Reports Prepared for the Department for International Development

The following reports were submitted in December 1997 to the Department for International Development to contribute to the policy review of the Know How Fund.


Poverty in Transition: Key Conclusions

Poverty in Transition: Summary Report

Poverty in Transition: Full Report

Country Surveys:

Poverty in Russia

Poverty in Bulgaria

Poverty in Ukraine

Poverty in Poland

Commissioned Country Reports:

Poverty in Romania: Catalin Zamfir

Poverty in Russia: Lilyana Ovcharova

Poverty in Bulgaria: Theodora Noncheva

Poverty in Ukraine: Andrei Revenko


See also:

С. Ярошенко : Проблема бедности в постсоветской России: стандарты потребления и образ жизни неимущих.

Simon Clarke: The rich get richer... Reply to Anders Aslund for Transition, June 1997 1597 words