Galaxy.

674 a-b. Stems

674 a. ADG adjustable handlebar extension stem by 3T, 1987. b. Suntour two - piece stem.

675 c. Tyres and Tubes

675 a. Folding tyre by Michelin. b. Vredestein tyres. c. Kelvar banded tyre AS21 - Du Pont.

676. Chicken & Company

676. Series of pictures of the Chicken Warehouse etc. (4 prints).

677-678. Exhibitions

677. N5000. Wembley Trade Show, 1986. 25 prints - colour- showing various stands around the hall with no definite items displayed. .

678. Cycle Exhibition - not identified - views of stands similar to above.

MSS.328/C/12/4/98, 679-683 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Technical: "Pre 1980's [sic]" 1909-1983, undated

98. Handlebars

98. Hanks "Tri-Bars", 1909.

679 a-b; 680 a-d. Machines

679 a. Preston H. Special- alloy frame and components, 22 lbs. all-up weight (see Veterans' ride personal account, 1959). b. Close up of seat tube with "tennis racquet" saddle (Unique), 1953.

680 a-b. Merlin and Mixte cycles, 1977, with negatives. c. Rear end of a Roberts Tandem, 1983. d. Jack Taylor Super Globe Trotter, 1967.

683. Post Office Cycles

683. Special oversize envelope containing photographs and literature from the "Hen and Chickens" parcel delivery, and Ordinaries at Horsham, to the 1930 Post Office cycles.

681 a-e. Family Adaptations - tandems.

681 a. Junior back with dropped rear tube. b. Junior back with 20 inch rear wheel and mixte rear end. c. Two child tandem conversion - rear top tube and extended carrier seat, both with drives (2 prints). d. Same as above with alternative drive arrangements. e. Kiddy Crank Drive.

682 a-e.Trailer Adaptations

682 a. Large trailer for two children. b. Pram body in trailer. c. Sidecar body fitted on trailer - two children. d. Camping trailer. e. Luggage trailer.

MSS.328/C/12/4/111, 238, 566-568, 571-598, 870, 919, 977, 1032 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Historic Cycles (Listed by collections and types) 1869-1987, undated

CTC editor's note:- There are a number of interesting historic pictures in the lantern slide collection which could be copied. Most of these have * in the listing of slides. See above, MSS.328/C/12/3.

566-568, 870. Tom Hughes' Collection

566 a-e.Groups

566 a. Pemberton Cycling Club, 1894. b. Autumn Tints Cycling Club, 1934. c. ditto (Mr Goodwin's 79th. Birthday). d. Stancer, Tom Hughes, Foxley Norris and Preston twins (f). e. Dunlop and others - no date.

567 a-j. Bicycles

567 a. Hobby horse (Tom as "Jonny Walker"). b. Hobby horse, 1819. c. Boneshaker, taken in 1934. d. Boneshaker, taken in 1921. e. Ordinary with pal, 1934. f. Ordinary, 1874. g. Bantam geared Ordinary. h. Hobby horse, 1819. i. Sprung Wheel Ordinary in Ireland (Dublin). j. Wooden tricycle - probably French.

568 a-e. Oddments

568 a. A group of restored machines - rotary tricycle, Ordinary and velocipede. b. J. G. Shant on Record Ride, 1912. c. Boy Scouts with cycles (military style), probably 1918-1920. d. Silver model of Ordinary and rider. e. Early tandem tricycle at Harrogate, c.1900.

870 a. Tom Hughes

870 a. "Owd Tom's Life Story" with portrait .

111. Percy Heaton's Collection

111. A collection of photographs and "Life Story" enclosed.

571 a-b; 997 i. Military Photographs [?Heaton]

571 a. 5th. East Yorks Cycle Company 'B' on parade, 1909. b. ditto, Company portrait.

997 i. Troops going ashore on D Day with BSA folding cycles.

572 a-y; 1032 c. Historic Cycle Collection of Ordinaries by various makers [?Heaton]

572 a-f. Baylis Thomas models "Excelsior". g. Chancellor - Dublin. h. Davey of Wolverhampton. i. Hawkins of Birmingham. j. Haynes and Jeffries of Coventry - Ariel. k. Hill of Sheffield "The Hallamshire". l. F. Hucklebridge of Chelsea, London. "Will o' the Wisp". m-n. Imperial of Nottingham. o. "The Nonsuch", maker not identified. p-q. Keen of London, 1876, "Eclipse". r. Dedicoat "Pegasus". s. "The Defiance", Simpson & Son. t. Singer of Coventry, "Racing Challenge". u. Surrey Machinists' "Invincible". w. Whitehouse & Co. "Excelsior", 1876. x. Unidentified tricycle - rider outside pub. y. Salvo Quadracycle - discourse on differential gears on back (most of the above date from the mid 1870s).

1032 c. Norway - An Ordinary in a Norwegian Village (probably of English manufacture - exported).

573-580. The Cycling Pictures:

573 a-b.Velocipedes

573 a. English velocipede, c. 1870s. b. French velocipede by Michant et Cie.

574 a-e. Ordinaries

574 a. Humber 52 inch, 1880s. b. Rudge Path Racing, 1880s. c. Crypto geared Ordinary (dwarf) c. 1889 (plus 2 pulls). d. Geared Ordinary. e. Front wheel - hub, cranks and pedal (close up.

575 a-g. Safeties

575 a. Early Safety - possibly a Rudge, c.1890. b. Alpha bantam (really a geared Ordinary). c. Sprung Frame safety, c.1900 ( with automatic steering). d. Twin Wheel cycle for ladies, 1900. e. Quadrant No 13, 1889. f. Centaur Ladies' Safety, c.1900. g. Early Safety with additional wood strengtheners.

576 a-b. Dursley Pedersen

576 a. Gentleman's cycle, c.1899/1914 (production ceased in 1914 but replicas were being made by Pashley in the 1980s). b. An example seen in Rye, Sussex, 1956.

577 a. Tandems

577 a. Chater Lea tandem, c.1900.

578 a-c. Tricycles

578 a. Humber Tricycle, c 1901, "as ridden by the Prime Minister in Green Park 1912". b. Coventry Rotary, 1876. c. Lady's tricycle, c.1900 (not necessarily a Lady's machine).

579 a-b. Tandem/Tricycles

579 a. "Olympia" front steering, c. 1889, sometimes called double steerer. b. Centaur Front Steering, c.1880.

580 a.Oddities

580 a. Post Van (the date 1837 is suspect).

Post Office Cycles: see Technical Section under Machines.

Non Collection Items

581 a-d; 919 i. Line drawings

581 a. Line drawings of various early machines up to about 1900. b. Velocipede. c. Drawing of a cycling circus or riding school. d. Macmillan's cycle, 1839/1840.

919 i. CTC group outside Macmillan's Smithy.

582 a-l. Ladies and children.

582 a. Child on very early tricycle - probably 1870s. b. Lady on Coventry lever tricycle, after 1876 (2 prints). c. Edwardian lady, 1905-1910 machine. d. Edwardian lady with her Sunbeam - possibly c. 1910. e. Edwardian lady on safety, complete with lamp -(the Blumels chain guards were advertised in 1912; they had celluloid covers). f. Two young ladies with cycles, early 1900s (interesting roller plunger brake on one machine). g. Lady dressed for cycling - early 1900s. h. Lady dressed in divided skirt, tweed, and cape dress. Machine, 1885/87, picture date 1900s or late 1880s. i. Jessie Reynolds - London to Brighton record holder, 1889 - period typical machine. j. Lady in long tweed skirt and tight bodice - machine 1896/1900. k. Lady in long tweed skirt with close fitting bodice with a Seabreeze Cycle, 1895. l. Lady in blouse and bloomers; machine date, 1890/1893, with lace-on pneumatic tyres.

583 a-l. Gentlemen with Ordinaries

583 a. Singer 54 inches with ball bearings in front wheel. b. A Welsh gentleman with his Ordinary - beautiful front lamp! c. The Colonel and his dog (Colonel H.C. Cox). d. A German Ordinary in a German village - interesting scenery! e. Mr Crofton - Captain of D.B.B.C. wearing Club uniform and hat. f. Three Clubmen with ordinaries studying a map at the edge of a coppice. g. Father with two "sons" mounted on Ordinaries, probably taken early 1930s. h. Portrait of a London Bicycle Club rider with two of their Ordinaries, 1878.

584 a-f. Gentlemen with Safeties

584 a. Mr Chris Hefford with his Lea-Francis bicycle, 1908 ("emaculate", dated 1951, taken at the Birmingham Bike Festival). b. Gentlemen riding tricycles in 1888. c. Rover Safety with rider, c.1890. d. Gentleman with early safety, c. 1890s. e. A group of lads in their late teens taken in Worthing about 1900 (a Sunday afternoon by the dress). f. A group of lads, early 1920s, with cycles of 1900-1910 (unlikely to have been able to afford new cycles!).

585 a-f. Racing (old pictures)

585 a. Track racing officials, late 1870s-1880s. b. Cinder track with competitor. c. At the start line - competitor with officials. d. Inter Varsity Racing - venue not given. Judges on course. e. Four competitors line up at the start of the Inter Varsity Race - (interesting Ordinary shown with rider in front of his handlebars!). f. Halfway through the two mile race with dust being thrown up from the cinder track. There are no dates given for the above, but most likely 1875/1889.

586 a-e. Bicycle Clubs' photographs.

586 a. The Newington - Southgate Bicycle Club in 1887. b. A large club rally, by the machines which are all early Ordinaries likely date mid 1870s. c. Bradford Bicycle Club, members much emblazoned by medals on their uniforms. d. A Welsh Club - unnamed but taken in 1885. e. The L.B.C. Bicycle Club, probably the London Bicycle Club, geared Ordinary places the date around 1885/87.

587 a. Goy's Shop. A London Cycle Depot in Leadenhall Street (now Lloyds Building), 1870s. b. A Goy's travelling advertisement - a hobby horse on loan , 1882.

588 a-e. Ladies' Rally. Thames Ditton to Ripley.

