Perdita woman: Lady Ranelagh


Katherine Jones, Lady Ranelagh (1615-1691) was a daughter of Richard Boyle, first earl of Cork, and Catherine Fenton. Her siblings included the scientist Robert Boyle, and Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick. She married Arthur Jones, later Viscount Ranelagh, in 1630. She was a member of the 'Hartlib circle'. She was interested in science, religion, politics and education; Sarah Hutton (New DNB) describes her as "the leading woman intellectual of her generation".

See Hutton's article in the new ODNB: 'Jones (nee Boyle) Katherine (1615-1691).'

British Library: MS Sloane 1367
Medical receipts of Lady Ranelagh (17th century)
Lady Ranelagh (Author)
Short entry.