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Lightning Talks

Community and Communication, MS.02, Chair: Ashley Ford

Stefan Theussl:
R-Forge: Collaborative Software Development in the R Community
Barry Rowlingson:
Why R-help Must Die! My StackOverfloweth!
George Zhang:
China R user conference [Slides]
Heather Turner:
The R Journal
Tal Galili:
Blogging and R - present and future [Link]
Timothee Carayol:
R in the cloud with RGoogleDocs and RApache
Markus Schmidberger:
Get your R application onto a powerful and fully-configured Cloud Computing environment in less than 5 minutes. [Slides]
Ian Holliday:
Reproducible Computing package RC: applications in psychology education and research
Eirini Koutoumanou:
Teaching R to Non Package Literate Users [Slides]
Randall Pruim:
Teaching Statistics using the mosaic Package [Slides]

Statistics and Programming, MS.01, Chair: Elke Thönnes

G. Jay Kerns:
Org-mode and reproducible research
Michael K. Stanko:
Use R for Innovative Benchmarking with DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)
Toby Dylan Hocking:
Fast, named capture regular expressions in R2.14 [Slides]
John C. Nash:
Developments in optimization tools for R [Slides]
Christophe Dutang:
A Unified Approach to fit probability distributions [Slides]
Marlene Müller:
R scripts for nonparametric function estimation
John Davey:
Genetic markers for all: analysing RAD Sequencing data with R
Véronique Storme:
Association study on metabolomic data
Roger Dean:
Time Series analysis of Music Perception
Branimir Dolicki:
Time Series Modeling of Daily Web Traffic

Package Showcase, MS.03, Chair: Jennifer Rogers

Jan Graffelman:
Biplot calibration with the calibrate package
Claudia Beleites:
hyperSpec: working with spectroscopic data
James Foadi:
cRy: statistical applications in macromolecular crystallography [Slides]
Marlene Silva Marchena:
SCperf: an inventory management package for R
Emilio López:
Six Sigma is possible with R [Slides]
Jonathan Clayden:
Medical image processing with TractoR [Slides]
Federico Comoglio:
The Rknots package, when R meets topology
Richard A. Bilonick:
Using merror 2.0 to Analyze Measurement Error and Determine Calibration Curves [Slides]
Martin Mächler:
Arbitrary Accurate Computation with R: The Rmpfr Package
Matthew Shotwell:
Reading SAS7BDAT data files in R, without SAS!

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