Manuscript description

Item 1 (Front matter)

[Information on the first four leaves of this manuscript has been omitted.]

Item 2 (Prayer), fols.4v-18r

A Confession of Faith with Meditation and Prayer

My Belief is in God


trust in thee, O God, in thee O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Item 3 (Prayer), fols.18v-22v

A Prayer in the sickness of my girl Frances

O Almighty and eternal God


Our Father which art in Heaven etc

80 lines.

[Frances is not recorded as surviving to adulthood. See also item 45.]

Item 4 (Prayer), fols.22v-27v

A Prayer when I was with Child

O God to thee I give all


grant for thy son my Redeemer's sake, to whom be glory and honour. Amen

104 lines.

Item 5 (Prayer), fols.28r-29v

A Prayer in time of Labour

Lord Jesus since thou art pleased my time is come


everlasting in the true belief of thee who art my only saviour. Amen

38 lines.

Item 6 (Prayer), fols.30r-32v

A Prayer after I was brought to bed

My Lord and my God, to thee I give all prayer and thanks


to thee alone is all praise due to perpetuity. Amen

50 lines.

Item 7 (Prayer), fols. 32v-35r

A Prayer when I was with Child

Great God and Christ hear the prayer of me


Grant that I may rejoice with thy Saints in glory

55 lines.

Item 8 (Prayer), fols.35v-38v

A Prayer when I continued with child, after I thought I should have fallen in labour

My Christ and my Jesus


and this I beg for thy son my saviours sake

58 lines.

Item 9 (Prayer), fols. 38v-45v

A Prayer when I was with Child

O Great God Almighty


and so let us praise thy holy name both now and ever. Amen. Amen

136 lines.

Item 10 (Prayer), fols. 45v-49v

A Prayer when I was with Child of Stuart

O my God great Almighty


who liveth and reigneth now and for evermore. Amen

83 lines.

[Stuart Egerton was born in 1660 and died unmarried.]

Item 11 (Verse), fols.50r-53r

A Meditation mixed with Prayer

Consider and hear me O Lord my God


shall never be confounded, nor left destitute

67 lines.

Item 12 (Prayer), fols.53v-56r

O Lord I am vile, being sinful, but let me not run into despair

Why I sit sighing here ask me no more


Therefore to thee all honour, and power be given now and for evermore

50 lines.

Item 13 (Prayer), fols.56r-59r

A Prayer before the receiving: the Communion at Easter

O great and glorious Lord God


sweet Jesus, mercy to me miserable sinner

59 lines.

Item 14 (Prayer), fols.59v-63r

A Prayer before the receiving of the Communion

O God, O my God, and the only God of all true believers

['xxx' inserted between 'only' and 'God', possibly covering a deletion.]


which God of thy mercy grant me

[One line inserted between lines 70 and 71. In the same hand.]

75 lines.

Item 15 (Prayer), fols. 63v-65r

A Prayer before the Communion

My God, and my Lord, of thee I beg compassion


This I beg for my Son my Saviour's sake

35 lines.

Item 16 (Prayer), fols.65v-68v

A Prayer before the Communion at Easter, being at the same time with Child

This thy resurrection, I intend with thy leave


I shall enjoy thy Heavenly Kingdom. Amen

60 lines.

Item 17 (Prayer), fols.68v-71r

A Prayer after delivery, before receiving the Communion on Christmas day

Thou O Christ, which on this day


evermore lauding and praising thee, my God my Saviour

45 lines.

Item 18 (Prayer), fols.71r-73r

A Prayer before receiving the blessed Sacrament

My God let me not think


and this I beg of thee, my God and only Saviour

38 lines.

Item 19 (Meditation), fols.73r-76v

A Meditation concerning Fasting, before the receiving of the holy Communion

Now that I am come to the time to receive the blessed sacrament


whether therefore you eat, or drink, do all to the glory of God

67 lines.

Item 20 (Prayer), fol.78r

A Prayer after I had received the Blessed Sacrament

I was washed clean O Lord


grant me for thy Son my only Saviour's sake. Amen

32 lines.

Item 21 (Meditation), fols.78v-84r

Considerations concerning Marriage

Some account of marriage as an unhappy life


grant all my friends to enjoy this happy and blessed friendship

110 lines.

Item 22 (Meditation), fols.84r-87v

Of Marriage and of Widows

As concerning marriage, I would never have married


they ever most loved, and lived with all

73 lines.

Item 23 (Meditation), fols.88r-91v

Against Sluggishness and Laziness in Religious duties

The condition which we are in


O my Soul for the Lord hath dealt graciously with thee


Item 24 (Meditation), fols.92r-96r

A Persuasion of the Forgiving of Injuries

Let us endeavour to follow this holy Doctrine


and more than the tongue of me an unworthy sinner can express

83 lines.

