Request for use of data

Data available for download here is that collected as part of the projects on Household Survival Strategies and New Forms of Employment in Russia, funded by DFiD, and 'Restructuring of Employment and the Formation of a Labour Market in Russia', funded by ESRC.

Please note that this data belongs to the Russian Research Programme, Centre for Comparative Labour Studies, University of Warwick and ISITO, Moscow.

You are requested to acknowledge the source of this data in any publication or presentation of the results of work based on this data.

The following datasets are available:

1997 Labour Force Survey supplement

Supplement (Questionnaire) to the Goskomstat  Labour Force Survey (Goskomstat Questionnaire) in October 1997.
For various reasons the supplement was eventually conducted only in Kemerovo oblast and Komi Republic,
Supplement data is available here.

1997 Work History Survey in Kemerovo, Syktyvkar, Samara and Lyubertsy.

Work history survey questionnaire.

Work History Survey Data

1998 Household survey

A survey of all adult members of 4,000 households in Kemerovo (1,000) and Samara (1,400) cities, Syktyvkar and Lyubertsy, Moscow oblast (800 each). The survey was conducted during April and May 1998, and the data was ready for data analysis from July 1998. The individual and household questionnaires can be downloaded. Details of our household survey are also available in English: Fieldwork report; Rough translation of questionnaires, and Household Survey data