588 a. Ladies Rally - riders passing along the Claremont - Fairmile part of the Portsmouth Road, 1916. b. In the woods at Wisley - this print is dated 18th September 1916. c. Outside the Angel at Thames Ditton, probably 1916. Note: three copy prints have been reversed - probably to put the cars on the left of the road but it has reversed the side of all chainwheels too!). d. Ladies Rally - outside the Angel, Thames Ditton, by the dress a late event - possibly the thousand entries rally of 1920. e. On Thames Ditton Green with refreshment tables most likely same date as that above i.e.1920.

589 a-f. Club groups and early rallies

589 a. CTC at Barnes tricycle meet - Barnes Common, London, 1883. b. Touring Party in 1889, portrait of (all male). c. A Club group males and females on heathland somewhere - by the cycles, 1885/1900. d. North Lancashire Rally (CTC): over 1000 cyclists at Bolton in Bowland, probably 1932, but there were other rallies in 1928-1930. e. A priceless wartime picture of Percy Brazendale addressing some 500 Liverpool cyclists who volunteered to be ARP cycle messengers. Many wearing tin hats. f. Club Meet - long line of 1930s cycles on a curb in a northern town possibly.

590 a-f; 977. Re-Enactments: The Rudge Sociable Cycle, plus others.

590 a. Costumed participants in a rally (York maybe!). b. Mr. & Mrs. Jackson on "Trixi". c. An American posed job in colour (commercial postcard). d. CTC Museum cycles in Central London, 1927. Probably Oxford Street. e. Veteran Cycle Ride from Ripley to Hyde Park, 1956. f. The Rudge Sociable and a couple of Ordinaries on the roof of a building in Birmingham, 1951. Birmingham Festival. g. A line of club cycles outside Mrs Thomas's at Ponterwyd - Mid Wales, most likely a wartime picture - cycles 1935/1945 era.

977. Czechoslovakia - Old cycle parade including English models.

591 a-l. Ordinaries and Others

591 a. Taking a "cropper" by an actor in South Africa. b. Rugby Section with Ordinaries and CTC emblem. c. Veteran Cycle Club riding on the Boston-Coningsby road, Lincolnshire. d. A group of teenagers riding Ordinaries in suburbia. e. Veteran cycles being ridden through Cobham, Surrey. f. West Metropolitan District Association parade of old cycles, August 1965. g. Ron Safe's pristine Ordinary - being ridden. h. Running repairs to an Ordinary. i. Nijmegen Museum display, also cycle logos on toilet doors. j. Film set W.C. Fields and Lynne Overman in Paramount's "Poppy". k. Boneshaker and Cutty Sark centenary celebrations, 1970. l. Front wheel of an Ordinary with Lucas Hub lamp (colour print).

592 a-l; 597 a-v. Safeties etc. and Displays

592 a. Two lady members "Join the CTC", early 1990s. b. Two Humber roadsters (male and female), coupled with pram body, c.1910. c. Hyde Park Victorian Sunday, two members on a club tricycle (colour print). d. Kendrick Tricycle with Akerman steering. e. Ordinary mounted over the doorway in Marshfield, Gloucestershire. f. Daily Express - "Cycling Through the Ages" display, 1967. g. A collector of antiques with his Ordinary. h. A velocipede over doorway at Ellon, Aberdeenshire. i. Tricycles displayed outside the Minster at York (Rally), 1987. j. Dursley Pedersen Royale, early roadster (ladies' 1890s), and Frank Whitt with safety of the 1880s in the Isle of Wight, 1972. k. The Bantel Collection with mini Ordinary for a child. l. Southern Veteran Cycle Club at Madame Tussaud's Royalty and Empire Exhibition, Windsor - three in front of Victorian GWR Locomotive at Windsor Station .

597 a-v. A display in Antwerp - "The Cycle Through the Ages", along with pictures of the parade through the streets.

593 a-f. Travels of an Eccentric

593 a-f. Photos of documents of an eccentric mariner who treated his cycle journeys as cruises and flew a white ensign on a stick from the rear of his Ordinary. Amusing and interesting reading. Date of log etc., 1869-1873. Unfortunately the name of the gentleman is not given (He didn't appear to care about the fact that it is illegal to fly the white ensign without authority!).

594 a-d. Oddities

594 a. A window cleaner's tricycle seen in Antwerp (it is massive!). b. A knife and scissor grinder's cycle, 1951. c. "Fifty Years of Northern Notes", display of covers (colour print). d. Lucas horns and cyclometer, line catalogue, c. 1912. e. 1872-1972 Cycle centenary plate.

595 a.Lamps

595 a. Display of early oil lamps for cycles.

596 a. Pneumatic tyres

596 a. A photograph of Dunlop's patent, 1888. Outsize.

597 a-v. A display in Antwerp, "The Bicycle through the Ages", along with pictures of the parade through the streets.

598 a-k. Film Cycles.

"Uncle Willie's Bicycle Shop". Note:- All the cycles used in the film were made by Phillips who ceased production of their normal output of cycle to produce the period models in three days!

598 a. The Bicycle Shop. b. Built like a battleship - lady! (good example of the short pull-up brake). c. Actors riding up a drive - solo and tandem. d. Line-up of Phillips' Roadsters, c. 1910. e. Phillips' lady back tandem. f. View of shop interior and junior cycle. g. Cast riding in lanes with pony and trap accompaniment. h. Phillips' Roadster with name in chainwheel (1930 style). i. Interior of cycle shop. j. ditto, with lady's roadster in foreground. k. Rural scene with trap and cycles outside school or estate building. All the above are outsize prints 10 inches x 8 inches in large envelope.

238 a-b. Miscellaneous items

238 a. Riders passing through gates of Buckingham Palace, 1923. b. CTC 21st Birthday - fireworks at Crystal Palace.

See also items listed under Craven Hill, a large outsize envelope with no reference number.

MSS.328/C/12/4/704-716 Historic photographs arranged by subject: CTC Appointment Pictures and Signs. Old Publicity Material 1930s-1989, undated

704 a. Wheatsheaf Hotel, Newport, Isle of Wight (Winged Wheel Sign ). b. 1930s sign in France (?Toulouse), 1957 September Gazette. c. Iron Sign on Old New Inn, ? Beer, Devon. d. Smugglers Inn, Alfriston, Sussex (Winged Wheel Sign).

705 a. Ye Old Bent Poker Café (Yorkshire dales the most likely location). b. CTC Appointment - posed for publicity film, 1950s.

706 a. CTC Chemiserie & Lingerie (France), 1966.

707 a. Cycling Round this Square is Strictly Prohibited! Argyle Square London c. 1930s

708 a. Anglo French Tour Participants.

709 a. International Students on cycles at Westminster, with London Policeman. Outsize.

710 a. Bronze Cycle Sculpture at the Royal Academy (it's lovely).

711 a. Pedal propelled aircraft - Channel Flight, 1979.

712 a. A velocipede in a French junk shop.

713 a. Time Trialling - one lady and two gentlemen in urban area.

714 a. Coolgardie Cycle Express stamps (1894-1964).

715 a. A nine year old cleaning a cycle - delightful study used on cover of a 1930s Gazette.

716 a-d. Old Publicity Material

716 a. Follow the Country Code. b. Newspaper headlines. c. Take Your Litter Home. Outsize. d. Pedal Power. Outsize.

MSS.328/C/12/4/700-704 Historic photographs arranged by subject: Crafts and Miscellaneous Items 1944, 1964-1983, undated

700 a-b. Thatching and Corndollies.

700 a. Thatcher at work on a long straw thatched barn. b. Long straw thatch on a large barn, 1964, June Gazette. c. Making corn-dollies.

701 a. Stiles - West Country

701 a. Seven prints of various types of stiles. Outsize.

702 a-c. Common Land

702 a-c. Three examples of open common, one with ponies, another with urban housing beyond and what would appear to be a former railway line, 1983 (colour prints).

703 a-b; 704 a-b.Groups and Rides

703 a-b. Participants in the London - Brighton Ride, 1980.

704 a. Family group and friends. "A" type picnic bench. b. Invitation Ride, Canterbury (looks like the meeting place).

589 a; 977 i Wartime

589 a. Wartime ARP dispatch rider volunteers.

997 i. Troops going ashore on D day with BSA folding cycles, June 1944.

MSS.328/C/12/4/725-732 Historic photographs of Places, by county, Bedfordshire-Buckinghamshire 1930s-1987, undated

CTC editor's note: places are listed under the following headings England - by counties, Ireland- by areas, Scotland by areas, Wales by areas. Overseas: America - North and South, also Canada. Africa, North and South, also Morocco and Sahara. S.E. Asia: India, Singapore, Thailand. Australia and New Zealand. Europe: all countries except Turkey. Asia: Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong , Japan.

Further note from CTC editor. The name in brackets following picture indicates copyright holder of the pictures which are still known to be in copyright i.e (Teal until 2075), (Newcombe until 2059), BTA British Travel Association and ITB, Irish Travel Bureau - 70 years from date of publication. Please see backs of prints for others. Additional note:- Newcombe FRPS owned a photographic shop in Bond Street which later became Lewis - Newcombe he was a supplier of professional equipment)

England: listed by counties

725. Bedfordshire:

725 a. Felmersham - church and river scene. b. Harrold Bridge - river Ouse - stone bridge and reeds. c. Harrold Church and river (8 miles NW of Bedford). Outsize. d. Stevington Mill, north west of Bedford (2 colour prints).

726-731. Berkshire

726 a. Bray - The lychgate at Bray church, 1930s. b. Cookham village - two cyclists and two small boys 1930s. c. Eastbury - Lambourn Valley - cyclist, horse rider and cottages, 1977. d. Goring - Thames in the Goring Gap, 1947. e. Lambourn church and cross. f. Sonning village - cottages and cyclists, 1930s. g. Sonning Lock on the Thames, 1968. h. Sonning near the bridge - tea shop with cycle outside. i. Three Mile Cross, south of Reading - cottages, 1930s.

