About Us

What Lifesaving Is

Lifesaving sport was originally introduced to encourage lifeguards to improve the essential physical and mental skills required when saving lives in an aquatic environment. It covers the act of rescue, resuscitation and first aid. The club offers many opportunities such as the chance to demonstrate lifesaving skills at a competitive level.

Being a member of the club does not mean you have to compete, although once you have it's like an addiction. There are many other ways you can benefit such as:

  • Learning how to apply decision making processes in simulated emergencies
  • Earning qualifications such as in Life Support and Rescue such as a Bronze Level Lifesaving or NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification)
  • Participate in regular social events
  • Attend our swimming fitness sessions.

Competitive lifesaving between clubs at universities across Britain began as a small collaboration between rival clubs over 15 years ago and quickly expanded as more clubs became involved.

The formation of BULSCA in 2002 was in response to this growing popularity of lifesaving sport at universities, with the university lifesaving league bring established in the 2002/03 season to provide a connection between the various competitions hosted by the universities over a season.

Instead of just reading about what we do, check out our YouTube channel to see what we do!

"Lifesaving sport is possibly the most demanding multi-discipline sport that exists in the world today. Connected so closely with the noble act of lifesaving, speed lifesaving offers enjoyment, challenges and learning to all ages and abilities" - RLSS 2006

Here is a video of an incident that was at The Student National Championships in 2010, set by RLNI:


Still not convinced about joining? Check out our testimonials by some past and present members!

“I was a latecomer to Lifesaving and only joined the club in my last year at university. Not being a club swimmer or having any experience of the sport I was pretty nervous, but that all changed at my first competition. I quickly got hooked on the scenario-based first aid, different swim events and crazy socials and was so proud to be part of the Warwick team for the Championship that year.

The people in this sport are second to none and the skills you gain can give you a real edge for the future. I can say, hand-on-heart, that Warwick Lifesaving changed my life and I only regret not getting in there earlier. I recommend the club and the sport to anyone and everyone - especially YOU!"

- Becky Anderson (Former Member)

"Before I came to university I was already a qualified lifeguard but had never really considered it a sport. I decided to go to the first session after looking at the website and found myself hooked straight away!

Within a few weeks I felt like I had been a part of the club for years, having been to several competitions as well as numerous socials.

Lifesaving as a sport is so different to anything else and is so much fun. Everyone is so friendly and you even get the opportunity to meet people from all over the country as they are all at each competition.

I would recommend that everyone, whether you have years of experience or none at all, should come along to at least one trial session at the beginning of the first term. You won't be disappointed!"

- Alexander Blandford (Former Exec Member, Now on BULSCA Commitee)

"I joined Warwick lifesaving in my first year. I had no lifesaving experience in the past, but I went to the taster session and found it great fun. I swam a lot in the past and wanted to keep that up but also I wanted try something new; lifesaving was great for this.

After going to two competitions I found myself promoted from the C team to the A team and winning a silver medal at Warwick's own competition. The success continued and we ended up winning the league. Not only that, I got awarded with half-colours and got nominated for most improved male player of the year in Warwick Sport, all in one year!

That’s not all though; I have made the majority of my friends at university in lifesaving; it's such a friendly environment to be in and everyone gets along like one big happy family. I would recommend joining to anyone."

- Scott Chamberlin-Wibbeke (Former President)