Post-Socialist Trade Unions, Low Pay and Decent Work: Russia, China and Vietnam

This is a three-year project, starting in October 2005, as part of the ESRC Non-Governmental Public Action Programme.

The project is directed by Simon Clarke and Tim Pringle at Warwick and is being conducted in collaboration with local research teams in Russia, China and Vietnam, co-ordinated by ISITO in Moscow and AMRC in Hong Kong and VietLabour in Hanoi. King-Chi (Chris) Chan, Sun Zhaoyang (Jeremy), Do Quynh Chi and ShiHao Kang have been conducting their doctoral research in association with the project, though without project funding.

The original application can be found here.

Case Study Reports

The research is centred on a total of sixty case studies of trade union best practice across the three countries, supplemented with background reports on the trade union environment.  Most of these reports can be accessed here.

The following papers and publications have been prepared on the basis of this research.

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A book has been published on the basis of the Russian case studies:

И.Козина, Е.Б. Плотникова, Е. В. Плотникова, И. Германов, П.Бизюков, В.Бизюкова, С. Кларк: Профсоюзы на предприятиях современной России: возможности ребрендинга, М.: ИСИТО, 2009 (I. Kozina, E.B. Plotnikova, E.V. Plotnikova, I. Germanov, P. Bizyukov, V. Bizyukova, S. Clarke: Trade Unions in the Enterprise in Contemporary Russia: Possibilities of Rebranding, Moscow, ISITO, 2009).