727 a. Windsor - four views with the Castle as background, 1977. b Windsor Forest - The witch of - tree silhouette (Winstone), 1930. c. Windsor Bridge - pedestrians and cyclists, 1973. d. Windsor Great Park - cyclists and equestrian statue on skyline (colour print 1985).

728 a. The Ridgeway, Berkshire. Lambourn - Shrivenham road, 1974. b. Lambourn valley - two cyclists descending, 1974. c. Ridgeway at White Horse Hill - signpost, 1967. d. ditto - open scene on track. e. ditto - sign between Wayland's and Ogbourne St George. f. ditto - three views depicting the state of the track - churned up! g. Hackpen/Overton on the Wilts- Hants section.

729 a. Wantage - barn hostel on the Ridgeway above Wantage, 1967. b. Hostel at Ridgeway Centre, 1987.

730 a. Uffington Castle - information board. b. ditto showing the ditch. c. Uffington White Horse information board, 1967. d. ditto - view from the "horse", 1974.

731 a. Wayland's Smithy - board of explanation, 1967. b. ditto - four views of the stones. c. ditto - the vault steps.

732. Buckinghamshire

732 a. Bledloe Ridge. b. Chalfont St Giles - Milton's cottage. m. Eton College - old gateway. c. Hambleden. Outsize, 1968. d. Hambleden church and cycle (a non picture), 1968. e. Hambleden valley, 1968. f. Iver village sign. g. Ivinghoe Hills. h. Little Missenden church. i. Misbourne - source of, near Great Missenden. j. Misbourne - Over the … (name board). k. Penn - obelisk. l. Pitstone Mill (Teal), 1983 used.

MSS.328/C/12/4/733-740, 749-759 Historic photographs of Places, by county: Cambridgeshire-Cumbria 1924-1977, undated

733-734 Cambridgeshire

733 m. Chatteris - Fenland road - 2 cyclists - open landscape, c.1950s. a. City of Cambridge - Bridge of Sighs. b. King's College, 1955 and 1958. c. King'sCollege Chapel - background - 2 cyclists foreground. d. King's College - the Backs. e. A colleges at Cambridge with cyclists riding by. f. Queen's College - sundial over doorway. g. Riding in Cambridge - duck hazard! h. Riding in old Cambridge - lone cyclist. i. Round Chapel, AD1134. j. Unusual milestone III miles to Cambridge - (first English milestones). k Weathervane at Soham, Cambridgeshire (an Ordinary), 1962.

734 a. Ely cathedral, 1958 (unusual view). b. Ely Cathedral Close, 1967. c. Ely City boundary by five bar gate - decorative sign.

737-740. Cheshire

737 a. Alderley Edge - view from in winter snow, 1969. b. Ditto - fine view with pines. Outsize. 1969. c. Alderley Old Hall. d. Arley Hall, 1972. e. Audlem Locks - canal view with cycle, 1977 (colour print). Beeston: see Peckforton. f. Bramall Hall near Stockport. Outsize. g-k: Chester g. Rows. h. God's Providence House. i. City Walls. j. Eastgate. k. Model of Roman Chester. l. Daresbury church - church with Club group riding by. m. ditto. Cyclists' Service, September 1955.

738 a. Eccleston Ferry near Chester. b. Farndon-on-Dee, bridge over Dee with church behind. Outsize. c. Gawsworth Church, 1966. d. ditto - church gates in winter. e. Heath House, Knutsford. Home of Higgins the Highwayman, 1952. j. Jodrell Bank, c.1964 - telescope. h. ditto. Outsize. i.ditto, cyclist riding by. Outsize.

739 a. Knutsford - Building listing Mrs Gaskell's Books, 1969. b. ditto, Shintu Temple at Tatton Hall. c. Lymm church and dam near Warrington - Ex reflections. Outsize. d. Mobberley church - Leigh Mallory memorial. e. Morton Hall (Little), 1966. f. Morton Old Hall. Outsize, 1942. (2 prints). g. Nether Alderley, 2 cyclists, signpost and trees. h. ditto Old Mill, Outsize. i. Parkgate, near Neston - waterfront at high tide.

740 a. Peckforton Castle Lodge, two juniors in front of castle door. b. Peckforton - the smithy 1953 (same scene, 1973, entitled Beeston near Tarpoley) by the map it is most likely Beeston. c. Prestbury - Norman Church doorway and Saxon Cross. e. Sandbach - crosses, 1966. Outsize. f. Styal - cruck house in the village. g. Tatton Park, near Knutsford - park with lake. Outsize. h. Tatton hall - classical architecture. Outsize. l. Warburton old church - cyclists by lychgate (the lass in a white riding mackintosh would suggest 1940s. These mackintoshes were issued to the ATS and VADs and were available during the war years, but more so as fashionable ladies' wear just after). i. Whitegate near Northwich - cyclist, horses and cottage. Outsize. j. Wincle in the Dane Valley. Outsize. (classic village scene). k. Wrenbury Canal Bridge - (lifting type), 1977 (colour print), c. 1955.

735-736. Cornwall

735 a. Bodmin Moor - tin mine, 1968. b. Boscastle - cove and harbour wall with cycles, c.1950s. c. Cagwith - boats and cottages. d. Land's End - probably two elderly "End to Enders" (colour print). e. Land's End - rocks and sea. f. Land's End - First and Last house, 1967. g. Launcells church and vicar's notice board, 1958. h. Looe Harbour at low tide - (colour print). i. Looe - boats and crab pots (Newcombe), c. 1950s.

736 a. Mevagissey Harbour, 1966. b. Mevagissey - fishermen with nets on the harbour wall. c. Polperro - harbour, houses and bridge. d. St. Michael's Mount - (long picture), c.1966. e. Tresco Post Office - Isles of Scilly. f. Veryan Village - one of the five round houses. g. Veryan - close up of round house (Winstone). h. Cornish milestone with initials letters only for places. i. Cornish hinterland - wooded lane,1979.

749-759. Cumbria

749 a. Adam Bede's cottage. b. Ambleside - cycle shop and repairer. c. Askham - doorway with cycle against railings, 1956. d. Blea Tarn House with Bow Fell in background, 1966.

750 a. Borrowdale - River Derwent. b. Borrowdale from Castle Crag - splendid view. c. Buttermere. Rowing boats and pines. d. Buttermere. View from the top of the lake - sheep in foreground. e. Buttermere. High Stile. f. Buttermere. View of church. g. Buttermere. Reflections with Fleetwith Pike across the lake, interesting foreground (Teal). i. Buttermere. From Fleetwith Pike. j. Buttermere. From Grey Knotts Pass (colour print), 1977.

751 a. Coniston Water with Torver Commons behind. b. Coniston Water - view from the beacon, 1966. c. Coniston Water in winter with snow capped mountains reflected, 1967. e. Crummock Water - road by …. (Newcombe), 1950s. Outsize.

752 a. Derwent Water - Friars Crag - pines reflected in the lake. b. Grasmere in winter. c. Great Gable with view of Sty Head track, 1972 .

753 a. Hawkeshead - snow scene across valley. b. Hawkeshead - Pillar House, 1966, (2 prints). c. Hawkeshead from the Logging Path (distant view). d. Honister Pass in 1924. e. Honister Crag. f. Honister Pass in the snow - Borrowdale side. g. Honister Pass low down towards Buttermere - loaded cycle.

754 a. Juniper Tarn, 1966. b. Kent Estuary - view over the valley. Outsize. l. Kentmore Hall - Lakeland view with Hall in valley. c. Keswick - Christmas Tree and snow at Moot Hall. d. Keswick stone circle, Castle Rigg. f. Keswick - the A591 a mile outside (Newcombe), c.1950s. g. Kirkstone Pass Inn (Newcombe), c.1940s. h. Kirkstone Pass by Patterdale path, 1968. i. Kirkstone Pass with the stones at the summit. j. Kirkstone Pass - at the foot of, 1956. k. Kirkstone Pass - one of the stones, said to resemble a church tower when seen from lower down the pass, 1970.

755 a. Langdale Valley - postcard. b. Langdale Pikes - postcard. c. Langdale Pikes - snow covered. d. Langdale - Great Langdale Valley. e. Langdale - probably Little Langdale Valley. g. Lorton Vale - Crummock Water - wild flowers in spring. Outsize. f. Loweswater - a view through Holme Wood across the lake, 1955.

756 a. Nan Biel Pass summit near Kentmere. District Association group on the top. b. Sneltson Post Office. c. Stake Pass - summit cycle against cairn. d. Stonethwaite - valley above village. e. Sty Head Pass - ascent from Wasdale head (a bleak picture). f .Tarn Howes - skaters on the lake, 1967. g. Thirlmere - packhorse bridge at Bridgend. h. Ullswater - Place Fell in the background.

757 a. Wastwater - cyclist with child in seat by the lake. b. Wastwater - with lady cyclist, 1958. c. Wastwater with Great Gable in the background. Outsize. d. Wastwater - the road by the lake (Newcombe). c.1950s. Outsize. e. Watendlath - distant view from the Rothwaite path (2 prints). f. Watendlath - close up of the bridge and barn, 1950s. g. Yewdale near Coniston - cyclist on track.


758 a. Valley and mountains through gateway. b. Farm, road and cycle, 1983. c. five negatives from transparencies of various winter locations.

Lake District signposts

759 a. Two routes to Keswick. b. Gibraltar sign at Silverdale. c. Birker Moor Post, 1966.

MSS.328/C/12/4/741-748, 760-763, 777 b Historic photographs, arranged by County: Derbyshire to Durham c. 1924-1987, undated

741-745. Derbyshire

741 a. Alport - weather (wind) eroded stone, 1970. b. Bonsall Cross. c. Bonsall - King's Head. d. Brassington Rocks, 1970. e. Castleton - popular cyclists' café. f. Castleton - view from above, 1964. g. Cat and Fiddle Inn - near Buxton. h. Chapel en le Frith - Combes Reservoir, 1965. i. Chesterfield - the crooked spire, 1964. j. Derwent Valley - Slippery Stones Packhorse Bridge, 1977.

