Perdita woman: Mary, Baroness Lucas


Mary, Baroness Lucas, daughter of John Lucas, first Baron Lucas, and Anne Nevill, married Anthony Grey, 11th Earl of Kent, on 2 March 1662. Her son Henry Grey, later the first Duke of Kent, was born in 1671.

Baroness Lucas died in 1702 and was buried in Flitton, Bedfordshire.

This information from Brian Tompsett, the Directory of Royal Genealogical Data, at

See also new ODNB entry for her father: 'John Lucas, first Baron of Lucas, 1606-1671' and her son: 'Grey, Henry, duke of Kent (bap. 1671, d. 1740)'.

Bedfordshire and Luton Archive and Records Office: L31/122
Mary, Baroness Lucas's Account Book (1678-1696)
Mary, Baroness Lucas ( Compiler)
Short entry.