Item 25 (Meditation), fols.98r-100r

A Meditation on the Confidence of forgiveness of sins

Our sins are great, and what Creature can own they have none?


with whom we shall inherit our salvation

33 lines.

Item 26 (Meditation), fols.100r-102r

Against Judging of others; with encouragement to bear affliction

Let us not value this world as we see it full of varieties


with assurance is our greatest consolation

44 lines.

Item 27 (Meditation), fols.102v-103v

To take care rightly to understand ourselves

Let us not forget ourselves, but remember what we are


we must go on to our house of hope, to our true eternity

28 lines.

Item 28 (Meditation), fols.104r-106r

A Meditation of purity before receiving the Communion

We all ought to give our obedience to God


and thankful heart for our redemption

42 lines.

Item 29 (Devotional writing), fols.106v-107r

An Exhortation to confidence in God's mercy

Let us in affliction never doubt of God's mercy


and sacrifice ourselves to his will as Abraham would his Son upon the Altar

18 lines.

Item 30 (Devotional writing), fols.106r-108r

Repent in Dust and Ashes

That is truly to repent, without pride


which was to give us a testimony of the mystery of our salvation

18 lines.

Item 31 (Verse), fols.108v-109v

Upon occasion of the unwinding of a skein of silk

unwind me O Lord from my sins


where I shall be blessed forever

23 lines.

Item 32 (Prayer, Devotional writing), fols.109v-111v

Upon recovery out of sickness after Delivery

O Lord God to thee all thanks and praise belongs


to whom I give all thanks and glory now and for evermore

35 lines.

Item 33 (Prayer, Devotional writing), fols.111v-113r

Upon the occasion of my Husband'sBirthday

[John Egerton was born on 30th May 1623 .]

O my God, the only and everlasting God


and be you ever with him in his greatest extremity and distress

28 lines.

Item 34 (Prayer), fols.113r-114v

A Prayer for my Husband

O my Christ give me once more leave to Petition thee


call, and thou wilt hear

28 lines.

Item 35 (Meditation, Devotional writing), fols.114v-118v

Upon occasion of the death of my boy Henry

If God be pleased to give me a Child


to his glory and my comfort

85 lines.

[Line inserted between the lines, after line 30.]

[See also item 36.]

Item 36 (Verse, Elegy, Devotional writing), fols.119r-v

On my Boy Henry

Here lies a Boy the finest child from me


I mourn not for thy Birth, nor Cry

[See also item 35.]

10 lines.

Item 37 (Meditation, Devotional writing), fols.119v-121v

When I lost my Dear Girl Kate

My sorrow is great I confess


so great a blessing as that sweet child upon me

[See also the next two items (38 and 39).]

39 lines.

Item 38 (Meditation, Devotional writing), fols.121v-125v

On the same occasion

It was God's pleasure to afflict me


he may call us all to his blessed Kingdom to live with him forever

[The occasion is the death of her daughter Kate (see also items 37 and 39)]

81 lines.

Item 39 (Meditation, Devotional writing), fols.125v-127r

On the same occasion

In the sight of us the unwise


so must my sorrow submit

[The occasion is the death of her daughter Kate (see also items 37 and 38)]

23 lines.

Item 42 (Verse, Elegy), fol. 127r

Made on the sight of the Countes of Bridgewater's Picture

On thy true Picture all may look


Thy children cannot give thee praise too much

8 lines.

Item 43 (Verse, Amorous writing), fol.127v

Spoken Upon the receiving a cake of perfume made up in the shape of a heart

My Dear I thank thee that thou hast so well


To show that you and I are one, not two

6 lines.

Item 44 (Meditation), fols.128r-130v

A Contemplation upon the sight of a Cushion

Everything I see reminds me of the Almighty power of God


to the Exaltation of God's holy name

53 lines.

Item 45 (Prayer), fols.130v-136r

A Prayer in the sickness of my Girl Frances

O Lord God Almighty


O gracious and Loving Father, Amen, Amen

106 lines.

[Frances is not recorded as surviving to adulthood. See also item 3.]

Item 46 (Prayer), fols.136r-149r

A Preparatory prayer before the receiving of the blessed Sacrament of the Lord's supper

Most merciful Father, I thy poor Creature


be all glory, honour and power, both now and evermore. Amen

282 lines.

Item 47 (Contents list, Table), fols.150r-153r

A Table

[Table split into prayers, meditations and devotional pieces, and a 'spoken' section from fol.52r-53r]

81 lines.