742 a. Dovedale - River Dove at Lode Mill. b. Dovedale - fly fishing - (a very fine picture). Outsize. c. Dovedale Rocks, Ilam, Lion, Pickering Tor. d. Dovedale stepping stones - crossing with a cycle.

743 a. Edale - snow scene. b. Eyam - plague cottages. l. [sic] Eyam - riders on rough-stuff. Outsize. c. ditto - good picture with cyclists passing. Outsize. e. Goyt Valley - top part. i-j. Goyt Valley District Association riding along with ranger. Outsize. (2). k. Great Hucklow - group rough-stuffing. Outsize. f. Hathersage - just below the Edge, fine moorland scene .Outsize. g. Hathersage - on track above the village. Outsize. h. High Peak trail (4 prints various parts).

744 a. Howden Reservoir caped-up District Association group. i. Ilam Hall Youth Hostel Association. b-c. Ladybower Reservoir evening light. Outsize. d. ditto - from above - daytime. h. Norbury church. e. Monsal Dale - the railway viaduct with valley beyond. f. Milldale - fine picture of the hamlet from above. Outsize. g. Ormaston - cyclist by logging hut (colour print).

745 a-b. Peak District - picnic group by reservoir, 1978 (colour print) (probably Combes Reservoir). c. ditto - moorland scene with winding road and valley. d ditto - moorland with stone walls BTA. e. Rolleston on Dove - winter scene (colour print). f. Snake Pass - before it became a lorry route. Outsize. g. Thorpe - Ilam road, lone cyclist walking his bicycle. h. Tissington Trail (old railway line), 1969, (9 various prints). i. Winnats Pass - near Castleton, 1974. j. ditto - fine picture from halfway down the pass. Outsize. k. Shuttlingsloe (502m) Peaks scene with the mountain in the background, cyclist walking up a hill. k Miscellaneous - clock with Victoria 1897 in lieu of numbers. l. Wingfield Manor - castle structure.

746-748. Devonshire

746 a. Branscombe - (this picture is entitled "Barcombe" - the only Barcombe is in Sussex). b. Beer Head coast view with cyclist, 1987 (colour print). c. Blackpool Sands near Dartmouth, 1956. d. Bovey (North) - fine picture of thatched cottages BTA. Outsize. e. Budleigh, East, 1972. f. Clovelly. g. ditto - the beach under the arch, 1953. h. ditto - with donkey on the hill. i. Combe Martin - Pack of Cards House, 1956.

747 a. Dartmoor - East Cross - junior group - (colour print). b. Dartmoor - Two Bridges. 1950s c. Dartmoor Manaton near Mortonhampstead - Bowerman's Nose. i. Exford Youth Hostel Association. d. Horns Cross near Bideford (pleasant pub scene). i. Hartland Quay, north Devon coastline. e. Lundy - castle on the island. f. Meavy near Tavistock - excellent pub scene, 1954. g. Salcombe harbour, 1984. h. Saltash Bridge with train - waiting for the ferry, 1958.

748 a. Steps Bridge, Dunsford. b. Stoke by Hartland church and cottages. b. Valley of the Rocks near Lynton, 1953. c. ditto, fine picture. Outsize. d. Yealmpton - Mother Hubbard's Cottage, 1967.

760-762, 777. Dorset

760 a. Bockhampton, Higher - Thomas Hardy's Cottage, 1969. b. ditto. Thomas Hardy's statue 1969. c. Burton Bradstock - cyclists looking in village Post Office window, c. 1950s. d. Burton Bradstock - cyclists on the cliff landslip (colour print).

761 a. Corfe Castle - "Standard" Greyhound Hotel view, c.1950s. b. Corfe Castle from the cross - heap of bikes and some of the owners! c.1950s. c. Corfe Castle - (standard view somewhat foreshortened by use of tele-lens). d. Corfe Castle through the gateway with tandem and riders, c. late 1940s. e. Horton Tower (Teal). f. Knowlton (Teal).

762 a. Little Bredy - open lane scene. b. Litton Cheney Youth Hostel Association, c, 1950s. c. Lulworth - The Stair Hole Crumple (folded Portland beds). d. Milton Abbas - church and cottages (2 prints), 1950s. One Outsize. e. Stour Provost near Shaftesbury - cyclists' weathervane, 1982 (colour print). f. Sturminster Newton - River Stour and Stour Valley. g. Sturminster Newton - White Hart Inn, c.1924. Outsize. h. Tolpuddle - Martyrs' Memorial seat, 1986 (colour print). i. West Stafford near Dorchester - Wise Man inn (colour print). j. Wool - Woolbridge Manor - pleasing picture. k. Templecombe Station [?Somerset]- re-opened (2 colour prints).

777 b. Sandbanks Ferry - cyclists boarding.

763. Durham

763 a. Barnard Castle - Blagraves House - ancient stone building, 1952. b. Durham Cathedral - view from River Wear, 1952. c. Durham Old Bridge, 1952. d. Stockton on Tees - Railway Company's Plaque. e. Stockton on Tees - Railway - "Locomotion". f. Stockton on Tees - plaque to the inventor of friction matches in 1827, c.1957.

MSS.328/C/12/4/476, 764-782 Historic photographs arranged by County: Essex to Huntingdonshire 1920s-1988, undated

764-768. Essex

764 a. Audley End near Saffron Walden - mansion. b. Billericay - town sign with admiring youngster and cycle. c. Bradwell Quay - river Blackwater (Newcombe), c 1950s. d. Braxted, Little - church with cycle in foreground. e. Burnham - sunset picture (Newcombe), c 1950s. f. Essex/Suffolk windmill (Newcombe). g. Essex or East Anglian scene of village street - could be the Rodings in about the 1920s.

765 a. Finchingfield - (standard view across the pond). b. ditto - tele lens foreshortening (Newcombe), c 1950s. c. ditto. BTA picture with oldies on the bench. Outsize.

766 a. Greenstead Juxta Ongar - church porch - fine woodwork. b. Heybridge near Maldon - boats moored for the winter. c. Maldon church from the riverside. d. Maldon - low tide, 1956 (Newcombe). e. Navestock - bike in field, church in distance. f. Nazeing - cottage and pond. Cover picture. 1950s. Outsize. g. Osea Island - road to - shoreline picture, 1964.

767 Rodings a-f: a. Aythorpe windmill. b. Beauchamp Church at the end of a track, 1967. c. Berners church porch - cycle at gate. d. High - Youth Hostel Association thatched hostel. e. Margaret - reeds and trees, 1967. f. River Roding at Beauchamp. g. Thaxted District Association outside the Guildhall.

768 a. Wivenhoe Church and buildings with sailing barge on the strand (Newcombe), c. 1950s. b. Wivenhoe Ferry - village and boats.

769-773. Gloucestershire

769 a. Ampney St Peter. b. Arlington. c. Bourton on the Water - cross and stream. Outsize. d. Bourton on the Water - model village (2 views), 1951. e. Buckland near Broadway - cross and cottages through arch - winter, 1971. f .Chedworth, 1974. g. Cheltenham - Devils Chimney on Cotswold scarp. Outsize. h Cotswold village (Teal) Miserden. i. Donnington - Brewery, 1974. j. Duntisbourne Abbots - bridleway picture.

770 a. Forest of Dean - Cannop Ponds, 1977. b. Forest of Dean: pleasing scene. c. Forest of Dean - Roman Road - Blakney/ Coleford Road, 1959. d. Forest of Dean - Newland - disused station, 1959.

771 a. Framlode - River Severn (Teal). b. Hatherop - tree, bike and road - (colour print). c. Iron Acton - The Court through gateway. d. Lechlade - St John's Lock on the Thames, 1976. c. Marshfield - Mummers Display, 1962. f. Nibley - North - Tynedale Monument, 1953. g Rissington, Great: springtime picture of cyclists riding through the village (Teal). h. River Severn - Wainlodes (Teal) (2 prints). i. St Briavels Youth Hostel Association. j. Gloucester scene - winter riding on trackway (Teal).

772 a. Severn Bridge (the first to be built) E/W picture from the south side. b Severn Bridge - a group of cyclists on the cycle path. c. Severn Bridge - cycle path and one pylon. d. Slimbridge Youth Hostel Association.

773 a. Sodbury, Little - Manor House. b. Stanton - village street (Newcombe), c.1950s. c. Stanton (same scene different photographer) (2 pictures). d. Stroud - Slad/Birdlip climb solo cyclist. Outsize. e. Stone - thatch and stone, 1953. f. Slaughter, Lower: scene of little stone bridge opposite old Post Office, also- colour print. g. Stanway - dramatic lighting of village scene, c.1936. g. Slimbridge - two pictures of birds. h. Three Shires Stones on the Fosse Way, 3 miles north of Batheaston. j. Winchcombe - rider on lanes route (Teal). i. Westbury on Severn - the church.

Photographs numbered but not entered on the CTC editor's list: 773 g. (3): Stanway, just off the Cheltenham to Broadway A46, c. 1936.

476, 774-777. Hampshire

774 a. Catisfield near Farnham - bridge, cycle in low lying countryside. b Eversley - swing lychgate, 1958. c. Eversley - double stairway with hanging rope to hold, 1958. j. Hamble River - ferry. d. Hinton Admiral - the sign at the Cat and Fiddle Inn. e. Itchen river - Itchen valley, near Winchester, 1967. f. Lymington - Quay Street. g. Lyndhurst church, 1983. h. Meon West - cottages, church with tandem in foreground. i. Minstead near Lyndhurst - Trusty Servant Inn sign, 1977.

775 a-n. New Forest - Camping Weeks, 1975/1988, riding in the forest, 14 prints including a triplet.

776 a-I. New Forest Camping Weeks - Camping pictures various (9 prints).

