Perdita woman: Martha Eyre


The author of the Elizabeth Lucy biography in Folger MS V.a.166 names herself only as 'Mar. Eyre', and although she depicts herself as intimately involved in the care of Elizabeth during her last days, does not specify their relationship. She can, however, be identified as Martha Eyre, born c.1636, daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Lucy. She married Samuel Eyre (1633-1698) on 21 October 1661, at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London. Eyre, a lawyer and sometime adviser to the first Earl of Shaftesbury, was knighted in 1694. They had four sons and two daughters. Martha Eyre died in 1728.

Folger Library: MS V.a.166
Biographies of Constance, Lady Lucy, and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth (After December 1694)
(Author) Elizabeth Lucy
(Author, Scribe) Martha Eyre