777 a. Nursling near Southampton. Rural scene of wayside cottage and cows. b Sandbanks Ferry - Cyclists boarding (should be in Dorset listing and is listed there). c. Selbourne - Church through wicket gate, 1965. d. Selbourne - village plan - cyclists studying, 1960. e. Selbourne - Gilbert White Museum, 1966. f. Strathfield Saye - Wellington Column, 1958. g. Test River bridge - a squeeze with a cycle. h. Wallop, Middle: cyclist riding past thatched cottage, 1952. i. Wallop Nethe: thatched inn - cycle at gate. j. Wallop, Nether: cyclist with cottages in background. k. Romsey - (4 colour prints) taken around the town. l. Winchester Youth Hostel Association - interior. Outsize. m. Wickham/Portsmouth road - wayside repair.

476 e. Wallops - signpost - see signpost section.

778-779. Herefordshire

778 a. Archenfield near Hay on Wye - farmhouse of stone and slate. b. Archenfield - a lane junction near the village, c.1970s. c. Ballington - river Wye, north west of Ross. (Teal), 1973. d. Dorstone - stone sundial. e. Eardisland - view of river Arrow and cottages. f. Goodrich Castle - east side of moat. g. Hereford Cathedral - interior. Outsize. h. Hereford Cathedral from the old bridge. j. Herefordshire - timbered town house. i. Hoarwithy - Wye valley.

779 a. Kilpeck Church doorway - highly carved stonework (2 prints) near Pontailas, 1970. b. Weobley Church, 1948 - sundial. c. Ledbury clock tower, 1962. d. Leominster (possibly): along a lane, 1972. e. Luntley dovecote, 1970. f. Mansel Lacy - 6 miles. North west Hereford - timbered house. g. Ross on Wye - a tree in a church - see long note on reverse of print, c.1950s. h. Yat Rock - view northwards over the Wye. i. Ross on Wye - market hall.

476, 780-781. Hertfordshire

780 a. Near Tring - usual picture of stock, pond and old house. b Ashwell (2 prints ) both Outsize. c. Ayat St Laurence (G.B. Shaw) house, 1953. d. ditto, Shaw Corner gateway. e. ditto - the village. f. Batchworthy Heath near Rickmansworth - in evening light.

781 a. Cassiobury - Lock Keeper's cottage - Grand Union Canal, 1964. b. Cheshunt - Temple Bar. c. Harpenden - sign 1937 (published 1953). d. Hitchen - St Mary's Church. e. Icknield Way, near Letchworth, 3 cyclists on the rough-stuff. f. St Alban's Cathedral. g. Water End on the A4146, north west of Hemel Hempstead.

476 f. First English milestone (Cambridge): see April 1956 Gazette.

782. Huntingdonshire

782 a. Huntingdon: George Hotel yard with gallery, 1963. b. Houghton Mill Youth Hostel Association.

MSS.328/C/12/4/477, 783-794 Historic photographs arranged by county: Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Kent. 1948-1976, undated

783. Isle of Man

783 a. Castletown - Rushen Abbey. b. East Baldwin Valley - rough-stuff with a tandem, 1952. c. Glen Maye - waterfall, 1948. d. Laxey - tower and tumbledown building, 1969. e. Laxey - The Big Wheel, 1969. f. Manx Mountains - moorland scene. g. Niarbyl Bay - Florrie Ford's Cottage (noted Edwardian Music Hall singer), 1948. h. Peel harbour, 1948. i. Ramsey Bay from the cliffs.

784-785. Isle of Wight

784 a. Alum Bay from the cliff top, 2 prints. b. Bonchurch, 1954. c. Carrisbrooke Castle - interior (Teal). d. Carrisbrooke Castle - the staircase. e. Godshill, c. 1950s (also commercial postcard). f. Swiss Cottage at Osborne House (cottage imported from Switzerland).

785 Bob George Collection. 785 a. Carrisbrooke Castle - interior. b. Cowes East - Shell House. c. Osborne House. d. Osborne House - Swiss Cottage. e. St Agnes church - a thatched church. f. Whippingham - thatching a cottage. g. Whippingham church. h. Yarmouth harbour.

477, 786-794. Kent

786 a. Aylesford - church and cottages taken from the old bridge (2 prints) (Newcombe). b. Aylesford bridge, 1953, (Newcombe). c. Barfriston - Saxon church. d. Barham Downs - through the trees to the mill. Outsize. e. Beltring - the Bell Inn (Newcombe). f. Biddenden - village sign. g. Biggin Hill - ploughed field furrows (Newcombe).

787 a. Canterbury Cathedral from the gardens. b. Canterbury - the Christ Church Gate.

788 a. Charing - church and palace ruins. b. Charing - tea rooms with old CTC HQ sign, 1976. c. Chartwell - Churchill's home. d Chiddingstone - the cottages (NT). e. Chilham - cottages on the south side of the square, 1957. f. Chilham - cottages in the village. g. Chilham - the square and church. BTA. h. Chilham - wealden type building in the square.

789 a. Cobham - The Leathern Bottle of Dickens fame, c.1950s. b. Cobham - the Ship Inn. c. Coldram - sandstone rocks, 1974. d. Dover - Saxon church by the Castle. e. Eynsford - clapboard covered wealden house. f. Groombridge - cottage and brick path, 1957. g. Groombridge - as above from the other end. h. Haxted Mill (colour print). i. Doddington Youth Hostel Association.

790 a. Hollingbourne - timber framed building of wealden type (2 prints). b Holly Hill - muddy coppice track - cycle in foreground, c.1920. c. Ide Hill - Cock Inn. d. Ightham village (Newcombe). h. Lamberhurst - Bayham Abbey - ruins. e. Leeds Castle from across the moat. f. Lenham - light and shade on cobble paving (Newcombe). g. Lenham - cobble paving in front of timber framed houses (Newcombe).

791 a. Lyminge - 2 cyclists on forest track, 1953. Outsize. b. Malling - the Startled Saint pub sign. c. Meopham Green Mill. d. Offham - quintain on the Green. e. Offham - quintain in close up. f. Pegwell Bay - long boat at Saxon landing point. g. Penshurst - The Square - timber buildings, 1965. h. Penshurst - same as above from the other side. i. Penshurst - the gate to Penshurst place, 1970. j. Kemsing Youth Hostel Association, 1975. k. Near Kemsing - oast house and lane.

792 a. Polhill in spring (near Sevenoaks), birch trees. b. Polhill - beeches and birches (Newcombe). c. Polhill - five Club members in light and shade on the Hastings Road, 1952. d. Romney Marsh - East Guideford Church. e. Romney Marsh - one of the drains with saltwater reed. f. Sevenoaks - Railway and Bicycle Inn. g. ditto. The Inn Sign, 1953. h. Shoreham - children on the brick bridge.

793 a. Smarden - Church and oast house - (2 similar prints). b. Teston - cherry orchards in bloom. c. Upchurch - the church with the "Candle Snuffer" spire. d Westerham - Chartwell (2 prints): see 788. Chartwell. e. Westerham - General Wolfe's statue in the square. f. Whistable - carved corner stone to an arch. g. Wye - North Downs Way - 1975.

Kent Miscellaneous.

794 a. Motorway route - before M25 was built in Kent. b. Cycle wheel and shadow in a hop field. Outside. c. Kent scenery with cyclist, picturing ponies.

477 b. Ham Sandwich Signpost: see Signposts Section.

MSS.328/C/12/4/795-805 Historic photographs arranged by county: Lancashire to London 1947-1972, undated

795-800. Lancashire

795 a. Anderton - near Chorley, the Headless Cross signpost to Wigan (2 prints). b. Near Wigan - Colliers Arms. c. Blackpool - illuminations, 1949. d. Blackstone Edge - Roman Road. e. Bolton - massive timber framed hall. Outsize. f. Bowland - the Trough of. BTA. g. Bowland - the Trough of: 2 prints of the valley, 1967. h. Brock valley - near Bowland - cyclist negotiating narrow bridge, 1971. i. Bridge over Hodder River, 1947.

796 a. Caton - the Crook of Lune river and railway bridge near Lancaster. Outsize. b Darwen - Sandyhurst Woods, 1949. c. Downham - with Pendle Hill behind. d. Downham - village street with church tower. e. Downham - Pendle witch, 1964. f. Downham village - general view. Outsize. g. Downham bridge and houses. Outsize. h. Downham - Witches Hill.

797 a. Hale - near Widness - thatched cottage with cyclist passing, 1949. b. Holcombe - Irwell valley, near Rochdale. c. Lancaster Castle gateway. BTA. e. Lancashire - Three Shires Stone in the Lake District. Outsize. 1963. f. Latham - near Ormskirk - thatched croft type dwelling. g. Martin Mere - near Southport - wide open scene with cyclist on track-way, 1952. h. Mitton Bridge - near Whalley - pub, bridge and cyclist, 1956.

798 a. Parbold Hill - near Wigan - three cyclists viewing the plain. b. Parbold - canal scene. c. Ribchester - museum exhibit of Roman helmet. d. Rivington Pike - across reservoir. e. Rivington - Lower Barn - Club group meeting place (2 prints), 1969. f. Rivington - Lever Park. g. Rivington - Lever Park - two cyclists riding through. h. Salmesbury - Wishing Chair in the Old Hall.

799 a. Tockholes - stone and cross near Blackburn. b. ditto in close-up. c. Tockholes - hollow oak tree. d. Whalley Abbey - cyclist riding through the gateway. e. Whitwell - Browsholme Hall - Tudor room. BTA. j. Wigan Pier - the pool. g. Winwick "T"ont" Wa".

800 a. North Lancashire Cycleway - opening. b. Ben Barker (84) by entrance to Lever park. c. Unidentified canal scene - (colour print).

801. Leicestershire

801 a. Foxton canal - boat and bridge scene, 1955. b. Loughborough - Carillon Tower, 1972. c. Newton Linford - church cottage and cyclists. d. Sewstern Lane near Sewstern, south west of Stamford.


805 a. Crowland Bridge "Three Ways to Nowhere" in the dried out Fens, high and dry. b. Crowland Bridge - statue on in the middle of the town. c. Crowland Abbey - picture of the remains of an arch in the vaulting, 1954. d. Langton by Spilsby - thatched cottage-ornee. e. Lincoln - view of cathedral from Brayford Pool Wharf. Outsize. f. Moulton - Adam and Eve font in the church. g. Scrivelsby Court: gate with lion. h. Stamford St. Mary's Church, 1954. Outsize. i Stamford - the George Inn, 1954. Outsize.

802-803. London - Central

802 a. Admiralty Arch. BTA, c.1950. b. Albert memorial (3 prints.) c. Buckingham Palace (2 prints). d. Covent Garden - Rickshaws (2 colour prints). e. CTC - Candle & Tallowmakers Company Livery hall - ironwork. f. Duke of York's Steps - mall.

803 a. Hyde Park Corner - negative, 1955. b Hyde Park Corner from above BTA. c. Hyde Park Corner with 1950s cars. e. Hyde Park - Serpentine Lake. f. Kensington Gardens - fountains. g. Marble Arch. h. St James Park lake. i. Tower Bridge. Outsize. j. Trafalgar Square - Nelson's Column. k. Negatives from transparencies of Buckingham Palace and Old Curiosity Shop, 1970.

804. London (Outer) - mostly Middlesex.

804 a. Hampton Court five views, various. b. Richmond - view from the bridge over the Thames. c. Strand on the Green - Kew - riverside scene. d. Syon House - front façade. e. Ruislip - church and old buildings.

Middlesex - see above.

MSS.328/C/12/4/807-820 Historic photographs arranged by county: Norfolk to Nottinghamshire c. 1950-1986, undated

807-811. Norfolk.

807 a. Blakney village sign (colour print). b. Blickling Hall, 1984. c. Broads - Ranworth - quay and "Broads Boats". d. Burnham Market sign, 1983. e. Bury St Edmunds - cyclist weathervane, 1981 (colour print). f. Cawston village sign, 1953. g. Cley Next the Sea. Outsize. h. Flitcham village sign, 1953. i. Heacham village sign (colour print), 1975. j. Holkham Hall in Holkham Park, 1983. k. Litcham village sign, 1953.

808 a. Norwich Cathedral - with cyclist. b. Norwich Cathedral; picturesque. c. Norwich Cathedral - distant view. Outsize. d. Norwich - Elm Hill - famed cobble street and buildings. e. ditto, with cyclist.

809 a. Martham village sign on the Green, 1983. b. Peddars Way - with female cyclist. c. Peddars Way with female cyclist and tot in seat. d. Peddars Way. e. Peddars Way - signpost, 1968.

810 a. Swaffham village sign, 1953. b. Stiffkey - basket weaver's house, 1976 (colour print). c. Spixworth village sign near Norwich, 1988. d. Saxted Mill - cyclists in foreground (colour print). e. Thetford - bridge over river Ouse. f. Walsingham, Little - cyclists through arch with cobbles. Outsize. (2 prints). g. Woodbastwick near Norwich - village well with cyclists. Outsize.

Norfolk Miscellaneous.

811 b. Three picture postcards - various well known scenes. c. City Centre cycle route sign. d. Rough-stuff in the heart of Norfolk (Breckland), 1984. e. Norfolk - a family group on rough-stuff.

812-813. Northamptonshire

812 a. Earls Barton Church - Saxon Tower. b. Ecton - cyclist riding through village. f. Great Brington - rider in village (Teal). g. Greens Norton, Youth Hostel Association. c Hardingstone - Eleanor Cross (one of three originals out of eleven), 1948. d. Northampton - interior of Round Chapel. e. Sulgrave manor, former home of George Washington (USA), 1967 (2 prints.

Northamptonshire Miscellaneous.

813 a. Iron CTC headquarters sign at Blakesley near Towcester (2 prints). b. Northamptonshire village - not identified.

814-819. Northumberland

814 a. Border signs England/Scotland - (2 prints with cyclists). b. Blanchland - view of village. c. Blanchland , ladies chatting in the street d. Bamburgh Castle - taken through the village street, c.1950. e. Bamburgh Castle - pen and ink line drawing. f. Bellingham, North Tyne Valley cyclists on road. g Bellingham - Rede Valley. h. Bellingham Youth Hostel Association.

Cheviot Hills: 815 a. The Cheviot from the east. b. Cheviots - Loft Hill - cyclists on grass track, c.1950. c. Coquet Valley - Upper Coquet Dale. d. Coquet Head - Redesdale Forest. e. Coquet Dale - cyclists heading towards hills, 1986. f. Coquet river near Barrowburn. g. Hartside in the Cheviots (Teal).

816 a. Craster - harbour sign (humorous). b. National Park sign - cyclist sitting on top. c. Farne Islands - razorbill on rock ledge. d. Farne Islands - Lindisfarne castle. e. Hexham Abbey - interior. f. Holy Island - mending crab pots .g. Mitford near Morpeth, 1963. h. Lambley Viaduct, south Tyne valley, near Haltwhistle. i. Redesdale - Kielder Forest ride.

Roman Wall: 817 a. Whinsill, 1958 (2 prints). b. Mile Castle, near Housesteads. c. Housesteads. d. The vallum near Black Cart farm. e. The Brunton Turret. f. West gate - Housesteads. g. Roman milestone, Chesterholm. h. Roman Wall near Cuddy's Crag.

818 a. Rothbury National Park sign. b. Wallington - Steng Cross Gibbet. c. Wallington estate houses. d. Warkworth Castle - view framed by arch. e. Woodburn West - lonely road. f. Woodburn - on a grass covered old railway line, 1975. g. Wooler - Long Crag - cyclists on craggy outcrop. h. Wooler - rough-stuff (Teal).

Northumberland Miscellaneous.

819 a. Moorland rough-stuff on Birthday Ride. b. Sheep shearing, 1984. c. Pebble cobbles in Alnwick. Outsize. d. Rough-stuff - fording river (2 prints). Outsize. e. Five negatives of various scenes from transparencies.

820. Nottinghamshire

820 a. Carlton on Trent - horseshoe doorway, 1971. b. Leverton Mill. c. Nottingham - Robin Hood Statue, 1954. d. Nottingham Castle. e. Nottingham - not identified (could be a lace mill). f. Scarrington, 1973. g. Sherwood Forest (2 colour prints). h. Sherwood Forest - riding in the Dukeries (conifer avenue).

MSS.328/C/12/4/801, 821-834, 851-852 Historic photographs arranged by county: Oxfordshire-Staffordshire 1950s-1978, undated


821 a. Babcock Hythe Ferry - a horse ferry across the Thames being used by cyclists, c.1950s. b. Burford - the Swan Inn. c. Buscot - the Market Hall, 1976. d. Chipping Norton - sign at the Blue Boar. e. Chipping Norton - Bedfordshire District Association group. f. Chipping Norton - Rollright Stones (2 prints). g. Clanfield - the Horse and Groom Inn sign. h. Brill Windmill with CTC District Association.

822 a. Dorchester - George Hotel corner. b. Ewelme - Smithy sign. c. Great Coxwell Barn (NT), near Farringdon (Teal). d. Great Tew - cottages. e. Great Tew - English cottage and lane picture. f. Hanwell village - cottages (2 prints). g. Highmoor Cross near Nettlebed - cyclist riding by signpost. i. Holwell - riders on field track (Teal). h. Oxford - University Park - lake and trees scene.

823 a. Minster Lovel Church and Priory. b. Shipton under Wychwood - Shaven Crown inn - gateway (beautiful archway in stone). c. Westwell - The Monument (2 prints). d. Worminghill - group lunch stop. e. Shilton - riders on field track (Teal). f. Shilton ford - riders going through (Teal). e. Woodstock - entrance to Blenheim Palace. f. Wroxton - ancient signpost.

Oxford miscellaneous.

824 a. Gated road in Oxfordshire (screened print).

801. Rutland

801 e. Oakham - horseshoes in the Great Hall. Outsize.

825-828. Shropshire

825 a. Ashley Abbots church - Maidens Garland, 1972. b. Berrington - church with sheep in foreground, 1965. c. Boscobel - Penderel House - (King Charles and battle of Worcester). d. Gallows Hill, 1965, monument on top of - distant view. e. Claverley village, 1974 (colour print). f. Craven Arms - obelisk milestone - 24 destinations. g. Ellesmere - canal tunnel entrance south of (colour print). h. Ironbridge - view from the south side of the Severn.

826 a. Long Mynd - 3 cyclists silhouetted on rough track. b. Ludlow - The Feathers Inn. c. Ludlow - castle from across the river Teme. d. Ludlow - the church tower framed in a window at The Feathers. e. Ludlow - Broad Street - deserted but for a milk float - all Ludlow pictures late 1940s. f. Shrewsbury - Charles Darwin's statue in front of Library. g. Shrewsbury - The bridge across the Severn - church behind. h. Shrewsbury - the famous Grope Passage alleyway, 1965.

827 a. Stokesay Castle - gatehouse. b. Stokesay: two pictures of the castle from opposite ends. c. Wenlock Edge - (aerial scarp view from Aerofilms). Outsize. d. Wenlock Priory and Guildhall. Outsize. e Whittington Castle near Oswestry.

Shropshire Miscellaneous

828 a. Shropshire Hills from Offa's Dyke. b. Roman Uriconium (Wroxeter). c. Wigwig Ford near Wenlock - tandem tricycle with juvenile riding through the ford. Outsize.

829-834. Somersetshire

829 a. Bath Abbey and baths, 1967. b. Bossington - cottage picture with cyclist. c. Bossington - same scene with a local. d. Bossington - the famous walnut tree (no longer there), 1950. e. Butcombe - church in the hole, 1972 (2 prints - 1 Outsize.) f. Cheddar - Caveman Café sign, 1964. g. Dunster - view of Butter market and castle. h. Dunster - similar to above. Outsize.

830 a. Exmoor - signpost near Dunkery Beacon. b. Exmoor - female cyclist on the track in the upper Doone Valley. h. Exmoor - Doone Valley - pony and dogs on bridleway track. c. Glastonbury - thorn, 1962. d. Glastonbury Abbey - ruins of, 1967. e. Glastonbury Tor (fine view of). Outsize. f. Luccombe - cottage and church scene (2 prints - 1 Outsize.), 1953. g. Malmsmead Bridge and ford.

831 a. Minehead Harbour - cluster of small boats, 1967. b. Minehead - Church Steps view with thatch cottages (top of old town). c. Pensford near Bristol - railway viaduct - shadows and blossom. d. Porlock Church - truncated spire, 1953. e. Porlock - Culbone Church, 1953. f. Porlock Weir.

832 a. Quantocks - District Association on Will's Neck, 1976. b. Quantocks - Hodders Combe track with 3 cyclists. Outsize. c. Quantocks - distant view of Will's Neck climb. Outsize. d. Quantocks - descending bracken path to Bicknoller, 1976. e. Quantocks - group rough-stuffing on moorland track. Outsize. f. Selworthy - cottages. g. Selworthy - picturesque view, 1967. h. Shepton Mallet - The Shambles - the genuine article! i. Somerton - fountain and spring flowers - (colour print). j. Somerton - Unicorn Hotel with old CTC cast iron "Winged Wheel" (3 prints).

833 a. Stanton Drew Stones (south of Bristol). b. Wells Cathedral - west front with clergy in procession. c. Wells - the houses and chimneys of Vicar's Close. e. Wells Cathedral - fine picture of eastern end. g. Wells - a quiet street in. f. Winsford District Association group in the village.

Somerset Miscellaneous

834 a. Bath Roads milestone Bristol/Wells road - ( there are others around Bath one is on Kingsdown). b. Bread oven (around Bossington and elsewhere these are built on to the outside). c. Bristol cathedral - Saxon shrine. d. Bristol - Christmas Kissing Bough, 1962. f. Birthday Ride - rough-stuffing on Somerset/Wiltshire border.

851-852. Staffordshire

851 a. Alstonfield (between Manifold and Dove Valleys on borders with Derbys). b. Loggerheads - village name sign, near Market Drayton, 1978. c. Tutbury Castle, 1973. d Sandon Ford north Staffordshire - cyclist riding through, 1971. e. Hoar Cross church and manor.

Staffordshire Miscellaneous

852 a. Horn Dancers - location not identified (2 prints). b. Canal scene with work boats - not identified.

MSS.328/C/12/4/835-850 Historic photographs arranged by county: Suffolk to Sussex 1930s-1979, undated

835-837. Suffolk

835 a. Aldeburgh - moot hall. b. Beccles sign, 1953. c. Clare - pargetted house, 1971. d. Coddenham - timbered cottages and houses. Outsize. Fine view. e. Flatford Mill Bridge. g. Ipswich - Butter Cross. Outsize. f. Kersey - four views of the village street - church and ford, 1956. Outsize.

836 a. Lavenham - weavers' cottages. b. Lavenham - steps up to doorways. c. Long Melford - Morris Dancing. d. Long Melford church - cyclist in foreground, c.1930s. e. Southwold - lighthouse behind the Sole Bay inn (colour print). f. Theberton church, 1975, (Zeppelin crew burial world war I) (colour print). g. Woodbridge - river Deben - boats and mud. Outsize.

Suffolk Miscellaneous

837 a. Nayland - overhanging eaves sign.

838-842. Surrey

838 a. Betchworth lychgate. b. Bletchingley, White Hill - cyclist in leafy lane (2 prints). c. Broadmoor (Leith Hill), cottage in the hamlet. d. Chaldon - leafy bridleway with cottage, 1955. e. Church Cobham watermill. f. Chipstead - staddle granary, 1963. g. Christmas Pie - north side of Hogs Back - road sign with cycle.

839 a. Eashing Bridge - cyclist riding over, 1966. b. Elstead Church. c. Ewhurst Church. f. Guildford Guildhall in the High Street. g. Guildford Guildhall clock, 1965. h. Guildford - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre opened 1965. i. Guildford - bronze door on the south side of the Cathedral. d. Headley Heath - snow covered - with rider, 1979. e. Hindhead - sailor's gravestone monument (he is actually buried in Thursley churchyard).

840 a. Godalming - Pepperpot (Market Hall) and cyclists. b. Kingston on Thames - Coronation stone outside Guildhall. c. Lingfield - village cage, 1773. d. Milford - Rake Manor - Elizabethan House reflected in lake. e. Newdigate church, 1972. f. Ockley Broom Hall Road - lane with Leith Hill as background. g. Ockley - The Green. h. Oxshott Common - rider cycling through the pines.

841 a. Runnymead - memorial to the Great Charter. b. Shalford - village sign. c. Shamley Green - a cottage in the backs. d. Shamley Green District Association by the pond (2 prints). e. Thursley Village - see also Hindhead. f. Wisley Woods (Newcombe) (3 prints). g. Wonersh - outside the Grantley Arms.

Surrey Miscellaneous

842 a. Surrey Hills - against the light in winter - cyclist silhouetted. b. River Mole - flooded road with cyclist riding through. c. Near Wotton - cow sniffing saddle bag. d. Leafy bridleway - cyclist studying map. e. Puncture mending - tube in pond - Tillingbourne valley, Wotton. f. Batch of miscellaneous negatives (J.Way).

843-850. Sussex

843 a. Alfriston CTC Iron sign on Smugglers Inn in the Square (still in place 2006). b. Alfriston - Market Inn and Square, c.1950. c. Arundel - Arundel Park with folly and cyclists riding. d. Arundel Castle: District Association on bridge. e. Arundel/Amberley bridge between North and South Stoke in the Adur valley. f. Arundel/Houghton bridleway by the Arun - tree roots!

844 a. Argos Hill near Mayfield Mill (colour print). b. Argos Hill - Bicycle Arms Inn sign. c. Beachy Head Lighthouse - postcard. d. Balcombe Forest - bridleway in winter with snow. e. Bodiam Castle (two views). f. Bosham Harbour (view across the mud). g. Bosham - same scene converted - high tide!. h. Brightling near Robertsbridge - Fuller's Folly. i. Bignor - South Downs Way (Teal).

845 a. Burpham near Arundel bridleway on the Downs. b. Buriton near Petersfield church and pond. c. Batemans Burwash (Kipling's Home) postcard. d. Chichester - The Cross. e. Clayton - windmills, Jill (2 prints) and Jack (1 print). f. Cuckmere - Severn Sisters Cliff from the beach at Hope Gap. g. Chanctonbury Ring - before the 1987 storm. h. Cross in Hand windmill.

846 a. Dallington: Hermit's Folly, 1954. b. Fittleworth - the Swan with original over road sign (this was replaced in 2000) (Newcombe), c.1950s. c. Handcross - Nymans House and garden. e. Hastings Church, 1954. f. Herstmonceux - The Welcome Stranger public house. g. Jevington village. h. Kirdford "Degredation of Drunkeness" inscribed on a stone in the Rectory wall.

847 a. Laughton - village and signpost. b. Midhurst - West Street - postcard. c. Petworth - Burton Park lakes. d. Romney Marsh - Royal Military Canal. e. Rusper - the Star Inn, 1972. f. Rusper village, 1972.

848 Rye: a. St Mary's church tower clock. Outsize. b. St Mary 's church. c. Mermaid Inn. Outsize. d Traders Passage, 1956. Outsize. e. Church Square, 1956. Outsize. f. Cobbled street.

849 a. Shipley Mill (associated with the poet Hillare Belloc) (2 prints). b. Singleton - the stream and thatched cottages, 1962.

850 South Downs Way: twenty pictures and items at various locations all similar in content. The route was opened in 1972.

849 d. Steyning Fire Station and clock, c.1924, see note with Sturminster Marshal print. e. Terwick church near Rogate, 1973. f. Wadhurst village sign. g. West Hoathly - Priest's House postcard. h. Willmington - Long Man.

Sussex Miscellaneous.

850 a. Feeding ducks notice. b. London/Brighton bike ride; Ditchling beacon and Brighton sea-front (2 colour prints). c. Brighton - pedal vehicle speed trials, 1980, (on sea-front). d. South Downs: 20 prints listed above.

MSS.328/C/12/4/853-864 Historic photographs arranged by county: Warwickshire-Worcestershire 1940s-1976, undated

853-856. Warwickshire

CTC editor's note: for Meriden items on memorial etc., see MSS.328/C/12/4/237 under CTC Headquarters' items.

853 a. Alcester - old building. b. Arlescote - a flock of sheep filling a lane. c. Austrey near Tamworth - timber building. d Bridge End, Warwick District Association group riding through. e. Compton Wynyates - mansion from the hill to the south. f. Chesterton - windmill - unusual stone tower (Teal). g. Coventry Cathedral, 1964 (3 prints - various). h. Hillborough - circular building (barn?), 1952. i. Droitwich [in Worcestershire].

854 a. Kenilworth Castle front elevation. b. ditto with District Association group. c. Marston - thatch cottage scene. d. Shottery - Anne Hathaway's Cottage, 1952. e. Stratford on Avon - The bard's statue, 1952. f. Stratford on Avon church - across the Avon, 1963. g. Tysoe tower mill near Kineton (Teal).

855 a. Warwick - Leycester Hospital. b. Castle Street houses. c. Welford on Avon, 1952, cottages. d. Welford on Avon - maypole, 1952. e. Wilmcote timbered house. f. Yarningale District Association group in farm lane with cottages.

Warwickshire Miscellaneous

856 a. Riding through a ford, location not given. b. Signpost - Pink Green. c. Signpost Alcester/Stratford - trade picture, Phillips.

857-861. Wiltshire

857 a. Castle Combe - bridge and church. b. Castle Combe by market cross (Teal). c. Castle Combe view of bridge, cottages and church. Outsize. d. Crofton - Roman Road - farm track, 1972. e. Cricklade - river Churn. f. Devil's Den, 1965. g. Downton near Salisbury, fish on the wall. h. Fonthill Bishop Park near Salisbury (2 prints, one Outsize).

858 a. Great Wishford - the Bread Stones on the church wall. b. Inglesham - group on open road, 1976. c. Lacock - Cruck House (the other half of the cruck is in next door's wall and is why no photograph ever shows the whole cruck!). h. Lacock Abbey - interior vaulting. e. Longleat House - floodlit. f. Pewsey vale from Downland track. g. Purton near Swindon - Church.

859 a. Salisbury Cathedral spire. b. Salisbury - city gate entrance to the close. c. Salisbury Cathedral (the Constable view!). d. Salisbury Poultry Cross - postcard. e. Silbury Hill on the Bath Road near Bechhampton District Association group, 1948. f. Stockton - Wyle valley cottages in (2 prints).

860 a. Stonehenge. b. Stourhead (NT): bridge, lake and temple. c. Westbury - White Horse, 1957. d. Westwood near Trowbridge - church and barn plus cyclists. e. White Sheet Hill track - (colour print). f. Winkelbury Hill on the drove road (colour print). (The Shaftesbury Drove Road runs parallel and south of the A30 west of Salisbury along the hill top and was the old road).

Wiltshire Miscellaneous

858 a. Broad Stones at Great Wishford.

861 b. Milestone - Cranbourne Chase. c. Highway One signpost.

862-864. Worcestershire

862 a. Alvechurch - leafy lane with parked cycle in foreground. b. Arley - near Bewdley - old ferry crossing. c. Asterley Mill, Asterley near Stourport, Elizabethan Mill. d. Bidford on Avon[in Warwickshire]: view of church and river from the bridge. e. Childs Wickham an early 1940s view of the usual scene much hidden by trees today. f. Dunstall "Castle", a folly near Pershore. g Hartlebury Castle - residence of the Bishop of Worcester at East Stourport.

863 a. Malvern Hills - view from Herefordshire Beacon. b. ditto, cyclist on the ridge path (Teal). c. Malvern/Ledbury - wayside cottages maybe Colwell. d. Worcester - view from the bridge, 1965. e. Wyre Forest - rough-stuff, 1971.

Worcestershire Miscellaneous

864 a. Modern milestone on the A38, c. 1950s.

MSS.328/C/12/4/865-880 Historic photographs arranged by county: Yorkshire c. 1890, 1940s-1976, undated

York City

865 a. Anderson Hall. b. Bootham Bar. c. City walls. d. Castle. e. Gardens. f. Guildhall. g. Holy Trinity Church - old box pews.

Museum: 866 a. Dick Turpin sign. b. Horse drawn carriages (2 prints). c. Old bicycles. d. Shop front. e. Hansom Cab (2 prints). f. Roman display. g. Philosophical - Dick Turpin's shackles.

867 a. River - path beside. b. Shambles - old cycle over shop front. c. Shambles colour postcard. d. Shambles. e. St. Mary's Abbey (2 prints - variou). f. St. Michael le belfry - Guy Fawkes birth registered [sic].

York Minster: 868 a. City between the towers. b. A drawing of the minster (3). Outsize. c. Exterior views - 13, various. d. Interior views - 2, various.


869 a. Arncliffe - the old bridge, 1948. b. Barden Tower, Wharfedale - three men using scythes in the foreground. c. Barningham, North Yorkshire - obelisk on the moors with cyclist. d. Birdsall, Malton - hedgerow lane scene with cyclist, 1950s. e. Bishopdale from Kirkstone Pass. f. Bolton Abbey - general view, 1964. g. Bolton Woods, Wharfedale - river and rocks scene, 1942. h. Bolton Woods - birch trees and river in winter. i. Beverley Minster and gateway, 2 prints. j. Bishop Burton - river and cottage scene.

870 a. Borley, near Malham: District Association passing through farmyard, c.1950s. b. Bouthwaite, cyclist rough-stuffing (Teal), 1978, Birthday Rides. c. Burnsall - village in the dale with bridge and church, 1971. d. Byland Abbey - fine picture of the west end of the ruin. e. Cam End - looking across to Ingleborough, 1967. f. Castle Bolton - North Yorkshire castle ruins. g. Crack Pot - the track to, 1967. h. Craven area of the Dales.

871 a. Daresbury - Lewis Carroll window (2 prints). b. Dentdale, view with railway viaduct mid distance, 1974. c. Droughton near Skipton, CTC appointment, cycles outside. d. Easington - close the gate notice. e. Eskdale - roadside seat from cartwheels, 1967. f. Flamborough Head - north landing. g Fountains Abbey - 2 views h. Ellerburn Church. i. Flamborough Head - 2 views.

872 a. Grassington - village with a "Back Can" (interesting 1950 picture). b. Grassington - view from above. c. Great Ayton near Guisborough. Monument on site of Captain Cook's cottage, 1952. d. Harewood House, Harrogate - home of a former Princess Royal (2 prints). e. Harrogate - Prospect Hotel (see also 'Harrogate' under CTC). f. Harrogate - valley gardens. g. Harrogate BTC/CTC founding memorial. h. Harrogate - Fountains Hall - the entrance. i. Harrogate - traffic island.

873 a. Haworth - High Hill, the main street. Outsize. b. Haworth - The Bronte Museum sign (2 prints, one in detail). c. Haworth - Patrick Bronte's study - window view. d. Hawnby, North Yorkshire village and dale. e. Helmsley - Police Station Snack bar, 1970. f. Hooton Pagnell Church, South Yorkshire. g. Hull - William Wilberforce Monument. h. Humber Bridge - under construction. i. Hutton le Hole - cyclist in a ford near by. j. Hutton le Hole, the village with cyclist. k. Hedon Church.

874 a. Kingsdale - contoured moorland road, 1963. b. Knaresborough - Castle Museum - Waywise trundle wheel, 1951, c. Knaresborough - view of town over river and bridge (2 prints). d. Kiplingcoates - Racecourse winning post (1519), said to be the oldest horse race. Post just off the A163 near Great Driffield, 1973 (2 prints). e. Kirkby Lonsdale - "Surprise View" moorland, 1948, also tablet. f. Kettlewell - village scene - (Newcombe). g. Lastingham Church, 1948. h. Lastingham village, 5 miles from Kirby Moorside.

875 a. Lead church near Towton, 1950, (4 prints). b. Levisham, North Yorkshire moors, with long climb ahead. c. Linton in Wharfedale village green. e. Linton in Wharfedale - packhorse bridge, 1959. h. Little Beck - river and cottage scene. f. Littondale - Dales village - moor behind (high view point), 1971. g. Lealholm - West of Whitby, 1974, (colour print).

876 a. Marston Moor - battle memorial. c. Malham - road between Malhamdale and Malham Moor. d. Malham tarn road. e. Malham Cove - Youth party. f. Middlesbrough - inscription to Captain Cook. g. Monk Friston near Selby. h. Muker - Bridge on "Corpse way" from Gunnerside. i. Muker - Swaledale village in Dale - high view point.

877 a. Mastiles Lane - see also Youth Adventure and Riding, 1965. b. Osmotherley - polite notice about shutting the gate. c. Pately Bridge - on the road from Ramsgill (Teal). d. Pennyghent at Dale Head. e. Pickering - cottages and church, plus cyclist with infant in seat, 1970. f. Ralph Cross - one of several moorland crosses (Teal). g. Ribblehead Viaduct.

878 a. Richmond Market Place from the Castle, 1948 (2 prints. b. Richmond town from the Castle, 1948. c. Richmond castle: District Association group, 1948. d. Richmond castle - the view of Swaledale, 1948. e. Roseberry Topping - a distinctive conical hill, Cleveland Hills. f. Rosedale - smelting furnaces, ruins of, 1968. i. Seaton Ross - large sundial on cottage wall. g. Selby Youth Hostel Association - boat on river. h. Sledmere - stone monument. j. Sheriff Hutton - castle ruins. k. Skidby - windmill (2 prints).

879 a. Stainforth in Ribblesdale. b Swine, Yorkshire (an appropriate sign), 1972. c. Swaledale - Ivelet Bridge. d. Swaledale - camp on the moors. e. Swaledale - Kisdon Force, 1952. f. Swaledale - the Oxnop road. g. Thorton Dale - gate and track (Teal). h. Thornton Force, 1955. i. Staithes - from above the bridge. i. Swaledale - camp at Whitsun. j. Stone Creek - boats in creek with cottages behind. j. Thirsk - Thurlby Youth Hostel Association. k. Thixendale.

880 a. Upleathan Church, 1953. b. Wakefield - postcard of old toll house, c.1890. c. Watershed crossing of the Pennines (4 Outsize prints) with snow at Maize Beck. d. Wheeldale Moor - (colour print), 1974. e. Wensleydale the road up Sleddale (excellent picture), 1968. f. Wensleydale - Upper Near Hawes, 1966, moorland view through gate. g. Whitby church. h. Whitby - the cross (colour print), 1974. i. Whitkirk - the lychgate (with notes). j. York Moors (North) (Teal). k. Yarn castle. l. Wheeldale Moor - the Roman Road 8 cyclists rough-stuffing.

MSS.328/C/12/4/881-892 Historic photographs arranged by country: Ireland, listed by areas 1952-1974, undated

881-884. South West - Kerry and Cork.

881 a. Ardgroom Co. Cork - village shop, 1959. Outsize. b. Ballyferriter, Dingle - Callarus Oratory, 1969. Outsize. c. Bantry - Café Sign - Aperitifs, Coffee and Chat. h. Bantry - St. Brendan the Navigator (delightful statue). d. Caha Mountains, tinker's caravan - Kenmare. e. Cummeenduff Glen, Caragh River, Kerry - Rough-stuff. f. Carrantoutil - summit of (colour print). g. Cork into Kerry - road tunnel - cyclists silhouetted (Newcombe). h. Bantry St. Brendon.

882 a. Derrynane Abbey Island. b. Dingle Harbour, 1970, Outsize. c. Dingle Post Office, d. Fox's ( CTC appointment). e. Gap of Dunloe - 5 prints, various. f. Dunequin/Dingle - cliffs on the coast. g. Dunquin Harbour.

883 a. Glengarriff - Italian gardens. b. Glengarriff harbour. c. Inishtooskert Island - Dingle - donkeys in foregroun